Knock knock… After the clock strikes 12… August… The changes…The dangers… – Valiant

by Valiant, 1 August 2014

‘Fairy Tail Politics’ by Valiant

It seems when the Clock struck 12
A thunder of changes came with it…
Beginning with the descending Polar Fronts…
Which you can expect regularly to get colder
And colder each time…about every 2-3 weeks.
Weather-wise, it will feel like we skipped
August and jumped right into September.

All areas will eventually feel the colder weather…
First, the Great Lakes, Midwest and North East…then
The rest of the USA…

This speeding up of the colder air reflects the
Re-alignment of time.
They, upstairs, definitely want to fix things FAST.
Faster than I originally thought…
Apparently this was decided that weekend back
In May…when the 500,000 were marked.

Symptoms you should notice now…are…
More sensitive, shifty, even hostile and irrational
Mood swings…particularly for those not
Connected or resisting the changes.
Again, this reflects the separating the wheat
From the chafe…You should avoid these
Types of people as they will only grow worse,
At some point they may even become dangerous.

For those enlightened and receptive…
You can expect to feel sickness, flu-like
Symptoms…only because it will be hard on your
Body, the various energies that will intensify.
Rest, and handle yourself with care.
Remaining calm, cool and collected is the best thing
You can do.
Strangely, you should feel an odd certainty…
Along with conflicting feelings that something is wrong…
Because you’ll be more sensitive to any and all sudden
And rapid changes coming.
The Dark Forces haven’t surrendered yet, and you’ll
Sense it. Be cautious. Protect yourself.
Remember the crystals, and what I said about music.
Just remember you have the power, if you dare
To reach for it inside yourself.

As for other matters…
Try to remain calm with this…

The closer we get to bigger events,
More and more of the darker elements will be flushed out…
Monsters…both physical and non-physical,
Will challenge us…particularly the marked, the 500,000.
They know their end is coming and they will try
To take down as many good people as possible.
Remain calm and focused, always keep faith
With the Light.  Use the artwork as a defense
If necessary. It will help.

You may also notice an increase in vivid flashbacks,
Haunting memories of the past…
Don’t let them bring you down. Release them.
Cleanse. And move on.

UFO activity will increase…and they will get
Bolder, as they become more desperate too.
Since they refuse to come out and reveal themselves,
They will suffer too…and their homeworlds.
But I won’t go into detail about that, since they
Are so smart…let them figure it out.
No bargaining.
Though I am flattered by the offers…
I’m only allowed to do so much right now.

Watch all aspects of the elements…
Earth, Air, Fire, Water…all of these are now
Under intense forces, and will express that in kind.

I’ve been so out of it lately…
It’s in the air, everywhere…Something is wrong…
That Pandora’s Box scenario is so unpredictable,
But I believe for them to correct the timeline
That we are heading down the most dangerous road…
Tragedies will be worse than ever…
Not only will things feel crazy, go wrong, they will
Just seem totally out of control.

For those of you awake and enlightened…
Be a calm, grounded, guiding light. Don’t let these
Things get to you. And stay home as much
As you can…It’s dangerous out there,
And it’s only going to get worse.

Many of you have written and asked about
UFO’s, alien activity…
Why they haven’t done anything…yet.
They will, believe me…they will.
Both the good ones…and the bad…

A great deal depends on how turbulent the Earth
Will become…if things proceed slowly without
The 5 degree shift of the poles – a catastrophe
Beyond words, beyond control…
If that happens…People will be taken.
By both Good and Bad alien entities,
Including those interdimensional beings which
Have been toying with people plotting to take them…
Some will be abducted as servants, slaves…
While others, the marked, will be taken to
A secret safe world, with the option of returning
To Earth when it’s healed. This includes animals.
A Noah’s Ark of sorts.
The chance of this happening would most likely
Be between September and December when things
Get really heated.

In any case, they will intervene.
They know they have to make decisions now,
Or suffer the penalties along with this planet.
Things have to change, including their worlds.

I am reminded of an ‘old’ TV miniseries “V”.
You should check that out.
Come September…Anything is possible…
They will be flushed out…
They will make decisions…rest assured.

Dear Mr. Spaceman, I chose this piece
Of artwork of mine especially for you…
It’s called, Fairytale Politics…think about it,
Think about it carefully.
You should start making your moves by the
Time the next cold front sweeps down,
Which will be even colder…
And that will be in about 2-3 weeks.
After that it’s too late…
And choices will be made for you.

That’s all for now.


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