Konstantinos-The ‘last’ announcement

Hello dear friends and readers. I would like to let you know that for some time now I feel a nudge to close down my two blogs, ‘Awakening to the Divine’ and ‘Konstantinos’s Lightwork’. Lately, and by that I mean for the last 4 months or so, I seem to wish to focus more on my personal work among other things. My personal work is about writing and drawing the story/ies that I create. It’s about the field of the 9th art or else known as comic book industry.

And I know that like elsewhere, there too, someone can find all kinds of things: from the most admirable work to the most profane. Though I recognize that these two sound too definite and I have seen for myself that everything have something good to offer. And I wish to continue offering good and do my work for the Light through that kind of field and not through the blogs anymore.

I feel that they have served their purpose, to me and to you all, in different ways, hope mostly beneficial.  That means though, that I’ll have to leave for good my web connections with all of you and with some people who I have come to interact with since November 2011. I got inspired and learned many things from all these beautiful persons.

I could start mentioning names but they are many and even by mentioning some of them, I feel that it wouldn’t be fair for the rest of them. So I prefer to refer to them all in a general way. I’m talking about a group of people that welcomed me in their company warmly and fulheartedly. I’ll never forget them.

I hope these people and each one of you out there, to continue doing your work for the Light, for the benefit of this world, its people and the rest of its life forms. I’ll sure continue trying to do my best not only through the field I mentioned above but through other ways as well (as I do already, actually). But not through blogs from now on, at least that’s how I feel about it for the time being.

I’d be glad to keep contacts with those who would like to find me via e-mail or skype, just know that I won’t do ‘readings’ or ‘channelings’ for anyone anymore. And in the end, why should I? I remind you, the voice of your God Self lies in each one of you. When we decide to exercise the ability to hear it, then we learn a little more about being masters of ourselves. Of course this isn’t as simple as it sound but it’s worth it. And I still learn about it and many other things as well.

I’ll try (since I haven’t done this before) to close down the blogs in the next hours or tomorrow.

I Love you all, people. Continue offering through your own paths, the good that this world seems to need so much. I’ll continue being with you on this.

All the best to all of you (-_-) ❤ !


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  1. Thank you dear Laura (-_-). I will. And it was and still is a pleasure to be connected with you too. You were (and are) one of the persons that inspired me when I first came to know Indy Info <3. Love u and wish u the best <3<3<3.

  2. I can’t wait to see what’s next!!!

    Konstantinos you will always have a home here and if for some reason we close this down, home is where the heart is. 😀 I have tremendously enjoyed your work, and I can only say that it’s sad these things will no longer be there for folks to enjoy. Well go with my greatest blessing, and know I’m here cheering you on, my brother. Thank you!

    • God, you don’t know how much I’ll miss you man..as well as the rest of our common dear friends (-_-). And by the way, I can’t wait either 🙂 so I’ll continue creating and see what kind of surprises come up on each step..Much Love to you and thank you for the things you taught me through your example.Continue the awesome work <3.

  3. Dearest brother Konstantinos you will remain in heart always. Many are being pulled to begin creating the now for themselves and in doing this others see and begin to do the same as school is over and we begin in earnest on the new Earth. May light always light the way forward and love surround and guide you much love and blessings I send to you Suzanne

  4. I wish the same things for you too, my sweet Suzanne. I want to thank you too, for inspiring me in so many ways with your example. Wishing you always the best. Love you my sweet friend <3<3 (-_-).

  5. I can say this only in Dutch because I don’t know enough English words.
    Wat geweldig als je je hart volgt en ervoor gaat. We kunnen toch niet meer anders dan naar onze innerlijke stem luisteren. Ik wens je veel geluk en schitterende inzichten.

  6. Hi my dear brother Konstantinos, I so much enjoyed this journey with you, especially through your channeling and art. Even these days I feel more to be myself and not go out there anymore. But still I feel to keep on going… your path is going a different way and I wish you all the best and hope you will find what you are seeking for.

    I love you with all my heart and soul and Arachanai is also wishing you well in your new endeavors, let the heart and soul speak.

    You will always have a place and connection in my heart and soul

  7. Many thanks and appreciation to both of you (-_-)<3. I Love u and wishing you the best for you and your family, sweet Lisa. You and many others have a place in my Heart<3.

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