Valiant: Knock Knock…The Bell Tolls…Tempus Vernum…

…with a link to Enya’s “Tempus Vernum”:

“Start your writing.” Varence said in this
Flat cool calm collected, careless tone; his
Normal tone of course. “Tell me what you
Hear now.”

“Chaos and curiosity in the minds at the desks,”
I answered him, “Among the public minds…
Enthusiasm, curiosity…confusion, questions, questions
Questions…and for the rest…resentment and
Doubt…exactly as you said.”

“Predictably perfect timing.” He smiled.

“Have you ever settled for anything less?”
Ceres sighed.

“How many times must I say this,” Varence
Groaned, “From Ancient Rome to the New World,
Civilizations…countries, follow the same patterns
In their creation, fall and rebirth…
If there ever occurred something different,
Then that would surprise me.”

“My mind is still firmly set,” Ceres told him,
“Nothing has changed…And when my sister
Arrives, you will hear it even more…whose side
Do you think she will take? Who do you think
Was my inspiration?”

Varence groaned only slightly worried…”I remember
When I first met her…Never was there a woman,
A Lady, more fair, more beautiful of invincible
Fortitude, noble in goodness and grace than the Fair
Kierista…Other than you of course.”

“Flatter me Varence, it will not change anything.”
Ceres told him, while she smiled at me. “She will
See right through you. She has NEVER left
Tellus before…This visit of hers speaks volumes…”

“Absolutely, I agree.” He quickly replied.

“You do?” She asked.

“Just as I expected it would be.” He
Smiled at me.

Then Varence began rambling, incessantly
Saying that name over and over to me again.
“I said write what I say.” He ordered,
“Even if I have to repeat myself over and over
Again and again until I see it settle agreeably
In your mind.”

“Valiant Thor,” I said as I wrote it down here,
“The Great Chief Valiant Thor…Are you
Happy now?”

“Why does the name bother you?” Ceres asked.

“It’s not the name that bothers me,” I told her,
“It’s a fine name…It’s what it brings with it…”

“My friend, I told you,” Varence said very
Kindly, too kindly for him…”Too kindly for me?”
He laughed. “Bill, Ceres and I are here to help you…
Think of me as your Tutor…”

“Your Council.” Ceres added.

“I will be here for you,” he said, “The Timing,
I could not tell you sooner…I will try
To be kinder…when I can.”

“Oh Joy,” I said, “The plot thickens…more
Riddles ahead, more lessons ahead…like I said
My mind through a meat grinder…”

“Do not worry,” Ceres laughed, “I will slap him if
I must for you.”

“Ha,” Varence only said as he stood there looking
About the room proudly…he seemed oddly content with

Ceres took a seat at the far right of the
Console and neatly adjusted her dress. “Remember
The line I drew…do not cross it…Do not even
Try words…”

“I’ve said nothing, and won’t say anything to cross
It I assure you.” He said to her folding his arms over his chest.

Camlo retreated to his seat fearfully, “Have
I no say in this at all?”

“None at all.” Varence only said smiling.

There was a strange sensation, then a hum,
I blinked…I was about to ask a question
But couldn’t think…I saw him studying
My face as a dull beeping sounded.

“Her transport is arriving now.” Ceres said
As she touched the console before her.

“You’re fine, don’t be concerned,” Varence said
Studying my reaction. “I accelerated the time,
For her arrival…that’s what you’re feeling. This
Is a time ship after all.”

“Time ship?” I asked.

“Yes, you heard it right.” Varence smiled. “Now
Please, go on with what you were going to say.”

“What?” I asked.

“You heard me.” He only said.

“Don’t be troubled Bill, it’s all right.” Ceres added.

I shook my head, fought to think…The words…
“Your sister, Kierista, who is she?”

“You’re about to see.” She answered with
A smile. “The transport is docking now.”

“A word of warning,” Varence said lowering his
Brow, “Kierista is reknowned for her
Fortitude…Her Goodness and Grace…She is
However less subtle with words than Ceres.”

“Oh?” I asked.

“She is my eldest sister, we have the same mother…
As did Valiant, my oldest brother, the oldest brother
Of all the Seven wives my father King Markan
Had…before our world was destroyed.”

“Seven?” I exclaimed. “Seven wives??”

“Yes.” Ceres said simply. “She is the
Ambassador of our people in the capitol…
Ll worlds refugee that come to Tellus
Have a voice in the capitol as ambassadors…
Kierista is ours.”

