the secret keeper

“Hailstorms”by HUGO [Hailstorms Music Video]


Running out of time
Either get out or get in
Days are slipping by
Won’t wait to begin
Cause I’m losing
All my feathers in the wind

Digging out a memory
Of who I was before
And how I got involved
In this endless war
The ones who win
Don’t always need it more

I’m ready for release
I wait for the pain to come
I beg it to believe
Hailstorms coming
Baby bring it on

I’m waiting for the blow
I’m reaching out
To take what’s mine
Whichever way it rolls
I dance my way
Through hailstorms anytime

Staring in a mirror
Doesn’t get you very far
The people that I’m looking for
Out in the dark
Under city lights
You don’t see many stars

Crushing out a cigarette
Is all that I’ve done
Calling on my favors
Watch my bridges burn

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