Knock Knock…Earth Changes…The Veil Thins…Nothing is Strange Anymore…

Something’s different…Growing Stronger.
I sense it mostly with the planet.
Experiencing waves of imbalance, exhaustion…
Nose and ears bleeding…So if you’ve been
Experiencing similar symptoms, you’re not alone.
As things align, even the planet will express it
With the weather…climates…
The Best remedy for this is bed rest…It’s the
Only thing which seems to help.

You may also start noticing, or hearing more
About strange creatures and things being sighted…
As I said before, all things will be flushed out
Of hiding…so they may see what’s been
Hiding in plain sight. Consider it a
Thinning of the veil…As time aligns and
The few last separate time lines merge.
All sorts of unbelievable creatures will appear…
Reality will definitely seem like its becoming
The Twilight Zone at times.
Just try to remain calm.
But don’t dismiss stories…Always pay attention.
And be careful, some of these things are
Dangerous. And keep a careful watch
Over children, they are particularly vulnerable.

Things will be flushed out even more as
Things become unstable…
Animals should warn us of dangers coming…
Remember…my book…watch the Birds, the Bees
The Trees…They know the safe place to be,
But also are good indicators of warnings.

Also, Please pay attention closely to your dreams.
Mine have been very strange…
Suggesting something is going wrong or will, soon…
Worse than previously imagined.
I know certain individuals will be warned
When needed…before any danger threatens them.
But I suspect more of that starting in September
Through the Fall and Winter months…
But then again, September starts in just a few days…
It should definitely be an interesting month
To say the least.

Earthquakes…Especially in California…
More unusual than before…
And yet…destined.
I understand Big Brother is frantic,
Running scared…as you should be…
There’s not much you can do at this point.
Nor can anyone really.
The Best is to just not intervene in the natural order…
Because the more you try to control things
Big Brother, the faster they will fall apart.
Especially with your precious financial greed…
But then again we all know how stupid you
Are…I doubt there are diapers substantial
Enough to contain your mess right now,
Big Brother…I’d suggest a pacifier but
I’m afraid you would only interpret that
With more greed…Some things never change.

To be honest, I’m as nervous as anyone.
I’ve never felt this way before…
My dreams are strange…I feel the pressure
And the sickness…Perhaps it’s because we’re at
The threshold of September, who knows.

I’ve tried so hard to help and protect everyone
Unfortunately I just don’t have the time and money
Or resources to get original artwork to everyone like I
Wanted. I can’t be greedy though, and if there is
Anything I have available that someone wants
Please let me know, I am willing to negotiate prices.
For this post, I’ve attached one of my muses, Erato.
She has a special Charm about her…
One I hope you understand.

I can only suggest my Café Press Shop…
Please consider The Good Spirit Blanket to help…
I’ve heard great reports from people who have
Them…Premium quality, Powerful artwork,
And the best part is you can either wrap it
Around you and wear it…sleep with it…or even
Hang it on your wall.

I also want to take a moment
To thank everyone for your kindness
And support and wonderful emails.
You all have been so amazing, especially
Last week after losing Yuri.
I have only the best wishes for each and every one
Of you…and will help any way I can.

I’m still getting interesting reports and developments
Coming in about things to come…Time will tell
What September has in store for us.
Think Good Thoughts.

Dear Mr. Spaceman…Remember what you
Have to do…No choices now. And if you want
My help, this time you’ll have to pay me…
I only help the Good people for Free.

That’s all for now.

P.S. It will take 8 days for this to reach
The right desk, as always. Read slowly Big Brother
Or you’ll hurt your Brain.



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