Valiant: Knock Knock…The Bell Tolls…A Quantum Singularity…

He stared at me for some time before speaking.
“Can you see me now?” He said in that calm cool
Collected tone…”Can you see?”

“Yes,” I replied, “Yes, I get it.”

“And if they only knew,” he smiled, a short
Laugh, “The Desks this passes across…
The eyes and minds that read the words…
The voices and ears it’s recited for…”

“The day you simply say things for anyone,”
Ceres added, “That’s a dream.”

“I must enjoy it but a little.” Varence said to her
As she eyed him with her classic stare.

“Of course,” she said, “That’s what you do.” She
Leaned forward towards me, “Say it. Talk to him.
Do not just be his dutiful scribe. You are more
Than that. I sense it in you. I should like
To hear you speak your mind more.”

He eyed me carefully then. “Do you have
Something to say?”

There was a moment of calm silence.
It’s true I was growing more and more
Around them. “The time I’ve spent…
Devoted to this…I understand the importance…
You should know by now…I’ll see it through…”

“Yes?” He urged me to say it.

Ceres smiled…she clearly wanted me to challenge
Him, not for games, but for me to show who I am;
So they could both see it come out.

“I write the words, I respect your place, your
Wisdom on everything…even your speeches
That never seem to end,” I said referring to this and
So much more, “But…

“But?” He tilted his head, waiting for it.

“You always say don’t worry about what
People think…I realize it’s for courage…”I
Thought inside of all he’d said, he was always right.
“True, there will always be doubters, skeptics
That play mind games…some just for the
Sake of an argument. You can’t please everyone,
You can prove yourself today, tomorrow, on
And on…And they’ll still want more…”

“Insecurities always want more.” Varence
Said. “It has always been this way. At every
Major and minor event…Nothing is spared
Or sacred…People will want want want

“It’s that big tough attitude,” Ceres added,
“Or rather, lack there of…they want to see
You make a mistake.”

He sighed. “I see where this is going…Ask
Me then.”

“They all play games…The whole world,” I
Said, “I’m tired of it. What I would like…
And honestly it’s not for me…I would love
To see you blow their minds apart…for
Jaws to drop…the way you’ve done for me
For years…”

“Oh believe me,” Ceres said with a smile, “That’s
Happening more than you know.”

“Well then,” Varence said proudly smiling to each
Of us, “Let’s see what I can do about that…”He
Leaned forward, elbow on his knee, his hand
Stroking his chin… “Play time is over after all.
In all seriousness, they will never understand
More than I say…they over analyze in all the
Wrong places.”

“I told you your riddles waste time.” She said.
“You throw them Gold, they catch only stones. You
Offer a valuable clue of survival…in a riddle, lost
Between lines…and they scratch their heads
Studying only one phrase…There is no time now.
Speak plainly.”

“Well, alright then.” Varence surrendered.
“As you wish. Are you aware of what is
Called…A Quantum Singularity?”

“What?” I asked. “I’m not a scientist, I…”

He held up his finger, “You asked for it…”

“OK then,” I replied calmly, “Tell me then.”

“A Quantum Singularity is a build up of
Energy…An event of sorts…your world’s
Science is new, young…but still they are aware
Of some basics…though theories rally their
Formulas more than actual facts.”

“This should be interesting.” Ceres laughed to
His choice of topic. “I hope you know what
You are doing.”

“He asked me to make an impression.”
Varence said holding up his finger to her. “Now
Please…A serious fair moment.”

“By all means,” Ceres said her eyes
Sparkling. “Continue…”

“Your mind can embrace all things, my
Friend…Hear the words, listen.” Varence
Said, his tone and manner so solid…and
Oddly sincere. “A Quantum Singularity…
There are physical laws that define things…
Science studies this…the concepts vast,
Yet in truth so simple…The minds that
Embrace these principles need only simplify
Their understanding to find the answers
They seek.”

“You’re trying to kill me,” I told him confused,
“Combining science and philosophy? I
Only dabbled in science, genetics…”

His head lowered intensely forcing me to listen.
“The Universe is defined by these laws…
It shapes things, holds and binds them
Together…or tears them apart. It is our
Existence, it is our end…And just when
You think you’ve discovered all the answers…
These laws defy themselves by exemptions
And contradictions.”

“The policy of truth.” Ceres added.

“I have no idea what you are talking about.”
I said to him.

