Valiant: Knock Knock…Just a Word, Course Corrections…Another Earth…For the Futures Sake…

16 April 2015

Here we go again…Time, Time…
It’s always a matter of Time.
Hopefully now, with the arrangement of
The Crystal Grids we can tip the scales in
Our favor…and crack the Balance of Control
The Dark Side has.

I wish I could do more but unfortunately
I’m struggling with some issues myself.
I do have faith in these grids though. I use
Them and have felt them work.
Hopefully with more and more people using
Them, the effect will become stronger.
Please feel free to keep using them…
Mix and match them with the patterns
And pieces that appeal most to you.
I will try to arrange some more examples
To share and see how that works.
In the mean time, keep meditating
For peace and prosperity and be the best you can be.

Right now, as we approach May,
May 1st in particular,
You may be experiencing haunting déjà vu,
Or are being haunted by unsettling events
From your past.

One of the things I was told, when they
Told me the Time line had been
Manipulated and corrupted, was that
In order for the Time line to be
Corrected, key events from our past…
Traumatic events, events left unfinished
Would have to be resolved, even relived in
Order to re-institute the proper course…
So that better things could happen.
Just don’t let the despair of reliving it
Bring you down…Focus on the high points,
Your dreams and goals and don’t give in.
The Right Time line, the Better one, will
Come to pass…Believe it…
Because with the way the World is
Crumbling there is no other way any more.
But when it does finally happen…
It could happen violently and fast…
So be careful…

That’s why I had to share the grids
With you, particularly the crystal grid…
Ready or not, it was time…
It has to be this way…

We are already in an unstable cycle
Way past due for change…which is
Why it’s so crazy out there.
Things aren’t right and people feel it,
No matter how intuitive they are.

Unfortunately, those not willing to learn their
Lessons…or for those greedy and refusing to change
Could pay a dire price.

I’m not sure what they, Big Brother, are planning.
All I know is I keep having reoccurring dreams
Of snow…devastation…of what appears
To be barren-ness of a
Nuclear winter. Of people hiding and
Being hunted by Wolfmen in uniforms.
Really strange, crazy dreams.
Hopefully the Greedy Pigs aren’t playing
For an all-or-nothing scenario because
If they are…they are going to lose, Big Time.

And now…
I’ve tried to help, do my best to end
This awful cycle of misery that
You, Big Brother have shaped.
The Divine Plan was to deliver mankind
1,000 years of peace…ending the ages of
Struggle and oppression with a period of
Time to heal and recover…
So I ask you, does this look like we’ve
Begun the age of 1,000 years of peace yet?
No…why? Because of blood thirsty greed
And the quest for power.
But you can’t fight fate and certainly
Not a divine plan…
You can only play with time so much
Before it bites you.
And your quest for youth eternal at the
Price of the peoples of this world
Suffering awful health tragedies is

No, I speak too plainly…
Made it too easy for you…
So let’s see how you handle this…

As the battle lines between Good and Evil
Etch themselves in the Earth, amid
The Mortal Soils of Ancestral Mysteries…
To Fulfill the Divine Promise
Of 1,000 years of Peace…
Another Time, Another Place, Another Chance
Another Earth…
Born of Wishes and Steadfast Dreams
From the Agonized and Devoted Hearts
Of 1,000 Souls…
This Other Earth is born to save us,
Well, those of True Faith that is.
Unspoiled, Undaunted…Unchanged by Time…
No Time Foilers on that Earth, I mean.
There it comes, absolutely stunning science…
Where could it be, hidden on the other
Side of the Sun, perhaps?
How and why? I believe we’ve covered that.
Don’t worry, Big Brother
It’s too challenging for your minds
To sort through.
Things Divine, of virtue, always are.
Anyway, you can’t stop it, Big Brother.
Call it a back up plan to really
Scramble anything you could try.
When the time is right…
That’s all you need to know…

It’s not about you anymore…
It’s about fixing the mess you all made…
As a Divine Destiny comes in to play.

So stop wasting time and fix things.
You know what to do…
And don’t ask me to ask them anything…
It doesn’t work that way remember.
No more promises of money, no temptation…
Just do it.
People are waiting.

Dear Mr. Spacemen…Things won’t only
Change here but everywhere…depending
On how much you participated.
Walls will fall…
As will leaders, governments…here, there
And everywhere…But then, you suspected
That, didn’t you?
Oh, the marvelous things crystals can do…
The potential…
Did you know that my great great
Grandfather was one of the last practicing
Druids? Ah, but of course you did.
You’ve followed my family bloodline
For so long now…
You know what that makes me then?
But then you knew that too…
But what you didn’t know about me…
You’ll find out soon enough.
Better be nice to me.

That’s all for now.



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