“We can go into details later.” Varence
Insisted. “For now all focus must remain
On current affairs…the moment ahead.”


“Trust me,” Varence said mysteriously. “Now
Listen carefully, write only as I instruct here.”

“What?” I asked.

The bell…
“She’s here.” Ceres stood as all eyes focused
On the far left…the doorway lit with this
Golden light…Doors slid open…And suddenly
There she was…

The details, the moment…was immense.
My jaw dropped as she entered…She
Was tall, flawlessly beautiful like her sister…
The softest features, fair skin, long flowing
Creamy blond hair…Her eyes were like
Reflections of light on glass…
There was an ethereal calmness about her
As she stepped into the room…A cascading
Shell pink gown trailing behind her, she
Seemed to float more than walk…She
Was instantly mesmerizing…

But what I saw on either side of her!

“Do not write that!” Varence said fast.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

“Write nothing more!” Varence went on about them.

“I have to write something about them!” I
Told him.

“Explain them as her escorts, nothing more.”
He said. “Let their imaginations guess on the rest.”

But I had to say this, I knew her…From a
Dream…From dreams within dreams. Oh yes
I have seen her before! No doubt!

Kierista walked into the room slowly,
Her eyes noting every sparse detail. She
Had this delicate beauty of a flower yet the
Manner of an indestructible titan as well. She
Smiled sincerely to her sister, “Ceres, it is
Wonderful to see you.” She paused. Then the
Two of them hugged each other. “It has
Been so long.”

“I missed you, truly I have.” Ceres told her.
“Oh it is so good to see you, to have you here…”

“When I received the message…” Kierista said,
Her lashes blinking over that sweet smile, “I
Had to come, I had to…” She froze as her eyes
Saw Varence…then me, then she pointed and
Nodded. “This is the one? The one you spoke of?”

“Yes.” Ceres answered, her face so simply happy,
I had never seen her this way before. “This
Is the one I told you about.”

Kierista took a step towards me, I swear she
Seemed to glow like the flame on a candle.
“Hello.” She said to me.

I couldn’t think, all I could do was reply the
Same, “Hello.”

Varence immediately stepped between us, then
Tried to stand even taller. “The Fair Kierista,
My Lady it is truly an honor to have you here.”

“An honor.” She slightly laughed. “You…Yes I
Remember you…The brash young boy on the
Refugee ship from Arkaryan…The wild
Out-spoken boy who believed in nothing…
Complained, ranted on everything. Your
Sarcasm was endless. Your constant questions
And doubt were legendary for someone
So young back then…”

“At least I made an impression.” He replied
Calmly. I had never seen him so polite. “And
Yes I was very young.”

“The handsome boy…now a man.” She eyed
Him up and down briefly. “So I hear you’ve
Changed your name from Oberon…to?”


“Varence,” She nodded a clever smile, “Has your
Great stature fallen? Has your throbbing
Exalted ego gone limp?”

They all laughed quietly to her words, even Varence
“No, I’ve just woken to the time at hand…
I’ve seen enough…to know…when enough is

“We’ll see.” Kierista said. “Time will tell. What
Idiot would go through this for no reason?”

“How many times must patterns repeat,” Ceres
Added, “Before it happens…”

“That’s the point.” Varence said. “Moving on…”

Kierista looked at me, I swear her eyes weighing
The epiphany of a flame… “The light inside
His head…Did you discover it on your own
Or were you guided to it?”

“Guided.” He confessed.

Something was going on between them…more
Than words, but I couldn’t understand it.

Varence gestured to me, “Fair Kierista, this…
Is Bill…Though of this light inside him…
We’ve named him, or rather Ceres named him

She stepped closer. “Hello Valiant, it’s very good to meet you.”

The whole exchange felt extraordinary. “It’s
Good to meet you too.” I said in awe…then
I couldn’t hold it back, I blurted out the
Words, “I know you.”

“You know me?” She asked. “I have not
Seen you before…”

“I do know you.” I told her, told them. “I’ve
Seen you…throughout my entire life until I was 18.”

Ceres stood and came to join them, the three of
Them fell into an intense curious state. “You
Know her?” Varence asked.

“I swear I have not seen you before.” Kierista said
“No, I honestly have.” I told them.

“That’s impossible.” Kierista said.

“How could that be?” Ceres questioned fast.

“Honest.” I told them.

“You’re certain?” Varence asked intensely studying
Me, I could feel the needles inside my head.

