Overview map of dimensions 0D – 3D

Zero Point Sketch

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I made this sketch as a reply to dreamwalker444. Then I realized it is really more significant than just that discussion going on in the comment section. I will make this post here so more people can see this. Feel free to share this with anyone.


I used the simplest means possible so that it will be easy to get a quick understanding of what I’m trying to describe with this image. Most of you will already have an understanding of the dimensions and what this means (the context) so I will just give a more articulated comment on the top section, labeled “Logical map”.

There are actually some basic things here that modern science got completely right. But so far they failed to make the right connections. Remember where you first read this, science will be able to confirm these claims later on. 😉


  • The zero point, 0D. Don’t try to imagine what this is. Just remove all dimensions and this is what you get. No depth, no height, no width. This is the basic fundamental matter, the way it existed before Big Bang. This is partly right, and it’s also partly wrong, the way it is taught. Big Bang did take place at the beginning of the universe, but it is not limited to this point in time. It is a constant state, particles are going through this process constantly, it doesn’t only exist at the giant level.
  • 1D. This is where particles get one dimension, going from a point to a line. These particles are what we call light. Other frequencies are radio waves, infra red, ultra violet, x rays and so on. Noone seems to understand how this works today. It is said that visible light is a particle and at the same time a wave form. It’s called a paradox in science. Now I will put this together for you: these particles are the strings talked of in String Theory. They are extremely long but they have only this one dimension; length. This is how they can be waveforms and particles at the same time. There is one more thing to this, each existing string particle corresponds to a prime number. It was recently proven that the prime numbers are limited to a certain number. This is the exact number of existing string particle types.
  • 2D. This is what we call Black Holes. The theory was recently updated, with the adding of the idea that matter does not really collapse when entering a black hole. Rather it loses one dimension and turns into a 2D form, existing on what is called the Event Horizon. 1D Light particles will go into the black hole and come out at the other end as 3D physical matter; as ordinary particles.
  • 3D. This is what we see in daily life. Particles have all 3 dimensions, but may collapse down to a lower level and reverse the “big bang” process, going back to the zero point.


This post may be referred to as a theory developed during meditation and observation.



  1. “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.” – Winston Churchill (also known as the Buddha of the Modern Age…)


    I think this IS the “reversed” form of society… and everything you describe on the left side of the diagram is happening on a fairly grand/global scale. Many folks at the moment are ignoring it, hoping someone else will deal with it or the problem will just resolve itself. But some communities are also protesting and asking the difficult questions… and demanding change. I don’t think it matters too much WHAT we do, so long as we DO SOMETHING. It only takes a little force to start an avalanche. In the cycle of things this should eventually take us back to a “renaissance.”

    Your diagram also explains an understanding I’ve had of why humanity has been held back from a technology perspective. Technology without benevolence is a dangerous thing; part of the reason some technologies have been withheld is pretty much “for our own good”, because we’re not enlightened enough yet as a society to use them – or we’re not at the right point in our timeline to make use of these things, even if having them might help us get there in the first place.

    • It’s an expression, and the crocodile often does appear here as an indicator. That means it can show up in a news article if some part of a geographical location or social system passes this area. I can also be used as the saying about someone “throwing other people as food for the crocodile to save themselves”. It relates to how the reversed form of society handles things. One example of this is how during world war 1, some nations applied the strategy of “throwing” conscripted soldeirs at the enemy, while the officers were at safe distance. This is a criminal tactic, even if it was successful at the time. They were “feeding the crocodile”, it’s on the left side of the zero point going toward that point, when described like this.

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