Journey to Agartha: Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Below Agartha

Image from "Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below" [Agartha]

Image from “Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below” [Agartha]

PinChu encouraged me to share my own ideas here about this movie. Perhaps there are other perspectives, and you are welcome to share them here.

My thoughts about this movie, about Agartha – I agree that it may not be the Agartha that everyone talks about. I think it’s interesting that our friends [living in China] KNOW this. They know that it [the real Agartha] is similar to this place but not the same. I think this is important, that there are people who know what it SHOULD look like!

So my thinking is that the land being represented is possibly a 4d world. A place of transition. All dimensions have infinite possibilities; the story was about one slice of a 4D place, that may be called Agartha but is not Agartha. But similar! They mentioned the Germans invading and causing destruction there [along with the Romans and many other great conquering civilizations]. That did not happen in the inner earth. It is true they [the Germans] found their way and built a small settlement / town… But there was no need to fight for it. Their skills were welcomed, and their prejudice no longer needed.
Also while watching the movie I kept thinking they [the people of Agartha] should fly… Yet they never did, except a few times in 3d. So… Another indicator they were in 4d in a different “Agartha”, maybe.
I’m not sure what the spirit helpers were, or what they represented. I suppose they could be visible in 4d. I have an understanding that these are solidified emotions, in intelligent form. I think the “Archons” are of the same type, but I’m not sure why I think that.

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  1. It is with tears flowing that it occurs to me we are all one no matter whether Earth surface, Earth Centre, within this galaxy of planets or other galaxy’s and Planets we are all in one way or another graduating, coming into a new cycle of life and for this to happen the old systems must crumble away to allow the birthing of the new within our hearts. There is a seed waiting for the Suns rays upon the surface of this Earth to take root. As the earth gives way to allow its birth the music of the ancients will rise again within the the hearts of all beings. Just my thoughts Thank you for sharing Troy and PinChu 🙂

    • My dearest sister : What a beautiful vision these poetic words reflect !!! I never forgot the extract video of the film “Never Ending story” ( that you posted here and deeply resonated me. It’s also thanks to it, we could recognize each other and I could be awakened by you in such an incredible way. The last two seasons were really so hard for me. How much I appreciate that we all got through them with each others’ company. My dearest sister, how amazing the resonance between this two animations which both touched us. No words are sufficient for me to express my gratitude and appreciation for what you have just enlightened me and the warmness you have given to me !!!

      • Dearest Sister I am pleased you have come out the other side now. The beauty in each moment becomes clearer once the patterns of the past are released and you step into the new. Much love always I send to you.

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