“Yes, I told you. You don’t have to read my mind.
It’s time.” I told them.

“Varence, he’s telling the truth.” Ceres stated, she knew.

“She’s the woman, the lady,” I explained,
“That would appear at the foot of my bed
And tell me things…strange things…stories…
Secrets…Now and then throughout the years.
She would appear to tell me things…Always
Apologizing for what was going to happen…But
Always said it would be all right…That one
Day it would make sense…all of it.”

The silence was enthralling. Everyone’s mind
Was racing.

“This is the first time I’ve seen him…” She eyed
Them, then me…”Seen you…”

“The Circle,” Ceres said mysteriously, then
Turned to Varence, “What happens now…
Will become the past…”

“To become the future.” Varence nodded. “She
Will go back.”

“This moment is too fast.” Kierista said blinking
Like mad. “What is happening here? What is
So special of the Earth to bring this to happen?”

“It’s clearly time to see.” Varence declared.

“And of course you have all the answers.”
Ceres said sarcastically.

“I try my best,” Varence said proudly, “I
Always do.”

Kierista laughed, “Oh Varence of Oberon of Apollo…
He knows it all. That’s how I knew him first, his
First name,” she explained to her sister, “Apollo…
The names change. The boy is still there.”

“No I have changed,” Varence said sincerely. “Please
Listen to me…Sisters of the Danalura…You are
Here now…together…as I hope all of you one
Day will be…The time has come…”

“For what?” Ceres demanded. “No more games
Or riddles, please. Say it.”

“Bill, you’ve done as I’ve asked,” he said, “correct?”

“Yes.” I told him.

“The last three years…the Posts…” He went on
To say. “Valiant awoke, from this light inside
Your head…”

“Yes.” I said not knowing I had said it.

“He, you, Valiant wrote the words…The clues, the
Riddles, the stories…” He said, his tone ominous,
“At times it made no sense, it went on and on…
Visions, warnings…Crystals, Clear…They, out
There, read it…the right ones understand…
The wrong ones never will…After all you’ve
Done, and they still want more more more.”


“The endless constant questions…” Varence
Laughed, “From those that quite frankly
Impress me the least.”

“Varence, would you just say it,” Ceres
Said, “Or I will.”

“Enough of this.” Kierista said to all. “Enough
Of these word games” She leaned towards
Me kindly. “I see what they’ve done to you, I
See…Well now this…I’m here now.”

“All of it building up…” I said.

“Do you know why the pulse was planned
For this time?” Kierista asked, taking over
The entire matter. “For this particular time
On your world?”

I blinked, it came…”The holidays…Christmas.”

“A time when people all over the world are
At their best…or worst.” She explained. “So
The true…after effects could be felt the most…
During a time when your world would have
Its best chance…or worst…kindness or
Selfishness? Generosity or Greed? You’ve
Already heard the stories…in peoples lives
Of what’s happening.”

“Yes I have.” I told her.

“For the last time I’m telling you, Bill.” Varence
Instructed. “NO more questions. If they can’t
See it now, they never will.”

“There’s no time to waste,” Kierista said, “Show
Me everything…”

Varence smiled…withdrew his little pocket device
And gestured for everyone to watch the screen.
An image appeared…I had to laugh as it
Became clear…the costumes…the field…

“Again, Varence?” Ceres groaned. “Seriously
Another Ball Game?”

“What is that?” Kierista asked, clearly confused.

“They call it a football game,” Ceres told her
Sister. “One of their sports…They are
Obsessed with chasing balls.”

Kierista studied the screen, “I don’t understand…
They fight for this ball? Why? Is it magical,
Does it grant them some prize of some sort?”

“I understand now!” Ceres exclaimed
Awkwardly, “The strongest man to stay alive
With the ball wins!”

Varence laughed…”All right.”

“Enough of this,” Kierista gestured, “Truly
Show me something significant…”

Varence changed the screen to an image
From the computer…websites…”This is what
They call the internet, the world wide web…
It offers them a means of communication
And information…They all are truly addicted to it.”

“Web? Net?” Kierista questioned. “What
Is it some sort of mind trap? Why does
The screen flash that way, it hurts my eyes.”

“Mine too.” Ceres added. “So this is their
Communication device then.”

Varence nodded to the screen, “And this is his
Facebook page…I tried to explain this to you,
Earlier, Ceres.”

“Whatever.” She said. He enlarged a section
Of the page…full of photos of friends…”Who
Is that you focused on?”

“Tell her, Bill.” He insisted.

