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“Hailstorms”by HUGO [Hailstorms Music Video]


Running out of time
Either get out or get in
Days are slipping by
Won’t wait to begin
Cause I’m losing
All my feathers in the wind

Digging out a memory
Of who I was before
And how I got involved
In this endless war
The ones who win
Don’t always need it more

I’m ready for release
I wait for the pain to come
I beg it to believe
Hailstorms coming
Baby bring it on

I’m waiting for the blow
I’m reaching out
To take what’s mine
Whichever way it rolls
I dance my way
Through hailstorms anytime

Staring in a mirror
Doesn’t get you very far
The people that I’m looking for
Out in the dark
Under city lights
You don’t see many stars

Crushing out a cigarette
Is all that I’ve done
Calling on my favors
Watch my bridges burn

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Valiant: Knock Knock…The Star Elder…Watch the Skies…For Truth and Lies…

“Olympus he renownces, then descends,
And makes a friendship with the fiends;
Bids Charon be no more a slave,
He Argos rigg’d with stars shall have,
And triple Cerberus from below
Must leash’d t’ himself with him a hunting go.”
…from “Cupid Far Gone”…
…poem by Richard Lovelace…

Life has been a Journey to teach us, test us…
And if we’ve lived and learned
Then we are capable of making the right changes,
With the right choices…
The Pulse fortifies this, In time you’ll see.
But if we haven’t learned and the blinders stay on…
Worlds will crumble, history will repeat itself…
In other words, the greatest power
Is in our hearts and minds and hands…
Not in some magic pill that grants wishes.

To be broken and bitter is to have not
Learned anything…
We must all be a guiding light to
Each other and for those who have not
Found their way…
Because there is a very real darkness
Growing, evident in the chaos in
The world around us and the horrible
Things that continue to spread…

I realize it’s not easy and that everyone
May feel alone, isolated in a sea
Of people still stuck with their blinders
On. Which is a good reason to seek out
Others who feel as you do. Consider it
As a double purpose in finding strength
And forging friendships…
The Pulse energy is making things hard
Enough…and will only intensify…
Resting seems to be the only way to cope

Timing is of the Essence…
Once again, as September approaches…
The 9th month of the year…that number 9…
9 is divine…9 breaks the sign…
And that’s what to watch for…signs…
Expect some surprises this time…
As Destiny has its way…
And Time re-aligns…
Wouldn’t it be strange if a lot of
Big Important Events were scheduled
For September…hidden meanings there…
But you probably expected that…

Something Big is on the verge
Of happening…I can’t get that
Awesome Mystical Man, the Star Elder
From the Ancient Prophecies II…
Out of my head lately…

For those of you who don’t remember, or
For those who missed the post…
That race that contacted me, the Lost Tribe,
Whose world was destroyed, and
Warned to beware of the triangular ships…
The Destroyers who conquer Worlds…
This Lost Tribe of Telepathic People,
Who were very much like a very futuristic
Race of Native Americans…
Some of them did survive…
They escaped to a secret planet…
A place hidden from time…
This was where the Star Elder took his
People, his followers and as many others
As possible…

You see, in their culture, once in an
Era, a sort of Divine Birth occurs,
An individual born with extraordinary
Psychic powers – sight beyond sight…
One whose vision is so powerful that
He can see far and wide among and
Beyond worlds…he or she…knows the past
Present and future of all things…and is a
Major influence and Guide to the People…
He is called the Star Elder…
You do not contact him, it’s impossible,
He contacts you.
His presence and power are beyond words…

After one of the Priestesses of their Temple
Contacted me to warn me of the Destroyers…
Well actually, I stumbled across
Them in a Vision Quest, that’s how
The Priestess saw me…Impressed
That I found them, could see them…
They do not believe most races are
Evolved enough to do this…
She warned me of the triangular ships
And the Destroyers…because, she said,
They were controlling our World, and
One day we too would suffer the same
Fate as their world…because
Their government, like ours, made the
Same deals and exchanges with this
Race of the triangular ships…like so
Many do…and all suffer for it.

Anyway, I became aware of the Star Elder
Because the Priestess told him about me…
And he summoned his people to bring
Me and six others to meet with him…

He has a presence unlike anyone or thing
I’ve ever seen…if ever there was a man who
Could talk to Heaven, it’s the Star Elder.
When there were still 7 of us,
And he told his people to bring us before
Him…I didn’t understand, but
It’s like he wanted to see
For himself in person what we were
And what our destinies were.

I should sat at this point,
The Star Elder, in a sense, is blind…
His eyes were aglow with a greenish yellow…
He can see far and wide, into things,
Into the universe and beyond.
He knew we were of something
Special, and I believe wants to help.
Since his planet was destroyed he
And his people do not communicate much
With outsiders…They are elusive and stay
Hidden…But I believe they want to
Help us. They know about the growing
Darkness…and learning from the
Devastation they suffered, want to help
Prevent it from consuming other

Wise people understand that you
Can’t hide from things you’re afraid of,
You have to be aware of the fear in
Order to stop it…only a fool would do
The Star Elder didn’t say much to
Me, a man of few words, he only said
I would be going somewhere important, to
Do something important.
But his people did tell me one day I
Would hear from them again.
And with the Pulse…and events
Building…I believe that time is
Coming soon…

Mr. Secret Agent Man…the time is
Coming when some hard choices will
Have to be made…And that means
Doing what’s right…not for the sake
Of the Power of your bosses…

September will bring some surprises…
I’ll wait till then to share…
Watch the Skies…
Beware of the Super Novas…
Sunstorms that could strike…
Accidentally spurring some revelations.
Where did that mysterious comet go?
Watch for Fireballs…lighting up more
Than the night…kaboom…
Something may fall from the Sky…
Yes, September should begin with a burst…

Dear Mr. Spacemen…
You’ve seen a lot…you’ve waited for
It to come…Step out of the Shadows
Before it’s too late…
Imparting some choice words…
It’s really happening this time…
No holding back…
No negotiations…
Fools will believe in Shallow Promises…
The wise will read between the lines…
The lines and light aglow with magic…
No lies this time, even if the truth has
To be forced out…or fall from the Sky.

That’s all for now.

My artwork: Buckrim

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