From the Street Prophet

[posted from jhaines6a]

This here’s the Street Prophet
Been gone for a minute.
sittin’ on the sidelines,
But still stayin’ in it.
Watchin’ this crazy new movie
called “Doin’ Time On Planet Earth”
The Plot is pretty bizarre
Got a cast of 7 billion
in which you all co-star
The final scene is about to take place,where
economies come crashing down
but money’s silent
when it hits the ground.
What you hear is panic and fear
spreadin’ through the atmosphere.
Bankster scams try to save
Their House of Cards
built by paper slaves.
And they rob the world
of all you own
While everybody’s lookin’
At their cell phone.
The BRICS, the mortar, the New World Order
False Flags, global warming,
shuttin’ down the border.
MK Ultra trying to puncture
The fragile psychic thread
of the human culture.
And the only people cheering
Genetic Engineering
Are the greedy rich.
Ain’t life a bitch,
For the poor and the needin’.
We got to let Monsanto
Do our feedin’.
A Horror Movie is takin’ place
We got evil aliens,
from outer space,
And a militarized police force
Filled with haters,
who shoot to kill,
ask questions later.
The Church, the steeple, herding all the sheeple
To choose their own destruction.
In this over budget, Hollywood production.
In the final act
They start twisting facts
where fact is fiction
And fiction fact.
Get s real dizzy
in the spin zone
’til we cant pretend
there;s no evil agenda.
Just look around at what;s goin’ on.
Slowly turnin’ people
Into automotons.
Fluoride in the water
To keep the order,
and make the world obedient
to the social deviants,
and the sinister smiles,
of the pedophiles.
The state controlled media
spreadin’ lies more speedier.

And All I wanna do is slow my groove,
But the satellite is tracking
my every move.
9/11, CIA, Israeli Mossad
Stop I cant take it,
Oh my God.
Information, overload.
My poor little brain’s
’bout to explode.
Tryin to find out
Is the world insane
or is it me?
Help me Lord,
I’m to blind to see.

Then I heard a voice say
“Listen to the wind.
Forget about the world
or get buried in its sin.
The only way out
Is to find a way in.”

Made me sit up and
scratch my head.
But I closed my eyes
Did what was said.
Felt a gentle breeze,
heard the rustlin’
of the leaves.
I listened deeper
and the wind spoke,
There is a glass ceiling,
to all that you think
and all you are feeling.
You are heard throughout the Universe.
Due to Astrological Positions
Certain Evolved beings
cannot be conditioned.
No mind control
Can ever take hold
of the deepest truth
you hold inside.
You are not this body,
You are not this mind.
You are human souls,
in the image of the Divine.
Co-creators with your own identity
Now under attack by negative entities,
seeking to rob your birthright.
Awareness of
everlasting life.
All is being done,
within the Law of One.
As the world you see is a temporal illusion
of your own creations.
Though it may be hard to swallow
Now is time to lead,
not to follow.
The law does condone,
Thinking on your own
and elevating consciousness,
to its most high moral glory.
You witness a planet that is breaking.
But this is what it looks like
when sleeping minds
begin waking.”

And then the wind said something,
Made me trip.
“At any time you can re-write the script.”

And the words disappeared
carried by the wind
to someone else’s ear.

I looked up
at the stars in the sky.
Just shook my head and wondered why?
How cosmically groovy.
I’m the writer of my very own movie.


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