“That’s the friend I told you about…” I
Answered. “The one who surrendered to the
Creature…Her creature threatened to kill me, remember?”

“What?” Kierista asked in shock. “What creature?”

“He’s talking about the Annunaki…the
Trans-dimensional reptilians, Draconians on
Earth.” Varence explained. “They stalk and
Torment people…”

“Ah yes, all right,” Kierista said, “I see…they
Select chosen victims, ones with powers, to control and
Live off of…in effect then control others.”

“Remember they were the First Wave back then,”
Ceres told her, reminded her, rather, “In our
Time…They were the harbingers of nightmares…
They came first to instill fear…and then the
Ships came.”

“Whereas now they reside here.” Varence added.
“All the time to maintain order for the resident

“How awful.” Kierista said. “I can’t imagine
That as ongoing constantly.”

“Bill, explain please.” Varence instructed.

“They have territories. I only know of a
Handful…I’ve tried to fight them with my
Artwork…with what the Angel gave me.”

“You really must ask him to show you that.”
Ceres told her. “It will…astound you, when
You see this great Angel he saw… he can not
Describe it…you must see it in his mind.”

Kierista was intrigued. “Oh?”

“But first, we finish this.” Varence insisted as
He changed the screen to images of the news…

The images showed scenes of terrorism, head-
Lines…then an anchorman, with bold letters
Emblazed on a screen behind him…”Do you
See the letters, the word? ISIS.”

“ISIS?” Kierista repeated in shock. “The great
Serpent God?”

“That name is very old.” Ceres was stunned.
“That name is ancient. What is it doing here?”

“What do you think?” He answered, his eyebrow
Saying it all.

“That’s what’s here?” Kierista asked, again
Clearly in shock. “This ancient Queen Beast?”

Varence nodded, then flashed the screen through
Images…more news stories…throughout the
World…acts of terror, random violence…regional
And worldwide. He showed them the outrageous
Weather…its devastating effects…

“The chaos is everywhere.” Kierista said. “On
The verge of collapse.”

And then Varence changed the screen once gain
To a map of the solar system, to the one I had
Seen before…”These are the fleets of ships…
Throughout this system…The red are the false
Fleet…Reptilian allies masquerading as other
Races…Bargaining with the planets leaders, all
The while barricading the Earth…From the
True outside Alien forces that could help.”

“These numbers are insane!” Kierista exclaimed.
“I have never seen so many before. Why, why so many?”

“And here,” Varence pointed to the red dot
Behind the Sun, “here is Nibiru.”

“Nibiru is here?” Ceres exclaimed.

“I told you.” He only said. “You should
Have paid attention more.”

“Enough!” Kierista shouted. “This is insane.
Why all this activity? The masquerade?”

“Show her the plague.” Ceres insisted.

Varence changed the screen per her request.
And showed her the living dead horror movies
In the television broadcast. “Here.”

“Dear God that is awful!” Kierista said.
“That’s disgusting. What’s wrong with them?
And no one, no one sees the problems here?”

“Why of course,” Varence only answered
With a laugh, “They see it…But they are
Either merely more pre-occupied with themselves…
With materialism…wealth…entertainment…
Bygone notions of elated peace and love…
As it builds…they tell themselves nothing
Is wrong…so when it finally happens…
The end…no one will have the sense about
Them…to fight or survive the conquering
And the harvest.”

“This strategy makes no sense for one world.”
Kierista said.

“But for 9 worlds…9…The significance of 9.”
Varence said to her, to all, “The paradigm of
9 worlds…9 touched by Angels, by the hand of
God. Truly a sign for change…The time has come.”

“So now then,” Ceres sighed as she came to
Stand beside her sister, “After all this
Time will you finally say it?”

Varence nodded, gestured towards the screen once
More, “His artwork…” The screen displayed
Various pictures of my art, I was stunned, then
Finally the picture rested on a blazing image of the Good
Spirit. “As you can see it looks familiar.
Does it not?”

“The other 9…” Kierista exclaimed in awe. “It’s

“Wait a second,” I said confused, “There are others?”

“The Other 9 planets, 2 have fallen, those 2
Touched were taken back to Tellus,” Kierista
Explained. “But none came close
To fulfilling it this way…The Lines…the Light…
Their structure, composure, balance, their
Reflection of nature in perfect harmony as a
Means of channeling energy in perfect rhythms
And form…Anyone, Anything…any mind…
Even time.”