“They will.” Varence only smiled. “My words
Will find a desk that understands…and
You will get your wish…and if they’re
Smart they’ll reward you for it.”

“Oh?” I said.

“A Quantum Singularity is a culmination of
Energy…building to an extreme,” he
Said firmly, “That it either Implodes or Explodes.
Some happen quickly …some take ages…
And some just go on and on…”

“Like your riddles.” Ceres couldn’t resist to add.

He glared at her briefly then continued. “They
Exist in three basic forms…Light,”
He gestured around us at the illumination,
“Light that travels, grows, twists and
Turns…the speed…the distance…In its
Blinding essence explodes…In its torrid
Collapse implodes into a black hole. These
Work similarly with other singularities…
Such as time…”

“And sound.” Ceres added.

Varence held his finger up again, “Sound
Being the most destructive…or nurturing.
It moves us…like words, the voices we

“And music.” Ceres added.

“Sound commands and evokes movement.
Together with light it creates life…or
Destroys it. A Quantum Singularity of Sound
In its intensity can tear apart a Universe…
It must be handled with care.” He leaned
Forward to my notebook. “I tell you this
Because your science does not understand
Or respect this Singularity…Few do…
Proceed with caution or your experiments
Will cause irreversible damage.”

“A sonic boom,” Ceres said…”As we’ve
Been taught, as you would call them,
Alien travelers push the limits of this…”

“Now on a different matter,” Varence
Said, his expression more teasing. “A Quantum
Singularity in time…is an entirely different
Story. You see these three Forces can not exist
Without each other…They define each other.
They define all things…In their balance,
In harmony are a triquatra of perfection.
Their imbalances among each other create
Singularities…From black holes…to the very
Birth of life.”

“It sounds interesting, but…” I began…

“Now at times, yes, they happen randomly…”
Varence said twirling his finger in a circle.
“And surely no science exists that could
Induce a black hole.” He laughed, turning
To Ceres they seemed to share some quiet
Secret as they studied me. “But then
Black holes are determined by what
They consume…”

“Which is why directing an energy beam
Into one is absurd.” Ceres said. “Black holes
Exist at various stages…the results are

“But,” Varence said leaning heavily towards
Me once again, “If a black hole were to swallow
Another singularity…such as a Quantum
Singularity in Time…Then what you have
Is a bubble that forms…like the eye of
The storm, it’s drawn in…and time ceases to
Exist…like a world trapped in a time
Singularity…swallowed by a black hole…
Is not torn apart…but becomes a world
Outside of time…Infinity can truly be
Appreciated then.”

“Some say angels weave this magical
Miracle.” Ceres explained. “As a means
To hide things.” She smiled.

“Why do I tell you all this?” Varence asked.

“Yeah, I’m sure wondering that.” I answered.

“Your world has been manipulated by
A time device…Events misshaped, nature
And its order rendered enslaved by those
Who want to control the planet.” Varence
Said, his eyes lighting up. “Thus creating
A Quantum Singularity in Time…one
The Council of Planets asked the masters
Of our world to burst…with a Pulse.”

“Oh…” I could only say, now I started to see.

“Now how do you burst a Singularity in
Time without dire consequences? From the
Inside of course…By directing Light
Energy at one of the other most powerful
Forces in the Universe…Life. The hearts and
Souls of the planet caught in a trap…
By waking up the core of their
Memories…of who and what they are…
Passionate and tortured emotions…
Dreams unspoken, lost…to be found…
When they wake up and see themselves
For what they are…”

“Some will be driven insane by this.” Ceres
Further explained/ “While others will experience
An ascension of their spirit…That will be
Entirely liberating.”

“Faith. Emotions…The Spirit, The Mind,” Varence
Said. “These are very powerful things, Bill.
Especially when they exist in unity.
That’s why the Dark Kind enslaves worlds…
To devour this power. Your people can heal
The planet, break the spell…When they
Wake up…and realize what belief can do.”

“As long as they are sincere in doing so,”
Ceres corrected him. “The heart must be
True, or it won’t work.”

“True.” Varence went on. “While the
Intent is there…The abilities aren’t. That’s
Largely due to mind control…egos. They
Have to see themselves, past the idolatry
And dreams…The delusions of grandeur…
Embrace the humble spirit within…Get
Over this obsession with materialism…
Wealth, sex…vanity…”

“Yes, Of course, Oberon.” Ceres teased. “Tell
Them how to do this.”

