It has been a tough year.

I am Arachanaï

Hello everybody,

It has been a very tough year this year for me. After being knocked down and drained by my endometriosis , I am back up after a  major surgery. I am still recovering from it, but after three months I start to feel better.

I wanted to share some cloud pictures I made and again, just a few days earlier, blessed with a double rainbow. I hope with the beginning of the new year, I can start blogging again.

Thanks for being patiently with me. Enjoy the pictures.

Below pictures are taken just before we moved to a new place.

This below pictures are taken in my new home in Linden. Can you see the cloud ship/ cloaked ship?

Then just three days ago , we were blessed again with a view of a double rainbow.

If you want more info or bigger pictures, please click on the…

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  1. The pictures are amazing and beautiful. So good to hear of your wellness improving. Happy Holiday energy and much comfort and wellness for the New linear Year….Namaste’

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