SaLuSa 28 February 2014

Dear Ones, we come with good news to inform you that the dedicated work you have put in, is about to bring the rewards that you have deservedly earnt. Our combined efforts have brought about a speeding up of the necessary work needed to bring about a notable stage in the progress required to bring the changes about. Your efforts have brought about a review of the progress made, and the decision was taken to rapidly move ahead. It means that specific events will occur that you will become aware of that will clearly reveal the commencement of another stage leading to “The Event”. Within a relatively short period you will be given irrefutable proof of the advances being made, but do not expect them to be broadcast by the main media. The dark Ones will suppress the truth and will do anything to stop progress, and that means you may have to search around to find evidence of what is happening.

After all this time of waiting every effort has been put into bringing the necessary changes about, and the stage has now been reached where the Light is in its ascendancy. No longer do the dark ones have the controlling power that they used to have. Instead the Light has suddenly moved into a commanding position and its progress will now accelerate. Lightworkers are asked to keep their focus on the goal that they are working towards. It still requires a focused dedication to keep the momentum going, as there is still a long way to go. However, the good news is that it is all downhill now and you will not find as many difficulties on your path as previously. By now most of you know what is required of you, and many have awaited this particular time to commence their tasks. If you are one who seems to be without a specific task, you can do good work by continuing to spread the Light.

You will find that as the Light continues to grow so your lives will flow more easily. The struggles you have encountered in the past will gradually become less and less, and a time will come when everything flows smoothly and satisfactorily. It is your destiny to experience the fulfillment of your expectations and enjoy the upliftment in your vibrations. As you do so, you will find that your consciousness will also expand and you will be far down the route to full consciousness. Your whole journey has been one of seeking your path back to what you were when you first started out on your journey millennia ago.

By now you should have realised that you are not your body, which is simply something you have “put on” to enable you to experience in the lower dimension. Neither are you true “Earthlings” and your home is amongst the stars where you will return and reside as a Being of Light. You are all to be honoured and respected for having taken on the task of living through the dense realms whilst carrying the Light. You have lifted up Beings who may otherwise have been completely overwhelmed by the lower vibrations. You eagerly and without thought for yourself took on the challenge of helping lost souls, knowing that you would not be allowed to lose your way indefinitely. At all times your lives would be followed and help given wherever possible.

So please do not judge those who appear to have fallen from the Light. They need immense help and understanding to get them back on the path to it, and you have volunteered to help them do so. You do not know at this stage what experiences you have gone through to get where you are now. However, when your consciousness levels have been raised you will see yourself in the “Mirror of Truth” and will no doubt be pleased to find you have fulfilled your promises. The truth about you has to be revealed in stages as and when you are strong enough to accept it. There is nothing shocking about it, but it is simply most surprising and for many of you unbelievable.

Be open minded as you become more aware of the truth, and know that it will always have that special feeling that will not be denied. If it seems too much to believe, keep it in mind as in time you will accept it for what it is. If you knew what a wonderful time lies ahead you would not have any worries about the future, as your lives are now on a different track although that may be hard to accept in your present circumstances. These are times of turmoil as the necessary changes go ahead, yet out of them shall come the peace and harmony that you have been seeking.

From hereon life should be more easy on you and there will be no lack of encouragement. Indeed, many of you will need little if any as you will be spurred on by the developments that must come very soon. It will come in the form of confirmation of events taking place, that you would normally be unaware of but are now being revealed. Some will leave people feeling shocked but by and large they should be found uplifting. Lightworkers can be of immense help by gently enlightening people to the truth. Keep your attention on the developments as some will directly involve your activities. Be ready to adjust and always keep on the path to full consciousness. We are looking forward to making more contact with you, but it is not yet the time for more open contact. It will come of course, and even so is not too far into the future.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and so pleased that at last the news is more enlightening and positively uplifting. It should carry on at quite a fast pace and developments to your liking and upliftment. As always we will be monitoring the activities of the dark Ones, as even a small number of them can cause problems for you. We leave you with our love and blessings.

Thank you SaLuSa,

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey.



  1. (((has been hidden from us by the forces of darkness ))) – and first person of this forces of darkness is – Enki(Ptah) -rebel traitor, and his son Marduk(Amun Ra) rebel traitor . All shit on Earth is their work ! And people pay for this with their blood , suffer , misery , pain and etc

  2. We have received the Galactic Message we have been waiting for! It is thanks to the phenomenon of Channeling that we know about the changes to occur in the world due to the Ascension and the Destiny of Planet Earth. These changes include Disclosure about the fact that we are not alone, a distribution of prosperity funds, and announcements by our Galactic family using our own communication devices. Saint Germain communicated a message through Dr. K. E. May transcribed on Feb. 23, 2014 and gave a monumental talk on Feb 27.on the blogtalk radio show ‘channel panel’. In the latter he reveals that our Star kin’s overriding of our communication devices to make announcements about their presence is to happen ten days after the beginning of the Revaluation of currencies, therefore around March 9! In his letter of Feb 23 Saint Germain informs us that the Galactics’ ground forces are about to announce the revaluation of currencies (referred to as the RV) that we have been waiting for. He explains again that it is the introduction that will result with a complete Shift in business, Education, social traditions, politics, and governments, but that there will be small upheavals, ie our banking system may shut down during the time that a new system is put into place. Many people are aware that our financial system is about to collapse. Your bank may close but only for a few days to a week or two. Everything will return to normal afterwards. We may have a day or two without iphone, ipad or computer. We may experience a disruption in our cell phone reception or TV programming. But when all services resume, we will start experiencing the massive changes that have been planned for us, of Heaven on Earth!. The Prosperity funds will be released around the world. We will see ships from other planets and galaxies, and soon after their occupants override our TV channels and communicate through our devices, ships will be landing, [We have inherited our human DNA from a number of extraterrestrial races- they therefore look like us or, more exactly, we look like them]. They will reassure us on the ground and teach us concerning the true origins of mankind as well as disclose the truth about all that has been hidden from us by the forces of darkness during the last 13000 years or more. The Galactics are not like the extraterrestrials portrayed in our science-fiction movies, but like the heavenly host of the Bible. They will remove all possibility of military might, psychological manipulation through propaganda, and secret political power. They are also coming to teach us to ascend to the 5th dimension because the Sentient Being that is Earth is already there.. The world will be at peace and mass suppression of freedom will become a thing of the past. We will be able to create the New World.

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