Knock Knock…Of Aliens…Abduction, Contact…Things to Come…

I wouldn’t normally address this in a post
Because I believe everyone is entitled
To their own views…But as for timing,
I think this should be said.
Forewarned is Forearmed.

Last week I had the most intense, vivid
Dream, and it was such a deep sleep I swear
It was real.
I was sitting at the counter of a diner and there
Was a man sitting next to me…
We were talking…
He was tall, bald, broadly built and strong.
But there was something so strange and different
About his voice, about the color of his skin…
It wasn’t until the next day that I
Realized…He was Blue!
We were discussing views and opinions on things.
Very kindly and politely, He had the demeanor
Of an old friend, very wise and non-judgmental,
Yet very intrigued by everything I felt.
Something I wasn’t used to, for sure.
He made a comment about how so many
Want the same thing…He didn’t know
What to do. I replied in kind, telling him I
Had no idea so many people felt the same way.
It must be torture to understand (for him).
Lastly, I kept blinking and staring at him.
I noticed the Sun was rising outside…dawn…
Then I asked him, “Who are you?”
Then I woke up.

Obviously I was visited again. But very
Politely. Normally I don’t like dream invasion.
But this was very polite.
Apparently, the people of our planet have the
Good guys very confused…they don’t know what
To do for so many…
So in your meditations, I ask for you to be
Patient and understanding…try to express what
You would like…
Just don’t ask for sex or money…noble things only.
Best behavior, remember?
This is one of the things most of our Alien
Friends have a problem with…
The addictions…cell phones, computers…sex…
If you’re expecting to be whisked away to a
Fabulous life of Super Technology…
Lounging around, indulging in physical pleasures…
Then you aren’t ready, and are not on the
Path of enlightenment.

These are not issues they’re here to solve or help
Us with…there’s more to life than sex and money.
One of the first things you should experience
On a path of true ascended consciousness
Is a decrease in libido…hormones turned down…
So that you can see more clearly…
People are too distracted by sex and gender.
This inhibits our views on life and each other
And cripples us…especially if you have a
Strong tendency to see the opposite sex
For carnal purposes…
But that understanding will come in time.
I apologize, I don’t want to lecture
I suppose it’s my fault…
I invited the Aliens to test my truth
And look into my head to see the Angel I saw…
To see what the Angel did to me…
To prove I wasn’t lying.
I didn’t expect them to get so addicted, to
Constantly keep wanting to see the Angel…
Over and over…
Or for them to revere me in some way.
I’m not Moses…I don’t see myself as
Extraordinary…only that I had a special
But apparently they see me as having a
Necessary involvement in a greater aspect of
The future…
But all I want is that farm…
To have my dream horses…
I just started hatching baby chicks again,
I missed it so much, I just enjoy them even more.
To see myself as having some grand part
In the future of things…scares me.
Time will tell I suppose.

As for other Aliens…Good and Bad…
Based on who I’ve seen, met…know
I will tell you this much…
Only for the sake of helping you decide
For yourself who to trust.
To make sure you don‘t go running for the
Very first ship you see…

The Star Elder I met years ago…
From Ancient Prophecies II…
Warned me not to trust those with the
Triangular Ships…they are conquerors, destroyers…
Maybe that proof can be seen in the stolen
Alien technology used in our sciences and aircraft

The Greys are elitists, like most, and only regard
Those highly who can ascertain the truth on
Their own. Anything less are seen as animals
In their eyes, as with many other races…
Primitive behavior equals primitive life.
Think carefully about that.

The Andromedans are advanced and fearless
But very non-violent and slow to act…
Like the Pleiadians…
Wisdom has no need for violence in advanced
Which is why so many worlds fall victim
To conquerors. The Federation is very peace
Oriented…which is good, but with regards
To the welfare of the Universe, must change.

Most importantly be careful with Nibiru…
The woman who interrogated me, had such
A malevolence about her…unlike anything I’ve
Seen or encountered
There is no set race of Nibiru, they are a
Compilation…they absorb all advanced life
Forms to enhance themselves…much like
Borg from Star Trek.
They have had their eyes on Earth for a while…
But Divine Intervention holds them back…
She accused me of not being human because of
What the Angel did to me…
And it is what the Angel did that scared her
And her people…and holds them back
From invading us…
But that will only last for so long.

That’s why the Lion Men are here as well…
To help protect us…Not teach, only help.
They hold highest regards for those who
Don’t ask them questions and just know the truth.

In this hour of change…
As the seasons shift out of control…
And the Ice Age comes…
Knowledge is power, particularly
In the critical hours.
Learn. Observe. Pay attention. Ask questions.
It’s time to wake up…And open your eyes.

Dear Mr. Spaceman…Before the Snow…
You need to act before the Snow comes…
Come September things will change.
Watch for that Light in the Sky.

That’s all for now.

My artwork: The Owls I & II



  1. My libido has been turned down considerably & by choice these last few months.. its odd to hear a confirmation. I’ve been sort of pushed away by the way people are & act… sex has been trivial to me really. I yearn for more yet sedate myself by doing odd tasks & playing silly games.
    Its an odd time… lol for me.

    Ps Sorry DM i don’t see 2 wolves..maybe one. lol =)

    • It’s all good. 🙂 There’s a lot of sexual distractions that surround advertising… Which just keeps the whole system going ( as one example). Ghandi felt that to change the world, you first need to start with what you can change yourself. Withdrawing our interest from these things also withdraws financial support. And there are many other ways this template can be applied.

      There’s a lot going on in those paintings, with several ways of looking at them. Reminds me of the bashar sacred symbols, in a way. 🙂

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