Hope, Course Corrections in Time, A Warning

No More Sleeping

Knock Knock…Hope…Course Corrections in Time…A Warning…
26 March 2015

Have you ever felt like it seems you’re
Always waiting…for one thing or another?
I sure do.
The world just keeps getting crazier and crazier…
And I don’t think I’m alone in saying
I’ve had enough. I said I would share
With you what I know, and that’s what I’m
Going to continue doing.
Even if it only helps some at first, I’m sure
It will start a Domino Effect that will
Help in bringing on the times of change…
In Manifesting what we want…
The way we want it.

I keep getting good reports of the artwork
Doing its job of helping people, both in
Protection…ridding a home of ghosts…
Breaking a curse, or times of struggling
And bringing in good fortune like they’ve wanted.
I specifically designed my artwork
To have something for everyone, that’s
Why it’s taken so…

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