The Wilderness

Led into the wilderness and for many days
Starved of sustenance till beyond hungry
A fine opportunity for an opportunist
“Command these stones become bread”
Rebuked – “Man shall not live by bread alone
But by every word that proceeds from God”

Satellite views proffer a majestic display
All the kingdoms of the world in a trice
Assuming the authority to do whatever
Has anyone really given such authority?
Remembering the devil is a liar I recall
Jesus replying, “Get behind me, Satan!”

Yet Hydralike here we both are again
So many toxins daily spread before us
So many temptations to rise above
What multitude of sly beckoning sins
Of snake pits, traps for the unwary
The undereducated fodder overfed

Simpering and reduced to bird brains
Posers snap selfies face to Facebook
Brash narcissists sans self-reflection
The very air awash with airwaves
Twits twittering into the emptiness
Trite triumph of vanity triumphant

Remembering the devil is a liar I recall
“Begone and get behind me, Satan!”
“Let us not live by vulgar flash alone
But by simple acts springing from heart”
I say, “No to obeisance, to surveillance
Or your slick weapons of mass distraction”


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