From the Street Prophet

[posted from jhaines6a]

This here’s the Street Prophet
Been gone for a minute.
sittin’ on the sidelines,
But still stayin’ in it.
Watchin’ this crazy new movie
called “Doin’ Time On Planet Earth”
The Plot is pretty bizarre
Got a cast of 7 billion
in which you all co-star
The final scene is about to take place,where
economies come crashing down
but money’s silent
when it hits the ground.
What you hear is panic and fear
spreadin’ through the atmosphere.
Bankster scams try to save
Their House of Cards
built by paper slaves.
And they rob the world
of all you own
While everybody’s lookin’
At their cell phone.
The BRICS, the mortar, the New World Order
False Flags, global warming,
shuttin’ down the border.
MK Ultra trying to puncture
The fragile psychic thread
of the human culture.
And the only people cheering
Genetic Engineering
Are the greedy rich.
Ain’t life a bitch,
For the poor and the needin’.
We got to let Monsanto
Do our feedin’.
A Horror Movie is takin’ place
We got evil aliens,
from outer space,
And a militarized police force
Filled with haters,
who shoot to kill,
ask questions later.
The Church, the steeple, herding all the sheeple
To choose their own destruction.
In this over budget, Hollywood production.
In the final act
They start twisting facts
where fact is fiction
And fiction fact.
Get s real dizzy
in the spin zone
’til we cant pretend
there;s no evil agenda.
Just look around at what;s goin’ on.
Slowly turnin’ people
Into automotons.
Fluoride in the water
To keep the order,
and make the world obedient
to the social deviants,
and the sinister smiles,
of the pedophiles.
The state controlled media
spreadin’ lies more speedier.

And All I wanna do is slow my groove,
But the satellite is tracking
my every move.
9/11, CIA, Israeli Mossad
Stop I cant take it,
Oh my God.
Information, overload.
My poor little brain’s
’bout to explode.
Tryin to find out
Is the world insane
or is it me?
Help me Lord,
I’m to blind to see.

Then I heard a voice say
“Listen to the wind.
Forget about the world
or get buried in its sin.
The only way out
Is to find a way in.”

Made me sit up and
scratch my head.
But I closed my eyes
Did what was said.
Felt a gentle breeze,
heard the rustlin’
of the leaves.
I listened deeper
and the wind spoke,
There is a glass ceiling,
to all that you think
and all you are feeling.
You are heard throughout the Universe.
Due to Astrological Positions
Certain Evolved beings
cannot be conditioned.
No mind control
Can ever take hold
of the deepest truth
you hold inside.
You are not this body,
You are not this mind.
You are human souls,
in the image of the Divine.
Co-creators with your own identity
Now under attack by negative entities,
seeking to rob your birthright.
Awareness of
everlasting life.
All is being done,
within the Law of One.
As the world you see is a temporal illusion
of your own creations.
Though it may be hard to swallow
Now is time to lead,
not to follow.
The law does condone,
Thinking on your own
and elevating consciousness,
to its most high moral glory.
You witness a planet that is breaking.
But this is what it looks like
when sleeping minds
begin waking.”

And then the wind said something,
Made me trip.
“At any time you can re-write the script.”

And the words disappeared
carried by the wind
to someone else’s ear.

I looked up
at the stars in the sky.
Just shook my head and wondered why?
How cosmically groovy.
I’m the writer of my very own movie.

