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  1. I noticed I could take it a few different ways… at times it seems like they’re telling it like it is. It’s coming from the “political left”. At other times, it seems like the song has been published by the cabal itself… mocking us. They seem to be saying, we don’t care where you think you’re going… you’re still our prisoner. Because we wrote this song!

    • hmmm I see but the trap I get into with that kind of thinking is that I can even ignore that sentiment, like always ‘one up’ the mentality,but then you can end up with this sort of numbed out complacency like feeling of nothingness which is dangerous too. like mind games… out of the stubbornness of rebellion. its what im dealing with now so I needed to share to see what thoughts there were on that. I definitely feel uncomfortably captive with nothing to give in to! its like a nowhere to go feeling. I don’t like life feeling unnatural and avatar like. like perspective issues, first second or third person,of own self! due to being aware of cabal and such sentiments. ‘wise as serpents,harmless as doves’? wise yet harmless? the wise/wisdom is itself harmful! to perspective! happiness in life is a natural carefree being. not with two standpoints,but one. the bible for example has all through it the plurality of godhead, in different time zones,yet keeps stressing over and over HEAR God is ONE. its not one..when we have two perspectives, our own and the one also we are wary of. ???

      • Dear Susan, you have such thoughtful words! You are dangerously wise, my friend. (-_-) Here is my understanding… the void is when we are closest to “God”. It is the point of nothingness before we create. The next thing we do after that, is when we move further away from God, because it is an “individual” expression of our “individual” energy. But I can point at you and say who is that, you will say “it’s me”. Then if I point at your hand and say what is that, you’d say, “that’s my hand”. But if I point at your hand and say “who is that” you would say “it’s me”. So this illustrates what we are to God – we are separate yet a part of it. I believe (and I think Tesla believed this as well) that the intelligent energy that surrounds us and is a part of us is what God is. So both perspectives are quite correct. πŸ™‚ This implies that we can only experience God in tiny bits in our current form… except for the holographic principle, which implies that when we look within, we have the opportunity to see ALL. It’s a humbling notion.

        • the whole conversation also reminds me of the drama of egos in the bible. what about all the verses that say in the TAUNTING sense. “oh they say “Emmanuel”,which means GOD WITH US. and he is angry saying it,saying it is not so. he is jealous of the female as well, calling HER the ‘praise of the earth” who is captured and taunted,raped,stripped..he gave her what she is and then says “and I can take it back now too” “I will make you naked as the day you were born, strip you” etc and that is who we all call God he says.? so we keep her from him it says over and over. which you reminded me of when you say nothingness and then ‘move away from’ it seems we are merely getting over a ‘hump’ in order to start a new round and cycle. as you said,start to create..after moving close, surviving,then starting again anew. that is the sorceress role in bible, as she moves continually through 12 houses and ‘he’ tries always to stop it saying she is his alone. so he can have rule. and not us. he is mad she is always ‘one step ahead’ through a time gap. that’s ‘cheating’ to be ahead in time. which many bible verses say she was placed ahead much to his exasperation. even saying he will make her mother of her own brothers,mother of her own mother,mother of her own father! etc.says that’s a ‘new’ covenant.mysterious and scary it all is.especially when playing with ‘time’ and mistakes that can happen therein.jewish people call it the ‘accidental death’ saying when a certain lord against them by accident killed his own son or wife,that that is the only way they survive! to survive off of another’s mistake is treacherous and dangerous. and our minds can do backflips in confusion. as it says “I will drive you to confusion and there you will be rescued” “whore of confusion” Babylon means confusion,and the earth is considered Babylon to heaven. at Susa,where the ‘all one’ power was scattered/confused/Babylon…. because the lord said man has ONE MIND and nothing he imagines to do will be impossible for him so let us go down and CONFUSE man and scatter him and ever since we try to get back…..confusion is the name of the game and why it says “surely the angel of the lord is in the CHAOS..surely an angel is in the.angel in the WHIRLWIND. the path SEEMS totally uneven yet is straight.
          like a poem or lyric verse I read recently that says “just when its done it probably seems spun” why keep us from the all one knowledge unless we weren’t ready for it or evil? nothing imagined to do would be impossible..so that cant be for just any and all humans! that would be disaster.! some say its to make a rocket to go back home. in susa iraq,where this event happened,they were building the rocket.its beyond SAD to have kept these people here all this time if there home was elsewhere.what if thousands of years ago,middle eastern progeny peoples, have been stuck here…? and others took over the wisdom…. and left them there debilitated? there is a reason middle east surrounds Jerusalem. and usa. feeling we keep them trapped and took the technology/wisdom/money from them! its serious.
          because as it says Uriah the Hittite loved an earthly girl as his daughter. using her as a pawn ever since..he was thrown in hell etc. its an awful story and scary.using strong love feelings to kill hurt and use people.and trap them there is nothing worse at all. it says he is captain of heavens armies,and loved her as a little girl.. and was to be regathered 4 times just as susa story. she is wisdom. he placed it with her as a key and all use it. father daughter love is therefore the key. it cannot be faked or duplicated though they do try..to as it says fill the gap of her absence with the sorceress. whom in another place in bible he may have murdered himself. and forgot. seriously. its a bit much to ever figure out.astrally blocking our memories is the name of the game! but it says fire nor water can quench love..yet he is trapped because he feels none without her. and even calls it a spell. because he doesn’t know what it is. unless inside. of him. .yhwh without his shekhinah is quite the unfeeling terror! and gets angrier all the time knowing love is what blocks him from getting his power and knowledge back. to get back home.he is called a violent army god,not a loving father to a little girl type. and that’s what is used against him. when she gets destroyed she is told “they all lied” your father doesn’t love you… this is why in islam the Mahdi gets born of her.. to feel love, as it says you will even be mother to your own father. they want that susa/wisdom power back. of all things love stands in the way . “kill your holy cow” means financial success! for a reason. sigh!

