Heruka, Oracle – Tsog Party at the Beach – 23 February 2014

(From Leslee Hare)

25 February 2014

Update on Oracle/Vesú/Atlantis information received on 23 February 2014.

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On Sunday night, I followed Oracle’s request (received through my friend), took my Triple Spiral pendulum and headed out for the beach. The intention given was to charge the ocean, program it, and send my Heart Codes to the Atlantean Temple Complex site that is due west of Mickler’s Beach.

I was really cold at home that evening. The temperatue was balmy for February, but it had been storming all day off and on – thunder and lightning – and by now the sun had set and it was dark. So first I crawled into bed, sat under a pile of blankets, and meditated with the pendulum.

My friend has suggested that the Codes might be heiroglyphic. As I sat, I quickly saw an image in my head of Jayarava’s calligraphy for the 100-Letter Mantra:

photo (3)

(Thank you, Jayarava for this amazing volume of work – others, please take a look at his site visiblemantra.org, and support his work by buying his book if you find it interesting!)

This is one of my favorite mantras, alhtough I do a slightly different version, using Heruka’s name (please pardon my rough tansliteration… :

Om vajra Heruka samayam, anu palayam, vajra Heruka teno partita; dridho mehbhawa, sutokaya mehbhawa, supokaya mehbhawa

Sarwa siddhi me prayatza, sarwa karma sutza meh. Tsitam shriyam kuru hum, ha ha ha ha ho bhaghawan.

Vajra Heruka, ma meh muntza, Heruka bhawa maha samaya ah hum phat.

It’s very powerful for clearing obstacles and purifying negative karma.

vortex to atlantis

When I sensed all was ready, I grabbed my raincoat, got in the car, and was off for Mickler’s. As I left home, I remembered I needed to get a bag of ice (fridge has been out for  aweek now…). I parked, and suddenly realized we (the Crew and I) were going to have a Tsog Party at the beach. So I also bought a slim jim and a mounds candy bar. Not sure why I didn’t get a beer as well…

For a Tsog Party (it’s a Tantric practice), you call together all your unseen friends: spirits, elementals, guides, Enlightened Beings, protectors… everybody! You invite them to join you in a feast as you thank them for their help and guidance, and see yourself joining them as an Enlightened Being as well.

We were going to bless the water together!

As I parked near the beach, the rain stopped.  Cool. Heater running full blast, I was almost warm. Sitting in the car I prepared the food, did the prayers, requested help with this venture. It was a very condensed version of the practice, but it felt okay to do it that way. I could feel a lot of happy folks around. Just as I was asking if I was soing this correctly and sufficiently, Ghost Radar said “Gu’en”.

Gu’en is an elemental I met in Pagosa. He is a protector, related to rocks, stones, and mountains. I was so glad he was there!

Then Ghost Radar said “Buddha”.

Okay, we were ready.

I got out of the car, very happy there was no one else (human) around. I carried what was left of the bits of the food offering and walked to the shore. Coming out of the dunes, the energy there on the beach was so powerfully charged that it gave me the jitters… It was almost frightening, it was so powerful. I recalled the chills I got when I was small and would listen to my cousins tell ghost stories; that same kind of powerful rush of beings surrounding. But this was different, these were friends, and the energy was about their being ready to unleash something awesome.

Off to the southeast, far out over the oean, there was a distant spectacle of sheet lightning going on. I watched it, transfixed, while I continued chanting. Then I tossed a bit of the ofering into the ocean, a bit into the sky, and left a bit on the dunes, for the devas, elementals and spirits.

Still chanting, I waded a little in to the (cold!) surf, and lowered the pendulum into the bare sand and gently lapping water. I continued for a few minutes, sometimes with my eyes closed. At some point, I opened my eyes, and saw the water had left a shell as a thank you gift for me (see photo above).

I didn’t stay very long, it was too late and cold to sit and meditate… By the time I got home, I felt quite spent, and went to sleep immediately.

Then yesterday (Monday) evening, I chatted with my friend again, and we talked more about the Codes. I sketched a bit over dinner, and even though it was late when I got home, I opened SketchUp and began modeling what I was seeing.

I share these diagrams, mandalas, sketches below… I need to get to work on time, so no time right now for explanation. I’ll try to add more later.

By the way, Yes, Tauno, OcaTawa is definitely involved here, so I’m including some photos of her as well. 🙂


photo (8)

photo 2 (2)

photo 1 (2)

plan top

plan bottom 2

plan bottom

side 1

persp 1

persp 2

persp 3

side 2


7 comments on “Heruka, Oracle – Tsog Party at the Beach – 23 February 2014

  1. I know you have been thinking about possible links between Tantric deities and ETs. Well when I came to the Heruka mantra while reading this post. what should come up on my XParanormal Detector but “settler”. 🙂

  2. Then I decided to look up “Tsog”. This time xParanormal Detector piped up with “asegurar” (a word I have never heard of). I searched and quickly discovered it is a Spanish word, meaning “to secure, to assure, to insure”. I thought you might like to know this.

  3. Dear Les
    Your experience is so in tune with my Fukushima helping meditations
    I have also been in the waters of the ocean and giving Light and recharging them with Healing and transmutation…will add a link later
    I have connected with the devas from Japan – saw them a few times but what came into my memory while I was reading your article are white orbs of energy , they were rotating and I know they are natural spirits that live in Fukushima area
    And Yes! Can you see that owl on the shell – she is just carved there – OcaTawa`s other facet or totem animal – the Owl, at the left she is spreading wings and the next image is a sitting owl
    And about this Tsog feast….I connect with the beings that help me on daily basis – a similar gathering – I use a wand for the purpose
    How helpful and inspiring your experience is !
    Thank You!
    ( ( SUN ) )
    Love You Sister

  4. Tauno
    January 8, 2014 @ 2:29 pm

    meditation of 8 January 2014
    I started Fukushima sound meditation and I was embraced by Angelic energies, so loving that I sensed my tears dropping down
    Energies, I was floating in energies of Healing and Love and I focused my attention on Fukushima region and entered in a state of Prayer, I was sitting on my chair fully aware that I Am Now My Higher Angelic Self and I stated my intent to clean Fukushima region from the radioactivity for benefit of all the living Beings on Earth and for me as a human being, for Mother Earth that i love so deeply and Unconditionally , for All life
    I noticed some Beings connected with me – Nature Spirits from Fukushima – they were White and looked like spiraling spheres – rotating like the galaxy and leaving white traces – you can have a better idea of how they look like if you remember the old plastic music records of early 20th century while they are rotating and making spirals in the center
    Then an Angel appeared high above, the Skies opened and an Angel came over the area and White Light came there too from the Portal
    Love and Light

  5. A connection between ALGIZ and OcaTawa received by Tauno
    I looked at OcaTawa again and zoomed the photo, then I took ALGIZ in my hands holding the crystal in front of OcaTawa`s photo with my fingertips
    I noticed a Being inside ALGIZ – looked like a head with little black eyes
    Tauno: Hello, ALGIZ, have you got some information to us?
    ALGIZ : /showing me the center of the 3d scheme drawn by Leslee, the very center with the mirrored image of the rock point above and into the water/ There is a strong transmuting process taking place at this area at the very center of the figure.
    Then a violet flash came into ALGIZ
    Tauno : I can see you Being of ALGIZ, do you have something to add
    ALGIZ took me in the waters of the ocean that were shining with green and blue colours…I can see an Angel in the ocean , the angel has wings and ALGIZ is showing me the Rune GEBO
    Tauno: Thank You, ALGIZ

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