SaLuSa 24 April 2015

The way ahead is going to be full of pleasant surprises, beyond what most of you have anticipated. Yet many will fulfil your present expectations based on what you have projected into the future. It is not set in stone, but will nevertheless take you into the New Age you have been preparing for. Your destiny has been decreed by the higher forces, but you have had freewill to determine the manner in which you travel that path. You have so to say done the hard bit, and now the negative forces will no longer be able to interfere with your progress as they have done in the past. Their power has already been curtailed and they no longer have the ability to do as they please.
Your aim should now be to centre your attention more upon yourself, to ensure that you do not slip back having achieved so much already. Your journey through duality has been tough and demanding, and your strength has been honed in the fires of life. Your place on Earth is almost as an onlooker as you live your life within your own energy field, largely unaffected by events occurring outside of you. Sometimes you will need to step outside, but you can return unaffected by the lower energies. Your role is to be a “glowing” example to others so that they may learn from it. They will be attracted to you and this gives you the opportunity to help them raise their vibrations. As you know, “like attracts like” and as you move further into them, a natural cleansing takes place of all the lower energies.
Where karma is concerned you may still be tested, but as you rise up you will find the challenge easy to deal with. These are the times in the lower vibrations of the final lives for many of you, when as you progress you will begin to understand where your next experiences are required to be. A panorama of choice lays ahead of you, and you will be helped to make a wise choice that ensures your continued progress. The difference between the past and now is that you are sufficiently enlightened to make your own choices. Mother Earth has given much of herself for the evolution of Mankind, and she also is evolving and many of you will join her.
As you know everything is happening in the “Now” which is why we can look into your future and see which way you are likely to go. What we do know for certain is that you will continue to progress quite quickly within the Light, and once more become Galactic Beings. Once again help will be given to assist you along that path, by those who have already walked it successfully. Life will be completely different to what you experience now, and the most notable change will be the degree of freedom that you will gain to travel the Cosmos. You will have seemingly endless opportunities to meet other forms of life, and be a mentor to them.
At present it is difficult for you to comprehend what lies ahead for you, because the Cosmos is so vast and life forms exist everywhere. You also have many dimensions ahead of you that you can explore, and your only limitation is your own vibration. Intelligent life abounds, and Man of Earth will find that there is so much more to learn and experience. Imagine always being able to travel by the power of thought, so that distance as you presently understand it presents no obstacle. By comparison your time on Earth is very much like being in quarantine, and that is very much the truth. Of necessity you had to be protected from outside interference, although other Beings have been allowed to make contact with you. Taking all things into consideration, you should now begin to understand why your experiences on Earth have been closely monitored and carefully planned. Whatever they may have been, please bear in mind that you have as you would say “been fast tracked” to ensure your rapid evolution, and each one of you volunteered to take part in it.
Coming back to Earth, it is a beautiful planet that one day in the near future will be returned to pristine condition. You have heard of your Garden of Eden, and those days will return once again as Mother Earth takes her place once more in the higher vibrations. Evolution is ongoing and the ultimate is when perfection is achieved, and all life returns to the Godhead. However there is a lot to experience before that level is reached. Enjoy yourselves as you discover the wonders that lay ahead of you, and encounter the most godly Beings that live in the higher dimensions.
Coming back to your present situation, you are shortly to experience some events that you have been eagerly awaiting. The dark Ones are not to be trusted and have frequently broken their promises to allow the progress of the Light as planned. However, they have inevitably broken their word, and caused delays in bringing you the benefits of the New Age. They are waiting and ready to be revealed, and plans are well advanced to make announcements as soon as possible. We refer to the period that is coming up before the New Year, and that is the earliest opportunity to do so. Others will quickly follow once they get started, and by that time the dark Ones will no longer be able to influence the outcome.
Dear Ones, we admire your determination to win the battle with the dark Ones, and that has been already been achieved by your dedication to establish the Light upon Earth. The establishment of it has commenced and there is no going back now, and no way that it can be stopped. The battle has been won and all that remains is to tidy up after the remaining karma has been fulfilled. It is of course too early to claim a total victory, but that glorious moment will come in most of your lifetimes. The lower energies are being further reduced by your continued actions to fully establish the Light upon Earth.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius and blessed to be the one appointed to continue this contact with you. We know that you are responding well to the information given out, and we see the Light growing faster and a great web being placed around the Earth. Our love is with you as you keep your focus on the goal for complete success.
Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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