He smirked at her comment, then continued.
“They have to be careful, like I said
Of the danger with Sound, Quantum Singularities
Of sound are dangerous…They must realize
This if they are to continue without destroying

“And destroy a world of innocence in the
Process…” Ceres added. “Such as the animals…”

“You’re really pushing the limits of my mind
With this Quantum talk…”

“They will understand,” Varence said very
Carefully. “The right ones will…I will just
Say it like this…then no more. The Sonic
Boom…a warning…Think of the power of a
Storm…Thunder…Lightening…The energy. For
Them, your science, to truly progress they must
Study nature more. The talk your world
Has of UFO’s…I ask you, do they make

“Come to think of it, no.” I answered.

His face lit up. “Space travel…these vessels
Successfully travel through space silently…
They need to seriously consider that,
Compared to their own clumsy and loud
Means of travel.”

“OK…” I said’ “I see a point there

“They will get…eventually.” He said.

“Stop tormenting him with your way with
Words,” Ceres said. “You really need to say
Things more simply.”

“He asked…” Varence insisted. “Besides, these
People need to wake up. They cry for help,
Some ridiculously insist they have powers…
There’s no time for games any more…The pulse
Will end soon…And if they’re not ready…
It will all fall apart, it will have been
For nothing.”

“Then nature will reclaim it.” Ceres said
Firmly.” “The Earth will take back what has
Been abused for ages…The few that
Deserve to survive, the meek shall inherit
The Earth…and animals will rule…And
The Dark Kind will have nothing to play
With, so they will either leave or be destroyed.”

Varence shook his head. “You think it
So simple?” He asked her almost annoyed.
“Do you have no faith in these people
At all?”

“After what I’ve seen? After what I’ve
Known, you have to ask me that?”

He studied her expression. He obviously had
A hidden understanding of her life that I
Did not. “I can not bear this any longer.
You will not walk out there to see them,
You won’t acknowledge them unless they
Cross the animals…”

“After what they’ve done to the whales?”
She snapped. “These beautiful graceful
Humble beings…And what have these
Madhouse monkeys dome? Slaughtered them
To near extinction…as they do with
All great animals. The rare Anatolan leopard.”

He held up his finger, “I understand the
Plight of animals. But there are people out
There who defend their rights, there are those
Who truly wish to live in harmony with

“The Native Americans?” Ceres asked.
“And where are they, what has the world
Done to them? The Buffalo?”

“Ceres.” He said squeezing his eyes tight,
“I know. But we are pursuing the future
Here…a tomorrow where the wrongs of the
Past will be overcome by the deliverance of
Wisdom…a better world…one that ours
Was unable to achieve.”

“Is that what you are trying to do?” Ceres
Insisted, seeing that glow in his eyes. “To
Recover the loss of your world, of all
Lost worlds, by fixing this one?”

“What is wrong with that?” He pushed.
“My world was torn asunder…They
Too were arrogant and blind…And the Dark
Kind came and consumed them.” He said
Angrily. “There was no mercy, not even the
Slightest chance of survival then…Worlds were
Taken…nothing was spared…Nothing, no
Living thing had a chance…Yet by some…
Chance…twist of fate…or miracle…
This Earth survived…”

“Was it any different for my world?” Ceres
Snapped in return. “It happened so fast…
One day…It all happened in one day.”

“What happened to your people?” I asked

There was a quietness, for a moment I
Thought neither of hem would answer.

“It was different then, “Ceres said bitterly,
“They were ruthless conquerors then…Not
Insane with playing games as they do now.
The Dark Kind came…They saw…They wanted…
And they destroyed…They slaughtered
Millions…Took slaves to abuse,” She said
Closing her eyes in disgust, “And they ate the rest.”

Another pause, another silence. I was
Beginning to understand them…through
Their recollections of a horrifying past.

“Ceres, you must…you have to try,” Varence
Pleaded with her, “To see beyond this…
Our past…their mistakes…the mistakes
Our worlds made…”

“There were no mistakes!” She nearly
Shouted. “They were blind, they were
Dumb…and everything was lost as a

“Princess…” He began softly.

“I told you to never call me that again!”
She shouted. “Don’t say it again.”

“Princess?” I asked.

“Don’t…” Varence struggled to say.

“There is no Kingdom…There is no King
Or Queen any more. My world is gone.” She
Said more softly. “There are just myself,
My sisters and brothers, a few others and
That is all. It’s finished.”

