1. Crystal connection – 29 June 2014
    I was connected with the Elders again, saw the totem animals of all people in our Star
    Saw warriors, a battle in a forest, there was a battle between Spirits and People at the same time, horses, battles through ages of human history, I was a warrior Viking, then Native American, I was riding a horse together with many warriors , not feeling scared , untouchable by the arrows, I am a berserk feeling the power within , the power of LIGHT, I see a Shaman or a Spirit in the forest was doing a round movement holding a rope with a small ball on its end rotating counter clockwise, a fox, an owl and a wolf, the bear is climbing a hill, a coyote is gazing at me, a crow in the mist of the forest.
    Chief Joseph appeared with an Eagle by his side and I was taken higher
    There was a realm of heaven and I saw a White Buffalo merging with the clouds
    I take OLA and make the round movement allowing the LIGHT of Heaven pass through my body and enter the Earth , I sense Power in my palms, a strong LIGHT that enters my channels and fills my being with LIGHT, I stand with my hands close to the body and see a Master Native American, He is an old man with long white hair standing in front of me and he is dressed in White and I can see white wings where his heart is, I look at Him and I see myself as an incarnated “mirror” of Him, I see myself dressed in white and with white wings at the area where my heart is
    we stand together on both sides making a bridge between worlds
    End of the meditation
    ( ( SUN ) )

  2. Dear Hearts
    Here is the message from yesterday`s connection, thanks to MUM 🙂
    Love You MUM
    Here it is :
    Sometimes souls of LIGHT can play a dark game for the purpose to make people wake up for the Light

  3. Crystal Connection – 22 June 2014
    You may find this both grounding and uplifting, I have just tried this meditation, it took me into a transe state meditation, I connected with the Elders again, saw a warrior, a wolf, people from the tribe were dressed in white and there came a white eagle above them, the Eagle carried me upwards into the higher realms when I met a Native American Ascended Master, the vibrations were very similar with the energy of AA Michael – these of Truth and Justice and I got a message and a task to bring the message down to Earth, then I came back and I am about to ask my question

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