Timelines and Agartha: We Are 5D

I have noticed on Saturday and Sunday that there were several cases of instant manifestation – small things, but I am “told” this is evidence of us all realizing we are in fact already in 5D. This means that we are closer to being in the correct vibration / physical frequency of synchronizing with “them” so that we can see them. We are still mostly under the mindset that we are still 3D, so this is what we experience.
I have also met Adama face to face at his home in the greek town in Agartha in a dream some time ago. Next to his home was a dragon statue that served as a portal between places. They lived in communal dormitories that looked like Greek monuments; I was reminded of the military barracks I stayed in over the summer when I was younger, in the Canadian army. The people there in Agartha all wore robes similar to what Adama wears in his portrait. Sometimes they move as a “flock” similar to how birds might all move together. The behavior is a somewhat strange thing to witness for someone who is not used to it. In this state they are more like a single entity. 🙂
Each town in Agartha is a cultural “template” – for example there is a Greek town, a German town, an Italian town, a Japanese town, and so forth. So there is a place where each one of us will feel right at home. The towns are large and are surrounded by wilderness. The German town has a harbor with a castle on a hill, and the food in the bakeries is amazing! A river runs next to the castle. I realized that the food is amazing because it is the template of the food – it is the ideal that chefs in our world try to accomplish.
The above “manifestation” is evidence of our ability to pass between similar timelines. Rather than making something materialize, what happens is that we choose the timeline where that thing exists in that place at that time. Imagine that all events are connected to that thing, so the entire timeline changes accordingly. I am not sure how this works with everyone else shifting timelines; I guess it is also a representation of what everyone else has chosen up until that point.
So you see the issue is that we are not yet collectively in a timeline where it is possible for them to exist… but they do indeed exist.
As to the criteria of world peace, this is interesting because I believe this has already been achieved. It may seem like the world is at war, but in reality it is only the United States at war with itself. Anyone you ask will wonder why they are fighting – because it is not their war to fight. There is a brilliant scene in the movie Baron Munchausen, where he says “open the gates!” And it turns out that whatever war they perceived has somehow disappeared. It was because he changed the timeline so that the war no longer existed.
And really, there was no war to begin with… 😀
About Prophecy of the world in its natural state, without humans. This is quite true because there is a timeline somewhere already where this is the case. In the realm of all possibilities, we of course exist alongside this in all our other timelines. This timeline they talk about is the timeline where humanity doesn’t exist. It is not something to get upset about, because it is already happening. We just don’t experience it.
Jumping to a different timeline backwards and forwards in time is possible by connecting to the version of you in that timeline. You will then experience everything that this version of you experiences. This can be done through dreams or meditations, based on your intent. It helps to clear or center beforehand (I visualize a white piece of paper).


  1. Hi Troy , it is so synchronized that this is the first thing I read after my operation. I had a dream last night and I got a visit of my space brothers and sisters and when they left I saw their ship was Earth, pristine and untouched by any humans, with clear blue tropical waters.

    Love Lisa

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