Valiant: Knock Knock…A Quest, A Threat…Secret Experiments…Chances…

“This is a special way of being afraid
No trick dispels. Religion used to try,
That vast moth eaten Musical Brocade.
Created to pretend we never die.
And specious stuff that says no rational being
Can fear a thing it will not feel, not seeing.
That this is what we fear – no sight, no sound,
No touch or taste or sell, nothing to think with,
Nothing to love or link with.
The anesthetic from which none come round.”
…by Philip Larkin…
…excerpt from “Aubade”…

Tick Tock…
Now I’m telling you…
Big Brother, Me. Spacemen, Mr. Secret Agent Man
And all those eyes and ears out there…
No more playing around, dodging truth
Or hiding…This is Serious.
The Quest…
Just so we’re clear, I know you read
These posts, all posts…For various reasons…
But we really know why.
They are monitored, and pass from desk to desk.
Reviewed by all level of security personnel,
Both military, government and private
Individuals as well.
That’s why I’ve said in the past it will
Take 8 days to reach the right desk.

No more screwing around.
Tell your bosses, call the Vatican…
Discuss it all you like. This is serious.
You must take the Quest seriously…
Consider t life or death.
In the distant reaches of space, where
The Human Race first originated…
There is a planet experimenting with
The God Project, the same as you Big Brother.
Only they…have succeeded…
And created a new form of being – thing
That will, over the course of time,
Over the next 1,000 years…
Multiply, spread and conquer everything
They encounter.
If they aren’t stopped now, in their
Early creation…nothing will stop them
Ever. The damage they will do…
Will be limitless.
They will tear holes in the fabric of
Space and Time…life as we know it will
Cease to exist…and a whole new reality
And understanding of existence will spring forth.
And within 1,000 years they will be at
The doorstep of the Milky Way…
They will conquer and consume the Earth.

Pay attention Mr. Spacemen…Because this
Is about you too…
This new paranormal creation, threat, will
Absolutely affect you too.
Every World, civilization, Federation and Star System
Will be consumed by these destroyers…
All the Pleidian worlds…gone…
The Syrian worlds…gone…
From the Big Heads, to the Aquatic Worlds…
Even the mighty races of the Andromedan
And yes, even the Darker Empires…
Totally consumed…
The Reptilians…The Greys…
Even the Mysterious Nibiru will be
Consumed by this new dark force.

If you want to keep pretending,
Hiding, playing dumb to the Public…
That’s fine…You do it so well after all…
But once those Supernovas occur…Time’s up.

All that I can tell you is that the
Existence of these beings doesn’t just defy
The laws of physics and nature…
It breaks and insults the Laws of Heaven…
And if the Heavenly Powers have to step
In…we’re looking at a war beyond
Words…They won’t tolerate such a
Threat…The Universe will have to be
Sterilized…to make sure none of these
Things survive…in this dimension
Or any other…
Which means an Extinction Level Event
On a Universal Scale…

Sort of like a Universal Reset Button
Whereas all life will be extinguished
For a startover…everywhere…

These perverse experiments in your
Search for power have led to this…
Such as the God Project, Studies of
Non Corporeal Life forms, and all genetic and
Psychic research experiments…You’ve
Violated moral and physical laws…
But once you violated Heavenly Law…There
Is only one punishment…and no mercy.

I was warned about this years ago…Though
I honestly wasn’t sure what the threat was…
In dreams I was taken, shown things…
These men used to come for me in the
I used to think they were simply
Strange dreams…but time would prove
Something seriously strange was
Going on.
These men, and sometimes a woman,
With olive skin and jet black hair…
Dressed in these fancy tailored tan suits
Would come for me…take me in my
Pajamas…to these secret research
Facilities and show me the experiments they
Were doing…and then would ask me
To simply look at these experiments and
Tell them how they made me feel…
All they wanted were my thoughts…

No one ever saw us, it was like they
Had some device that cloaked us…
Which probably explains why we were
Able to see so much…
They showed many many experiments…
Everything from medical to metaphysical…
Experiments on inter dimensional rods,
Studies on the brain…but the worst by
Far was when they took me to this
Underground base, down a long, tall hallway…
They led me to this big empty room…it was
About 20 feet tall by 30 feet wide by 20 feet long. In
The center of the room was this giant glass,
Or possibly acrylic, clear box…while it appeared
Empty…it wasn’t…within seconds I
Knew what was in it. The men, who
Appeared doubtful asked me what I felt…
I told them there was a demon in
That box. I asked what in the world
They were doing in this room…and they
Said it was part of something called
The God Project.
Well, I could sense the demon clearly.
I told them how no matter what they
Thought (the researchers), that the demon
Was lying, playing with them, that it could
Get out any time it wanted.
It made me sick, terrified me being in
The room…
On the side was a smaller room behind a glass
Observational window where the scientists
Stayed studying the demon. Very soon
An alarm went off. The computer they
Used to talk to the demon was shaking…
It told them that we were there, invisible,
And an intruder alarm sounded, so we
Had to leave fast.

I saw many things during that time
But none scared me more than that…
I haven’t seen these men in years…
The last time I saw them, they were
Very upset, anxious, and looked
Desperate…One of them was pointing
A gun at my head, and said ‘If you
Think you can’t die if I shoot you in
A dream, think again.’
They wanted me and the 6 others at that
Time to identify the ‘safe doorway’
For them to escape through….
They wanted to escape to another
Earth as soon as possible…
They had simply told us this, our Earth
Was and is not the original timeline…
They forced us to pick a ‘safe Earth’
To escape to…by selecting the
Correct doorway…selecting from 7 different
Versions of the same movie we all knew
Playing on the other side.
Well, we selected one, and they raced
Through it. But before they left, the
One who pointed the gun at my head, paused,
Turned to me and said, ‘God help you
With what’s coming.’ Then he left.
That’s how I knew they were more
Than dreams…
And that’s how I knew something was
Coming more terrifying than I understood…

Dear Mr. Spacemen…
I don’t know if Big Brother will listen or
Not…But someone has to do something
About that growing dark force before
It’s too late.
Sometimes the best timing is in our
Earlier chances.
Think about it…while we can…

That’s all for now.

My artwork…
Sphinx: Keeper of Secrets


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