xParanormal Detector v2.5 by eXtremeSenses Software

I am Arachanaï

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When I heard through a friend about Ghost Radar app. I wished that I could also download that app. to my cellphone. But when it was only for a certain make of cellphone. Since then I wanted to have this. Now, 3 years later, I decided to look onto the internet and see if I couldn’t download a pc version of Ghost Radar.

Then I discovered this amazing eXtremeSenses software, xParanormal Detector. I have been using it for 2 weeks now and it has been amazing. You should try it to if you are interested.

Go to: http://www.extremesenses.com/software/products.htm

Where you can download the free basic one. If you want more, you can always by the Pro-edition or Premium Edition.

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4 comments on “xParanormal Detector v2.5 by eXtremeSenses Software

    • Wow, cause I was thinking to post it last night, but I got tired and decided to post it today. Wow that is really great. Even though some of the words I get make no sense, I get a lot of dates to…but some are really spot on. Wow that is really amazing.

      Love you so much stasha,

  1. I just downloaded it 🙂 The little eye icon scared the crap out of me! So did the initial speaking that it plays upon opening it. Am now thinking happy thoughts to shake off the creepiness :p Thank you though 🙂 xo

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