“Look at him,” Varence pointed to me,
Nodding for her to see, “The animals
That you love…The Bears, the Whales…
See a spark here, not the end, not
The victory of darkness. There is a ray
Of hope here if you dare to only see it.”

“And by what miracle, what riddle of
Words will you intend to whisper in my
Ear to see this” She said to him.

He thought for a moment, studying me
Then her. “There is something I want to
Show you.” He said staring at her intense
Expression as he stood and pulled a
Small device from his pocket. He waved
The object playfully. It was flat, thin,
Rectangular…of polished metal…But I
Saw no buttons, no symbols on it. “This.”
He simply said.

“What now?” She asked.

“Watch.” He nodded, turned, pointed the
Object to the right of us, to an open
Space…then suddenly a large picture
Screen appeared. Immediately flashing
To life. It was like a television screen
But the image was so vivid it seemed
As though you could reach out and
Touch it.

“What is that?” She scowled.

The screen flickered before settling on an
Image. “Just watch.” Varence said…within
A moment the picture came…

I struggled to avoid groaning as I realized
What we were looking at.

“That’s exactly what I saw in the vision,”
Ceres exclaimed with distaste. “The costumes,
The field…the audience, stadium…You
Wanted to show me THIS? What point
Are you making with this…BALL GAME?”

“They call it Football.” Varence said with a
Playful smile, then directed with a nod
And a fascinated gaze as the image changed
From one game to another…then

Ceres stood, folding her arms across her chest.
“Why are there so many of them?”

“Various teams play through a series of
Eliminations,” He explained tilting his
Head to the side watching the screen,
“Over and over…until the best teams
Play each other for the champion.”

“They play this game more than once?” Ceres
Questioned with disbelief. “More than once..
For what? Is the ball magical? Does it
Grant them gifts? Some wit perhaps or
Greater intelligence?”

He smiled wildly as he merely waved the device
To change the image.” They call this one
Soccer,” and the images continued to change,
“This one Rugby…Basketball…”

“I can not believe you are showing me
This!” She exclaimed. “I am truly amazed
At their ability to vary themes with a BALL!”

He kept changing the images…more games,
Over and over…”Baseball…Tennis…Golf…”

“This is Golf?” Ceres said barely able to keep
Her jaw from hanging open in shock. “Should
I be impressed at their skill in waving a
Stick? The greenery is more attractive!
Really, Varence! What should I admire
More, their talent…or yours?”

He fought to laugh. “Just watch. Please…
Continue to share your opinion of what you

“What I see?” she laughed. “Team Sports?
Well it’s clear how divided they are! Competitive
Games of meager skills…”

“Divided?” I asked.

She turned to me. “Team Sports do nothing
More than divide groups…They encourage
Elitism, separation…taking sides, and
So forth.”

“We’re taught it brings team spirit.” I told her.

“Team spirit?” She laughed loudly. “Lies. Do
These teams get along? Do their fans? Or do
You witness exaggerated enthusiasm…
Favoritism…fights over who is best?”
Varence smiled a nod to me. “She has a truly
Unique perspective.” He nodded at the screen.
“Keep watching.”

“What is that?” She kept laughing. The image
Was of a well dressed man making a speech.
(I refuse to say who this was.) “Oh, I see it
Is a comedy of some sort. He is making jokes
Of their society.”

“Actually, it’s one of their leaders making
A political address to his country.” Varence said.

“Political address?” She was astounded.
“What sort of leader says these words,
Makes these promises and doesn’t keep them?”

“Her father was a King, remember.” Varence
Said playfully to me.

“Are you trying to further humiliate
Their intelligence?” She asked. “You’re
Showing me this to torment me!”

The picture changed to a series of television shows…
Each one only left her mouth hanging wide
As she studied the screen in shock, occasionally
Turning towards me with quirky confused
Expressions. “This is entertainment to them?”

“Remember she studies the habits of animals,”
Varence said plainly, “nothing more…ever.”

The screen settled on an image of a popular
Vampire show…at a graphic moment.

“What is that?” She declared her horror.

“It’s what they call a horror movie.”
He said very calmly, almost bored. “Or is it
A TV show?” He asked me.

