Valiant: Knock Knock…The Bell Tolls…The Orientation…The Great Hall…

**song** “I Dare You” by Shinedown

The hour The moment…as if guided by a Star…
By Magic…by her words…through my
Minds eye I see…and the door opened…
…a door that had been locked for years…
…that I had almost forgotten about…
…the door opened…

From the mind through the eyes…
Down the arm into the hand through the fingers
Into the pen onto the paper…The words come…

In the chair before them…
Varence just said. “Write it…tell it…”

They were as eager to hear it as I was to see
It on the paper myself. I don’t know how…
As much of a mystery as the light, the artwork…
The words…

Ceres face, her expression warm and
Intrigued…”You owe me a story.” I said to
Her. She only smiled and said, “I know…
But tell this first.”

Kierista and Evangella quietly nodded, while
Rana held this mischievous smile…”Yes,
Please say it, tell it…”

And Vala with her charm, her flashing eyes and
Long pointed eyelashes…Her movements…The
Siren’s song that was her voice…She was
Magic incarnate… “Do you see now? So
You see?”

Varence eyed her wild enthusiasm… “Ah, now
Your timing…if only you had come sooner.”

“The right approach commands the right time.”
She told him.

“Wait,” I hesitated, “What about Brishan? The
Ship…last time he…”

Vala laughed, “Forget him for now.” She
Threw her head back with a
Louder laugh… “His moment will come…
His deeds and actions are only a part of
Te spell…just as on your world…will
The reactions be…and the events…The
Fumbles…the confusion…Spells take time to
Play out…Allow the twists and turns to come
With the new year…and you will see, so will
They…For now, this,” She pointed her finger
Firmly to the moment, “This is what matters…
Now allow the words to come, the door to
Open…No Distractions…And you will see
The players that will shape things come forth…
Even now they feel it and are searching
Out the meaning…The Gathering comes…
NOW…put the words to paper down…”

The chill, the tingling…The pen was a sword…
The words the spell…The paper the riddle,
The game board…The map…
The Light…The door opened…

From here to then…Time had no boundaries anymore,
Backwards…crossing over to now…

The dream that was more than a dream…
I was 22…it was the month of May…
They always come in May…?
11pm exactly at night I had only laid
Down to rest a moment, too early to sleep…
I passed out…I had no control…

The overwhelming scent of Roses, their heady
Perfume, the rich musky scent filled my nose…
I was sitting on a stone bench in a garden
Of roses…walls and walls of roses all around…
They looked like glass…They changed color
In the light…Every color was rich and intense…
I had never experienced the stimulation of
My senses like this before…My eyes…my
Nose, my ears…touch…
The roses…orange, pink, peach, yellow…
Creamy yellow…pastels and rainbows of
Light…only the greenery of the leaves of the
Bushes and trees remained calm, but even their
Color was rich…
Potent vivid senses!

My waking world was dull by all comparison.
I saw stone columns throughout the walls
Of roses around me…encircling where I
Sat…My eyes followed until I saw the opening…

There a tall woman stood, flawlessly
Beautiful…familiar features…The sight of
Her…she had the darkest red hair I had
Ever seen, shiny thick…a loose wave passed
Her shoulders in garnet red…The kindest
Sweetest expression on her face…Her eyes
Were like the roses…glassy, changing colors
In the most mesmerizing way…She wore
Some kind of light blue uniform-like dress…
On either side of her were two very tall,
Muscled, blond men that could only be her
Escorts…They were very similar in light blue
Form fitting uniforms…shoulder length straight
Blond hair…blue eyes…and identical skeptical
Scowling faces…that looked at me as if to
Say, to judge me, by saying…this is him?

She smiled very kindly and said, “Hello.”
They were perfect looking, I could not
Believe my eyes…I was younger then…
The way things looked was a powerful influence…
“Hello,” I said back to her…
She took a soft step and gestured for me to
Come…Her smile, in her eyes, on her face
Never broke…I looked down at my pajama
Pants, bare feet…I was about to go to her…
But my pajamas…I was dreaming?

She knew what I was thinking…”Please
Come, come with me,” she gestured. But her
Escorts…very handsome faces, full of doubt…
I could feel it, they did not understand why
I was there? They said nothing though, she
Was the leader…at this point.

Nothing else to do, the curiosity was overwhelming.
I got up, went to her…Let’s see what happens…
I started asking questions…Where am I?
What is this? Who are you? “You will understand
Soon,” was all she would say; was allowed to say.

She led me through the two pillared gateway
Of the garden onto a long, smooth stone
Path; a road? It stretched left and right
As far as I could see, with lush thick tree
Branches arching above blocking out the

“What is this? Who are you?” I kept asking.

And all she would offer was, “You’ll see. Just

We walked a bit when suddenly to my left
The trees parted to the most spectacular view…
I froze…my eyes, what they saw…like nothing
I had ever seen…no movie, so special effects
Not even today could create the view…

There, far across from where I stood stretched
Mountains…with a city-scape carved right
Into it perfectly…I can’t even explain in
Words…The mountains, the skyline…The buildings,
They were mountains, but it was a city…
Skyscrapers, the structures framed in
Complete harmony with the shape of
The hills, rocks and slopes…with trees
And forested slopes blended perfectly
Throughout…The moving lights told
Me it was an active, living city…There
Were people there…This was unlike
Anything I had ever seen. My senses were
Razor sharp, keenly aware of everything…
It was real…

Below, a valley lush with woods, streams
And meadows…With big domed buildings
Throughout…Somehow, very quickly I
Became aware…that this place was an
Absolute perfect blend of man’s hand
And nature…willed into solid reality…
It took my breath away.

With a greater smile she stepped back, gestured
Her arm around me…”Come on, there’s
Much more important things for you to see…”

“What, where is this?” I asked…She
Would not answer…

We walked for quite a bit…It was
Definitely a road, beneath the trees…The two
Tall blond men leading the way…The air
Was mildly cool, no breeze…Very comfortable
Actually; I should have been cold but wasn’t.

Then the trees parted…And the scene,
The view was…enormous…To the right
A gentle slanting slope that rose to a
City-scape…larger closer than the one
Opposite…with towers of stone and glass
Carved of, built into the mountains…
The architecture…There is nothing to compare it
To; manmade things never impressed before…
Greek, Roman, Egyptian-like? In stonework
Yes, but the style was unique…curvy…linear,
The geometric design of it would leave an
Architect spellbound…All I can say is, it
Looked ageless…
If eternity could have built a city, named it,
Owned it…This was it.

She kept urging for me to follow…It was
Impossible not to be distracted.

The two blond men walked on at this point;
No need for them anymore…She guided me
Forward to this wide spread marble-like arena
Edged with a thick ornamental stone railing
That separated us from a low rolling valley.

There was a little bridge of stone over a
Gently running little river…The water was
Absolutely crystal clear…so clear I could
See the colorful fish that swam in it…I
Swear it was so clear I had the irresistible
Urge to drink from it…And I would have
If she had not kept ushering on and on…

Past the bridge, past a large ornate fountain…
I saw what was the intention I presumed…
A large domed building, very much like the
Capitol in Washington, D.C…Only this was
Born from the hillside…Huge, blocky…
Everything was huge, it all felt enormous…
And I felt so small.

In front of this great building was a crowd
Of people…everyone stood there, in their
Pajamas…Like me, they were all looking
Every which way awestruck by the new…
Throughout the crowd were more of these
Blond, blue uniformed perfect looking tall
People…moving among everyone smiling,
Giving re-assuring words…
These blond, uniformed people…I can understand
Now…They were studying the group, the crowd…
Checking everyone…reading minds, attitudes…
Then re-checking…Taking inventory, a census…
This was a collection of people…I didn’t know
Then, but I do now…They were specifically

The red-haired woman urged me to join the
Crowd…then joined her people…She
Exchanged private words as they gathered…
For what was next…

As I stood in the crows in my pajamas…
I took in as much as I could…There was a
Very excited elderly woman in front of me…
There were all ages here, from 16 to 60? Maybe
Older…I can only guess…This elderly
Woman kept clapping as she stood there
In her nightgown, robe and slippers…She
Struck me by her accent…German…
Someone’s grandmother…She was so excited…
Clapping, clapping…”We’re in heaven, this is
Heaven…Angels have taken us to heaven!”

I just couldn’t say it to her…But someone
Else did…A man wearing a T-shirt and
Boxers…Hispanic-looking, kept walking, spinning
And staring at the sky, and said to her, “I
Don’t think this is Heaven.” He kept staring
At the sky which made me look too…

The sky was a rich blue…ultramarine-like…
Like twilight but not coppered by any sun…
There were no stars visible…Yet the sky was
Crystal clear…no clouds…only this cascading
Living light that moved across above…
Much like the aurora borealis I had seen
Pictures of; it was totally breath-taking.

He stopped in front of me, very friendly, and
Came up to me…”I’m Robert.”

“I’m Bill.” I told him.

“You’re so young, Bill.” He told me…He looked
Maybe 40-ish…salt and pepper hair, and
Goatee…”So young to be here…”

Before he could ask my age they, the
Uniformed people, were suddenly asking us,
The crowd to follow them, to move into
The great building in front of us…And they
Spread out to gesture everyone forward…
It was our turn to enter…

There was no time to argue…Curiosity compelled
Everyone on…Inside the building was as
Impressive on the inside as on the outside…
Polished stone floors…Elaborate
Stylized artwork…statues, busts, paintings,
Etchings and carvings…some art historian’s

High ceilings, wide halls…nothing was
Small…giants could walk here…

They lead us through the wide corridors
To a set of two massive doors…dark wood
Or stone, I couldn’t tell?
Then suddenly they were separating
Everyone…into lines, a line…
They knew everyone’s name…
But there was something careful here…

One by one people were lead into the Great
Hall…I could not see until it was my
Turn…then, that’s how I knew…
Those in uniforms at the door checked us
In…not with papers or devices, they simply
This was all planned very carefully…
For how long I couldn’t say…
But it was planned…

The red-head reappeared for me, when it
Was my turn…”Come with me, it’s alright.”

I couldn’t resist…I felt absolutely no
Threat…no fears…which was a mystery
Because at that age EVERYTHING
Terrified me, I was scared to move, I
Had spent my life hiding in the corner…
But here…I felt different…
The atmosphere was so comforting…
For the first time in my life I was
Away from home…and it felt so right.

She led me inside…Into the Great Hall…
It was massive, wide, high and tall…
With rows of seats that descended down…
Like a theater, only wider…not packed in…
It was roomy and casual…
The Hall was full of people…Thousands?
To my left there were spread sections
Of people…8 sections…
And in these rows of sections sat people…
But not like people I know…
Each section was specific, with its own
Specific selected persons to fill each
Appointed seat…
They had all been seated already…

To the right…The very last section nearest
The wall…was our section. The crowd
That I was apart of. We were the last
To arrive, to be seated, on purpose.

She lead me down the steps…
People watched…Everyone everywhere was
In their pajamas…
Here is where it became odd…
Somewhere in the middle…She led me
To my seat…I sat on the very end of the aisle
And the seat was labeled Jeff…my
Middle name? And as I looked down my
Row…and saw everyone shuffle in their
Seats, I saw that their seats were labeled
Too…Beside me sat a huge black man,
Somewhat my age, built like a linebacker,
His seat was labeled Joe…
Beside him, a very pretty blond, her
Seat labeled Julie…and next to her, a Jason,
Then a distinctly Native American guy, Jacob…
Beyond him…Jennifer then John…
I took in all the seat names I could…
Behind me, empty seats…Kathy…Karen…
Kyle…Behind them…Lily…Larry…
Alphabetical…Middle names? Why?
Or were some their real names?

“Here is your seat,” She instructed, gestured…
She waited for me to sit down… “Everything
Will begin very shortly…” Then she was gone…

I looked around, studied everything…
There was some quiet chatter among the
People, but mostly everyone looked around
Quietly in confusion like me…there was a
Small collection of the blond blue-eyed uniformed
People down in the very front talking around
A podium…The only difference about them seemed
Like their hair…otherwise, they looked so much
Alike they could be family…blonds, dark blonds,
Light brown hair…One taller man with a beard
Had orangey blond hair…He seemed older,
The center of attention…the one in charge.

“Jeff, right?” The black guy said to me suddenly.
He was huge, broad shoulders…looked like a
Football player, built like he could take down
A wall…but he had the friendliest face and
Smile… “Is that you, huh?”

“Bill, actually my name is Bill.” I told him.

He laughed. “I figured. I don’t know why these
Seats are labeled. Weird.” He looked around
With a casual smile. “Strangest dream I ever had.”

“You think this is a dream?” I asked.

“Sure. Yeah. Hope so.” He said. “You look familiar
Though, man you look real familiar…”

“I do?” I asked, but he looked familiar to me too.
“So your name…isn’t Joe?”

“My middle name.” He said…For some reason
I had the feeling he did not want to tell me
His name.

“Jeff is my middle name.” I told him.

“Interesting.” He laughed, then pointed
To the pretty blond beside him; she was beautiful
Actually, she could have been…a model, a movie
Star? “Barbie over here wouldn’t tell me
About her name at all…I don’t think she
Knows how to talk…she won’t talk to me.”

“Don’t call me Barbie.” The blond, Julie, said

“OK she speaks.” He laughed. “Finally.”

She groaned…she did not seem happy at all…

“Why am I dreaming of all these white people?”
Joe said laughing for himself… “But look at her, wow,”
He said pointing to her, “She’s wearing this little
Nightie…Miss Penthouse.”

“Excuse me?” Julie replied fast. “What did you
Say about me, Mr. Ape?”

“Chill out girl,” Joe laughed, “No harm intended,
Just my dream…You just look like the blond
In Penthouse…The one I was looking at
Before I fell asleep.”

“Oh my God, you’re sick.” She snapped. “Don’t
Even tell me you were doing something with
Yourself before you fell asleep…This is like a
Sick dream to me!”

“Relax, would you.” Joe said. “Man what a dream…
Here I am sitting next to the mean Barbie.”

“Don’t call me Barbie!” Julie snapped.

“OOH she’s mad,” he joked to me, “Watch out she’ll
Call Ken to come take her back to Malibu
To her dream house.”

“UGH!” She groaned.

“Watch her say she’s from California.” Joe laughed.

“So what if I am?” Julie said angrily.

“Ha! I knew it.” Joe tossed his head back with
A laugh… “I knew it. Man…Some dream.”

“Could you please be quiet?” Julie asked him.
“I feel sick enough.” She leaned to me,” Pleas
Tell him to shut up.”

“I – I,” I tried to say…

“What is with the people here?” Joe asked me…
“That woman that brought you here, the red-head,
Holy S**t! My God, Beautiful! How come
You get that? The guy that brought me…Big
Bald head, goatee…beady eyes…cold…barely talked.
Looked like a big talking penis. And then he sits
Me next to the mean Barbie. Somebody up there
Either hates me or is trying to teach me a lesson.”

“UGH!” Julie groaned. “You’re sick. And stop calling
Me Barbie.”

I laughed! Oh my God they were funny to watch…
And others were noticing, listening…

“At least he thinks I’m funny.” Joe said of me.

“Sorry, Sorry…” I apologized.

“Don’t be sorry.” Joe said, “It’s weird.”

“You do look familiar,” Julie said to me, “I
Know you from somewhere…”

“No, I don’t think so,” I told her, “I would
Remember you. You look like someone from a

She smiled…She was hiding something. “Please
Don’t act like this big meat head, Please.”

“Meathead?” Joe barked. “What’s that Barbie
Humor? Is Pansy Boy Ken going to kick my big
Bad a**?”

Julie only glared at him. “Do you have to talk?

“Man I wish I would wake up.” Joe said. “The
Friggen Coach was right…You mess with junk during
Training and it F***s with your head!”

“You play football?” I asked him.

“Yeah, I have to.” Joe said in a grumble.

“Have to?”

“My Mom needs the money.” He briefly explained.
“Scholarships…deals…a bunch of crap. I
Hate it though. Not that it matters, my life
Is f***ed anyway.”

“Why, what do you mean?” I asked him.

“Doesn’t matter.” He said looking down. “Bad

“Tell me,” I said. “What else are we going to do

He laughed. “It’s cool that you ask…But, it
Doesn’t matter…What are you Sigmund Fred?”

“Sigmund Fred?” I asked.

“Freud…” Julie corrected sarcastically,
“That’s Sigmund Freud you idiot.”

I laughed, Oh my God they were funny.

“Look, Mean Barbie,” Joe told her,” I get it OK,
I’ll throw the magazine out when I wake up, OK?”

“You’re disgusting!” She only said.

I had to laugh, I couldn’t help it.

Joe shuffled in his seat, “Man, I have to Pee
Bad, why can’t I wake up?”

“Oh my God!” Julie rolled her eyes. “Could you
Just keep that to yourself. Why do you have to
Announce that?”

“What, nobody pees in California?” Joe snapped at
Her, “Nobody Pees where you live? Fake drink,
Fake Pee, plastic Barbie?”

“Shut up!” Julie snapped. “Call me Barbie again…”

I laughed!

Joe raised his hand abruptly. “Hey! Yo!
Mr. Spaceman, Mr. Blue Pajamas! Can I go to
The bathroom?”

“Oh my God!” Julie groaned.

Everyone was looking…Everyone…One of the men
In uniform immediately responded to Joe… “What?
That’s impossible…you couldn’t possibly…’

“What is wrong with people here? What, no one
Pees?” Joe yelled. “I need to take a leak now!”

The uniformed group in front whispered curiously
Amongst themselves…they were totally confused by
Joe’s request…?

“Oh my God!” Julie groaned.

“Hello, Yo! Mr. Spacemen…You gonna let me
Pee or what?” Joe demanded. “You want me
To Pee right here?”

“Don’t you dare!” Julie demanded.

Someone, the girl behind me, was tapping me on
The shoulder…I turned around…The dark
Haired girl, Kathy, was leaning over my shoulder
And pointing… “Over there…the guy across from
You…is trying to talk to you.”

I looked over…the section beside us…was full
Of people dressed strange…all in shades of green…
They were white…blond, red, brown hair only…
Odd…the man across from me…orangey hair…
Was waving at me…He wore this long
Green night shirt and strange little green cap…
He kept waving like he knew me? I swear I
Didn’t know him…He kept saying these words…
A foreign language…I picked out
‘Tu est…’ French? No. What was he saying?
I couldn’t understand?

“The pee’s gone!” Joe shouted. “How the hell
Did you do that?”

