QEG – Morocco (Aouchtam) Has Resonance! 4-28-14

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Got this email notice from Alia.


Aouchtam Has Resonance

Our “Baby” was “delivered” at 12:22 AM CET, Thursday, April 28th.

I MISSED THE BIRTH!!! Tomas and I were in bed asleep.

Our housemate, Blue Star returned home about 1:30 AM. The front door opening woke me up and then I heard all the excitement bubbling through the apartment building and I KNEW we had DONE IT.!

Blue Star tried to appease my disappointment for not being there to see the light bulbs light up. She told me it happened so easily and quickly, it was just a “test drive” and they will do it again tomorrow. “Don’t worry,” she soothed, “you didn’t miss the REAL test, when they turn her up full power.”

Still, the little girl in me felt like she had missed Christmas.

There wasn’t much happening yesterday at the Sanctuary. It had been evident…

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