How To Open Your 7 Chakras – As Explained In a Children’s Show

This information is not only critical for personal clearing, but also applies to the ley line project and clearing of the planet’s chakras, which many of us are involved with now. For example, I was recently involved in a meditation with Tauno that helped me see the chakra of Washington, DC. In the meditation, I saw some nuns mourning souls who were lost to the plague during medieval times. The chakra of DC started off to be red in appearance, and after the meditation it appeared blue. So you see, this ties in directly to the information presented in this video. It did not make any sense to me why that connection existed, but for some reason it helped in some way to clear the planetary chakra. My understanding of the connection isn’t necessary; it is simply a process of recognizing that the connection exists, releasing it, and moving on.



  1. That was beautifully told. The crown is the hardest I have to agree. I am releaseing at the throat which in certain circumstances stops me from talking by making me cough which pulls me up if I am about to yell at my daughter. The clearing is ongoing. but so worth it

    • Me too – for me it feels like someone has their hands around my throat, and I feel paralyzed until I can cool down and let it go. Tauno taught me a valuable lesson that things don’t have to be related to have a connection to what needs to be cleared. I think it does get easier over time.

      • so pleased someone else is feeling this too. It is like we are gagged lol but it pulls us up to think about what is happening. It is getting less and less.

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