“Shut up!” Julie kept telling him.

The man across…his face…his words…
My mind saw his lips move…but the language…
Tu Est? What?
Then it hit me? “Where are you from?”
“New Jersey.” I told him…
The man struggled to repeat my words…
His face…His questions…He meant something…
I took a gamble, a guess…
And then I said, “Earth.”

The man’s eyes widened, “Earth!” He exclaimed…
He repeated it to the people around him…then
Suddenly the entire auditorium was echoing,
People repeating it…”Earth…Earth…Earth…’

My eyes bulged…Oh my God, it struck me.
“They’re from another planet! All of them!
They’re from other planets!”

“What?” Joe asked in shock.

Julie leaned to me, “What did you say?”

The Native American down the row leaned in,
“What did he ask you?” Jacob…he was
Watching me, listening!

“He asked me where I was from…I told
Him New Jersey…Then I told him…Earth!”

“They’re from other planets!” Jacob exclaimed.

“This isn’t a dream!” Kathy said in shock;
Everyone was gasping in shock. “This isn’t
A dream at all!” What is this?!”

“Dances with Wolves, chill out!” Joe said.

“look at them, look at them over there,” Jacob
Pointed to the different sections, “Their hair, their

“Those Asians have red hair,” Julie said of one of
The far off groups, “I’ve never seen Asians like that.”

“Those at the end,” Joe said in shock, “They got no
Clothes on, they’re naked…No, they have collars on?
The tattoos! What the f…”

“You would notice them,” Julie groaned. “Those
People next to us…why are they all in green?”

“Everyone is looking at us.” I said nervously; I
Should have kept my mouth shut. “They keep pointing,
Saying Earth. Why? It’s like they know the name?”

“They .look like the guy, the little guy…Lucky
Charms,” Joe said nodding to the section beside
Us dressed in green, “Always after me Lucky Charms…”

“Leprechauns?” I laughed.

“Yeah, that’s it! They look like Leprechauns!”
Joe said with a laugh slapping me on the arm.
“France has Leprechauns?”

“Not French Leprechauns,” Julie scowled, “He
Said they’re from another planet APE!”

“Chill Penthouse,” Joe grumbled at her, “I
Was just saying.”

“Penthouse, now you’re calling me that?!” She yelled.

Just then the tall Orangey-haired man in the
Blue uniform below at the podium raised his
Hands and bellowed, “Ladies and Gentlemen Please…
Calm down…We realize you are alarmed, but
There is no need here…”

The others in the pale blue uniforms around the
Speaker whispered urgently and kept pointing
In my, in our direction…the red headed woman
Who brought me was with them nodding in my
Direction…They were discussing us very seriously.

“I shouldn’t have said anything.” I said nervously.

“Why?” Joe asked. “You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“They’re talking about us, they’re looking right at us.”
“So what?” Joe laughed.

“Ladies and Gentlemen Please,” the Orator said
Loudly. “We are here to help you, Please.”

The audience only grew even more unsettled. But it did
Appear everyone understood him, his language…
He spoke English…at least to me, us…But
Somehow he spoke their languages too?

“Ladies and Gentlemen Please!” He begged.

No one listened…
Just then the man turned, appearing to nod for
And then the curtains behind him parted…
And a giant 10 foot tall Lion Man stepped out…
He was massive, HUGE! Muscled, an awesome
Looking Black Lion Man with a Smokey mane
That flowed over his white robe…He was a
Sight to see…Immediately the audience fell
Quiet…There were gasps, meek whispers…
Dull hidden screams…then absolute silence…
As the Lion Man stood next to the Orator…
“This…” He said with great respect, “Is BR’riel…”

“Holy Sh**!” Joe exclaimed, “Are you seeing
This? Are you seeing this?! Is that a Lion Man?”

“Yeah…” I only agreed stunned.

“BR’riel is the leader of his People here on
Our world…What remains of a great lost
Race…of the Paschat…The Lion Men of Sirius.”

“Look at him,” Julie said, “Oh my God! What
Is this?”

The uniformed group below kept pointing, nodding
At us.

“We have brought you here for a great purpose, it
Is our hope that you will listen…understand…
You have been chosen…” The Orator said with
Powerful sincerity, “You, like us, share a
Common ancestry…We are a human race…
And though we may differ slightly in our
Appearances and our ways…We all share the
Same genetic gifts…”

“Holy Mother F***in Sh**!” Joe groaned. “What
Is this Sh…”

“Please understand, I appeal to you…listen…Please,”
The Orator went on, “Yes, it is true we came
From different worlds…You have seen this
World we live on…But this is not our home…
This, our home, is a hidden world…of refugees…
From many lost Human Worlds…Worlds lost
To a terrible Evil that has plagued the Universe
For millennia…”

“I have a bad feeling about this…” Julie whispered,
Looked at me, here eyes terrified.

“You…” The Orator proceeded cautiously, “Are
What we would call…The Lost Children of
Humanity…Your worlds exist outside of safe
Space…Our Original home worlds of Humanity
Were conquered by a Diabolic Dark Force, by
Races of flesh and supernatural design…
That conquered all other races throughout the
Universe before humanity fell…such as the Paschat,
The Great Lion Men…who were the first to fall…”

“I don’t like this, I don’t like this,” Joe said, “I
Want to wake up now.’

“I realize my words may frighten you, but Please
Listen…These Conquerors have ravaged the
Universe for too long…And now threaten all of
Space beyond our own…Other universes…
Other races…The threat is real…This is not
A dream…Shortly we will present to you a
Means of explaining this to your subconscious…
We have found it is the fastest safest way to
Do this…as the information is complicated.”

The group below kept pointing, nodding at us…It
Made me nervous.

“Your worlds are not like others in our universe,”
The Orator said carefully, “Please…do not be
Offended by this…The Sirian and Reptilian
Conquerors, who nearly annihilated The Lion Men…
Do not exterminate worlds…but consume and
Enslave them…They manipulate…re-shape and
Do this as a means of…creating resources for
Fuel…for their sciences, technology…and food.”

There were gasps…a great fear grew in the huge

“Yes,” The Orator apologized… “What I am
Telling you is…that because you exist outside
Of safe space…you come from slave worlds…
Worlds of resources…Fuel…For pleasure and
Food. Nothing of what you have been taught of
The universe is true. You are not alone. Earth
Is not a Mother World…God has not forsaken
You or given your worlds to the Devil. You
Are not condemned to suffer for sins of
Your ancestors to get into Heaven…Your
Religions were created to manipulate you to
Keep you obedient…or reckless…”

“What the hell is this?” Joe bellowed.

“Good and Evil have always existed,” The Orator
Said, “The Devil was not born when your
Worlds were made…For the Devil as you know
Him is in fact your conquerors…God as you
Know him is an Echo of this…The True Creator
Is a mystery to all of us…But he does exist…
And we, as do all in Free Space…seek out the
Truth in this constantly…We explore to find
Answers to our questions of our creation.”

We, Joe, Julie and Jacob, as did everyone
In our row looked at each other with

“We have brought you here,” The Orator said,
“Because this Dark Force that consumes
All things is growing…it must be stopped
Before it escapes and spreads outside of
Our universe…Or…As we have been
Told from outside sources…Our Universe
Will be destroyed to prevent this…We,
Working with all possible allied forces, have
Done our best to fight this…And we
Have come to believe that hope must
Be extended to every possible option…
You are our greatest gamble…we hope
That in our selection of you…that we
Find that vital clue, that piece of a larger
Puzzle that can help us stop and conquer
This evil that threatens us.”

“How could we possibly help them?” Julie asked
Of this nightmare, “If it is at all true?”

Just then the Orator locked eyes with Julie…
“It is true…unfortunately.”

The group below kept pointing…And The Great
Lion Man took notice and stared intently too…
He locked eyes on to me…I froze in panic…
The intensity of his stare…I swallowed…In
Seconds he had taken, one two three steps and
His face was inches away from mine…His
Large blue eyes diving into mine…needles inside
My mind…I couldn’t breathe…

There were echoes of voices…
“What’s he doing to him?” Julie gasped.
“He’s shaking? Some kind of convulsions?”

“Or shock?” Jacob’s voice echoed.

“Do something?” Julie demanded. “You’re huge,
Push him!”

“What? Me?” Joe yelled. “Why don’t you
Show him your boobs Penthouse!”

More voices from them…words…
The Lion Man, BR’riel, inside my head.
Searching…his voice, deep…rumbling yet
Soothing, only said, “Not there yet.” Then
He let me go…Backed away…But
Kept staring at me…

“Are you OK?!” Julie exclaimed…She
Had my arm, as did Joe…They were pulling
Me back into the chair; I was on the floor?

“What happened, are you OK?” Jacob asked.

“Dude, Bro, you there?” Joe asked…

“He said,” I told them, “Not there yet?”

“What?’ Julie asked. “What’s not there yet?”

“I don’t know,” I said completely confused,
Terrified as I watched them watch us, study us…
The staring was awful. “I don’t know!”

The Orator watched, then waved to the side…
Curtains opened…to a screen…then there
Was a blinding light…Everyone fell into
Their seats…And the information came…
The mission…the commandments…the
Secrets forbidden to tell…

I remember then talking with the red head
Back in the rose garden at the bench…
Shaken, confused, holding my head…
And her telling me how sorry she was…
That I had to do this…
I was afraid of an implant or tumor inside
My head?
She insisted she didn’t know, only that
Something would be there one day…
And then her closing words…
“I want to tell you something, and you will
Remember this when you wake up…
Nothing as you know it is imagined…
It does somehow in some way EXIST…
It’s important that you know that
And believe it.”
I remember that to this day clearly…

“Now do you understand?” Vala asked me…

“Help us.” Varence asked me…very very humbly…

“Tell them…Find the others,” Ceres said softly,
“We’re here to help you…And we can only hope
You’re here to help us.”

“I’m trying.” I said.

“It takes time, I know.” Varence said. “The
Timing…The Purpose…it’s there…You…Your
People…It will come…I’ll show you.”

“And I will make things happen,” Rana
Said mysteriously… “But then I’m here for
More than one reason…”






Galactic Lightship Dreamflight 2JAN2016


You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (2 January 2016) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: MultidimensionaloceanAuroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Valiant: Knock Knock…The Bell Tolls…The Magic Hour…Come Faith…Come Witchcraft…

*song* ‘The Mystics Dream’ by Lorena McKenna

Te pen…The paper, the notebook…
This isn’t Heaven, but sure feels like Hell…
So where, when is the moment of Truth…?
The Revelation…that resolves and brings
The revolution…that’s not up to me…

“The distractions that hold you back…” Varence
Said…mysteriously; typical.

“The Quantum Singularity that activates…” Ceres
Said peacefully; so perfectly determined and beautiful…
“Sound…The Music moves and inspires.”
“The Peace, The Comfort of Unity,” Kierista said; the
Invincible grace she had…”Of Friends…here, there…
Lost…but not Forgotten.”

VIR’riel only growled…it was a moody, intolerant growl;
Very appropriate.

Rana sighed…”The Proverbial declarations…
How grand. If words could only accomplish
So much…I prefer actions…Actions speak
Louder than words.”

“So what’s next?” I asked.

Camlo nervously cleared his throat… “The transports…
Are coming!”

The room began to shake…slowly…steadily…

“I told you…” Varence began to say…before
Rana heard his voice, saw the arrogant smile on
His face…then jumped to her feet and slapped
Him hard across the face…she really belted him
Too. “Stop doing that!” Varence insisted.

“No.” Rana only said, coldly…The glimmer of
Challenge in her eyes.

I had to laugh, I confess…The sight and
Sound of her hand on his cheek…brought a bit
Of relief.

“What happens next is…they will hunt.”
Rana answered me.

Varence tried to stare her down, but in truth…
She made him nervous…For all the strength and
Attitude he possessed…She was a force no one could
Prepare for…no one. “I sincerely hope one day
You calm down.”

“When words are enough to change things…
Perhaps it will happen.” She told him, eyes
Blazing golden fires.

“The transports are coming!” Camlo reminded them,
Still so nervous; this was his never-ending manner.
“Has anyone heard me?”

Ceres moved to the console, beside him then she
More calmly read them. “They are near…Still, they
Are too close together in coming…”

A moment of silence as everyone took in the moment.

“I see ghosts.” I mumbled, “No matter what
Happens…I still see their faces.”

“You always will,” Ceres said kindly…here stance
Her posture… the way her blond wavy hair cascaded…
The sight of her hair was comforting, “For as long as
You live…Because they meant something to you.”

“Kathy…The Others…Her dreams, mine…Theirs…”
I said. “I swear…I feel like a character in
Someone else’s story…no say in my part at all.”

“That is a common thought for many.”
Kierista said as she took a seat at the console,
Very calmly.

“I do not understand,” Camlo exclaimed, “Am I
The fool then? Why is everyone so relaxed of what
Is happening? This is madness!”

“Try crying or screaming,” Varence laughed, “That
Might bring you relief…Relax Camlo, it is
Merely the greater scheme of things unfolding…
Accept it.”

The shaking of the room grew…
The hum was unsettling…

“I do not understand the confusion.” Rana
Said, her tone almost bitter through tightly clenched
Teeth. “How many times must words be said
Before something is done…read it, watch it, listen to
It…then something happens…and there is shock?
That’s why I ACT…REACT…forget the worries and
The shock…it wastes time.” She pointed to me, to
The notebook. “That’s why I’m here…when it’s
Time to do something, do it. Forget the distractions.
Please learn this already.”

“Something is wrong.” Ceres said, noting the readings.

“Finally.” Camlo declared.

“What is it?” Kierista asked, for everyone’s curiosity.

“They are too close together.” Ceres explained. “Both
Transports must have departed at the same time…
From different destinations on the planet. Neither
Will concede to the other…Saturn…They can
Not arrive at the same time.”

“What is the urgency?” Varence asked.

Ceres froze, her eyes bulged…glassy, concerned.
“Vala’s transport…SHI’Kar is with her!”

“Shi’Kar? Kierista exclaimed. “Why?”

“Who is that?” I asked.

“And the game only grows more interesting. “Varence
Smiled slyly. “A Game of Lions is it? Apparently
It is more than that…now.”

Rana groaned…VIR’riel growled…then moved beside her.
“SHI’Kar is the ascended master of the Hawkmen.
The Leader of what remains of the Great Lost Bird race.”
Rana explained. “Wonderful.”

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“What it means, my friend,” Varence said resuming
His very tall strong posture, “Is that the Owl and
The Pussycat may law each others eyes out.”

“Have you forgotten what the floor feels like?”
Rana asked him hotly. “Need I remind you?”

Varence held out his hands in peace. “I apologize.”

“What is coming?” I asked her a little nervous.
“Do I need to worry?”

Rana turned to me very politely…and I got the
Impression she did not do this often. “I realize
There is much you do not know….But you must
Accept…this gift you have…commands interest…
Many want to see it…and many will want to
Own it.”

“WHAT?” I asked. “Own?”

“Why did you have to tell him that?” Varence
Begged, sincerely concerned. “He didn’t have to
Hear that yet.”

“The sooner the better.” Rana told him.

“I have managed to sort it out,” Ceres informed
Everyone as her hands, fingertips ran over the
Console…”Evangella will dock first…
Through Mars…into the Earth’s portal now.”

“You managed to have Vala wait?” Kierista was
Stunned. “She is like Rana, she waits for
No one!”

“A time of miracles!” Varence laughed.

“Oh. Please,” Rana said rolling her eyes, “As if
Either of them are of lesser temperaments…
Evangella, studies all manner of Heavenly accords…
Vala all sciences and powers of the mind…
They are equally volatile and forgiving.”

“The great Priestess and the Great Witch…” Varence
Only said like a song… “It will be interesting.”

“Interesting?” Rana asked. “I could scream now.”

“Transport coming to port…” Camlo informed
Everyone…to the strange silence that came as
They waited. “Resting to a halt…the doors
Are opening.”

No one moved…There was only silence.
Rana’s great black cat let out this low endless

“Evangella is here.” Camlo said turning to everyone.
“She is here…” He could not understand why
No one moved. “Did anyone hear me?”

Ceres watched Varence’s expression…his solid
Pose…Rana’s presence made him unsettled.
“Well,” Ceres said to him, “Again another
Moment for you…what are you waiting for?”

Varence moved calmly towards the door as echoes
Of movement from the corridor on the other side
Told them she was coming. “Perhaps I am
Wary of another impulsive greeting,” he said
Sarcastically. “Perhaps I will be greeted with
A caning!”

“Oh don’t be ridiculous…Apollo…” Rana said
To him through fluttering playful eyelashes.
“She studies religions…My sister would
Never use a cane…It would have to be
A sacred object of some sort…or a sword
To castrate your…ego.”

“Ha.” He replied to her as the doors opened…
There she stood beneath the golden light
Greeting him with a lovely smile…Another
Flawless tall beautiful sister…so fair, she
Seemed to glow of something divine…There
Truly was something different about her…

“Greetings Evangella…” Varence smiled for her.

Evangella only nodded to him…she said
Nothing…then walked past him straight
Into the room…firmly…ignoring him…Her
Eyes immediately found and focused
On her sisters as she rested to a stop before
Them. “Hello, Kierista…Ceres, Rana…it has
Been a very long time.”