Before I could answer with the title, Ceres
Pointed to the bloody scene, exclaiming,
“And they enjoy this? Watching this? Well,
Clearly the Dark Ones know how to bend
Their minds…win them over with some
Sick romantic notion of admiration…
Feasting off the blood of others is appealing?
Oh the sadness of being a parasite! I
Hope they don’t allow children to watch
This filth!”

Varence had the strangest smile as he stood
There eyeing me. “Listen to her.”

“Listen to me?” She was disgusted. “Can
You imagine imposing the sickness of this
On young people? The poison would just
Create wildness! Not to mention numb the
Senses to bloodlust and violence…Any impression
Adoring sympathy for characters…Teasing
Morals…the downfall of concepts could
Be endless.”

He changed the picture once more to
Show some movie of a gay couple…in
Moments, it detailed a story of struggle…

“I don’t understand what they are talking
About,” Ceres gestured to the screen. “They are
Talking about being abused?”

“They call the homosexuals on this planet,
Gays,” Varence explained watching her face,
Then mine as I watched hers. “They
Struggle with persecution, hate crimes,
Equal rights.”

“The Danim and Elohim have done this
For ages. It’s common everywhere.” Ceres shook
her head. “Well it’s clear there’s a
Reptilian Queen on Earth.”

“What does she mean?”

Varence only nodded with that same
Non-stop smile. “Keep watching.” He
Changed the screen to a more rapid
Succession of images…Exploring various
Scenes of hate crimes…Historical moments,
Black and white race riots…Dr. Martin
Luther King…scenes of the Holocaust,
The Jews…

“Dear God,” Ceres was pale with shock
And horror. “What are they doing? How could

“The struggles and abominations of prejudice
On Earth, just fragments I’m showing you
From over the years.” He told her.

“Well it’s clear who the Dark Ones are
Most afraid of!” Ceres said firmly.

“The Dark Ones are afraid of?” I asked…

Ceres turned to me, “As with the Lion Men.
When they are afraid of a race, or a group,
They ferment hatred against them to
Keep them apart…segregated…tormented…
To break their spirit…Anything to disrupt

“I never considered that angle before.” I said.

“Oh yes.” Ceres said watching the screen. “Make
No mistake. They play off of that…using
Religious excuses…All sorts of mind games
To disrupt unity. It’s the key, unity,
Without it…you are most vulnerable.”

“She says things quite brilliantly.” Varence
Noted of her reactions.

“That’s what this is for?” She tilted her head.
“Because you prefer the path of mysterious

He smiled, widely….”I just want to
Show you one more thing…for now…”

The image changed to a series of images from
The news…past, present…the Middle East.
Images of war, chaos…mad violence,

“This is awful!” Ceres exclaimed. “Look at
It! Have they no control of themselves?”

He pointed sternly to me, to my notebook,
The writing. “Pay close attention to her
Words now.”

“What are you doing to me?” She
Was getting angry. “Why are you showing
Me these awful things for my reaction?”

“Civilization, of this age,” Varence said with
The most mysterious calm tone…”Was
Born in the region known as the fertile
Crescent. It is an area encompassing
Ages of war and struggle…A Holy Land…
A Biblical Land…And yet it is a Land
That has never known Peace…”

“Holy Land?” She exclaimed. “Are you
Serious? This place reeks of war
And violence…hatred, resentment…
No doubt a land of prejudices, of
Prejudices and restrictions on women.
That matriarchal Reptilian Queen
Would only torture women…manipulate
Men…spoil the land, their minds…
Ordain strict religions…upon her

“What did you say?”

“Her lair.” Ceres said. “Where the Dark Ones
Dwell, their Master Lair below the ground…
Above…The Land would know no Peace…and
All the worst prejudices…” Her voice
Grew cold as if recalling a memory. “Always
Beware the land where women are persecuted
Or abused…Those Serpent Queens always
Suppress other women. There can be only
One Queen after all.”

Varence waved his hand at me, “I will have a
Private talk with you after this…on what’s next…
You can stop writing now, Thank you.”

That’s all for now.





    • Hi Brianna, I don’t have Bill’s email. I pick these up from rumor mill news. Laron over at may be in contact with Bill directly. Bill’s email might also be on a past RMN post but this will take time to dig up… it may be more efficient to try to contact him via Laron… But happy to help if I can….

      • I see. Thank you so much ! I will try to see over at Transients, I follow their posts too.
        It’s not a sudden lunatic thingie, trust me 🙂 A big light bulb went on. Major.
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