Valiant: Knock Knock…Aliens in History…Angels and Demons…Something Different This Way Comes…

It’s always about the Timing, and above all
Making the Right Choice…
Which is why I am sharing this artwork
With you, of that exact title…in order to help
You Make the Right Choice.
Things are falling apart all over,
And it’s just too much. Something has to be done.
Actually many things…

The World Powers, Big Brother, is going to notice
This time like it or not.
It’s our world, not the governments’…
And since they have trouble Making the Right
Decisions due to their limited thought processes,
I figure they just needed the right encouragement.

Remember, I just wanted to be a farmer, a
Simple, normal, quiet life. I don’t want to be
Used or manipulated…And I’m tired of feeling sick.
And since someone is making it so difficult
For me, I figure, well…fair is fair…

It’s amazing how honesty and virtue can be
So difficult, especially for those in power.
The way the world is, the news broadcasts…
So awful. This has to change.

And I’m tired of waiting…And I believe
Everyone is…
You enjoy your secrets, Big Brother. Too bad.
So here’s the deal, you clean things up
Right now, or things are going to get ugly.
Secrets, secrets…Money and Power…
For thousands of years the way of the wheel
Was a horse drawn carriage…then over
The last 150 years we leap frog into planes,
Trains, automobiles…
From beepers to high tech cell phones in
Just a decade…
Human science so brilliant on its own?
Right. I think not.
So when did these secret sciences begin,
With the Freemasons, Illuminati? Or FDR?
Was it really Roswell that introduced
You to Alien visitors, intruders rather…
Or was it perhaps years earlier? Cover ups…

So what Big Brother, you interview,
Interrogate aliens you harvest from crashes
And you think, what, they can’t lie?
Here to observe, here to watch…
They’re here to manipulate, you clearly must
Know that by now…From the Reptilians’
Arrogance…all those missing persons, and
Secret wild parties…Big Brother, do you
Ever question their behavior?
Oh that’s right, that whole being stupid thing.
And their, The Big Heads, obsession with
Money…The oil, the gems, the crystals I
Should say…All the Wealth and Power of the
Major families of the Planet…Protect yourselves…
Who cares about the rest of us.
Ha, that’s over, that’s changing…now.
Issue that debt forgiveness, and fix
This ridiculous Health Care System now
Or you’re going to have more to worry about
Than you could imagine.

Excuses…Excuses, stalling for time…
To provide the aliens with all that gold and gems
For their fuel, for their wealth…
Just to save your own ignorant butts.
You’ve taken too much from the Earth.
Too much of her resources.
Those gems, all that gold, was there for a
Reason. To balance the Earth’s energy fields
In harmony….without enough in key
Locations she’s out of control. The elements
Are unstable…An Ice Age comes…
And she’s fed up with you taking her for
Stupid, Stupid…you will be putting it back,
Or this planet and many others will show all
‘higher lifeforms’ just how weak and stupid
You truly are. How nature and Heavenly Power can not
Compare nor be controlled by technology.

Long ago, this all happened before…
With an earlier advanced civilization
That abused the planet and took too much
Of its resources…draining it foolishly,
Against the better advice of ancient masters
Who warned against it. No one listened then,
But you’re going to listen now.
The effect was a devastation that eradicated
Much life on Earth…And left a very sensitive
Ring of Fire in its place…
Which today, in the Pacific Ocean continues
Its remnants of instability…

You will learn whether you like it or not, Big Brother.
I don’t want to do this, but if I have to…
Many World Leaders need to be replaced.
Their policies obliterated and replaced with
Kinder, more just laws that truly care for
All people. And I’m not talking about
The ones in fancy homes who take extensive
Golf vacations…I mean, come on,
If you want to play with balls, buy one from Walmart for pity sake.

For the People…
If you’re feeling drained, miserable, attacked…
Or feel as if your life has been cursed…
Try this…
A Heavenly Shield…Use my artwork in
A grid…Sunrise Angel, with the Sun Diamond
And Vulcan…and see what happens…
You should get a very pleasant surprise…

With it, use this…Jett, to ward off evil
Amethyst, for Spiritual balance…Light
Some white candles…And wear a Pewter
Ring…Pewter repels dark forces and curses,
Disrupts and casts off bad energy and will prevent
Further assaults.

Dear Mr. Spacemen…Dear Big Brother, Secret
Powers and all you Little Green Men hiding out there…
I’ve spoken of an Event…It’s been quite a
Secret you know…So complicated you know…
First…consider the Time…The astrological events…
The Blood Moon…The Eclipses…Easter…
There will be a great loss this Easter
But it’s more to show you, tell you to pay
Attention and consider this.
You are aware of the levels of powers out there…
Of Science…
What you know and don’t…which is a lot…
Of Alien Technology…
Of what they know and don’t…which is a lot too…
Of what happened to me…
Of the Higher Powers out there…
Yes, I’m talking about Good and Evil…
Of Angels, Demons and all in between…
Long ago Angels fell from grace, many
Became Demons…Tormented and sought worship
With living things…
But there was a group of Fallen Angels
Who knew what they did was wrong…and
Have, ever since their fall sought forgiveness,
Penance…to gain back their Higher Grace…
Called Repenting Angels…
See, different laws apply to them…
What if, for the first time in History
They scored points by cleaning up the Mess here
By ridding the world of troublemakers…
To win the favor of Heaven.
Now, that would be an Event.
I mean…who could stop them?
What could stop them?
Angels and Demons working together…
To get rid of you…
I told you that you would need diapers.

That’s all for now.



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