As they each calmly kindly greeted
Her I found myself transfixed by
Evangella’s entrance. I had never seen
Her before…Strange, because it seemed
I had been drawing all the sisters for
Years…But she was new…

Evangella was beautiful, as were all
The sisters…This was obviously a powerful
Family trait…

But…Evangella…So new…I found myself
Studying her very intently…Her eyes, her
Hair…Their hair…what was it about the
Hair of these women? But Evangella’s hair,
It was so different, I had never ever seen
A color like that before…

Her hair was elegantly pulled back over her
Ears, bound by these golden clasps with
Jewels…then fell in long swirls and curls
Down her back in these long streams…Some
Glossy tendrils fell gently over her shoulders…
Her hair, their hair, was a masterpiece in
Color and adornments that none could

But Evangella…The color of her hair…my
Eyes, my mind was fascinated…A pastel-like
Color…in an orangey-pinkish red. I know
No word to describe it. Like nothing on Earth…

The color…The result of a rare collection
Of genes from both parents…How could
Such a color exist like that? The formulas
Filled my head…
Both parents must have carried a recessive
Gene for this red…dulled by a complex set
Of genes to dilute this…no empty wasted
Junk DNA…for this color required a complex
Set of color requirements to occur.
The Blond genes…an incompletely dominant
Trait of Gold…with modifiers to enhance the
Color by recessive genes…Champagne to dilute
The outer edges, thus producing highlights…
This meant Blond, or gold was definitely
Incompletely dominant…Determined by
The parents…Dominant on one side, perhaps
The Father’s side? Therefore incompletely on
The Mother’s. ..Different shades of Gold
Manifested by different DNA in the
Bloodlines…generations of mixing with
Other colors…
At one point on both sides…there was a
Significant consistency of Gold or Blond
Genes…with no other interfering color genes.
Then at some point other colors were
Introduced…Yes, definitely…the champagne,
Or highlights were contributing factors then…
This determined dominance…then allowed
Manifestation of other colors…the modifiers,
Or amplifying genes darkened the gold to a
Beautiful shade of amber…or the auburn brown
As with Rana’s hair with gold highlights…

But Evangella’s hair! That Fantastic shade,
A perfect blend of salmon or carmine with
Another perfect blend of the Red and Gold
To Create this Orange-hue…But no pinkish
Color exists in hair on Earth? Some other
Recessive DNA contributors must exist in
Their race to create this unusual color…
But what though?
A very strong, intensely pure Red must
Be introduced to alter those incompletely
Dominant Gold-Blond genes…
The Darkest shades of red…like a Cherry…
Or Garnet! Could colors exist in their race
Like this? They must!
What could create that color hair though?
The Red genes also must have carried dilute
Genes…Yes, hidden dilute factors…
Not champagne though…No translucency
Either…These colors were intense…pure…
The only possible conclusion is another color,
One I have not seen before…Blue. Yes, blue…
But only in the subtlest form…and only therefore
As a complex recessive trait…A sex-linked gene?

If both parents carried complex dilute genes
This would permit this…such as the pale
Creamy blond shade of Kierista’s hair.
But the chances must be so rare for this other
Color…and it could mean only one thing…
Among their people…some would have to have
Blue, or Pink, or even Purple hair. This
Would be extremely rare though. The
Chances nearly impossible…
Unless those recessive genes were isolated and
Reproduced enough to manifest in the
Population of a very rare group or family…
On an island, or enclosed land mass or

“What is he doing?” Rana asked watching
Me, my thoughts.

“I believe he is analyzing her DNA.” Kierista
Said admirably surprised.

“And this would be…?” Evangella nodded
At me…

Ceres came to my side. “This is the one…Bill…
I named him Valiant.”

“I’m sorry,” I told them. “I was distracted.”

“Ah…” Evangella said softly, her entire
Manner…I don’t understand why they
Seemed intimidated she was very polite..
Gentle…a sweet voice. She stood, and carried
Herself very nobly…like a princess; they all
Did. “Word travels fast…” She nodded at me,
Then turned to Kierista. “And you, my sister…
OR’riel of the Lion Men came quite directly
To tell me…you are with child?”

“He did?” Kierista smiled in surprise. “Yes,
Yes I am…Is no word or secret of my own allowed?
Has he told everyone?”

“It is such wonderful news,” Ceres said joining
Them smiling, “No small news either…And
OR’riel is the great orator.”

The room shook distinctly. The lights flashed.

Rana raised her eyes to the flickering lights…
“That must be Vala.”

“The second transport approaches…” Camlo said…

“Evangella, is this news consuming everyone?”
Varence asked. “What of the revolution?
The throne…BR’riel?”

She did not acknowledge him at all… “Kierista,
Our entire family will be overwhelmed by the
News! Excitement? The pure elation! This
News is a celebration! But…This is no
Place for you! This world…This corrupted
Earth…you cannot stay here, you cannot.”

“I’m fine.” Kierista told her family. “Truly I am.
I realize the news will excite our brothers and
Sisters…But I am here for a reason…”

“Much is going on.” Ceres said.

“Please,” Evangella said, she begged. “What
Could be more important?”

“Look into his eyes,” Rana pointed to me,
“Then ask that question again…if you can.”

“The transport!” Camlo exclaimed…Trying to
Tell them of the strange readings…

Varence stepped forward then…shaken
Slightly by Evangella’s total lack of addressing
Him. “You come with such urgency…”
She only then turned to face him…
Blinking sweetly…A moment of silence…
His face curious…Hers so wide-eyed full of
Calm innocence. “Is something wrong?” He
Asked studying her face. She said nothing,
Only blinked and smiled…The picture of
Elegance. “Have I said something?”

The Lights flickered. Varence waited for
Her response…the silence was odd. No one
Saw it coming…when suddenly Evangella
Lashed out with such a forceful slap across his
Face that he flew sideways stumbling.
“Troublemaking Man-Boy are you!” She shouted.
“How dare you have my pregnant sister here…
At this place…This unstable world of hells
Slaves…If anything happens to her or her
Baby…Heaven won’t help you. “I’ll sin to bring
Your death myself.”

Varence swallowed then gathered himself
To his feet… “I am not surprised now…I
Expect no more.” As he returned to join them,
So did Rana. “I apologize…to the sisters of
Our Great Royalty…”

Before he could finish…Rana slapped him hard
Again. “I could not resist myself…the urge.”

The force of her strike swung his stance to the left…
Where then Evangella struck his cheek again.
“Nor I the penance!”

He backed away from them desperately. “Please
Stop doing that!”

“I feel entirely left out,” Ceres laughed, “I
Have been with him the longest…I have not
Hit him yet…May I have a turn?”

I had to laugh. Varence blasted out, “No!”
He held out his hand, “Please, enough!”

The lights flickered…the room rumbled.

“The transport!” Camlo shouted.

“What is it already?” Rana demanded.

“It can not dock…” Camlo told them…then

“Why not?” Kierista asked.

The lights flickered everywhere…panels…
Their faces were confused.

There was a rumble…Some ethereal sound…
Of heavy metal…moving…and another sound
I have no word for?

Then the doors opened…the lights stabilized…
The rumbling quieted…And there she was…

The Golden Light bathed her in glowing streams
Of light…This tall flawless beauty that
Came into the room…She was humming…
Her head dancing…in fact her walk was
A slow dance, like a strut…that
Emphasized her curves and womanly shape…
There was something about her…Striking…
Sizzling…Seductive…Her long pointed lashes
And eyebrows and smile…A wicked lovely
Beauty unlike the others…Her humming…The
Long straight gentle wave of her honey colored
Her warm eyes…they were gold, they
Were blue…they were pink…changing colors?

She played with her fingers as she held her
Hands to her sides…Her humming! The
Expression on her face…Confidence…
“Hello…sisters…it’s been some time.”

“Vala” Kierista said first. Everyone was
Speechless of how she strolled…strut…
Entered the room.

“I thought your transport had difficulties?”
Varence questioned.

“It did.” Vala simply said…then resumed
Her humming as it became this…singing, this
Sirens-like song that mesmerized
She tilted her head, eyes to the side as
Her escort then entered…

Awesome. Power…Another giant entered
The room…Walking like a muscle man, 8 feet tall
Wearing a long white robe…his hands were
Four fingered talons…But his white head
Was a magnificent Hawks-Eagles…Large
Blazing yellow eyes…with sharp pupils…
They blinked like a bird, but had the great
Wisdom of…the ages…He said nothing…
This was the ascended master they spoke
Of, and he looked it.

“Everyone knows SHI’Kar.” Vala told them.

They nodded humbly for him…Even VIR’riel
Did this too with respect.

Vala continued her Sirens song…Eyeing her
Sisters…She seemed to have a very different
Purpose in mind…as she walked toward them,
She smiled at me…But it was more than a
Smile…it was a smile through her eyes
That spoke to say…I know all about you.
Her eyes locked onto the large image
Screen…she saw the artwork…pursed her
Lips as though to kiss it…she recognized it,
She did?

They were unnerved by her attitude.
“Vala?” Rana asked of her nature.

But Vala only continued to sing, her mind was
Set on something else. “Show me the Earth.”
She told the screen…and immediately the
Screen changed to a view of the Earth as it
Appeared from space.

“Vala?” Kierista asked.

“You…”Vala said, her voice this enchanting
Melody…she sang, she didn’t speak…”Bill…
Valiant,” she sang the words…so delightfully
It made me smile… “The writer of the words…
To share, to tell…For now the scribe…To
Become the Command…I know you. Don’t
Fear me…I am a friend.” Her eyes sparkled
Like a dream. “We’ve danced before…
Trough your pens and pencils…Rest
Knowing that’s how you know me.”

I smiled. “OK…”

“Vala?” Evangella then asked…They were
Confused by her entrance entirely.

“Hello to all, yes the news is marvelous,”
Vala sang. “Yes, the news of our sister’s
Pregnancy is marvelous…I care, I do…but
There are matters at hand…” She was a
Sight to behold…Her radiant eyes and lips
That smiled…She pointed at me, then the
Earth on screen… “So much is going on…
On this world of yours…”

“It is the season,” I said for some reason.

“A Holiday you call Christmas,” Vala sang…”
Playing with her hair over her shoulders…
Before her eyes became fixed and wild on the
Image of Earth.

“Write as I say exactly. Please, Don’t stray
Or edit words out.” Vala sang to me…
Commanding my fingers totally. “Hear me
Mice of mortals, the children of men…Thy
Will be done…” Her Sirens song insisted this.
“The Magic I weave is mine… I serve no
One, it is my own…I respect the Creator…
But I am of my own…Your world is a
Torrent of a mess…Lies and seas of lies…
Unraveling in tatters…The sorcery you
Esteem and prize…I SHATTER…
If you see it so to praise stupid things…
And worship unworthy masters…SCATTER…
You weave spells to imprison innocence, the
Time for change has come…SHATTER…
Shatter your schemes, your lies, your plots to
Hold things still in your leader’s control, the
Duress of poison…There is much truth to tell
So that nature is free…SCATTER you that
Imprisons hope…and SHATTER all matters you
Plot here for…I release you nature…Breathe
Now the breath of Freedom…You are Free Earth Free.”

“Just what is that supposed to be?” Rana
Asked her… “More of your magic? Words to
Taunt them with?”

Varence eyed her cautiously…He’d never seen
Vala before, but he knew of her…many did.
“More than words she sings…” It unnerved
Him. “She brings something else…”

Vala eyed him…into him, through him. “I
Enjoyed you more as Oberon…The great player…
Your riddles were interesting.”

“Hardly,” Ceres informed her sister… “Games…
Words…Secrets hidden in poetic verses…
A waste of time.”

Vala blinked at her… “Nothing comes easy.
We all must learn one way or another.”

Varence walked slowly to my side…his strange
Smile returning to his face as he studied Vala, and
She him…They were intrigued by each other.
“Bill, you should note this here to tell…Vala
Is the Seventh Sister…the Seventh daughter
Of the King, born to the Seventh Wife, who
Also gave birth to the Seventh son Malik of
The Great King.” He nodded, more a bow for her.
“Some would appreciate to know that.”

Rana then stepped towards me… “Ah yes
The Seventh daughter…The magic without end.”

“I bring what I bring,” Vala told them…
Though there seemed to be a confrontation going
On between her and Rana. “Your cat killed my

“I apologized.” Rana said flatly to her sister.

Vala squeezed her eyes. “Of course.”

“Vala, Please,” Kierista then said. “Just what
Is it you are trying to do?”

“Did I make such an entrance?” Evangella
Then asked, asked them all. “You all; know
My studies…Faith needs not to make a
Demonstration…True faith that is, to

“For the wise, that is true.” Vala said, sang,
“Is that a fact here…Wisdom? Is that
What we are here for?”

“Clearly you have your own reasons.” Rana

“SHI’Kar heard there were bird people about…
He merely wanted to see.” Vala went on… “And
As for my reasons…Do you really want to know?”

“Just say your playful words and get it over
With already.” Rana seemed to growl.

“Playful?” Vala laughed and sang, “Ha! If

Varence sensed it in the air…It was something
He had waited for, though truth be told he
Did not expect it this way…not from Vala.
“This is a pleasing surprise.” He said deeply.
“I welcome Vala’s coming…I am grateful.”

Ceres turned to him with a look of shock…
She saw that expression on his face, her lips
Curled… “She has you mesmerized! Her
Witchcraft and song has you enthralled!”

“I am only pleasantly surprised.” He told her.

I saw his face…Ceres was right, Varence was
In a sudden spell in Vala’s presence…

Vala only smiled, hummed…and sang without
Words through her eyes…They sparkled and
Changed color…as she looked over her sisters…
I noticed this subtle rivalry among them then,
Of who was wiser, who knew wit and tact,
Whose experience was more valuable…There
Was no competition of their beauty…No one
Could choose among them…But Vala’s attitude
Was that of a challenge.

“In time we will see what happens…” Vala
Sang to her sisters. She kept humming…
It was hard to concentrate…even the
Great VIR’riel seemed to purr.

“They wait, do they not?” Vala sang to me…
Her eyes flashing from me to the image of the

“Wait?” I asked.

She only smiled at me…studying me… “I
Do not have to look in your eyes…the way
They did…I know what’s in there, that light.”
She looked about her sisters. “None of
You know…surely the readers do not…But
None of you know either…Who put this
Light in him…not even the Faithful
Evangella…Well, I will tell you…In fact
I will say it all now…On this Holy
Night of the Earth, it’s fair to tell…”
She pointed gently with sharp fingered nails
To me. “A great Prince of Angels put this
Light in him…Now you know…Perhaps
The greatest Prince…Names you are Forbidden
To know.”

Their eyes widened. They were stunned…I
Swear I never told anyone…

“Rest,” Vala sang to me, for me, “You
Did not tell, I did. It was time. It
Is time. In fact it is time for a great
Deal more now.” She looked at me intensely
Then… “I unlock these doors in you, in
Your mind…to remember now what you
Must remember…Call upon it and it will
Come to you…my friend.”

I have to admit…what she sang did
Make my head feel dizzy…

“And now,” Vala went on more intently…
Staring at the image of the Earth as she
Took steps towards it…as if to loom over it…
“The Earth…As Varence has said too often
Some will understand, some never will…But
As for my voice…I sing to the Earth, to its
Core…To her Nature…To the Elements…
To all things above and below…
Regardless if these words are read by
One and all…I sing it and it will be felt
By all…”

“To the vile Devils that stalk the shadows…
The Beast that haunts tormented souls, I
Blind you…I bind you with these songs of
Words, and blind you…Crave the wicked blood
And cannibalize your own henceforth and
Leave the innocent alone…For you and your
Serpent kin…and for those that serve you…
If you harm or shed more innocent blood
In unending agony will you suffer…SHATTER
Your nerves your plans your trophies…until
You surrender…everything you do, or plan will

“Unto the Earth,” Vala sang, “Hear me…
I call them…I call them…I call the
Corners…WAKE NOW…The time has come…
WAKE…I call the corners…The stone circle
Of old…In the land of Britain…WAKE…
Call to the Earth and then the Stars…Call
Your ancestors…Call to your brothers
And sisters in space…come to fix you, wake
You and break the curses and lies of the land…

I call the Corners…To the lands of the
Middle East…From Turkey to Syria to
Lebanon to Egypt…To the Secrets beneath
The ground to rise…The Sands of Blood
To freeze…The Secrets you never knew
Will be told…

I call the Corners…In the lands of
South America…Of Ancient Rain Forests
Fallen…lands of the Mayans the Aztecs
The Incas…Of long lost secrets and
Knowledge…Secrets of the Old World…
Shamans of the Forests raise your voices to
The sky to call for justice…For Nature to
Reclaim its strength…Only you can do this.

I call the Corners…In the lands of North
America, the Southwest…In the lands of
The Hopi, the Navajo, the Sioux…Where the
Anasazi once dwelt…Gather your Indian
Nations…to council…to dance and
Sing the cries of your ancestors…The WISEST
Shall know what to do…From and by
The Birds of Prey, Eyes will see…
From the Cry of the Nighthawk…
By the light of the moon…call your
Ages…The time of Justice is at hand…
Feel the power of the words to command
Thy will…To Speak to the Earth and
Her elemental Forces…Stop, cease from
Saying I…instead say We, We, We…
And that power will command all things.”

“The Future…The rulers of the land, if
Any hope there is to be…will come from
Their Indian Nations…And not until justice
And their land is returned to a harmony
Nature can forgive will there be any
Rest…False leaders minds and plots now
Scatter SHATTER…The Four Corners of
The Southwest shall decide the fate of the
Future now. For it has been said. Done.”

“Vala,” Ceres cried, “What have you done?”

Vala only smiled as a chilling mood
Settled in the air…

Everything felt different now…

Just then…The image of the screen
Flickered and changed to that of a man…
Sitting behind some desk of a stone room…
He was powerfully built, chiseled features…
Long blond hair, smooth tan skin and a
Ferocious expression…He glared at everyone
In the room.

“Brishan?” Kierista asked. “Brother is
That you?”

Varence leaned tome to explain, “He is
Their eldest brother now…Like Kierista he
Is a voice at the capitol and senate…”

“Sister,” Brishan said angrily, “Is it
True? Are you with child?”

She nodded confused, recent moments were
Still shaking her… “And everyone knows
My business…Brishan I am fine, it is

“What are you doing there?” Brishan
Demanded, yelled, “What are you doing
On that world?”

“We have matters to contend with.”
Varence explained.

“I will deal with you myself…later.”
Brishan said angrily. “I want my SISTER

“Don’t order me, brother…” Kierista told
Him… “I am fine…Please…”

But his mind was set already…much
More was going on than anyone knew. “Then
You leave me no choice…”

Suddenly the room became alive…Panels
Of rainbows of all lights everywhere raced
And flashed…as if to stream upwards.

Varence raced towards the console to
See what was happening…the readings…
His expression became shock…almost
Panic… “They are uploading everything…
EVERYTHING! The entire history of the
Planet…of Earth…”

Ceres turned to me fast…she
Touched her finger to my brow… “Go
Now, we will speak later.”

That’s all for now.

My artwork: Witchcraft, Vala





Galactic Lightship Dreamflights 26DEC2015


You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (26 December 2015) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: MultidimensionaloceanAuroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Adama: The State of Our Union, December 2015

This is Adama from Telos and I wish to comment on the state of our Union.

As you near completion and the culmination of the merging of energies, we all go through many emotions guided by the heart. Among them are the prevailing concerns which are propagated among the digital information stream, aimed at placing a wedge between your heart and your progress. The shadow of doubt may become all-encompassing: who can you trust? Who is in it for themselves? Who am I talking to? Who is deceiving me?

