Dreamwalkerdiaries: 2014 Wrapup (Adrial)

Hello, this is Adrial. As we move out of the old and into the new, your connections may seem to have reduced as you accept new energies and make them your own. You have realized that the energy that makes up this planet is at times foreign to you, as is you have travelled to another place and time. At once familiar yet unfamiliar… You have read of this place yet to experience it is something else entirely. At the same time, as you become acclimatized to new energies you will experience greater durations of ease and comfort. Think about what you would do to feel good, at home, comfortable. Walking in old shoes. These times will occur with increasing frequency, and you may sometimes be surprised to find that it not something you are accustomed to deriving comfort from. What alarmed you in the past can have less concern as you tune out the things which no longer fit with the mode of your new existance.

This includes the current connection between survival and the fiat currency system. Your survival should not be tied to a fractional reserve, and you see how this might leave you feeling that what you have is a fraction of what you need. Although we’d like to directly introduce systems of direct energy transfer, many still see the value in living lives of separation and abstraction. One such abstraction is currency that removes energetic transfer or acts as a middleman to such a transfer. You still engage frequently in these exchanges, such as doing a favor to someone simply for the reason of paying it forward. It is not only to build good neighbor relations, but it is a way of bypassing the need of separating the energy from the action. Fortunately in much of business today, sucha direct exchange is also prevalent, although you still sign an hourly sheet to act as a symbolic exchange of limitation, and you may still receive a direct deposit representation of that exchange, you know that the separation between energy and action is decreasing, facilitated through digital technology. Do not worry that these technologies might cause you harm. Most are a honeypot that leads the bear to a better life.

As you have now recognized that the multiple timelines aare parallel opportunities for your soul-self to expeience virtual actions in much the same way that you might experience alternated reality through a video game. It does not harm you, but serves to enrich the soul experience. One has access to all timelines at every moment, and in concert with the higher perspective, one chooses the next timeline that results in the most beneficial outcome for soul path development. One might argue that this is a new age sham, and that we are locked to a random chain of events that has no determination or reason. Both are correct perspectives.

As a realm of all possibilities, you can understand how religion might attempt to explain this phenomena from a limited perspective. Or from a broad perspective that allows access to the knowledge at a certain time in spiritual development. In 2015, more of this locked knowledge has the opportunity to be released. The collective consciuosness is ready for the truth, and so it shall be revealed. Some may not be consciously able to handle the information and appear to be stressed or go crazy, but understand this is the balance system of the ego-self at play, for those who have not mastered the gift of inner calm. Some solace can be derived from those around them, and will seek out guidance for moving forward. As more of our galactic family have awakened to their true purpose (even if they may feel ungifted), those gifts will be exactly placed for optimum efficacy and efficiency.

As the crystal grid continues to awaken, this will have a direct effect on the mass consciousness, as if similar to how fish might be able to more easily swim through a stream unclogged by weeds.

Just because we don’t connect, doesn’t mean we’re not connected. Enjoy your time as your heart and your soul continue to fill with abundant love, and increased opportunities to meet your soul family and soul mates continues, not only from this but from many other timelines.




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