“We study it.” Varence told me, “Few
See it…Only the right ones will…when it
Is activated.”

“What?” I asked.

“And do you know how to activate it?” Kierista
Asked. “None of the others have.”

“No… I can’t say.” I tried, but the words were
Locked away deep within.

“Of course,” Ceres smiled, “You would have
Thought he revealed that clue…at Varence’s lengthy
Speech of Quantum Singularities. “She smiled.

“You see we do know, Valiant.” Varence said
With a mysterious smile to me.

“What?” I was confused. How could they know
And not me? They seemed to know more, they always
Seemed to know more than they would say.
“Just who exactly are you Watchers anyway?”

“We are from the true Human Home…
Far across space…” Varence said proudly. “Where
Humans began…before they were ravaged and
Conquered by the Draconians and the Dark Kind.”

Ceres smiled to me. “The Danalura…you called
Them the Nordics, or blonds.”

“The Ruatha, the Royal lines,” Varence went on,
“The Red Heads…And the Tuatha, a combination
Of the two…The builders, the Explorers and
Preservers…and so many others…
Of Pan, the Asian Races…the Orocconins, the
Black and dark skinned races…the Randalphin
And Andalquin, the red skins…and on and on.”

“On our homeworld of Leahndar,” Ceres
Explained…there was a long held legend that a
Great King would marry seven sisters and go
On to have 25 children…children that would
One day save the Universe.”

“Our father King Markan Aleron.” Kierista
Said humbly.

“Wait,” I said, “Just how many sisters and
Brothers do you have?”

.“Kierista and I,” Ceres nodded to her sister, “Have
7 sisters…and we had 16 brothers…but 5
Were lost.”

“Lost when they saved us in escaping the planet
From the Conquerors.” Kierista said, her face
Expressing a longing…”And so we believed the
Legend died, became incomplete without the
Final 5.”

“The Final 5?” My eyes felt as though
They would pop right out.

“Yes.” Ceres answered kindly. “That’s why I
Gave you the name…Valiant. I told you.”

“This legend has never died.” Varence went on,
He was suddenly less mysterious and more
Noble and proud in his words. “The Star Elder
Of the Randalphin has always proclaimed its
Fulfillment. Always.”

“My great grandfather was one of 25
Children.” I said in shock. “And he was
Knighted by the last Czar of Russia.”

“What a coincidence.” Ceres smiled.

“I’m not that person, I can’t be. I’m just me.”
I told them. “But the others, the other 4
Might be. “My mind was torn apart.
“Besides this is my home. I just want
It plain and simple. I want horses…I
Want a world where people get along…where
I can see the whales happy, the killer whales
Play…Enjoy the seasons…The colors, the sky
Simple good things.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that.” Varence said.

“I think you can find this spark in a lot
Of people…my black friends, I always love them,
They scream and shout, they let it out.
They’re passionate about everything. The Native
Americans have a quiet strength, I wish I knew
More of them. They are leaders.” I told them.
“That is why I believe the Dark Kind
Tormented their people for years…because
They possess a secret to their defeat no others

“Then at least be a voice to them,” Ceres
Begged me, “Be and continue to do what you
Have for your friends…”

“I will consider it…if,” I said, “If you…
Please will you and your people help me?”

“But we exist in another realm of time.”
Kierista answered. “My brothers, my sisters…
Are scattered across Tellus…They have lives,
We have not all been in the same room
Together for ages…They teach
And study in all manner of the arts and
Sciences, they are very busy.”

“How could we possibly fight such a massive
Empire?” Ceres asked in disbelief. “We are not
Gods…we are just people. More advanced, yes,
But still just people.”

“9!” Varence exclaimed. “In all of space
And time…that number, that cosmic
Sequential mystical number has always
Held power…All the rest is just fuel.”

“What?” Ceres said shaking her head.
“Varence you’re talking in riddles again.”

“That cocky arrogant boy again.” Kierista
Groaned.” He who has all the answers…
The wit and deductions, the Minstrel of
Men, of the Ego without end that claims
To know it all, all the answers.” She laughed.

“Listen to me.” He said with a laugh as well.

“Varence you talk of the impossible.”
Ceres almost scolded.” It can’t be done.”

“Listen to me. Hear me.” Varence begged
Them, sincerely – truly and sincerely. I had
Never seen him be this way. “Your
Talents, your passions, your beauty. I
Tell you they possess a power that
Can move mountains. You have all the
Power you need if you dare believe it.
Evangela…Damara, Venus and Diana,
Rana, Vala and Chantala…Time
Has forged you with gifts no one can
Imagine…Faith and Inspiration are
Powerful weapons ,they are!”