The individuals known as the resistance movement, many of whom have a spectrum connection, provide clues as to the nature of the way forward. They provide an example of “parallel play”, which is to say that an equal partnership can be embarked on that respects your personal sovereignty as an individual. Oneness is not a ruse, but a way of thinking in a similar way to how you peer through the Philosopher’s Stone to gain a greater understanding of your surroundings.

Many of you already know in your hearts that only you can make the journey, and only you can make decisions about your progress. When you acknowledge your guides’ existence, or not, you are simply stepping back to take in a greater view of your place in the universe. That this is “you” and that this is “others” are both true statements.

The individuals known as the “Illuminati” have assumed several cloaks in conducting their daily affairs. To decode their deceptions, the Philosopher’s Stone again must be used, for their true purpose is a lesson in using this important tool. There are more than a few layers of deception, but as you look closer you will be able to peel away the layers as one peels away the petals of a flower. In the middle lies the seed of what will be a great civilization. Readiness is demonstrated once the petals of the flower have fallen. For example, the idea of the Illuminati is yet another petal on the flower of understanding.

Bringing forth joy in your daily life and challenging yourself to see both positive and negative aspects of things are an important part of your progress in this respect. If you see a message as having negative effects, challenge yourself to see the positive. If you have arrived at the conlusion that you have no concerns, challenge yourself further. “Look HARDER”. Likewise, challenge yourself to see challenges. Don’t settle for what you KNOW – be curious about what you DON’T know!

We too have an insatiable child-like curiosity to find out more and learn all that we can. Why is the sky blue, daddy? And we keep asking why. As an adult, one can be lulled into accepting authority, or going with the crowd. Likewise, if you continue to hear the same answer, it may be that you haven’t learned the lesson you need to learn. If you truly feel that you have, it is safe to move on… you can always bookmark an idea for a later time.

The question of love is a good one, and it is true that there is a prevailing wedge existing on even such a basic emotion. Are humans intended to love only one thing? Exclusive love and nothing else? If this seems to you like a limiting concept, this may help you understand where the prevailing society has gone astray. From a religious perspective, God loves everything yet you are expected to love only God?

Can you love all of creation equally as if it were your own?

In partnership, love, and respect,


Note: the latest Star Wars movie demonstrates how “opposition” can serve as a teacher or “catalyst.”

18th December 2015 – Mike Quinsey

The festive season is bringing about a release from the more uninviting things happening on Earth. Regardless as to what is taking place in the outside world, people are determined to relax and enjoy themselves. It creates an energy that brings out the best in people, and gives them an opportunity to be giving and forgiving where relationships have been marred or even destroyed. For some it is a time for renewing acquaintances with those who have lost touch, and all over the world happiness is being recreated. Man was never intended to be alone, but most people are of course tied in with each other through karma, that can of course be viewed as either good or bad as you understand it. Whatever way you look at it life on Earth is a continual challenge that you do not always understand. However they are all part of your life plan to help you continue evolving.

The lives of many people are intertwined with others, and each in turn is guided to ensure that they follow their life plan. Sometimes you are hurt emotionally by your experiences, but be aware that all happens with your approval. Before you incarnate you speak with Higher Beings who discuss the details with you, and you inevitably agree with your life plan. You know that the sooner you clear any outstanding karma the better, as it will otherwise hold your advancement back. Karma sounds like punishment, but that is far from the truth as it is simply allowing you an opportunity to evolve where perhaps you have failed in the past. Furthermore, as you are at the end of this cycle it must be cleared if you are to progress. So it is very important that you take matters seriously if you desire to move out of the lower dimension.

The Earth is in upheaval and Mother Earth is now forging ahead with the changes that are long overdue. She has patiently waited for Man to cease destroying the environment, but too little avail. The result is that changes are now being experienced all around that to some may seem destructive, but they are all part of the necessary cleansing so that the New Age can get underway. Do not worry about the outcome as you are assured of beneficial changes that shall restore peace on Earth. It will akin to the Golden Age but realise that it only comes when the vibrations have reached the necessary level. You have everything to look forward to even though you look around now and see so much turmoil. You will achieve your goals with the help of others who will make themselves known to you at the appropriate time.

In the present time you are going to be hard pressed to understand why so much is changing around you. It will be difficult to determine what exactly is working for the good of all, so your intuition comes into play. You know the background to what is happening but just now there is no certainty as to how things will play out. Freewill is still the prerogative of all souls and as a collective it is you in great part who determine the way the future unfolds. The greater plan will in any event come to pass but whether it is a smooth passage is down to you. Whatever happens, Ascension will take place and in the near future.

You will be able to identify those of the Light who are engaged in work for the enlightenment of others. However, not all of them as some take a path that avoids publicity, and quietly but efficiently carry out their work. You can often sense the higher energy around such a person and that is a most reliable way to know that they are of the Light. Your intuitive powers will help you know when you meet them, and experience their whole demeanour. It should be easy for those who are evolved to identify those souls who pretend to be enlightened, yet are following a path that is not fully connected to the Light.

You should by now be aware that many of your friends who are of the Light, are from the higher realms and work with the Galactic Forces, They have done so for eons of time and guided Humanity to keep their feet firmly on their path. Most souls have little if any understanding of the way in which Spirit works with them. It would however work much better if they understood how to relate to their Guides. They are there to help you evolve, and where possible ensure you keep to your commitments. You need never feel alone and can call upon your Guides at any time for help.

Love is the greatest and most powerful energy there is, but at your comparatively low vibration it is not easy to use it to bring about miracles. You can however give successful healing as many of your healers already do. Even a few kind words spoken with love and feeling can lift up a soul in need. You may already know that the power is much stronger where you are in a group, and much more can be achieved in this way. Ultimately you will be able to heal instantaneously but it should be noted that healing is unnecessary in the higher dimensions.

Some souls cannot understand why they have accepted such a challenging life on Earth. That is possibly because they have forgotten why they volunteered to drop down the dimensions. You almost certainly felt compassion for those souls trapped in the lower vibrations, and were amongst a band of volunteers who elected to help them return to the Light. You did so having been given an assurance that you would always be accompanied by Light Beings. In other words, you would be guided and helped through your mission to ensure you safely returned to the Light. Everything that happens around you is part of your experience, and as more of you return to the Light so the need for more extensive lessons becomes unnecessary.

You may continue to be kept in the dark as far as what is happening on Earth, and it will remain that way until the dark Ones are prevented from interfering. It should change over a period of time, as some brave souls ignore their threats and go ahead with their plans to enlighten the people. So many people have lost their lives attempting to bring out the truth, so care must be taken until it is safe to do so. Some souls who are prominent amongst the leading “Lights” are protected because their work is so vital and important. You will no doubt identify with them, and their messages bring you up to date information. Much is happening behind the scenes and the overall position is now very encouraging.

I am Mike Quinsey and bring these messages through my Higher Self. It will be the last one until Friday the 1st January 2016. It promises to be an exciting year and I believe that much progress will be made. Disclosure will most likely take place and once that occurs it will signal the release of much information that has had to be held back.

I wish you all a happy time whatever celebrations you are used to enjoying at this time. It is a great opportunity to get together and bring happiness and love into the world.

In Love and Light. Mike Quinsey.

Valiant: Knock Knock…The Bell Tolls…GHOSTS…
***Song: Bell, Book & Candle

By Eddi Reader

…NOTE…This is not a dream…A Promise kept…
…For Kathy…

I grabbed the pen and opened a new notebook…
Ready now…The Time…Engaging…

I opened my eyes and she was sitting in a
Chair in front of me…I, in the captain’s seat
Where Varence sat me…and she, Rana, directly
In front of me…Her expression sweetly
Formidable, her face…those eyes…Beautiful…
More than human…more fierce than the Lion
Taught her to be…Her auburn hair held back…
Twirled and curled atop her head highlighted with
Gold like a crown…with tresses that streamed
Down her back…Her legs were crossed…She
Had been casually calmly waiting…

She watched me intently as I slowly focused…
She only looked away from my eyes once to
Look at her fingers as she played with her
Nails…She decided when the moment was
Ready…locked eyes with mine…”Bill?” Rana asked.

“Yes.” I answered her.

“I need to ask you some questions now.” She said.
She didn’t flinch, breathed calmly and never
Looked away…Ceres and Kierista stood on either
Side of her…as VIR’riel stood off to the side…
Standing there studying the view screen as images
Changed of my artwork…

How much time had passed? Minutes? An hour?
Time moved differently for them…though for me
It had been days…

“Don’t be alarmed,” Ceres assured me calmly, “Just
Talk to her.”

“What’s going on?” I asked them. I looked around…
Camlo sat in his seat…watching with the oddest look.
Where was Varence? Then I felt a hand on my
Shoulder…he was behind me.

“Tell her every little thing.” Varence said very
Calmly; himself again?

“Listen to me very carefully.” Rana said, the
Pupils in her golden eyes rolling in size like a cat,
“I need to know…the Light in your head
That you were given…how it works…the
Artwork…how to activate it?”

I swallowed, “I don’t know how to tell you…
How to answer that?”

“You need to try.” Rana instructed. She spoke
Very carefully…I felt as though she, that
Whatever she was doing or about to, was very
Cautiously controlled. “I need to know…right

My blood raced. “Why?”

“I won’t waste time. I will not play with you the
Way that he does,” Her eyes simply pointed to
Varence, “I need to know…for myself…with
My own eyes…just how you became, Valiant.”

I was getting nervous by the serious, intense sensation
In the room. “But…I thought you knew this

“I was told, but I want to hear it…see it…feel
It…” She said mysteriously. “From you to me…
Not from others.”

“Right now?”

Yes. Before the others come…Before the elements
Grow…” Rana said very seriously. “It’s not a
Matter of permission…I will do all I can to help
You…I promise. I just need you to tell me
To my face…how and what woke you up.”

“Help me?” I was confused… “Help me with what?
What aren’t you telling me?”

“There’s no need to worry about that possibility now,”
Kierista explained softly. “Just know…we will help

“Remember what I told you?” Ceres added
Kindly then…more than kind, she was concerned.
“From within…Valiant…don’t hesitate, and tell
Her true.”

“Trust is becoming a hard issue for me these
Days.” I said.

Rana took a breath and simply said, “Please.
There isn’t time. Please.”

Those words. The Request. My eyes wandered…
I saw the ceiling…I saw the sky…Shockwaves…
Overwhelming emotions would rain…”Alright.”

“Take your time. Breathe.” Rana said… “And tell me…”

I fought to hold it together. The memory
Was clear…I knew it every day…But finding
The words to come…Bleeding was easier.

“Before the posts you mean?” I asked.

“Yes.” Rana said. “You know what I mean.”

“Don’t hesitate.” Ceres nodded. “We’ve been
Waiting to hear it.”

It was pointless to stall…

“Colin was only the beginning,” I said…”Though,
I guess in many ways it began years before that.
In dreams that haunted me…that repeated
Over and over…until they bled into real life…

From the moment I dreamt of the Lady
In the Garden…guiding me to the Great Hall…
Where hundreds of people in their pajamas
Were assembled…for some purpose…

I never had normal dreams…Mine were
Something…else. I know that. From the little
Boy who would come…begging me for help…
This 10 year old blond boy would throw books
At me. Crying, screaming at me, “You said you
Were going to help me!”

To the Runaway…who ran away from
An abusive home…fighting demons and
Nightmares he couldn’t handle…He turned to
Drugs…then ran…and became a child of
The streets…into a hell that only grew
Worse…Was life ever kind to them? No.

A housewife in the Midwest…tiny shy
And fragile with the domineering husband
Who only shouted and never listened…His
Nature and wisdom he found in beer beer beer…
Her children…whom she loved…she could
Not control…She had never loved…only
Settled for whatever came along…to not be
Alone…to hide from nightmares that weren’t
Real, but were…Her final bit of strength
She found in the razor blades that set her free
When she tore them across her wrists…

Robert in Rio…The night of his 5 year old
Daughter’s birthday…He couldn’t handle
The snake eyes of the beast anymore…the
Nightmares that became daymares…One
Glass of whiskey and one gunshot in his mouth
Silenced it all.

The grandmother in Germany who prayed
For the monster in the kitchen that watched
Her, please to go away…she was
Too afraid of blades, of guns…So she swallowed
All her pills to make the monster finally
Go away…

On and on…one by one…It never ended.

All I ever wondered was…when would
My turn come?

In all the dreams we met…this group
Of people I never knew…but I did. From
All over…all ages…throughout the years…
There was a girl…Kathy…She somehow
Remembered the details from dream to dream…
So when they came…she would gather those
Closest to her…She would take my hand, their
Hands and put a group of us together and
Remind us of what was happening. “Don’t
Forget, Bill. Don’t forget.”

Throughout the years she did this whenever
We came together…I don’t know how…this was
Her gift? Her power? I don’t know…

The Last Dream I had with her in the group…
It was a dark, dark room…it felt like a secret
Gathering…There were only about 30…Everyone
Seemed frightened, shocked, confused. Where was
Everyone else? Why had the number gone down
Suddenly? So many of them…

Kathy, younger than me…fair skin, long
Straight dark hair, blue eyes…pretty and smart,
Warm like an old friend you could say anything
To…Took my hand, she’d found me in the crowd
And pulled me to the side with the others…

Why this group? I have no idea…But their
Faces were consistent…Aside from mine, they
Always commented how different I looked
Each time…growing, changing…yet somehow
Kathy recognized me each time…

There were 7 of us I think…there had been
More, I can’t remember. She talked fast…telling
Everyone to remember…”Bobby’s dead. He killed himself.”

“What?” I said, they said. Everyone was
Shocked. “Why? How? He was so streetsmart…
A bodybuilder…sarcastic yet shy…

“He stopped believing…” She said. “He always
Believed he would find you, us…or we, him…But he
Was lonelier than I thought…when it came for
Him…He couldn’t do it anymore…He slit his
Wrists. Like the others, all the others.”

It hit me like thunder…Their faces said
The same…whose next then? How much time was left?

“Don’t forget…” She repeated. “Just don’t forget…
If it could happen to Bobby…then…”

That was the last time…

And then…it was February, just after
My birthday…

I had the dream that was not a dream…

This was the clearest it had ever been…

In the Northwest of the United States…

I saw mountains…The clouds, the rain the
Cold that was almost snow…

She had taken the bus to work…listening to
Her iPod…Pat Benatar…She always listened to
Pat Benatar…Love is a Battlefield…Fire and Ice…
Shadows of the Night…We Belong…All Fired Up…
It kept her going…it made her believe…

The Music fueled her power…

Songs answer riddles you know.

That day was different…dark…something
Looming…She felt it. She couldn’t concentrate at
Work…something was coming…

She worked at an Arts and Crafts store,
Michaels I think…It didn’t pay much, but at least
She could afford the art supplies she needed…

She tried going to college, but couldn’t do it…
Nightmares in her life…just didn’t help her cope
With college life…It was all fake anyway…A degree
For what? Partying? For talents she already had?
To use in an overcrowded, over educated society
That went now where…But insisted you have a
College degree…to prove you were somebody.

She didn’t care…She already had something
To believe in…

Her homelife growing up…was your average
American Nightmare. Her parents fought, over ate
And drank…An average 2-story house on an average
Cluttered street…Her father was a mechanic…
Who knew everything, with a heavy temper…
Her mother was a cashier at the grocery store…
Smiled for the customers but was sarcastic at home…
Ate too many doughnuts…and lectured her only
Daughter constantly on how to make better choices…

Her only older brother…was the family
Hero…A Navyman…with a different life in
Every port he went to…but mom and dad ignored
That part…Because Tommy was special.

But she always heard voices, saw the ghosts
And shadows move…inherited the artistic talent from
Her grandmother…who shared so much in common
With her…They often shared secret stories of the
Family from her grandmothers’ homeland of

That was the magical part of her life.

She always had premonitions…and sometimes
Could make things move…when she was upset…she
Was afraid of the dark…Of the monster that
Hid in the corner…it was always there watching
Her…tormenting her…waiting for her to grow up…
She knew it…And fought its influence…

You know the monsters influence right?
Have a good time…give in…Feel good…You like
It don’t you. Have it all…Be first in line…Be a
Rock star…You’re so special…You’re so sweet…Shop
Make money…Tow the line. Feed me. I
Should come first…Haven’t I been through enough…
Who cares about everyone else. That’s their

Kathy was better because she didn’t listen
She did care…And she didn’t have to be first
In line…And she didn’t give in…No matter
How lonely she got.

You want me to tell you what she looked like?
She was pretty. Boys always liked her. But
That never mattered…

Her life began when she was 18…her senior
Year…when the dreams began…of that other
World…that group of people…The secret lives
They shared…And the glue she brought that
Brought a little lonely group together…and made
Them believe…made them remember…

She had been out of it all day at work…
Could only think of the dreams…She was
Eager all day to get home…her little modular
Home…to her desk…to her artwork…
To the book…where she kept the dream alive.

She raced home…to get to it…listening to
Pat Benatar…New ideas, new memories in her
Mind she had to write down. The rush of
Putting it down on paper, she couldn’t wait.

Kathy raced off the bus…up the hill into the
Modular home park…up the path to her home, the tiny
Deck…keys in the door…inside…To greet her precious
Romeo, her feline best friend…a black and white
Alley cat that knew her better than anyone…
Actually, he was Romeo II …The first died
Just after she turned 25…heart broken, she had
To have another cat, another Rome…She always
Had to have her Romeo…Some thought it was
Strange she had to have a cat that looked the
Same, with the same name…She didn’t care…
She knew they were each different…She just
Needed that continuity…that one thing to
Believe in…in the real cruel world. Romeo
Was her protector…her familiar, she petted
And kissed her loyal friend, tossed her purse
Aside to the recliner on the left…grabbed a
Diet coke from the refrigerator…and raced
To her desk in the rear of the large
Rectangular home to her desk in its only

She sat down, grabbed the book and paged
Through it…Each time she opened it was like
The first time…The pages she’d made…devoted
To these people she only knew from dreams…
A book of drawings she’d made…sketches of
Their familiar faces…little notes and poems of
Their lives and personalities. Pictures of models
From magazines…resembling their faces…It was
Her treasure…A book she began making when
She turned 18…and those dreams began…until now,
2012…At 35…she could never give it up. It
Kept her young. No one understood.

She flipped through the pages…tp find his
Page…then pulled out the little paper
Hearts she brought home from work…left over
Valentines from Valentines Day…She used the
Glue stick to scatter them across the two page spread…
“Happy Birthday, Bill!” she whispered to the sketches
Of his face…my face…it had struck her from
Nowhere…his, my, birthday was Valentines Day.

