The Book Of Guff


Anonymous, unavowed
This unremarkable string
Fastened in place with pegs
To the harp’s framework
No specific name or title

Beyond the one designated
Conventionally to this one
Frequency of vibration
In one among various
Tonal systems – Pinned

The name, the tone, is true
Only if the string is stretched
To one unvarying degree
Not too tense, nor too slack
That one pure perfect note

Which, plucked over and over
Soon becomes monotonous
Quite void of all interest
A bore, dull and tedious
No wonder – Look at the word

Shush, they’re about to begin
The harp gives angelic voice
Our unremarked string sings
No longer a sole monotone
Key note in the heavenly choir

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Dream Thursday 19 Maart 2015: (A)Lisa in Wonderland.

I am Arachanaï


I am looking out over a nice green landscape with many many trees. Now I look at the picture in my hand, it’s a colored drawing of a rabbit. This is the start of a ‘Alice in Wonderland’ dream. A tube pulls out from nowhere (down down the rabbit hole) and sucks me. I ended up in an enormous big cave and I see colorful houses and sort of jungle jims for kids all over the place. Now get approached by a scientist (madhatter) telling me that I was chosen to solve some difficult puzzles.

The room where I sit in is very small and I share it with Nolwazi. I manage to solve some puzzles but there was nothing to it. Only the last one, when I finished it, I saw there was a 3D picture hidden in it. It was a picture of a bookcase that…

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