SaLuSa 6 March 2015

I bring greetings from the Galactic Forces who follow your progress with great interest, having accompanied you through many lives. However, our involvement with you has never been more intense than it is now, as you approach the end of your experiences in the old paradigm. We have come a long way together, and we admire your determination to stick to your tasks and achieve victory over the dark Ones. The fact that you have effectively already won that battle does not mean you have no further work to do, and the emphasis is now upon maintaining your position in the higher vibrations. They are your future and also protection while you keep focussed on your present role assisting the Light. We have spoken previously about your ability to stand within your own Light, and not be affected by anything going on around you. Now that you have come this far, you have created an aura that is potentially impregnable, but it does depend on you being able to keep it intact. It means not being distracted or mislead by any attempts to divert your attention elsewhere. Keeping calm in the face of situations that are a test of your strength, is the challenge that you face.
Remember that you have come through the trials and tribulations that the 3rd. dimension has thrown at you. You have won the battle yet you still have to lift yourselves up to the higher dimensions. The dark Ones will make their last attempts to distract you but with little effort you should overcome them. By now your awakening should have enabled you to look beyond the programming that has tied you down, to see the deception that has been placed upon you. We tell you again that you are far greater than you imagine or have been led to believe. You are in reality great Beings of Light which you will again be when you merge with your Higher Self. So tell yourself that you have the full potential to be great once more, and nothing is beyond your capabilities. For too long you have laboured under the impression that you are lowly Beings and have suffered in consequence. Now you are beginning to understand why you have been held back through the actions of the dark Ones, but now their power has been diminished and you are regaining yours.
While you are spreading the Light we as always keep a watchful eye on you, and will not allow any interference with your progress that will affect the outcome. We can do much to prevent any attempt to delay or intervene in your work, and often you are unaware of such attempts. Bear in mind that the end times are such that a lot of karma or unfinished work is carried out. Often it is left until this period of time as when you have raised your vibrations, your ability to deal with outstanding issues is that much higher. Do not belittle yourselves as you have immense potential and by projecting such a belief you empower yourselves. The Law of Attraction is powerful and a true reality but works in ways that you may not realise. You must be positive at all times, as a negative attitude will attract more of the same. By making the affirmation that you can do something rather than asking for help to do it, you will advance much quicker. Results may not always happen as quick as you would like, but will come in good time.
God does not play games with you but there are other Beings that for different reasons will masquerade as God and try to lead you in a different direction. Your intuitive powers should make you suspicious of such entities, particularly if you are enticed by attractive propositions. However, if you have come to terms with your ego you should recognise attempts to mislead you. Until you have fully returned to the Light you will encounter various obstacles on your path at different times. Be alert and know that God and the Higher Beings do not play games with you, and are all Love and you will know them by their Light. You may have been cut off from us, but now that the veils that have hidden the truth are being removed, you will gradually regain full understanding. Be ready to learn the greater truths about yourselves and be ready to take your place amongst us.
Some souls are not yet ready to learn about the truth of your existence or indeed your past history, but that is not going to hold back their progress. They will be guided to a path that will take them forward and lessons will be learnt regardless of how long it takes. This is why we ask you to see the Light in all souls and never prejudge them, as you do not know what challenges they have undertaken. Coming out of the darkness into the Light is a powerful experience and souls doing so need compassion and help to be successful. Have you not been told by the great Teacher Jesus, to be careful who you entertain as you will not know when you are in the company of an Angelic Being. If you treat all people with respect and kindness you will be doing the best you can for them and yourself.
In reality life is not complicated but in your present dimension there is a continuous battle with the lower vibrations. At every turn there is the potential challenge that may catch you off guard, yet if you are strong in your beliefs they cannot cause you any harm. There is only the one great power that is immutable and above all else and that is Love, and all you need to sail through your experiences. Love every soul and if their demeanour is such that you find it repulsive you clearly do not have to strike up a friendship with them. You have a saying “that if you cannot say anything good about someone do not say anything bad” and that is a good way of life. Like will attract like, which you have surely found and you should already have a circle of friends who you are in harmony with.
We of the Galactic Fleets are ready to arrive on Earth within a short time of being given the command. So be assured that there will be no delay on our part once the situation is such that we can safely visit you. You must understand that we do not want to directly interfere with your progress, but will follow orders give to us for you betterment. Be assured we are here for you and look forward to meeting you in peaceful circumstances.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and represent the Light forces that care for you. I send you Love and best wishes for a successful end to your sojourn.
Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey

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  1. Re the dark ones will make a last attempt…..ASCENSION ALERT: This message contains a warning from Archangel Michael concerning a program of opposition by the Cabal, using technology in a way that permits them to transmit messages to lightworkers who are telepathic or are able to channel. These beings impersonate Galactic beings and Ascended Masters. They listen to your thoughts and ask questions as if you were being tested but it is the way that they learn about the lightworkers’ activities and about the concept of Ascension. They have great difficulty with it. They are unable to hear the telepathic communications or messages from Beings of the LIGHT who dwell upon higher dimensions, i.e. messages from Ascended Masters, Archangels, or one’s Higher Self, which can be received after spiritual exercises and decrees, or prayers, such as those I have sometime posted here. The microcosmic armageddon has been taking place. By this I mean the one ‘within’ or the one of the soul. (Andre, who is ascended and is acting on behalf of Archangel Michael, is confirming it is okay to post this). He says ‘I confirm that this is okay and I will be praying that this will help some lightworkers who have been experiencing some similar ‘attacks’ to what you have. You can say that they, these cabal members, impersonate the Masters but that it is possible to quickly note they have a lower vibration or some characteristics that permit to distinguish them from the higher sources. When you channel a Being of the Light you get a feeling in the heart that enfolds you with happiness. You may not always remember all that was communicated because it happens when you – yourself – have risen to a higher octave in consciousness. And to work with you, as right now, I descend lower.’

    It came to what I would call a peak on Monday March 9, when Archangel Michael had a confrontation with what appeared to be a member of the cabal who had been ‘bothering’ me many times before since last year. I can often hear Archangel Michael or my (Ascended) twin flame responding to that cabal one, defending me and telling him what he is not allowed to do. I had been instructed not to reply at all when the dark ones speak to me, attempt to deceive me, are critical, condemning, or ask questions. But this time I realised something quite serious was going on.

    ARCHANGEL MICHAEL came after I had done some ‘calls’ and told me that this was the first time that they had admitted being ‘cabal’. He asked me to take dictation and stated: ‘I – Archangel Michael, am saying that today, it has been established that those forces that have caused you some problems, Ch…, are cabal.’

    This is the Warning that Archangel Michael wants me to pass on: ‘They have devised intricate scenarios in order to get people (souls) to agree to be taken away in order to prevent the Ascension from taking place.’
    [the idea behind their scheme seems to be that if they take away souls that are ready for the Ascension by lurring them into agreeing to get on board their ships —–and the cabal does possess crafts and secret technology, some of which back engineered from the Greys’ —- it could stop or cause delays with the general process of the Ascension].

    ‘They prefer not taking people away from Earth without their agreement’ [they may see it as an insurance if they can argue that those people came of their own freewill, if caught red handed]. ‘So they will try and trick them (the lightworkers) with scenarios of mentorship or of Galactic family coming to take the lightworkers back to their own world,’ —
    (In opposition to this the right view is that Ascension is a slow process, our job is to hold the balance of the LIGHT by being who we are, our job is on Earth. Our real Galactic family that exists on higher dimensions has come to the Solar System to help us with the Ascension and take embodiment on Earth, so our duty is on Earth. Even Masters who have ascended are reincarnating to help create new Gaia. When the job is finished, you may go home, but what Archangel Michael meant is that these dark ones have tried to deceive the lightworkers using that storyline).

    Archangel Michael continued and stated that these cabal beings, who had subjected me to so-called ‘tests’, played various scenarios and hoped they had successfully erased some of the memories that leave no doubt as to how bad they are, ‘but it was not so, and you did make the Calls …’ [he referred to the Judgment calls in the decree book published by the Summit Lighthouse that permit the legions of the Light to provide intervention] ‘for God allows the fallen ones to attempt to harm the innocents and it is their malintent that permits the forces of the LIGHT to bind them. They are then taken to Saturn or Sirius where they are judged or sent to rehabilitation ‘schools’. There was NO ‘Ascension’ of 5 million dark souls but there are arrests. We, the Archangels and angels of the First Ray, the legions of Surya, of Sirius, and other powers of the LIGHT, go into battle and there is little else they (the dark ones/cabal) can do but submit to the LIGHT. — [Andre says: ‘think what are the implications of the idea that the cabal has ascended!] — Archangel Michael ended saying: ‘Ch… will you post this on your timeline tomorrow? Yes, it is Archangel Michael. They are trying to interfere but I shall confirm that this message is from me later. I am with you always.’ Andre is saying: ‘And I confirm again that this was a message from Archangel Michael [..]. Thank you Christine.’ ….

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