She knew me somehow unlike anyone else…
Guarded, I was always foolishly defensive…It was
A friendly admiration…The way she copied my
Drawings and dreams…she knew my dreams, my
Secrets…more than I wanted. And never judged
Me…She marveled at how I, the Bill she knew
Transformed himself over the years…It scared me…
But I was stupid…and comforted when it was too
Late…She knew me…Thank you for that. I’m
Sorry it took so long to understand…this unbelievable
Rare special friendship…Now that’s a friend you
Take a bullet for.

She heard the front door open…It could
Only be Sean…her long time highschool boyfriend
And sweetheart…They’d never married, it was
Just some understanding that kept them loyal…
He was good guy, handsome…always popular
Wherever he went…She just couldn’t fully commit
To him and give up those dreams. On one understood.

He was home early. She went to the kitchen
To greet him. “Hey you.” She gave him a quick kiss
Then started pulling out leftovers for dinner…

He yanked off his leather jacket, tossed it over
The kitchen chair beside him and slicked back his
Damp brown wavy hair. “Hey. Got off early. My turn.”
He laughed. He gave her a quick hug then sat at
The kitchen table and watched as she set the
Table…put the lasagna in the microwave. “So..
What’s new?”

“Same boring day.” She told him as she finished
Setting the table, put the bread and butter out. “Lisa
Made the schedule again…and again I hated it.”

He laughed. “Mike did the same to me today.”
He started grabbing portions of the pasta, wolfing
Down bread. “Auto Parts Store…You would think
They were selling diamonds…”

“Did you get the weekend off like we talked
About?” She asked, sitting down to eat with him.

“No. He wouldn’t give it to me. Dan quit, so the
Hours suck.” He said.

“What about our plans?” She sank in her
Chair. “First no Valentines Day…now this? Are
You ever going to stand up to him?”

He gagged on the bread. “Stand up? What for?
It’s not like we’re married or are getting married.”

“Sean,” she rolled her eyes, “Not again…You
Said you understood. Why are you doing this now?”

“You know I always have.” He said coldly. “But
You know I have the ring…I’ve had it for 5
Years now…and you won’t even wear it. I just
Can’t get it…Most girls would love the idea…”

“Well I’m not most girls.” She ate with
Determination to avoid the topic…again…

He watched her shaking his head…She
Was so pretty…She still looked like she was in
College…She never bossed him around…she
Was always patient…supportive…understanding.
She never nagged him, not once, not ever, about
Anything. “Why?”

“Sean, please.” She couldn’t look at him. He
Was handsome, sweet…gentle, kind…He still looked
Like a highschool jock…but without the ego…
She just couldn’t give in to him. “Please.”

It’s that book.” He snapped, for the first time.
“That book of yours…I swear you love them more
Than me.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.”

“Which one of those guys is your dream man?”
He snapped again. “John? Richard? Bobby? Bill?

She froze in anger. “It’s not like that…And
Since when do you know their names?”

“I peeked.” He growled with a mouth full
Of bread.

“Oh you peeked and assumed so much.” She
Snapped back.

“That book is huge…and you sure put so
Much effort in it.” He went on as he ate. “When
I loolked through it the other day…Holy Cow…
Man o’ man…I couldn’t believe it. The
Drawings…the clippings…the poems…”

“Sean I love you, you know that.” Kathy
Truly told him; she did you know. “I just
Can’t explain it…”

“Why did you have these big X’s crossing out
Pages?” He asked.

She froze. She couldn’t think of anything else…
“They’re dead.”

“They’re dead?” Sean asked, nearly spitting out the
Food. “These make-believe people of yours are dead?”

“Make-believe?!” She said angrily. “What is
That? Your deduction from 1 Psychology course
In college? You’ve known me how long and that’s
What you think?”

“What am I supposed to think?” He said after
Swallowing fast. “Those guys of yours…”

“There are girls in the book too!” She insisted.

“I saw,” he said sarcastically, “beautiful. Don’t
Even get me started on that.”

“Just what are you trying to suggest, SEAN?”
She asked as she lost her appetite. “That
I’m into women?”

“I don’t know what to think.” He said as he
Too stopped eating. “You won’t marry me. You
Won’t talk about kids…yet you obsess over
This book with all these hot girls…your dream

“HOT?…Dream men?” Kathy growled. “Give up
The Crime Scene Investigation, Sean, you watch too
Much CSI!”

“So you’re telling me you don’t find them attractive?”
He asked.

“It’s not like that, they’re just pictures!” She told him.

“Of a fantasy world in your head.” He told
Her…the words coming out of him for the first
Time…”A fantasy land of these pretty people and

“Don’t!” She stopped him.

“Oh you mean the monster?” He scowled.

“Shut up.” She growled.

“The creature that torments you with its
Evil eyes,” He gestured and mad faces at her
Wildly, “That thing that touches you…”

“Stop talking Sean.” She ordered.

“Or what?”

“You want to psycho-analyze?” She tilted
Her head angrily, wickedly…”Let’s talk about your

“STOP!” He said…

“Brian, with the Pretty Prom Queen wife…that has
Him whipped like some wimp…”

“STOP it!” He said louder.

“And Ben…” she said sarcastically, “Charming,
Ben with the never-ending smile…The perfect
House…the pretty little wife, 2 kids…the
Successful insurance salesman…”


“So, Sean…tell me,” she said, “How many
Young college boys is your older brother selling
Insurance to in all those motel rooms across
The state? 20? 30? 40? Last month…last week?”

“My brother’s not gay.” Sean stated coldly.

“No, he’s just recruiting hundreds of college
Boys into insurance sales…’ Kathy said angrily, “All
Across the state…naked…just for fun.”

“Screw you.” He said jumping to his feet,
Grabbing his jacket. “He’s not gay.”

“What is the big deal, Sean?” She insisted. “So
What, who cares if he is or not…Something is
Wrong with him!”

“So you know everything. Ha!” He threw his
Jacket on then stormed over to the door! “Sort
Out your own delusions before you judge others.
He’s not gay!” He was out the door before she
Could respond.

What was his problem? She sat quietly at the
Table holding her head. Her thoughts racing
Wandering. What a world. Who was she to complain?
The world was a mess. Lies and fake lives.
The world was falling apart…the news around
The world…the weather…And yet at its core it
Felt as though every family was malformed in
Some way…the behavior was disturbing…No
One listened, no one heard…it was all for themselves,
Me, me, me…pretending, chasing dreams of
Fame and fortune…endlessly criticizing to make
Themselves better.

She held her face wishing she hadn’t hurt
Sean’s feelings. Just then Romeo II came up
To rub against her leg. She reached down to
Pickup her faithful friend and hugged him.

Her dreams were strange, they made no sense,
But they sure felt better than the reality she knew.

She cleaned the table, the kitchen…Quietly…
Solemnly…then went to the living room to watch some
TV. It couldn’t quiet and soothe her nerves though…
She watched blindly some TV show…she couldn’t
Even understand what it was. Then she turned
Off the TV…went to the desk in her bedroom…
Turned on her CD player…

And the song was, ‘We Belong’…Pat Benatar
Of course.

She paged through the book…Over John,
Over Jake, over Jennifer…Richard… She didn’t
Even know if that was their real names. And then
To Bill…It always ended in this page…she
Had to see it last. For some reason his page
Inspired her. She held her head. Said good night
To each of them…then changed into her
Nightgown and went to bed.

Just after 11…Sean came home…got
Undressed…crawled into bed…Apologized to her,
She did to him…Then quietly they hugged
Each other…ands fell asleep. They sincerely
Truly loved each other you know…

The dark of the night was heavier…

Something was in the air…it had been
All day…Her dreams were empty and echoed
Awful voices…she tossed and turned…

The cat hissed. Romeo II sensed it…
Saw it there…

Kathy rolled over…Her eyes opened…3 am
On the clock…

Something wasn’t right…In the air…

It was in the room.

She rolled to lay flat on her back…The
Shadows were alive with something…From the
Corner…blinking eyes…Orangey-red…They
Watched her. Burning…lifeless…Evil…

She couldn’t move…She wanted to but
Couldn’t…Her heart raced…Her skin cold…
She trembled…Then it emerged from the shadows…
That awful thing…Monster…It wasn’t
Invisible anymore…The Creature like some
Gargoyle, some flesh and blood version of Satan…
Greenish shiny black…it approached the
Bed…sliding like a snake…

“Sean!” She fought to cry out.

It stopped at the foot of the bed.

“Sean!” She forced her mouth to move.

The Creature grabbed her leg.

“Sean!” She cried.

It grabbed both her legs and pulled her
Toward it slowly…hissing…smiling…scaring
Her even more.

“Oh God Sean Wake Up!” She screamed.

He remained deep deep asleep…the way it
Always was…

The details…you know.

Then it was morning, Sean was shaking her
Awake. He was horrified, she was covered in bruises,
Scratches on her back. She struggled to wake
Not understanding what he was talking
About. “My God what happened to you?” He
Kept asking her. She has no idea what he
Meant. She remembered nothing, but felt sore
All over.

She went to the bathroom, he followed…and sa
The evidence in the mirror…the bruises on her neck,
Arms, legs…the scratches on her back…What in
The world?
He kept badgering her with questions…

What happened? What happened?

“I don’t know!” She could only say…then the
Reflection told her…flashes…flashes…those awful
Eyes…THAT THING! She cried, she panted, pure
Panic…she couldn’t breathe. Shaking…She
Remembered it then…too much.

Sean touched her shoulder, she screamed
And pulled away. “SDON’Y TOUCH ME! Don’t
Touch Me! Don’t Touch Me!” She cried.

“What the hell happened?” Sean demanded.

“You know what happened,” she cried, the
Pain, the fear, the anger, “That thing…”

“Not that again!” He shouted angrily. “Kathy
This isn’t make believe, this is serious. This
is sick. What did you do to yourself?”

“Do to myself?” She shouted in rage. “Are
You kidding me? I got up in the middle of the
Night…threw myself down the porch steps…then
Found a mangled rake, scratched my back
And clawed myself for fun…among other things…
Then crawled back in bed to sleep…to scare

“Kathy, this is sick.” Sean said in horror
“You need help, seriously. This has to stop?”

His words…the pain…the anger…the
Sheer stupidity! That was his conclusion? He knew
Her? After all these years? “GET OUT!” She
Screamed. “GET the hell away from me!”

Consumed by his reasons, he scowled,
Went to the bedroom, got dressed for work
And left without saying a word.

She heard the front door slam as
She cowered in the shower…hiding beneath the
Hot water…praying…for something…for help…
For reasons…anything…

She didn’t go to work that day. She called
In sick…then hid under the covers in bed
Crying…with Romeo II…In Silence…no music…
She didn’t eat…she didn’t watch TV…all she
Did was cry.

Let it end Dear God…Please…

The day flew by amazingly fast…even though
She hadn’t slept…

Somehow in the evening she managed to
Drink some juice, eat some crackers as she
Sat quietly at her desk looking through the book.
Somehow…like magic…their sketched
Faces comforted her…brought her back…and
She found the strength to go on…

Around 8 Sean came home…Most
Invisibly…carefully…She had just turned around
At the desk and saw him there. His face said
It all…”I’m sorry.” He only said “I’m sorry.
Please don’t hate me.”

She hugged and kissed him. “It’s OK.
I’m sorry too.”

She knew he didn’t understand. He never
Could…she sensed it. You see, for all Sean’s
Strengths and weaknesses…in the end he loved her.
No one ever had unconditional faith in him the
Way she did. She never lectured. She never asked
For special gifts or to be worshipped…She never
Called him names…And that was priceless to him.
He may never understand…but he would love her
Forever for that.

And so they went to bed…together, yet apart…
They had each other. They needed that.

Again, the Dark came…

The heaviness in the night…

That indescribable feeling…

The shadows moved and watched…

But it was different this time…

Very different.

In the morning Kathy woke up slowly…
She has slept the bad feeling away…mostly…
The book helped her do that…fantasies of
Those people…friends she never knew
And wished for…it made all the difference.

She rolled over to find the bed empty…
“Sean?” She listened carefully…He was in
The shower. Then she glanced at the clock, 7:30.
He was late! She would be too if she didn’t

She raced around. Got dressed. She had to
Use the bathroom bad. But when she tried to
Knock, to open the door, it was locked. “Sean,
Could you hurry, Please? I need to use the
Bathroom bad…” NO answer. “Sean?”

She held it as best she could…went to the
Kitchen to grab a cookie…and found a mess.
The kitchen table was moved…the chairs out
Of place…a dish was broken on the floor…
Everything from the table was on the floor.
“What the…?” She mumbled…she was in
Too much of a rush to think…She cleaned it
Up…wolfed down a few cookies…she heard
The shower stop…the bathroom door open…
Without thinking she raced into the bathroom
Blindly past Sean as she hurried to relieve herself,
All she could say was , “Thank God! Sean
I was about to burst!”

She used the bathroom…washed up…ran
The brush through her hair…Quickly put
On some make-up…Then raced back to the

It was then that it struck her…

She froze.

Sean sat in the far corner of the living
Room…wearing only his robe and his boxers…
He sat in the recliner by the TV facing her…his
Head down…robe open…his eyes fixed in some
Trance on the floor.

“Sean?” She asked carefully stepping toward him.

He said nothing. He didn’t move.

“Sean?” She said his name more kindly.

Her eyes traced his form…Was that a
Bruise on his thigh the edge of his boxers?

Ashe froze…

It struck her…but she couldn’t think…


“I believe you.” He said quietly, timidly. In
The weakest tone she had ever heard from him.
A tear ran down his face.
“I believe you.” Then he broke…and the
Tears streamed down his face wildly. Then he
Was curling up bending over hysterical, sobbing
Out of control.

Her eyes bulged. Her jaw dropped.

What he said…his words…his tears…

She knew…She knew exactly what happened.

He suddenly jumped out of the chair….
Raced towards her and grabbed both
Her arms so hard he nearly lifted her off the
Floor. “How can you live with this?” He
Cried so heavily his face was drenched, his
Face so distorted in pain she barely recognized
Him. “That THING…!”

“Sean…I…” She weakly said. She tried to
Reach around to touch him softly…

The touch of her hand triggered a violent
Response…He exploded. “Don’t Touch Me!” He
Screamed, shrieked in a tone she never heard
Before. He threw her away from him and he
Flailed his arms about. He grabbed the kitchen table
And threw it hard and fast into the living
Room…then he spun and tossed the chairs away
As he backed himself into the corner…Howling…

She shook, she cried as she backed
To the kitchen counter and clung to it. Too
Terrified to move she watched as Sean fought
And pushed himself into the corner against
The walls…crying so hard he couldn’t see.
“Oh God Please Help Me!” He screamed to the
Ceiling and sky.

The scene was worse than anything she
Could imagine…Sean…she had never seen
Him cry before…he was a rock, your typical
Guy…he always his emotions. This was
A bomb going off.

“Sean Please…OK…Breathe.” She said to
Him. “Slow down …Breathe.” She forced herself
To remain calm. “Just listen to me…I’m here
For you. I’m right here. It’s over. It’s over, it’s
Gone, it’s not here any more.”

It took an hour but she calmed him
Down to where he could talk…then the words
Came out…

“Last night…” He slowly told her… “I
Tossed and turned. I was having a bad dream…I
Think…I woke up, it was just after 3…
I remember…seeing a shadow more in the
Hallway,” he said through tears, “ I thought
Someone was in the house…then I heard
The cat hiss…I grabbed a bat, my bat
From behind the bedroom door…got up and
Went down the hall into the kitchen…
The cat kept hissing…When I got to the
Kitchen…I saw it…I froze…I
Couldn’t move. I remember thinking, it wasn’t
Real…it couldn’t be there…

It was hovering over the couch…I, I
Think it was trying to chase or catch the cat?
It turned and looked at me…That face!
That monster face, the eyes!
I couldn’t move…it came at me…

The way it moved…its head…

It jerked its head, it was like it slid
Across the floor…

It came up to me and then…”
Sean broke and cried hard.

“It grabbed me and then…’

He cried so hard.

“I couldn’t do anything…and it…”

“I know, Sean.” Kathy said. “I know, Sean.
You don’t have to say anymore. It’s over. It’s
Gone now.”

Calmer…somehow she gave him the
Strength to collect himself. “Is it?”

“What?” She asked.

“It’s not over. You can’t make it stop.” He said.

“We’ll get through this, we will.” Kathy
Told him. “I’m here for you.”

He wiped his face and stood up. “No.’
He forced the words and strength. “No, we
Aren’t doing this.”


Sean raced to the bedroom and grabbed
Her book, then brought it to the kitchen and
Slammed it on the counter, opened it…flipping through

“What are you doing? She asked.

“These people of yours…can they
Do anything?”


“Can they help us?” He shook. “I’m
Not staying here, we’re not staying here.”

“Sean, what are you talking about?”

“This blond girl…The Hollywood pictures…”
He read the pages…”Who is she, where? You wrote
Here she hurt the Beast…Julie…Beautiful but
Deadly…She gets anything she wants…That’s
Her power…can you find her?”

“Sean are you crazy?”

“This guy.” He said of another page…”The
Football player…Joe…Is that his name?
You don’t know? Football teams…You hate
Sports…what is he? What can he do?”

“Sean I don’t know…they’re just
Feelings…partial memories I assembled over
The years!”

“This Indian guy, Jacob.” He said next. “All
This Native American stuff…Jacob….you mention
The movie Twilight…His name’s like a wolf…
He’s strong…he’s protected…The elders hide
Him…can you find him?”

“Sean I don’t know! Don’t you think I wish
I could?”

“And this guy…This Jeff…This Bill, the
One with all the names…Valor…Valiant…
The lines, the artwork…He blinded the
Creature…can you find him? Can you?”


“Tell me. Because we aren’t staying in this
House.” He shook. “I can’t stay here, not
Knowing this.”

“So what do you want to do? Go looking
For them blindly?” She asked. “To run? What
About money? The bills? Our jobs?”

“The hell with that!” He yelled. He
Grabbed the phone, dialed his boss. “Hello,
Mike? Yeah, it’s Sean. Yeah. I quit…Yeah
You heard me…Yeah…screw you.” Hew tossed
The phone at her, “Quit your job…We’ll go
To the bank…I’ll take out all my savings…
I can max out my credit cards…”

“Oh my God, Sean!” She cried. “Sean, have
You lost your mind?”

