The Council of Nine: On Self-Mastery

A new message from our Pleiadian cousins:

Blue Dragon Journal


The Council of Nine: On Self-Mastery

Channeler: Eliza Ayres (aka Tazjima Amariah Kumara)

We are the Pleiadian Council of Nine. It has been some time since we last spoke through this scribe on our “own”. Yesterday, as our scribe was returning home from a refreshing walk in the country, she noticed a grouping of cloud-ships in the western skies. Yes, we and many other Star Nations, have ships in your skies, all busy on various missions and for different purposes.

Many of the awakened ones of GAIA wonder why we have not yet landed upon your shores. We understand and feel your pain and frustration and desire for change to manifest instantly, but we cannot remain long in your environment as yet nor would you be comfortable for very long in ours at your current frequency level. It is for the similar reason that your cousins, the Lemurians, have not…

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