Kierista sighed, shook her head then turned
And sat at a seat at the console. She
Studied the painting of the Good Spirit, smiled
Then turned to him and said, “Fine then,
Oh Master of Words Faith and Wisdom.
He knows it all, or at least thinks he
Does. How do we accomplish this, what’s
Next? Oh Varence, Oh Oberon…Oh Apollo…
Teach me to sing.”

Varence turned to me with a sly smile.
“You can stop writing now.”

That’s all for now.

my artwork: Kierista




  1. Rich and I are the same guy 🙂

    I’m taking a slight metaphorical turn here but reflecting on these comments earlier one image I had was of the ”jigsaw puzzle” again – sound familiar? You know, as a child, where you think you’ve found the right piece, it looks like it fits, but when you try it doesn’t, the other pieces don’t look right so you try and force it, and in the end you either give up and start over, or another piece that was hidden underneath suddenly jumps out at you, you kick yourself for missing it and feel silly – but even if you don’t find the right piece, as a child, you only see that you have not found the answer – when in fact it is all part of that natural learning process…

    Subliminal messages?…Missing Files? Hidden programs? Biological AI – Factory reset – Reactivation…..CPU, RAM or Hard Drive ..

    Aha this is the right piece…Or is It ?…

    No idea how I fit in (yet) only that I/we have some part to ”play” – somebody got fired or lost their part somehow, I’m their replacement – should be good as long as I stop worrying about forgetting my lines and learn to enjoy it more 🙂

    • Sorry Rich, I already forgot about your different username!

      What you describe is definitely part of this important process. Just follow your heart and you will know what feels right, and what doesn’t. This is what “fits.” I’m “here” because of this. The pieces seem to fill themselves in, once we make the first steps.

  2. For the record I’ve certainly picked up on a feeling of familiarity with these posts in recent weeks – The first time I felt it was quite an eye opener for me…I struggled to put my finger on it at first! I think you’re bang on with the what you said about QR codes there Troy !

    • Rich mentioned something similar, and for me as well. Are we the Tuatha de Danaan? It’s like if someone saw you doing something and tells you about it, but you completely forgot that you were there. But because this person is telling you about it, you start to remember…

  3. I know of a woman who was touched by the hand of the Creator and given her new name…later she was touched by and angel and sealed…could it be that this Human Woman is one of the 9?

    We don’t need them to believe in us… 😉

  4. I remember the first time a saw a painting by Bill / Valiant. It was a very strange feeling, but I can’t explain it, not properly at least. I think it was a scene with wolves, or maybe bears, and trees and a river. There was green, shades of brown and orange, a little bit of grey, some blue… and it was fragmented, made of many parts, like a “vitral” (i think they are called stained glass in english). I remember it felt like watching a dream, and I thought there was something else to it, but I couldn’t see it. I mean… I know there was something in it that I was missing, like a painting within the painting, I can’t explain it really. The painting was alive, that’s what i felt.
    A couple of weeks ago a similar thing occured as I was reading a channeled message (can’t remember which one, i think maybe… from the arcturians?) and after two or three paragraphs I felt it again, a hidden message within the words! It wasn’t a riddle or anything like that, but more like energy flowing from the wording; a message within a message. What called my attention was the sequence of the words, because they were just simple words really, but were put one after another in such a way… it’s very hard to explain again. I kept reading until the end and, surely, they mentioned there was something else between their words.
    I don’t know if anybody else feels something like this (I bet a lot do). It also happens when reading some authors (to a lesser degree though) like Shakespeare… Walt Whitman too, some others.

    • Hi Nando, you are spot on!

      I’ve been aware of this since I started reading Valiant as well. For me, I can see the energy of words on a page. It looks like the text is highlighted with different-color highlighters. But there’s also something else that I can’t put into words – another story being told with energy that you can only hear if you’re “listening” to it. It’s a different meaning from “reading between the lines,” which is usually defined as “picking up on a misleading meaning” in a legal document.

      Same with his paintings. Reminds me a bit of QR codes where you see one design, then you hold your cell phone up to it and you see something else.

      “Gooberz” by Linda Goodman is another great example.

      • Yes exactly! I forgot to mention that i felt the same not only from the painting, but from the text too (it was “tick tock” something…).

        As usual, very insightful Troy! thanks

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