Suddenly he was angry and determined.
“Do it…then pack a bag…get the pet carrier,
The cat…I want to be out of here in an
Hour.” He held up his hand. “One hour. Do

She couldn’t argue…He gave her no choice…
In prayers, in desperate panic…she did exactly
As he said…She quit her job…packed her
Essential things in a few bags…grabbed Romeo
And together they loaded up Sean’s pick up
Truck…Within one hour…Like he said…
They were on the road…and she was looking
Back saying good bye to her life…completely…

That fast…the change, the decision came.

Her cat under one arm, the book
Under the other…Her eyes lost in the spell
Of the sudden hell, the chaos that
Descended upon them…She was lost…Sean
In a trance…

What happened?

Racing through traffic…She heard the
Laugh…the hiss…Sean was hysterical, but
Not out of his mind…The Beast had done this…

Too late…The brakes were cut…

Heading down the highway of the hill

Sean lost control of the truck…

Dodging traffic..,

The doors were locked, jammed shut…

They couldn’t even jump out…

The truck swerved…The steering wheel
Would not cooperate…

Then they were flying off the road, near the
Edge of a highway bridge…rolling down the hill…
There were loud sounds…bones snapping, popping.
Glass shattering…the sounds of bending twisting
Breaking metal…Her head hit the dashboard,
The window…the ceiling…neck broken…
The faint echoes of the explosions…

Boom Boom Boom…



Then Nothing.

Then it was over.

And there, here I was sound asleep…
In this dream, that was her hell, her

There were clouds rolling peacefully
Over the mountains as if nothing mattered…

A stillness over the Earth…from the loss
Of life…

And there she was floating, calling my name…

“Bill, Please…Please, Bill…Don’t Forget Me.
Remember…Remember everything Please. It wasn’t
A dream. It mattered. It was real. It happened.
Please remember. Please remember. Please

And then she was gone…

I woke up choking…Feeling a loss I can
Not express. I was sick for days. I cried for about
3 weeks…at every corner of every day and
Night…unlike anything I ever felt before…
Until I couldn’t take it anymore…

Then one night…

The lines in my head were racing…spinning…
And suddenly with all I had…I looked into
The Lines and Light…and they opened like a
Box…the storm inside me quieted…And I
Heard her whisper…then I knew what to
Do…And from this came …Valiant…
Then on St. Patrick’s Day I wrote the
First Valiant Post on Rumor Mill News.”

Ceres looked far away with a tear…

Kierista watched and listened with a heavy
Heart through her eyes…

Even the Lion Man himself seemed to express
An understanding silently.

Varence tapped my shoulder comforting me…
It seemed…

Rana was frozen, her eyes locked on mine…
“And that’s how you began…this activation, in part?”

“Yes.” I answered her. “And this has been my
Rage, my fuel, my fire…my endless inspiration…
To go on…So when they tell me to shut up I push
Harder…I keep going…with a Fuel unlike any they
Will ever know.”

“Such an awful price.” Rana said softly…sadly…

“So how will it end?” I asked. “So what
Happens next?”

“Now the hunt…” She said. “It’s no fun
To hunt them standing still.”

There was a beeping sound…familiar…
From the console in front of Camlo…

Shaking himself to his senses…He
Looked upon the readings. Stunned,
He then told everyone, “There are 2 transports

“That’s impossible!” Varence exclaimed.

“How?” Who is it?” Ceres asked.

Camlo looked very nervous…”Your sisters…
Evangella…and Vala…are coming…”

Their faces told the short impact
Story of shock.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Let’s just say…we all don’t get along.”
Rana said. “Magic and Religion…
Witchcraft and Faith now come…”

That’s all for now



Galactic Lightship Dreamflights 19DEC2015


You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (19 December 2015) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: MultidimensionaloceanAuroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Valiant: Knock Knock…The Bell Tolls…The Game of Lions…

*Song*: “Stand Back” by Stevie Nicks

“There has to be a way.” I said, sighed to
Them. It felt I was wishing more than
Anything…wishing for a miracle.”

“The details will become clear soon enough.” Varence
Said, standing there with a stern expression…his
Brow low, eyes so sharp…could he ever appear
Different. Was he afraid of anything? “Now tell me…
Write it for them…What is the current report?”

“Do you really need me to answer that?” I was
So tired of it. “You know the answer. You have
Seen it and heard it for years now…People are
Tired of waiting…why don’t you write one of these
Posts then…they want…”

“A miracle.” Varence said. “For someone, for me
To say here’s the moment of truth…here’s where
Your life is about to change.” He laughed.

“Really, Varence,” Ceres said as she sat
At the console shaking her head. “I swear
You are enjoying this far too much.”

“What is the meaning here?” Kieresta asked, then
She turned to the glowing image of the painting
On the screen…”I see it…and I feel something
There…But I fail to see your reasoning in
All of this, Apollo…Varence, whatever.”

“Trust me.” Varence only said.

“There’s a monumental request.” Ceres laughed.
“I would love to see something shake you…”

There was a rumble…then a hum…
A dull beeping sound…the hum the beep
The hum…

“What is that?” Varence asked.

Camlo studied the console before him as
Everyone’s eyes darted about. “There is a transport
Approaching, “Camlo said, he looked very
Unnerved, “It is coming in very fast.”

“What do you mean…there is a transport
Approaching?” Varence asked as he stepped
Behind him to study the readings.

“Who’s coming?” Ceres asked. “Is it the Postulate?
They couldn’t know…”

The great round room shook…

“It is coming in very fast, too fast…” Camlo said

Again, the room shook.

“Who is it?” Varence asked curiously.

“It’s at the outer edges of the system now,”
Camlo told them, “It’s too fast…Saturn…”

The room shook.

“Why is it coming so fast?” Ceres asked.

“Tell me who it is!” Varence ordered.

The room shook…

“Mars…” Camlo said, his eyes racing over readings.
“It’s slowing down now…slowing down…
The system is engaging, docking preparations…”
He was stunned at the speed of what his eyes
Were reading. “I have never seen this so fast
Before…I thought it impossible…How could they
Excel that barrier? That speed, that travel is
Lethal…” He froze, his face pale…

“What is it?” Varence ordered. “Tell us who
It is!”

“It’s your sister,” Camlo said with wide-eyed awe,

“What?!” Ceres exclaimed turning to her sister.

“I told her nothing,” Kierista said truly amazed,
“I informed the others…And those at the Temple,
The Paladium…”

“VIR’riel is with her.” Camlo stated in shock.

“What?!” Varence shouted…They all appeared to
Share the same shock…

“Transport is docking now,” Camlo said, “Dock
Secure…Locked…Merging…They are here…
Doors to transport are opening…”

Varence took a long breath of relief. “Well, it is
Only Rana.”

“I have not seen her in forever.” Ceres said
With relief and a smile.

“Nor I,” Kierista said similarly, “Not since
The Festivals years ago…AGES!”

“How could she know?” Ceres asked. “Why
Would she come like this now? She is so…”

“Fragile…Hesitant…Shy?” Varence laughed.

“Rana is one of your sisters? I asked.

“She is our youngest sister.” Ceres explained
Briefly. “She is the youngest of us all.”

The sound of doors opening somewhere sounded…
Then Varence smiled and seemed to skip with
Glee to the doorway of the room readying to
Greet her. “She is so sweet and tender…
The kindest little thing…Nothing at all
To worry about.”

“Who is VIR’riel?” I asked.

“He is one of the Ascended Masters of the Lion
Men…in the Temple,” Ceres said with respect,
Then curiously went on, “The Great Golden
Master of the Lion Men…Another one who rarely

“He is with her?” Kierista asked curiously too.

“As I said,” Varence laughed at them then
Smiled,” “Nothing to worry about. It’s only, Rana.
Sweet, innocent, lovely little Rana…You see, it’s
Like I said,” He told them proudly, “My plan…
It’s all coming together…absolutely

Everyone watched quietly…There was an
Odd feeling in the air…Camlo cowered…
Kierista studied the moment carefully…Ceres
Tilted her head to the side watching Varence
Stand before the doors eagerly…with such an
Expression of enthusiasm that the moment
Seemed too…perfect.

The Doors opened…

There, bathed in the golden light, stood this
Radiant, flawlessly beautiful woman…Tall, her
Hair was an auburn color held back in waves
And tresses and curls with highlights of glowing
Copper streaming throughout…She wore this
Velvet-like bronze-brown dress…that
Held her like a statue…Her eyes were as
Golden as the light around her…I could
See them clearly from across the room…But
Her expression was like stone…

Varence beamed with a joy that flowed
Too freely, “My sweet Rana…”

Before he could finish, before he could breathe,
She took one solid step forward and
Slapped him hard across the face, so hard he
Stumbled backwards and almost fell to the

He fought to regain his stance in a wild
State of shock…But before he could stand
Up straight…She took another solid step
Forward and slapped him even harder a
Second time across the face…so hard he
Fell backwards and lost his footing and fell
To his knee. “Why did you do that?”
He shouted.

She stood there nostrils flaring, tilting her
Head. Her lips richly full and pursed, she
Blinked once…her long lashes expressing all
The fire in the temper of her eyes…There was
Nothing weak about her…at all. “Do NOT
Call me your sweet anything.”

Ceres and Kierista jumped from their seats
Stunned. “Rana?” They said in unison.

Varence struggled to stand…but did so,
And found himself straightening his shirt,
Lifting his confidence from the floor. “Well
I am sorry if I greeted you incorrectly…”

Again, before he could finish his words
Rana took a solid step forward and
Slapped him even harder, this time with
Such force he tumbled backwards and
Fell fast and hard to the floor. Shaken
And confused he grabbed the pain in
His face and yelled, “Stop doing that!”

“Listen to me little man,” Rana told him,
Pointing at him ferociously, almost growling
The words, “Apollo, Oberon, or however you
Wish to indulge yourself with a name…Do NOT
Play word games with me. Do not speak of
Riddles, do not dance around ideas, plots
Or schemes…if you talk at all, say it
Straight and true. Do NOT waste my time…
I know all about you…who you are
And your play…Do NOT even think about
Trying that with me. Do you understand?
Do I make myself clear?”

Varence held himself on his knee on the floor,
Hesitant to move…He studied her fierce
Expression quickly. “What brought this of you?
I did not deserve…that!”

She walked slowly into the room, her hips
Swaying on long curvy legs atop these sharply
High-heeled shoes…her head dancing…her
Eyes, those long sharp lashes flashing, fluttering
Stabbing her eyes everywhere as she took in the
Room. “I’ll decide what you deserve,” she
Said, then stopped, spun fast and leaned over
Him, “Do not try tricks with me…little

“Rana!” Kierista exclaimed, questioning what
Everyone had just seen. “What has gotten into

“Kierista, Ceres…Hello.” Rana greeted them…
A little too carelessly. “It’s been a long time…

“Do you mind explaining this violent greeting
Of yours?” Varence asked, holding steadfast
To the floor.

Rana breathed hard, eyeing him sideways…
I swear her golden eyes glowed…”Explain?
Explain what? My arrival? My motives?
What for? I’m here…that’s all that matters.”

“And you strike me for…” Varence said
Angrily, though still refrained from moving,
“What purpose? To make a brutal impression?!”

“Ha!” She laughed. “Those are choice words for

“Again I say I tell you I did not deserve
That hello!” Varence shouted.

“You play word games,” Rana seemed to growl,
“You play everything, you chase theories you
Plot and then you roam…This is not a game.
The time is not your sole thing to play

“I never said it was!” He yelled.

“Let me put it to you this way then Truth
Tamer,” Rana declared as she looked down upon
Him, “ I am no little kitten your memories
Adore, I am a woman, not a little girl…
I am not some pathetic lost little female
Here to pet your ego…You will not hear me
Say, Oh how smart and special you are…
You are so talented, so brilliant…so handsome
And wonderful,” She said with a mocking
Girlish tone, “Oh please help and guide me,
I need you so…I am so meek and helpless…
I have so much to give but I am so lost
I need a man to guide me.” She slammed
Her feet to the ground. “You will not ever
Hear me stroke that boyhood of yours
Or anyone’s…only an idiotic little girl would
Patronize with such comments…and only
A desperate loathsome arrogant little
Boy would embrace such a girl. If you
Want to play word games little man, fine
Then, you will spend a lot of time on the
Floor. Because I do not need a man to
Complete me or be my pillar of support, or anything…
I can stand on my own two feet.”

“I can see that…thank you, Rana.”
Varence said, still holding to the floor.

“You are welcome…Apollo.” She said politely…
She then turned to Ceres and Kierista with
A smile that was more kind. “It
Has been a long time my sisters.”

There was an animal-like noise…then…
There he was…A giant entered the room…
He towered at least 9 feet tall, his shoulders
At least 3 feet wide…A magnificent
Golden-Bronze Lions face and head
With a flowing wavy mane…He wore a long
White robe that covered his massive muscled
Body with the exception of his beastly
Furry clawed hands…He simply stepped
In the room and completely blocked the
Doorway, then folded his arms across
His chest and eyed everyone
Silently…with large fierce sky-blue eyes
That had all the wisdom of thousands of
Years…the strength of millions…and the power
To paralyze your movements…He didn’t
Have to speak…his presence said it all.

“Everyone knows VIR’riel…” Rana waved
Before her eyes fell on me..then
Her expression returned to anger. “What is
That, that thing doing here?”

“Me?” I asked.

“What is this?” Rana demanded slowly
Walking towards me…

In seconds, Ceres was in front of me holding
Out her hand. “He is no
Thing, Rana. Hold your steps now.”

She slowed her pace, eyeing her sister
Almost sinisterly. “Why Ceres is this your
Pet? Are you keeping pets now? He is of
Earth, is he not?” Rana asked stopping in
Front of her sister.

“He is.” Ceres answered. “I named him

“Why is he writing? You named him after
Our brother?” Rana’s face turned to rage.
“Tell me you are joking! You are sickly
Mistaken! Has your time on Earth reduced
Your intelligence?”

“Watch your mouth sister,” Ceres told her, “Or
This reunion will turn ugly fast!”

“Oh it will be ugly.” Rana told her, “Because
I will claw his face off before I allow you
To grant that thing our brother’s name!”

Ceres laughed at her boldly. “I do not care
If you dared to roar in here like some
Thunder cat…Do not make claims you
Can not accomplish…Because I assure you…
In front of me you never will.”

“Oh really?” Rana spat.

“Yes, clearly.” Ceres stated.

I was terrified to move.

As their stand off grew fast and hot with
Each second…Kierista jumped to her feet to
Stand between them. “Sisters, please, I beg
You, stop. Do not do this to each other. Not
Now. Please.”

“Oh spare me the peaceful sibling plea, Kierista.”
Rana told her. “There is no argument to
Endorse what she has done!”

“Retract your claws, Rana,” Ceres told her,
“You have only just arrived…Do not judge
So fast…like some…child.”

Something came over me, I can’t explain
It…”You should listen to your sister
Kierista…” I told them firmly.

“Excuse me little thing,” Rana said, “What
Did you say?”

“I said,” I told her, told them, “that
You should listen to Kierista.”

“Why is that?” Rana asked angrily.

“Because she’s pregnant.”

They froze. Everyone froze. Their eyes shot
Fast amongst each other…doubting wondering
Wandering…”What did you say?” Rana asked.

Kierista stood there in shock and awe, her eyes
Bursting while they locked onto mine. “How could
You know that?”

Ceres carefully touched her sister’s arm, “Is he

“Is it true?” Rana asked…

“How did you know that?” Kierista could only
Ask…”I have not told anyone…”

Ceres’ eyes became glossy and wet, her anger
Fell to this overwhelming joy as her words
Cried, “You are pregnant…you are going to
Have a baby!”

Rana too did the same, her mouth hung wide,
She started to cry, “You are! Kierista you are
Going to have a little baby…a sweet little baby
Of mine.” She beamed, she glowed and smiled.
That’s wonderful!” Tears streamed down her face.

The three sisters all took each others hands
As they seemed to laugh at once, cry at once,
Then they laughed together…it was a sight
To see. “Yes, yes I am going to have a baby.”
Kierista confessed…and their smiles and
Laughter continued…suddenly all that anger
And confusion was gone…and they stood as three
Unbreakably together.

Varence stepped quietly to my side. “Well
Done, my friend.” He whispered to me. “Perfect
Timing…perfect…you watch…now they will
All come…”

“I don’t understand,” I whispered to him,
“They act like no baby has been born before?”

Varence smiled. “Where we are from…babies
Are rare…a rare precious gift. It’s not like
Your world…Maybe a handful are born each
Year on Tellus, if that, at all…And when they
Are…They are raised by the entire family with
The greatest care…For us, a human life, a
New life is a blessing…and that’s how they
Are raised…as if every child is a miracle…
For they truly are.”

Suddenly I began to see how very different
They were…There was much to learn.

“You!” Rana shouted as her eyes and
Ears caught Varence talking. She moved
Towards him wildly. “You conceited selfish
Plotting malicious trickster!” Before he could
React she was on him, slapping him once
Again hard across the face…he immediately
Cowered away. “How dare you bring my
Sister here to that savage world of
Devils and idiots!”

He held his hand out backing away from
Her. “Now Rana listen, it’s not like that!”

“I anything happens to her or her baby,”
Rana screamed, her eyes could kill, “I swear
You will spend an eternity crawling on the
Floor. I will rain hell on that planet…I
Swear I will show them what hell feels like!”

“Rana listen!” He yelled holding out his hand
As they circled me.

“As will I…” Ceres yelled then…as she
Joined Rana in pursuing him. “Did you know
About this Varence? Pray with every word
You speak!”

They caught him in front of me. He froze
Holding out his hands to both of them. “This
Is new to me I swear!”

“Liar, you bender of words! Loki you game
Player of lives!” Rana shouted. “I will
Call all the lions and tigers…”

“And I the bears!” Ceres roared.

“Oh my,” Kierista sighed touching her face,
“I am fine, it’s alright.”

“No it is not!” Rana shouted. “This is not
A game. You can not be in a place like this…
Your life…your baby’s life…”

“Varence this is too much.” Ceres declared.

“I am fine.” Kierista said, “Please.”

“It’s this one, isn’t it?” Rana pointed to me,
Then stepped up to study me. “What is so important
About him?”

“Wait,” Ceres reasoned, “Rana you should

“Yes, you must look, “Varence begged her. “Before
You judge anymore…All that I ask is that
You simply look into his eyes and see for
Yourself…our reasons will become clear.”

“See what?” Rana demanded.

