Valiant: Knock Knock…Timing…The Supernatural…A Message From the Future…

It’s always about the timing, it always has been.
Too much time? Or too little?
It all depends on the choices made…

I know you’ve been looking…
You found the Church…a cave…a caretaker…
You have to choose the right door,
And it’s only if things in the world get
Totally out of control.
Again, it’s about timing…this should only
Be done after May 1st…
And it can, should only be opened
By one with a true Heart…A descendant
Of the Tuatha…Failure to do this, or to
Open a doorway in haste, at the wrong time,
By the wrong person would be very BAD.
The door opens appropriately for the
Essence and sincerity of the person to that
Place accordingly…understand?

Now…This is a little difficult…but
It’s time you know…
Things in the world are getting way out of control
And I see the time has come down to this…

Years ago I stopped painting after I was attacked
By the Shadow–Thing, whatever they were.
Minions of the Dark Forces, or the Demons
Themselves that control things…
I promised I would stop if they left me alone
Because I couldn’t handle being attacked
Anymore, it was making me sick, and
Being alone it was too much.
They did leave alone when I stopped,
But I had already spent years studying…
Learning…and already knew enough…

These Shadow Entities, Demons…have been
Around a long long time…they pull the
Puppet strings of everyone in power, including
Alien and Reptilian beings…they enjoy feeding
Off the torment and suffering of living things…
They also truly enjoy feeding off human
Emotions…Particularly Lust…
Existing as what we know as Succubus,
Incubus, etc…they fortify their
Existence by being worshiped by various
False Religions and Satanism.
For eons they have been unstoppable.

They’ve encouraged and manipulated science
To study the paranormal, supernatural
Entities and rods…as well as all manner
Of Ethereal Energies because they’ve
Been wanting to find a way to exist in
Multi dimensional physical form,
Siring Anakim…and creating super beings
That could cross their powers and rule in this
Dimension as well as their own.

Their main Agenda has been to find a way
To Attack, dis-assemble and fracture Heaven
Itself, including Angels…even weaken
The Almighty Himself.
This can not, and will not be permitted
To happen.

I tell you this now because…
Like I said, I see the world is out of
Control…and while they threatened me,
My family, and everyone I know…
Enough is enough.

The Lines and Light I’ve shown you in
My artwork have the power to change
All that…to change Everything.
They can be used to trap, wound and hurt
These Dark Beings…
Open Doors – Portals to other Dimensions,
Like a key…
Even open areas, dormant in the mind…
Which is why the Angel gave me this Gift
In the first place.
The potential is limitless if used correctly.

Maybe that’s why, the Dark Things, tried
To rip it out of my head, which made me so sick.
I struggled with this for a long time,
But it’s hard working alone.
I’ve tried giving you hints and clues in my posts
Over the years…Hoping you would catch on.
But now the time has come when
More drastic measures must be taken…

These powerful Dark Beings preside over
Territories…There are at least four major
Ones in the United States…the North East,
California and Texas each have two of the most powerful
As well as one in Canada.
I know the names of one…possibly more…
To have their name is to have power…
But you can’t threaten these things,
Not a mere mortal, nor alone…

I’ve been trying to figure out what to do…
Things in the world, like I said, are just
Out of control…which they like…
But also…thing is now…they’re tired
Of the current system…
They want it to self destruct…so they can
Have fun rebuilding and reshaping a corrupt
World all over again.
This has to stop. I’m sure you can see that.

Then it occurred to me…
When I was contacted by that woman
From the future…she told me how my
Work would one day change the world…
Change the Universe…Help so many people…
I never understood this.
But if you put the pieces together…
She came from a better future.
A world improved, saved…
Which means that…one day we win…
That no matter what happens…good will prevail.

So you see, you can’t give up.
You just have to believe. Find strength in
Our Faith and Unity…
And above all…abandon this ridiculous
Notion of rock-star type have-it-all fame
And fortune the media programs us to desire.
It’s a distraction, it’s cruel. And prevents us
From finding true satisfaction and joy in simple
Pleasures…instead of craving this endless
Need to shop, spend…want want want.
That’s not what life is about…
It’s what we’re taught to suffer with.

So now it’s time…it’s up to you.
For me to share what I’ve learned.

To protect yourselves and break curses,
First you must above all keep your thoughts
And feelings pure…Don’t do this watching horror movies…
Or use it for selfish gains…
And it won’t work for love spells if the intent
Isn’t true or sincere…nor for adultery…
That’s why I keep saying Best Behavior…

I will be sharing all I can in stages…
But first you must learn the basics…
It’s simple…In terms of numbers
9 breaks the sign…9 is Divine. Hint.
The Power of 3.
It’s best to use the artwork I’ve shared this
Way…For example, for protection, or ending
A curse…use a Lines and Light painting…
Fires of Feeling…with Copper, a colored pencil…
And then a black and white pencil, such as Euterpe,
One of the muses. Copy three times and set in a grid
3 x 3. You have yourself a shield of power.
Try it and see what happens.
Next I will tell you about tapping into
Your inner powers.
Use which artwork appeals to you, for
What you need…It will work.
It’s time we tip the scales in our favor…

For the Tuatha, this will help you too.
Like I said, select and use which
Artwork appeals to you…3’s…but always
In a total of 9.
For greater strength use with 9 candles and
9 crystals…you won’t go wrong then.

Dear Mr. Spacemen…
I’m here to do a job…not for fun or
Pleasure. Though, yes I could use help financially
And support emotionally, who wouldn’t? This
Is a physical world.
My work can help you too.
However, I will not use my work to open a
Door to Heaven, nor can you. I swore to
Take that secret to the grave.

That’s all for now.


The Amethyst Avatar is attached…


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