15 April 2014: Travel Dimensions

I am Arachanaï

Portal to other dimensions. Copyrighted Liesbeth Swenne Portal to other dimensions. Copyrighted Liesbeth Swenne

I was in a room with friends and I showed them a drawing of a blue lady saying that I met her again and this is how she looked like.

The dream locates me now on the second floor of a house and I am looking down on a round market place surrounded by houses. Feilla, Tauno and me where looking for our friend Troy. He had disappeared and we couldn’t find him.Then Tauno also disappears. Feilla and me are looking over the balcony and we see snow now on the market place. For some reason Feilla falls over the balcony and I am trying to grab her but I missed. When I looked over the balcony I see Feilla floating in mid-air, or it seems that way. It seems she was hold in place by an invisible force field. Then this force…

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Dreamflight 12/13 April 2014: Transformation

I am Arachanaï

O connection 16 a

Copyright by Liesbeth Swenne

Before I went to sleep I stated I wanted to do some work on my ship Blaze as well hit the healingpods.

I was underway with my friends to a very private ceremony somewhere in India, were we knew we weren’t invited but we wanted to try anyway. My friends (I don’t now names), a man and a woman (she had black half short hair). They were travelling in their car and I was traveling in my car. We drove up a driveway that was going into a curve and ended up in a three way road driveway all leading to different locations. My friends drove in front of me but when I turned the curve I didn’t see which driveway/location they went in. So I get out of the car and I yell ‘ where are you guys?” I hear my friends yell back that…

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Dream 11 April  2014: The Golden Tree

I am Arachanaï

 the gatekeeperThis painting is copyrighted by Liesbeth Swenne

I was growing a beautiful big golden tree, that grows bigger and bigger. It shined so bright and behind this tree was a beautiful green/blue wall with Indian patterns. Wow it looked so amazingly beautiful. This golden tree gives life and energy (light).

I am now in a very grey looking landscape and I am standing there with my kids. In front of us is a ruin of a house. Suddenly a storm comes up and we are forced to get into the abandoned house. As we run inside the house some bricks come down and blocking our way out of the house. Now we are stuck and we sit against a big grey cement wall and it is cold and dark. I hold my kids very tight to me.  Then on my right suddenly a big group of people come through…

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