Ceres fought the words, the moment, everything.
“Truly, Rana, please…you must. Then you
Tell us what you think and see.” She turned
To me kindly. “Bill, please, I ask you, let her
Look, let her see.”

“Alright.” I had no choice.

“I see no reason…” Rana bean to say…but
Did as they asked…Slowly she stepped in front of
Me looked into my eyes…Time stopped…I saw
The Gold in her eyes flare to life…Needles in
My mind…piercing through my thoughts,
My life, my past…to see the moment that
The Angel came…Once again I relived it…
And was transfixed…I couldn’t move…
But she saw and stepped back…Her
Mouth open wide, her expression glowing in
Some shock no word could describe…

“I see now.” Rana said quietly…suddenly
All of her composure was gone…”What is he?
He is not like them. He is not like us.
What is he?”

“What?” I asked. “What does she mean?”

“I told you.” Ceres said to her.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“Do not tell him.” Varence instructed. “He
Does not know…yet.”

“The Heavens touched him,” Rana said, her
Eyes on mine…humbly. “I apologize to you.
Please,” she said quietly, “Forgive me…It
Is good to meet you, an honor…Valiant.”

“What?” I asked completely confused.

“You see,” Varence said with a breath of relief,
“I told you.”

Rana nodded. “I understand now.”

The way she looked at me…that starstruck
Awe, scared me more than anything. “What
Are you talking about?!” I asked them.

“Let me see…” Kierista said as she moved forward
Next…”May I?” She asked me…I nodded, then
She looked. Again the same thing happened…
She stepped back…that expression I had seen so
Many times before…”After all this time…,”
Was all she said.

Rana gestured then, “VIR’riel, you must see this.”
The great Lion Man stepped forward next…”Please,”
She asked me…so kindly…I nodded…I couldn’t

Then there he was…this magnificent huge
Lion Man, Gold and Great…silently staring into
Me with these amazing blue eyes that
Sparkled, spun, darted all around…the needles
In my mind…the light…in reflections I
Saw the images he pulled out of my mind
My memory in his eyes. Then he moved back
Carefully with a gentle growl…nodding,
Nodding at me to her…

“This is what you have been looking for.”
Rana said to him…

VIR’riel growled quietly as he stood there
Towering over all of them.

Rana beamed, her eyes blazing a joy for
Her teacher, her friend and King. “I am so
Happy for you…Finally.” She told VIR’riel, then
Turned to me. “Thank you for that.”

“Would someone please explain to me what
This is?” I asked.

No one spoke. No one moved. They only stared
At me…Finally, after what seemed like forever
Kierista very kindly and curiously tilted
Her head and asked me,” I just have to know…
Please tell me…How did you know I was

The sensation in the air scared me, it was
Too heavy…”The last time I saw you was when
I was 18.” I told her, I told them, “When I saw
You then…you were pregnant…very pregnant.
You told me things. Mostly you asked if I was
Alright. You always asked if I was
Alright, how I was feeling…Then you said you had
To go home to have your baby…that I wouldn’t
See you for a long time…Because to your people
Raising a child was important…But that one day…
I would see you again…you promised.”

They all nodded…with an understanding still a
Mystery to me. “Do you see now?” Varence told them…

“And…” I struggled to say.

“What?” Ceres asked. “Don’t be afraid, say it.”

“Well…” I said. “Something about…the Lion.
When I see the Lion…Follow him…That I
Will know what to do.”

I thought Rana’s eyes would fall out as
Her jaw shook…Just then there was a
Rumbling growl that resounded throughout
The room…everyone turned to watch as this
Great black panther, or jaguar…I couldn’t tell,
Strolled into the room…to rest beside Rana.
“Do not worry, this is my little baby…my

The cat was impressive, tame yet wild…
Something beyond magical about it.

“There truly is much going on here.” Kierista
Spoke for everyone. She held her stomach, her
Thoughts of what she carried clear…She
Turned to the screen…studied the painting…
Pondered it a moment…then her eyes fell
To her sister, to the cat beside her, then to
VIR’riel…”Rana…what brought you? How
Did you know to come here?”

Rana blinked, shook slightly as if it all
Suddenly hit her. Fireworks blasted inside
Her as she remembered her fiery intentions.
“I had to come…The revolution…”

“Revolution?” Ceres questioned.

Rana nodded to VIR’riel – who at that
Moment stepped aside from them to quietly study
The screen and painting. “The movement…
That we’ve waited for.”

“Yes, we know it began…” Varence said.

“Began?” Rana laughed. “Began? It
Happened…it’s over. Dorin is over. BR’riel
Now sits on the throne. BR’riel now rules

“What?!” Varence exclaimed. “So fast?
How could it….”

“You are done speaking, Apollo.” Rana
Said boldly as she gestured her hand
From left to right. “The time of the
Lion Men has come. The way of the
Watchers is over…Rules will change…”

“What does that mean?” Kierista asked.

“It means, Dear Sister,” Rana told her,
“That this ridiculous age over-analyzing…
Of the watching and exaggerated waiting
Is over…Tellus will be there, that hasn’t
Changed…only its purpose…The age of
Darkness swept in and blocked out the
Light…But light never ceases to burn…
The Dark Kind went too far…but the
Majestic races were not defeated…the great
Cats ran farther…they want their Power
Back…It’s not the Dark’s Game anymore…
Now it is a Game of Lions…”

“You’re talking about a War!” Varence
Shouted. “Of the prophecy…it was not
Supposed to go that far!”

Rana shook her head at him. “I said
You are done talking! Need I remind
Your face of my hand?
It’s no war if both sides aren’t equally
Matched…And they are NO match
Forces at all.”

“Rana, Please…” Ceres said trying to
Reason with her.

Rana held her stance strongly, then
Studied the screen with VIR’riel… “He likes
This work you’ve done,” she said to me. “Tell
Me…what can it do?”

”That depends,” I answered. “What do
You want with it?”

“Anything,” Rana said. “Everything.”

Something else inside me spoke to her. “I
Can not answer that.”

“You will.” Rana said confidently. “In time.”

“What are you planning?” Kierista asked.

Rana smiled. “I’m speaking to him now,
“I’m sorry,” she said pointing to me. “And
This is for him only…for them, for right now.
We’ll all talk the details out later.”

“I am responsible for bringing him here.”
Varence said strongly. “Don’t harm him.”

“Don’t be stupid, Little Man.” Rana ordered.
“I would never do that to him, not now, not
Ever…not after seeing THAT!”

“Then what, then?” Ceres asked.
“What are you saying?”

Rana took a breath then stepped in
Front of me. “This writing f yours…We are
Aware of what it is…VIR’riel has told me…
The Lion Men have visited your planet to judge
Its state…You told them this…You write
The words…A messenger…the fools and
Idiots still don’t get it, they never will…even
Though you’ve said it countless times. Say
It a hundred thousand more,” She laughed,
“They will; still scratch their heads…Those
Idiots think you brand yourself a
Savior? You offer help freely…and they
Conclude that insane deduction. How
Priceless…There are 5 of you now…You said
You address those in power in your writing.
The others are only allowed to share your
Response…Well, did they ever wonder
What the other 4 were doing while
You distracted them? I am so sorry
For you,” she told me, “You…Valiant you are…
You made yourself the target so the
Others could work…so the real Deliverer
Could prepare his work…So the others
Could do their divine deeds…But no one
Ever thought of that, did they? Not in
All this time?”

“Enough addressing Morons…No
More questions…Don’t attack the messenger
Idiots. The Real Deliverer has not revealed
Himself. Though you have shown your true
Colors well!”

“Now…For My address…Here it
Simply is…Little Men…Big Brother…
Rotten Scoundrels in your luxury towers
Built of blood and lies…

You put the Dog out but left the
Cat inside…haha…The Cat’s Eye…
You see the Magic of the Cat’s Eye is…
The Majestic Ascended Masters of the
Lion Men, like BR’riel, can see through
The eye of any cat…they share this infinite
Bond…That look in their eyes, you can
Not understand…They see it all and
Tell their masters everything…Secrets do tell.”

“Oh Great Leaders, Great Families…
The Puppeteers that pull the strings…Your
Lies…Your backstabbing, your greed…That
False Face you wear to the Public, to your
Own families…How clever you are…Out of
Touch, out of reach…Your black hearts
That bleed the Earth and torture your people…
The arrogant one who sits at his desk
Barking orders…watching everything…Those
Hateful things you do…your sick twisted
Minds…The cats see…They tell…
The one who kisses his wife and children
Good bye after breakfast…The Devil
That goes to work and entertains perhaps
A young boy to play with before lunch…
Quiver quiver…then perhaps some pretty
Young girl in your busy afternoon…

Then at times the Play becomes too Dark
And your playthings disappear…
And those dirty parties of yours…shame
Shame…the big names…the bad games…
The thirst that never ends.”

“Then of course your greed…Having
Money problems? Oh well, so sad too bad….
…Servers of SET…The cats out of the bag.
He’s on the loose, not to play…but to hunt…
If you know the cat…get out of the
Cities now…Don’t get in the way of the
Great Lion now.

“As for the rest…Time will tell…
The Dark Magic that you think you weave
So well…has fallen…they do not recognize
The Cabal…nor the Secret orders…
Hear it loud and clear…The Game
Of Lions is far bigger than you know…
You’ve already taken sides…plotted your
Betrayals to come…so many lies out there
You will scare yourselves…”

“The last thing I have to say is this…
Time’s up…Read the posts of the Past for
Clues Morons…It ended a long time ago…
What’s been happening lately is your true
Colors…You’ll never get it, poor things.
Anyway…just know this…Rana is
Here now…and for those Big Bad Bullies
…I have one word…RUN.”

That’s all for now.

My artwork: Catwoman and Rana


Galactic Lightship Dreamflights 12DEC2015


You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (12 December 2015) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: MultidimensionaloceanAuroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Valiant: Knock Knock…The Bell Tolls…Tempus Vernum…

…with a link to Enya’s “Tempus Vernum”:

“Start your writing.” Varence said in this
Flat cool calm collected, careless tone; his
Normal tone of course. “Tell me what you
Hear now.”

“Chaos and curiosity in the minds at the desks,”
I answered him, “Among the public minds…
Enthusiasm, curiosity…confusion, questions, questions
Questions…and for the rest…resentment and
Doubt…exactly as you said.”

“Predictably perfect timing.” He smiled.

“Have you ever settled for anything less?”
Ceres sighed.

“How many times must I say this,” Varence
Groaned, “From Ancient Rome to the New World,
Civilizations…countries, follow the same patterns
In their creation, fall and rebirth…
If there ever occurred something different,
Then that would surprise me.”

“My mind is still firmly set,” Ceres told him,
“Nothing has changed…And when my sister
Arrives, you will hear it even more…whose side
Do you think she will take? Who do you think
Was my inspiration?”

Varence groaned only slightly worried…”I remember
When I first met her…Never was there a woman,
A Lady, more fair, more beautiful of invincible
Fortitude, noble in goodness and grace than the Fair
Kierista…Other than you of course.”

“Flatter me Varence, it will not change anything.”
Ceres told him, while she smiled at me. “She will
See right through you. She has NEVER left
Tellus before…This visit of hers speaks volumes…”

“Absolutely, I agree.” He quickly replied.

“You do?” She asked.

“Just as I expected it would be.” He
Smiled at me.

Then Varence began rambling, incessantly
Saying that name over and over to me again.
“I said write what I say.” He ordered,
“Even if I have to repeat myself over and over
Again and again until I see it settle agreeably
In your mind.”

“Valiant Thor,” I said as I wrote it down here,
“The Great Chief Valiant Thor…Are you
Happy now?”

“Why does the name bother you?” Ceres asked.

“It’s not the name that bothers me,” I told her,
“It’s a fine name…It’s what it brings with it…”

“My friend, I told you,” Varence said very
Kindly, too kindly for him…”Too kindly for me?”
He laughed. “Bill, Ceres and I are here to help you…
Think of me as your Tutor…”

“Your Council.” Ceres added.

“I will be here for you,” he said, “The Timing,
I could not tell you sooner…I will try
To be kinder…when I can.”

“Oh Joy,” I said, “The plot thickens…more
Riddles ahead, more lessons ahead…like I said
My mind through a meat grinder…”

“Do not worry,” Ceres laughed, “I will slap him if
I must for you.”

“Ha,” Varence only said as he stood there looking
About the room proudly…he seemed oddly content with

Ceres took a seat at the far right of the
Console and neatly adjusted her dress. “Remember
The line I drew…do not cross it…Do not even
Try words…”

“I’ve said nothing, and won’t say anything to cross
It I assure you.” He said to her folding his arms over his chest.

Camlo retreated to his seat fearfully, “Have
I no say in this at all?”

“None at all.” Varence only said smiling.

There was a strange sensation, then a hum,
I blinked…I was about to ask a question
But couldn’t think…I saw him studying
My face as a dull beeping sounded.

“Her transport is arriving now.” Ceres said
As she touched the console before her.

“You’re fine, don’t be concerned,” Varence said
Studying my reaction. “I accelerated the time,
For her arrival…that’s what you’re feeling. This
Is a time ship after all.”

“Time ship?” I asked.

“Yes, you heard it right.” Varence smiled. “Now
Please, go on with what you were going to say.”

“What?” I asked.

“You heard me.” He only said.

“Don’t be troubled Bill, it’s all right.” Ceres added.

I shook my head, fought to think…The words…
“Your sister, Kierista, who is she?”

“You’re about to see.” She answered with
A smile. “The transport is docking now.”

“A word of warning,” Varence said lowering his
Brow, “Kierista is reknowned for her
Fortitude…Her Goodness and Grace…She is
However less subtle with words than Ceres.”

“Oh?” I asked.

“She is my eldest sister, we have the same mother…
As did Valiant, my oldest brother, the oldest brother
Of all the Seven wives my father King Markan
Had…before our world was destroyed.”

“Seven?” I exclaimed. “Seven wives??”

“Yes.” Ceres said simply. “She is the
Ambassador of our people in the capitol…
Ll worlds refugee that come to Tellus
Have a voice in the capitol as ambassadors…
Kierista is ours.”

“We can go into details later.” Varence
Insisted. “For now all focus must remain
On current affairs…the moment ahead.”


“Trust me,” Varence said mysteriously. “Now
Listen carefully, write only as I instruct here.”

“What?” I asked.

The bell…
“She’s here.” Ceres stood as all eyes focused
On the far left…the doorway lit with this
Golden light…Doors slid open…And suddenly
There she was…

The details, the moment…was immense.
My jaw dropped as she entered…She
Was tall, flawlessly beautiful like her sister…
The softest features, fair skin, long flowing
Creamy blond hair…Her eyes were like
Reflections of light on glass…
There was an ethereal calmness about her
As she stepped into the room…A cascading
Shell pink gown trailing behind her, she
Seemed to float more than walk…She
Was instantly mesmerizing…

But what I saw on either side of her!

“Do not write that!” Varence said fast.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

“Write nothing more!” Varence went on about them.

“I have to write something about them!” I
Told him.

“Explain them as her escorts, nothing more.”
He said. “Let their imaginations guess on the rest.”

But I had to say this, I knew her…From a
Dream…From dreams within dreams. Oh yes
I have seen her before! No doubt!

Kierista walked into the room slowly,
Her eyes noting every sparse detail. She
Had this delicate beauty of a flower yet the
Manner of an indestructible titan as well. She
Smiled sincerely to her sister, “Ceres, it is
Wonderful to see you.” She paused. Then the
Two of them hugged each other. “It has
Been so long.”

“I missed you, truly I have.” Ceres told her.
“Oh it is so good to see you, to have you here…”

“When I received the message…” Kierista said,
Her lashes blinking over that sweet smile, “I
Had to come, I had to…” She froze as her eyes
Saw Varence…then me, then she pointed and
Nodded. “This is the one? The one you spoke of?”

“Yes.” Ceres answered, her face so simply happy,
I had never seen her this way before. “This
Is the one I told you about.”

Kierista took a step towards me, I swear she
Seemed to glow like the flame on a candle.
“Hello.” She said to me.

I couldn’t think, all I could do was reply the
Same, “Hello.”

Varence immediately stepped between us, then
Tried to stand even taller. “The Fair Kierista,
My Lady it is truly an honor to have you here.”

“An honor.” She slightly laughed. “You…Yes I
Remember you…The brash young boy on the
Refugee ship from Arkaryan…The wild
Out-spoken boy who believed in nothing…
Complained, ranted on everything. Your
Sarcasm was endless. Your constant questions
And doubt were legendary for someone
So young back then…”

“At least I made an impression.” He replied
Calmly. I had never seen him so polite. “And
Yes I was very young.”

“The handsome boy…now a man.” She eyed
Him up and down briefly. “So I hear you’ve
Changed your name from Oberon…to?”


“Varence,” She nodded a clever smile, “Has your
Great stature fallen? Has your throbbing
Exalted ego gone limp?”

They all laughed quietly to her words, even Varence
“No, I’ve just woken to the time at hand…
I’ve seen enough…to know…when enough is

“We’ll see.” Kierista said. “Time will tell. What
Idiot would go through this for no reason?”

“How many times must patterns repeat,” Ceres
Added, “Before it happens…”

“That’s the point.” Varence said. “Moving on…”

Kierista looked at me, I swear her eyes weighing
The epiphany of a flame… “The light inside
His head…Did you discover it on your own
Or were you guided to it?”

“Guided.” He confessed.

Something was going on between them…more
Than words, but I couldn’t understand it.

Varence gestured to me, “Fair Kierista, this…
Is Bill…Though of this light inside him…
We’ve named him, or rather Ceres named him

She stepped closer. “Hello Valiant, it’s very good to meet you.”

The whole exchange felt extraordinary. “It’s
Good to meet you too.” I said in awe…then
I couldn’t hold it back, I blurted out the
Words, “I know you.”

“You know me?” She asked. “I have not
Seen you before…”

“I do know you.” I told her, told them. “I’ve
Seen you…throughout my entire life until I was 18.”

Ceres stood and came to join them, the three of
Them fell into an intense curious state. “You
Know her?” Varence asked.

“I swear I have not seen you before.” Kierista said
“No, I honestly have.” I told them.

“That’s impossible.” Kierista said.

“How could that be?” Ceres questioned fast.

“Honest.” I told them.

“You’re certain?” Varence asked intensely studying
Me, I could feel the needles inside my head.

“Yes, I told you. You don’t have to read my mind.
It’s time.” I told them.

“Varence, he’s telling the truth.” Ceres stated, she knew.

