Dream Thursday 19 Maart 2015: (A)Lisa in Wonderland.

I am Arachanaï


I am looking out over a nice green landscape with many many trees. Now I look at the picture in my hand, it’s a colored drawing of a rabbit. This is the start of a ‘Alice in Wonderland’ dream. A tube pulls out from nowhere (down down the rabbit hole) and sucks me. I ended up in an enormous big cave and I see colorful houses and sort of jungle jims for kids all over the place. Now get approached by a scientist (madhatter) telling me that I was chosen to solve some difficult puzzles.

The room where I sit in is very small and I share it with Nolwazi. I manage to solve some puzzles but there was nothing to it. Only the last one, when I finished it, I saw there was a 3D picture hidden in it. It was a picture of a bookcase that…

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