          • In the zeitgeist movie they say that the bible is actually describing astronomical events. So when it says 12 houses or 12 disciples it’s actually referring to the zodiac. The events and characters surrounding that can then be tied to celestial bodies… for example sirius or polaris. I’m sure this is only one of many layers though. πŸ™‚

            • I watched that. yes..even bible yet again taunts her on that same exact issue. saying she is a ‘whore’ with the 12. Israel is also called 12.. a verse says “Israel raped her until she died” it actually says that. it says “you who predict horoscopes month to month, the sorceress, as if you can escape your punishment with magic spells. etc, so he even mentions astrology and horoscopes in his tauntings.he wants OUT of this universe altogether.! maybe al illusion? jesus said sun moon and the heavens will all roll up as a scroll and be found no more at all….it does tell daughter zion her salvation comes from northern and southern donkey in the ‘gate of man’ which is in cancer the crab sign, and asellus borealis constellation. that verse is in bible in several places.and it says with it “look up” your king comes lowly upon a mother and her son donkey ,straight narrow,gate of man.. which I found was a straight between northern and southern donkey in asellus! wow. gate of man, have you heard of it?

                • thanks for this,didnt know about 13th and Judas….of the 12 Judah was always singled out. it was said that he out of the 12 sons would be the one to praise for attaching to the choice vine, his ‘donkey and son’ (again gate of man and asellus ,northern southern donkey) which also jesus said to bring for him. so Jesus was wooing the bride,but it was said it all went wrong then,2,000 years ago… he felt forsaken,went to underworld…and war broke out in heaven. He was called son of David but a verse says “so that the house of David may not be greater than the house of Judah. because Judah is the root of David. Tamar is the root. a woman. the mother of the entire lineage of Judah and David. ive even seen rabbis go as far as to say the entire Torah/Bible is her book. she covered her face and ‘tricked’ Judah into sleeping with her. and then an ancient dna test was asked for to prove the baby was hers even though a verse says “Judah never saw her again” so it was done from afar this dna test. which involved a “cord ,staff and seal” and a goat. freemasons say they are “riding the goat” that Judah left for tamar, when Judah asked for Tamar he was told twice “there was no woman here” ! trickery..? yet.. every round she has to prove the ‘baby’ is Judah’s or else get ‘burned with fire”
                  a verse says “rebuke her rebuke her! for she is not my wife and you are all sons of the sorceress! “

  2. and see I care about those ‘unfeeling’ types because they are so angry! and he calls it a SPELL. he is an alien trying to tell us please let me go I don’t feel love!!!!!!!! see? as it says ,to her in the bible “you wouldn’t LET my people go”! he admits he cant feel love. and yet we keep them captive. its UNNATURAL for them to try and be nice to their wives and love their kids, its a TORTURE for them. its unfair. they only feel trapped and end up hitting their wives and controlling them and reminded everyday their wives cry and say I want love! and they CANT. and it makes them MORE angry and violent. I would that we ‘let them go’ yet again..love must be the for all . so that wisdom isn’t misapplied in sinister ways? I have a beautiful poem to post here saying exactly this,you ill love it .very interesting! about an alien not feeling love naturally.. and is lost here on earth. the little girl was sent as scattered light to all the universe it says and people felt her.came to me her.. and never did..she is illusion and they are trapped.by love! even song of Solomon says love makes me SICK. satan as angel of light etc. the love is elusive.

  3. Alien’s Journey

    I came to earth, from a distant star,
    And alien point of view.
    I walk this earth as I did afar,
    And I search for what is true.

    I wrote a note in my foreign tongue.
    I heard an alien song.
    Then the perverse spears of fate were flung,
    And the melody went wrong.

    I still wear my heart upon my sleeve
    As foolish men often do.
    My rosy glasses make me believe
    Each fantasy I look through.

    The singer was born on planet earth,
    Though she wore an angel’s garb,
    To feelings of love, my heart gave birth.
    Fate’s spear had a cruel barb.

    My sleeve worn heart touched a halo’s edge,
    And my soul burst into flame.
    It singed the wings of the angel fair,
    With feelings I could not tame.

    My starship leaves for its far off home,
    But the angel stays behind.
    Is my own planet too far to go?
    That answer I’ll never find.
    James Walter Orr

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