“She’s the woman, the lady,” I explained,
“That would appear at the foot of my bed
And tell me things…strange things…stories…
Secrets…Now and then throughout the years.
She would appear to tell me things…Always
Apologizing for what was going to happen…But
Always said it would be all right…That one
Day it would make sense…all of it.”

The silence was enthralling. Everyone’s mind
Was racing.

“This is the first time I’ve seen him…” She eyed
Them, then me…”Seen you…”

“The Circle,” Ceres said mysteriously, then
Turned to Varence, “What happens now…
Will become the past…”

“To become the future.” Varence nodded. “She
Will go back.”

“This moment is too fast.” Kierista said blinking
Like mad. “What is happening here? What is
So special of the Earth to bring this to happen?”

“It’s clearly time to see.” Varence declared.

“And of course you have all the answers.”
Ceres said sarcastically.

“I try my best,” Varence said proudly, “I
Always do.”

Kierista laughed, “Oh Varence of Oberon of Apollo…
He knows it all. That’s how I knew him first, his
First name,” she explained to her sister, “Apollo…
The names change. The boy is still there.”

“No I have changed,” Varence said sincerely. “Please
Listen to me…Sisters of the Danalura…You are
Here now…together…as I hope all of you one
Day will be…The time has come…”

“For what?” Ceres demanded. “No more games
Or riddles, please. Say it.”

“Bill, you’ve done as I’ve asked,” he said, “correct?”

“Yes.” I told him.

“The last three years…the Posts…” He went on
To say. “Valiant awoke, from this light inside
Your head…”

“Yes.” I said not knowing I had said it.

“He, you, Valiant wrote the words…The clues, the
Riddles, the stories…” He said, his tone ominous,
“At times it made no sense, it went on and on…
Visions, warnings…Crystals, Clear…They, out
There, read it…the right ones understand…
The wrong ones never will…After all you’ve
Done, and they still want more more more.”


“The endless constant questions…” Varence
Laughed, “From those that quite frankly
Impress me the least.”

“Varence, would you just say it,” Ceres
Said, “Or I will.”

“Enough of this.” Kierista said to all. “Enough
Of these word games” She leaned towards
Me kindly. “I see what they’ve done to you, I
See…Well now this…I’m here now.”

“All of it building up…” I said.

“Do you know why the pulse was planned
For this time?” Kierista asked, taking over
The entire matter. “For this particular time
On your world?”

I blinked, it came…”The holidays…Christmas.”

“A time when people all over the world are
At their best…or worst.” She explained. “So
The true…after effects could be felt the most…
During a time when your world would have
Its best chance…or worst…kindness or
Selfishness? Generosity or Greed? You’ve
Already heard the stories…in peoples lives
Of what’s happening.”

“Yes I have.” I told her.

“For the last time I’m telling you, Bill.” Varence
Instructed. “NO more questions. If they can’t
See it now, they never will.”

“There’s no time to waste,” Kierista said, “Show
Me everything…”

Varence smiled…withdrew his little pocket device
And gestured for everyone to watch the screen.
An image appeared…I had to laugh as it
Became clear…the costumes…the field…

“Again, Varence?” Ceres groaned. “Seriously
Another Ball Game?”

“What is that?” Kierista asked, clearly confused.

“They call it a football game,” Ceres told her
Sister. “One of their sports…They are
Obsessed with chasing balls.”

Kierista studied the screen, “I don’t understand…
They fight for this ball? Why? Is it magical,
Does it grant them some prize of some sort?”

“I understand now!” Ceres exclaimed
Awkwardly, “The strongest man to stay alive
With the ball wins!”

Varence laughed…”All right.”

“Enough of this,” Kierista gestured, “Truly
Show me something significant…”

Varence changed the screen to an image
From the computer…websites…”This is what
They call the internet, the world wide web…
It offers them a means of communication
And information…They all are truly addicted to it.”

“Web? Net?” Kierista questioned. “What
Is it some sort of mind trap? Why does
The screen flash that way, it hurts my eyes.”

“Mine too.” Ceres added. “So this is their
Communication device then.”

Varence nodded to the screen, “And this is his
Facebook page…I tried to explain this to you,
Earlier, Ceres.”

“Whatever.” She said. He enlarged a section
Of the page…full of photos of friends…”Who
Is that you focused on?”

“Tell her, Bill.” He insisted.

“That’s the friend I told you about…” I
Answered. “The one who surrendered to the
Creature…Her creature threatened to kill me, remember?”

“What?” Kierista asked in shock. “What creature?”

“He’s talking about the Annunaki…the
Trans-dimensional reptilians, Draconians on
Earth.” Varence explained. “They stalk and
Torment people…”

“Ah yes, all right,” Kierista said, “I see…they
Select chosen victims, ones with powers, to control and
Live off of…in effect then control others.”

“Remember they were the First Wave back then,”
Ceres told her, reminded her, rather, “In our
Time…They were the harbingers of nightmares…
They came first to instill fear…and then the
Ships came.”

“Whereas now they reside here.” Varence added.
“All the time to maintain order for the resident

“How awful.” Kierista said. “I can’t imagine
That as ongoing constantly.”

“Bill, explain please.” Varence instructed.

“They have territories. I only know of a
Handful…I’ve tried to fight them with my
Artwork…with what the Angel gave me.”

“You really must ask him to show you that.”
Ceres told her. “It will…astound you, when
You see this great Angel he saw… he can not
Describe it…you must see it in his mind.”

Kierista was intrigued. “Oh?”

“But first, we finish this.” Varence insisted as
He changed the screen to images of the news…

The images showed scenes of terrorism, head-
Lines…then an anchorman, with bold letters
Emblazed on a screen behind him…”Do you
See the letters, the word? ISIS.”

“ISIS?” Kierista repeated in shock. “The great
Serpent God?”

“That name is very old.” Ceres was stunned.
“That name is ancient. What is it doing here?”

“What do you think?” He answered, his eyebrow
Saying it all.

“That’s what’s here?” Kierista asked, again
Clearly in shock. “This ancient Queen Beast?”

Varence nodded, then flashed the screen through
Images…more news stories…throughout the
World…acts of terror, random violence…regional
And worldwide. He showed them the outrageous
Weather…its devastating effects…

“The chaos is everywhere.” Kierista said. “On
The verge of collapse.”

And then Varence changed the screen once gain
To a map of the solar system, to the one I had
Seen before…”These are the fleets of ships…
Throughout this system…The red are the false
Fleet…Reptilian allies masquerading as other
Races…Bargaining with the planets leaders, all
The while barricading the Earth…From the
True outside Alien forces that could help.”

“These numbers are insane!” Kierista exclaimed.
“I have never seen so many before. Why, why so many?”

“And here,” Varence pointed to the red dot
Behind the Sun, “here is Nibiru.”

“Nibiru is here?” Ceres exclaimed.

“I told you.” He only said. “You should
Have paid attention more.”

“Enough!” Kierista shouted. “This is insane.
Why all this activity? The masquerade?”

“Show her the plague.” Ceres insisted.

Varence changed the screen per her request.
And showed her the living dead horror movies
In the television broadcast. “Here.”

“Dear God that is awful!” Kierista said.
“That’s disgusting. What’s wrong with them?
And no one, no one sees the problems here?”

“Why of course,” Varence only answered
With a laugh, “They see it…But they are
Either merely more pre-occupied with themselves…
With materialism…wealth…entertainment…
Bygone notions of elated peace and love…
As it builds…they tell themselves nothing
Is wrong…so when it finally happens…
The end…no one will have the sense about
Them…to fight or survive the conquering
And the harvest.”

“This strategy makes no sense for one world.”
Kierista said.

“But for 9 worlds…9…The significance of 9.”
Varence said to her, to all, “The paradigm of
9 worlds…9 touched by Angels, by the hand of
God. Truly a sign for change…The time has come.”

“So now then,” Ceres sighed as she came to
Stand beside her sister, “After all this
Time will you finally say it?”

Varence nodded, gestured towards the screen once
More, “His artwork…” The screen displayed
Various pictures of my art, I was stunned, then
Finally the picture rested on a blazing image of the Good
Spirit. “As you can see it looks familiar.
Does it not?”

“The other 9…” Kierista exclaimed in awe. “It’s

“Wait a second,” I said confused, “There are others?”

“The Other 9 planets, 2 have fallen, those 2
Touched were taken back to Tellus,” Kierista
Explained. “But none came close
To fulfilling it this way…The Lines…the Light…
Their structure, composure, balance, their
Reflection of nature in perfect harmony as a
Means of channeling energy in perfect rhythms
And form…Anyone, Anything…any mind…
Even time.”

“We study it.” Varence told me, “Few
See it…Only the right ones will…when it
Is activated.”

“What?” I asked.

“And do you know how to activate it?” Kierista
Asked. “None of the others have.”

“No… I can’t say.” I tried, but the words were
Locked away deep within.

“Of course,” Ceres smiled, “You would have
Thought he revealed that clue…at Varence’s lengthy
Speech of Quantum Singularities. “She smiled.

“You see we do know, Valiant.” Varence said
With a mysterious smile to me.

“What?” I was confused. How could they know
And not me? They seemed to know more, they always
Seemed to know more than they would say.
“Just who exactly are you Watchers anyway?”

“We are from the true Human Home…
Far across space…” Varence said proudly. “Where
Humans began…before they were ravaged and
Conquered by the Draconians and the Dark Kind.”

Ceres smiled to me. “The Danalura…you called
Them the Nordics, or blonds.”

“The Ruatha, the Royal lines,” Varence went on,
“The Red Heads…And the Tuatha, a combination
Of the two…The builders, the Explorers and
Preservers…and so many others…
Of Pan, the Asian Races…the Orocconins, the
Black and dark skinned races…the Randalphin
And Andalquin, the red skins…and on and on.”

“On our homeworld of Leahndar,” Ceres
Explained…there was a long held legend that a
Great King would marry seven sisters and go
On to have 25 children…children that would
One day save the Universe.”

“Our father King Markan Aleron.” Kierista
Said humbly.

“Wait,” I said, “Just how many sisters and
Brothers do you have?”

.“Kierista and I,” Ceres nodded to her sister, “Have
7 sisters…and we had 16 brothers…but 5
Were lost.”

“Lost when they saved us in escaping the planet
From the Conquerors.” Kierista said, her face
Expressing a longing…”And so we believed the
Legend died, became incomplete without the
Final 5.”

“The Final 5?” My eyes felt as though
They would pop right out.

“Yes.” Ceres answered kindly. “That’s why I
Gave you the name…Valiant. I told you.”

“This legend has never died.” Varence went on,
He was suddenly less mysterious and more
Noble and proud in his words. “The Star Elder
Of the Randalphin has always proclaimed its
Fulfillment. Always.”

“My great grandfather was one of 25
Children.” I said in shock. “And he was
Knighted by the last Czar of Russia.”

“What a coincidence.” Ceres smiled.

“I’m not that person, I can’t be. I’m just me.”
I told them. “But the others, the other 4
Might be. “My mind was torn apart.
“Besides this is my home. I just want
It plain and simple. I want horses…I
Want a world where people get along…where
I can see the whales happy, the killer whales
Play…Enjoy the seasons…The colors, the sky
Simple good things.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that.” Varence said.

“I think you can find this spark in a lot
Of people…my black friends, I always love them,
They scream and shout, they let it out.
They’re passionate about everything. The Native
Americans have a quiet strength, I wish I knew
More of them. They are leaders.” I told them.
“That is why I believe the Dark Kind
Tormented their people for years…because
They possess a secret to their defeat no others

“Then at least be a voice to them,” Ceres
Begged me, “Be and continue to do what you
Have for your friends…”

“I will consider it…if,” I said, “If you…
Please will you and your people help me?”

“But we exist in another realm of time.”
Kierista answered. “My brothers, my sisters…
Are scattered across Tellus…They have lives,
We have not all been in the same room
Together for ages…They teach
And study in all manner of the arts and
Sciences, they are very busy.”

“How could we possibly fight such a massive
Empire?” Ceres asked in disbelief. “We are not
Gods…we are just people. More advanced, yes,
But still just people.”

“9!” Varence exclaimed. “In all of space
And time…that number, that cosmic
Sequential mystical number has always
Held power…All the rest is just fuel.”

“What?” Ceres said shaking her head.
“Varence you’re talking in riddles again.”

“That cocky arrogant boy again.” Kierista
Groaned.” He who has all the answers…
The wit and deductions, the Minstrel of
Men, of the Ego without end that claims
To know it all, all the answers.” She laughed.

“Listen to me.” He said with a laugh as well.

“Varence you talk of the impossible.”
Ceres almost scolded.” It can’t be done.”

“Listen to me. Hear me.” Varence begged
Them, sincerely – truly and sincerely. I had
Never seen him be this way. “Your
Talents, your passions, your beauty. I
Tell you they possess a power that
Can move mountains. You have all the
Power you need if you dare believe it.
Evangela…Damara, Venus and Diana,
Rana, Vala and Chantala…Time
Has forged you with gifts no one can
Imagine…Faith and Inspiration are
Powerful weapons ,they are!”

Kierista sighed, shook her head then turned
And sat at a seat at the console. She
Studied the painting of the Good Spirit, smiled
Then turned to him and said, “Fine then,
Oh Master of Words Faith and Wisdom.
He knows it all, or at least thinks he
Does. How do we accomplish this, what’s
Next? Oh Varence, Oh Oberon…Oh Apollo…
Teach me to sing.”

Varence turned to me with a sly smile.
“You can stop writing now.”

That’s all for now.

my artwork: Kierista


Galactic Lightship Dreamflights 5DEC2015


You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (5 December 2015) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: MultidimensionaloceanAuroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

27th November 2015. Mike Quinsey.

Although there is no let-up in the events on Earth that are leading to the loss of life, what you are seeing is the outworking of karma that needs to be cleared. Soon the opportunity to do so will pass, and as the vibrations continue to rise the negative energies will fade away. Already the changes are speeding up, and it is seen that there is hope for a more peaceful life. Those of you who proudly carry the Light and do not engage with the dark Ones are leading the march towards freedom. These are the times of great changes that will not be stopped, that will announce the coming of the New Age. At many points upon the Earth the beginning of it is being laid down, so that once it commences it will quickly progress all over the Earth.

Be aware that there are powerful forces all around you, and when they come together there will be a sudden surge in positive activity. You will then know beyond any doubt that the New Age is really underway and that there will be no going back to the old paradigm. For some time now you have been given indications of what type of changes is going to take place. There will be a swift advancement that will bring in welcome changes that will clearly indicate the direction you going in. The old will disappear very quickly, as the changes advance you to a new level of life. In time the inequality that many experience now will be eradicated, and all will finally have a very acceptable level of life.

Now is the time to access what you have achieved in your life, and whether you need to make some final changes. Some may find it difficult to do, but if you feel the least bit dissatisfied then you clearly have some changes to make. Most of you are well advanced in clearing your karma and whatever is left after the changes come, will receive Dispensation. By now most of you should have cleared all of your karma except perhaps for minor matters that will certainly not hold you back. When you entered this life time you knew exactly what your plan was, and all through your life you have had immense help to fulfil it. Be assured that no one will have been given more than they could handle.

As souls that are more aware than most, you can offer your advice where you believe it can help another soul. How far you go is dependent on what you feel that one will be able to understand and act upon. Clearly those who have advanced in their understanding are the most suitable ones to help others. As the vibrations are lifted up many more souls will awaken to the truth, and spreading it will become much easier. Encouragement should be given so as to get others to seek the truth for themselves, as the new energies are opening people’s minds to it.

Where you see people engaged in negative activities send them your love, and wish understanding for them so that they may be able to overcome them. Some souls are still unable to lift themselves up out of the lower vibrations, but there is always something to learn from any situation they find themselves in. Remember that each soul you encounter is either your brother or sister, and in essence no different to what you are. All are travelling a path back to the Light but simply at a different point along it, so no one is really better than another. Soon more advanced souls will come to the fore who have incarnated especially to serve others at this most important time.

The Galactic Forces are making sure the dark ones are held in check, so as to ensure that they are unable to interfere with the plan that will ensure your Ascension. It only takes a few of them to cause mayhem, but now that the armed forces are taking a more positive role to ensure peace, their activities will be curtailed. The dark Ones have penetrated all levels of Humanity, but they are now being recognised for what they are. Once brought into the open they cannot proceed as before when they hid behind others who carried out their orders. They will eventually be arrested and answer for their crimes against Humanity. It may sound odd but we ask you to send them Light so as to help them rise up again, but no one should wish to see another soul flounder as you are All One.

It will be some time before the Galactic Forces can safely land on Earth, but that is their intention before very long. Then there shall be great celebrations to welcome the end of the rule of the dark Ones. These events will take place in most of your lifetimes and are not many years away. As it draws near so you shall learn much more about them, although you already have some idea from what you have learnt in recent times. As all of your changes are occurring, so Mother Earth will be making hers and the ultimate aim is to return it to pristine condition. At such a time the lower vibrations will no longer be present, and duality will have long disappeared.

As time passes you will do more work with the Galactic Forces, but still have the opportunity to follow your own desires. At such times you will entirely work for the Light and be able to do so in absolute freedom from any interference. You will choose the nature of your work and with whom you wish to do it with, although there will be plenty of good advice available to you. You will have unbounded freedom with very few restraints. At present some people still speak of having freedom, but it is only within the boundaries set by the Illuminati who have slowly introduced more and more restraints. That will of course change very soon and gradually your freedom will be restored.

Whatever level you find yourselves on never forget that you are a Being of Love and Light and it is your natural state. It is why you are encouraged to treat others with the respect and love you also desire from all of those around you. The giving of love freely without any expectation of love in return is how you will live your life. However, as you will be with other souls similar to your level, you will almost certainly receive as good as you have given. Your lives on Earth will have given you the strength of character to face any tests with confidence.

Be confident in whatever you do and know that this cycle unlike earlier ones, will end with success and Ascension for those who are already prepared. Some of you are uncertain as to whether you have achieved the required level of vibration to do so. If you have been positive and at all times tried to work within the Light, you are certain to ascend. Ascension is not intentionally made hard to achieve, and how well you do is entirely up to you. However, with good intentions and living to your best understanding of what is required to live in the Light, you will have done what is needed.

The Light quotient on Earth is increasing all of the time, and as more souls draw it to themselves it will continue to do so. Keep it coming and you will be helping Humanity to rise up. I bless all

souls wherever they are on the ladder of Light.

I am Mike Quinsey and send all of you Love and Blessings.