Dreamwalkerdiaries: Dream Log: 30JUNE2014 – Fishing Boat Roller Coaster

This takes place in the “alternate” Victoria – the one that I have had dreams about. It’s kind of the same, but there are also many differences, including a type of hover-platform mass transportation, a different mall downtown, and a restaurant in the Inner Harbor called the Pirate’s Cove (which has Tiki decor, and sits on a barge). These features do not exist “in real life” but either exist in a parallel reality, or may exist some time in the future. I’m especially hopeful about the hover-busses!

There is also a bar in Market Square that exists in my dreams that doesn’t exist “in real life”. The interior is warm shellacked yellow cedar, surrounded with clear glass walls, and it is located on Johnson street, next to the stairs leading down to the “common” area. You might mistake it for an oversize “Jenga” set, or a nouveaux-riche treehouse. It’s a cozy little bar, popular but not crowded. 2 levels, overlooking the square.

In my dream I am there by myself, it is nighttime / dusk (the sun has just set), I am sipping coffee and enjoying the surroundings. I am visiting from somewhere else. I am reviewing the details of an itinerary, perhaps they are vacation plans, but seem to be something more. I get up to leave to walk around the harbor, and someone with sunglasses (at nighttime?) is following me. He seems threatening – I am reminded of the agents from the “Matrix” movie. I walk quickly out of the bar and down the steps; it is fairly easy to evade him by rounding a corner, and waiting to see if he follows. He doesn’t, and I continue on with my walk.

I am able to work my original plans in with my evasion, and I end up boarding what appears to be a small fishing boat. The seating is similar to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” attraction at Disneyland, and there are several other people in the seats. As we launch, in my head, something says “And now for the Grand Finale!”, but I think this is a silly statement (whomever said it), it’s just a fishing boat! But then, a few moments later, there is a breathtaking view opening before me. Majestic cedar forest on our right, an island and the full moon in front of us. There is something about it that seems like this moment was created just for me, and I was wondering what is part of the ride, and what is part of the current reality.

The fishing boat makes a right into a tunnel, and we are pulled quickly upwards on a steep incline. Rather than a fishing boat, it now appears we’re on a roller coaster. All around us are scenes of industry, and there are large colorful crystals along the top of the cave. It’s quite spectacular – rushing water is falling down  around us; we’re climbing a waterfall (like a spawning salmon?).

At this point I find myself in a “in-between” place. I am no longer in the roller coaster, there is nothing around me. But my “focus” is only on me – I find myself in my sleeping-clothes (lightweight shorts and a t-shirt), and I am bewildered, since I still think I’m on the roller-coaster. I feel for my wallet and my cell phone which SHOULD be in my pockets if I’m in my regular clothes… but they’re not there… I briefly panic… and then I realize that I’m no longer where I used to be… but I’m not quite back to “real life”. I am “nowhere”… but I am also, now, wearing what I did when I went to sleep the night before.

A few moments more and the “real world” fades in around me. I wake up, in bed. It’s too early for the alarm, so I wait for my mind to catch up with reality. It does… eventually.



  1. Thank you for sharing this!
    What is this “alternate Victoria” ? This dream has similarities to a dream I had 10+ years ago. It was about an absurd event “the invasion of the space brie” living cheese coming in flying saucers. It looked like the real world but everything had a feeling of B-movie over it. It ended with me fighting the Pirate Brie Boss in our boat house by the lake, using a garlic cream sauce filled waxed paper as a weapon.

    Sounds reckless? The place had the same feel as what you just described here.

    • Hey Nils, you’re welcome! Your dream sounds delicious (I’ve always wondered what life would evolve from a cheese…)! I’m honestly not sure what alternate Victoria is. It’s a place I dream about which is exactly like the city I grew up in… which is Victoria, BC Canada. Check out the inner harbor or market square on google street view. But there are several strange differences which lead me to believe that it is either a parallel reality / timeline, or some time in the future. This particular dream leads me to believe that it’s a “sandboxed” version of Victoria, similar to how in the Matrix, there is a copy of the Virtual Reality city that they use for training. Somehow we are able to access this, whatever it is… and I guess the “evil agents” are there, too. After the dream, for some reason I felt pissed off that an agent had infiltrated something I (we?) created. But I guess it also makes the dream more exciting… they don’t seem to be that difficult to evade. 🙂

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