13 comments on “Yuletide Greetings All

  1. Thanks Ben – that song made me think of a time when the popular radio waves were filled with songs like that. It’s quite a gift to reminisce. πŸ™‚ Greetings of the season to you, sir!

  2. Dear Santa Claus + Gentleman : How nice you are to keep so fervently supplying love & light here during this holiday. To me, someone abroad without being together with my family, this is just like the very present that’s brought by Santa Claus. Thanks also to the ones who were involved in this enthusiastic conversation, giving the touching responses. You know how warm you just made/make this board !!!

      • Dear Lapis, my dear angel. ..You know when I read your words, it seems that all these words are spoken with an infant-looking angel’s voice, which is so pure, light, energetic and healing. Besides, how much I love this “Lapis Heart.” Thank you for your kindness and permanently GENTILE words !!! With your words here, I feel being accompanied by an angle !

      • Ben’s greetings are always so powerful…and Ben’s words have always been so elegant. Thank you for your enthusiasm on irrigating this space. Though I’ve rather been diving under this board, I’ve in fact read and been touched. Feilla also wish this authentic [Santa Claus + Gentleman] a bright, happy, peaceful and wonderful new year !

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