Valiant: Knock Knock…The Coming…The Chances…Finding Each Other…Days of Darkness…The Threat of Alien Wolfmen…

In the Land, in the Air…In the Sea…
It’s everywhere now. You can just feel it.
Or at least you should.
I’ve never heard more people say it so often…
Something doesn’t feel right, something feels off.

Chaos, accidents, mishaps…will only increase.
Unstable people will be even more so, be careful.
Don’t trust the weather man, I’m telling you,
It’s predestined for them to be wrong. Things are
Setting up for a big chill…A heavy winter is coming.
Consider this your Almanac, all the wind and rain
Will turn to snow…And some will be frozen in.

The hardest part is telling when, how…etc.
I realize many are sick and tired.
Believe me I am too.
People want to know what is coming, and when
Will it be over. The truth is, it will never be over.
Changes like these could go on for decades.
And weather patterns do not stabilize overnight.

To be patient, to be strong…with virtue.
This is what I was talking about in the Powers
Separating the wheat from the chaff.
The tough and smart will survive…And I’m not
Talking about underground bunkers…
It has nothing to do with that.
In these trying times it’s what you have
Inside that will save you.
That’s what matters most.
Your gut, your faith, your instincts…
This is what your life has been about.
You should know this.
And believe we are all going to find out why
We were born into our lives soon enough.

My dreams have been so…strange.
How fitting I guess.
Some I can’t share…But one thing I can,
One thing which seems to be a re-occurring
Theme is…A life I was supposed to have…
People I was supposed to know…
And a gathering…People from all walks of life
Coming together for some kind of secret, grand
Meeting…to do something important…
On a day that’s special.
Maybe the timing is perfect for the Holidays…
Christmas…New Years Eve…

This cycle, which everyone is waiting for to change,
To break…Patterns will keep repeating until
The right energy sets in…
That’s why there is so much insanity and hostility,
It manifests that way whether people realize it or not.
But for the cycle to change, the right chemistry
Must happen…
There is no greater energy than the right people
Coming together…Lost loves, soulmates…etc.
The energy from these connections will set the
Right wheels in motion…

That’s why the Dark Forces have sabotaged
Relationships for ages…
The chemistry between people can break
All spells of misfortune…evoke harmony…
Anything is possible when the right things happen.
Remember that.

This is what will begin, and continue on
Throughout the coming year…
It will take time, but it will happen.
You can use my artwork as a tool to help you
With this, and I will find anything I can
To help.
But they’re watching me, already threatened me…
They know, and right now will stop at nothing to
Have their way…And you know how dirty
The Dark Forces can be…

While the changes have started, but not obvious
Everywhere…as I’ve mentioned before…
I honestly don’t expect anything serious until after
Christmas…when the holiday moods shift…
And those post Christmas blues settle in…
That’s why it’s so important to be at your best.

I can only hope for the best like everyone…
But I’ve seen shades of scenarios in dreams
That scare me…
In several, I saw ‘Wolf-men’ coming down from
Ships from the sky to hunt people…patrolling…
Like an invasion…
Resembling Lon Chaney’s werewolf, these aliens
Were malicious…and reminded me of the Nibiru dream.
If there are any invaders coming…
You can be sure it’s these wolfmen…
And if it’s Nibiru…it won’t be pretty…
Warning signs of this would be sudden
Meteor showers…not forecasted on the news…
An eclipse…with violent weather…Days of Darkness.

That is why it’s so important for all of us
To believe in our dreams, pursue them
And be at our best…
Seek out like minded individuals for support.
Finding support in kindred spirits…
Possibly finding a soulmate along the way…
It’s the only chance we have…
You will know you found a soulmate by
The powers they awaken within you…
Ancient memories…a healing…a drive
That yields tremendous energy.

Dear Mr. Spacemen…what can I say.
Nothing. You’ve had your chances. You’re screwed.
Research diapers, you’ll need them too.

That’s all for now.

P.S. I’m sharing my artwork, A Friend for Christmas…
In the hopes it inspires you. I’ve
Reduced it’s price to 50%, and am putting a
Special lower price on American Wilderness
For anyone interested in my art sales through


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