Valiant: Knock Knock…Disturbances…Dilemmas…Awareness…Mr. Spacemen…The World that Is and to Become…

As the Hour approaches…
What is a Satellite?
A man made device…of metals, minerals,
Compounds…with tiny crystals…bound together
By circuitry and programming telling it what
To do…But then, you have the same
Thing much larger…in a natural state…
Like a planet, like the Earth…
Held in place by gravitational celestial forces…
Communicating with other planets…
Other Stars, Solar Systems…and other Galaxies…
Controlling Forces of Nature…
Objects in Space…
Alive with the Breath of Living Things…
Harmonized by the Elements…
Earth, Air, Fire, Water…
Now if it falls out of Balance…
Is abused by some unnatural manipulation…
Then you’ve got a problem…
A time bomb that will go off eventually…
And not just here, but everywhere
Across Space…After all Satellites do
Communicate…Transmitting Problems…
Or Solutions…
Just Something to think about.
Not that it means anything in particular…
At any specific Time…

I mean if something were to happen
Something soon, something Big…
Intense things would be happening suddenly…
Relationships ending…
People would be rioting…
The Gates to the Underworld would shake
People would be acting out more…
Illnesses would increase…
It would just feel like things were going
Increasingly out of control…
Not that something like that is happening now…
You would definitely need to be prepared
For anything…
Keeping your senses sharp would be paramount.
Staying Calm, Cool and Collected would be essential…
Those Meditation Grids would sure
Come in handy…

Remember to mix and match them
To what suits you…or your current needs…
Like for extra protection I would use Copper
In the Grid…Or perhaps The Good Spirit
With them…It all depends on how you feel.

The important thing is to be Aware,
And Sensible. Be Calm, see the signs and be able
To Interpret them.
As you know…that’s not an easy thing to do…
And with all the chaos spreading abroad
That makes it even more difficult…
It would certainly take a Miracle to Help
The Earth right now…
All that Gold, The Blood of the Earth…
Drained away for the sake of Greed…

She’s clearly not Happy…
If only there was a way to fix that…
But that would require 13 Crystal Skulls
And at least One Ancient Master…
Oops, straying off topic there…I’ll reserve
That for another time, a better time…
Timing you know.

Anyway, Awareness…why is that so important
Right now?
It seems to be lacking far too often.
And I’m not talking about distractions…
I’m talking about people not noticing things…

For Years I’ve been a member of Poultry
Message Boards. There, members help one
Another, and share stories.
One thread topic covered the dumbest
Things members had happened to them
Over the years.
This actually happened, bear with me.

In a rural town in the Northeast, I believe,
Fish and Game received a call from
And irate woman calling to complain
About these pests eating her plants.
She had just moved there from the city
And angrily told the officer that she
Wanted someone to do something about
These Big Brown Wild Long Eared Mules
That kept coming on her property devouring
Her garden.
The Fish and Game Officer politely told
The woman, “Ma’am, we don’t have those
Around here…those are deer”.
To which she angrily responded…”Excuse me,
I’m not stupid. I went to College. I’m a
Well educated woman. I know what a
Deer looks like”.
So the Fish and Game Officer drove out to her
Property with a brochure on local wildlife.
He showed her the pictures in the pamphlet.
She was stunned. They were in fact, Deer.

You see, a college education doesn’t mean
Anything if you don’t have the senses to go
With it. Not to mention, it’s a tainted
Education. We learn how they want us
To learn, on their terms, in their schools.
Edited and Controlled.
Awareness can be a difficult thing.
For some People.

A Professional Beekeeper was giving a
Lecture at a local Garden Center to the
Horticultural Society on the importance of
Bees for all of Mankind…
When it came time for questions,
A well dressed woman in her mid sixties
Stood up and asked,
“I spray Bees with Raid, does that hurt them?”

But one of my all time favorite dumb
Questions…A friend of mine, a well paid
Professional once asked me…
He was watching my poultry from the window
And turned to me, “There’s something I’ve
Always wanted to know. How do you and other
People keep ducks, geese and chickens from
Flying South for the Winter?”
I tried explaining that they were domestic
Birds, they had been bred for farm use and lost that
Instinct over the years…He didn’t quite get it,
So I simply had to say “Really strong fencing”.

People wonder what’s wrong with the world.
How could it have gotten so far out of hand?
We live in a modern world of flat screen TV’s,
Cell phones, computers…and convenience.
With that, a lot of basic knowledge has been lost.
And so, instead the Big Machine keeps
Being fed…Everyone wants the latest and
Greatest gadgets and gizmos, to have it all and
Not have to work for it….
They don’t want to know about the details,
They just want want want…and don’t
Want to think.
That’s how Big Brother so easily controls the World.
But when the blindfolds come off
And the fantasy world dreams are shattered,
The rules change…and Truth sets in.

We can not afford to put it off any longer…
No More Sleeping and waiting and daydreaming…
No more distractions.
Awareness and Integrity must return along
With a string of virtues that has escaped
A lot of the rise of civilization.

Dear Mr. Spacemen…
Satellites…the distress of One Planet, echoes
Throughout Space…That is why so many
Worlds are suffering, why if one falls so shall
Others. You reach out into Space…to search,
For some to conquer, others to study..
That’s unacceptable anymore…
People are going crazy…
Nature is growing increasingly out of control
…or perhaps is it vengeance, getting our
Attention of how angry it is, the best way it knows how.
You can not manipulate things to your
Advantage much longer.
This Summer is not going to be like other Summers.
Soon you will see.
Now it starts.

That’s all for now.



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