Valiant: Knock Knock…The Bell Tolls…The Game of Lions…

*Song*: “Stand Back” by Stevie Nicks

“There has to be a way.” I said, sighed to
Them. It felt I was wishing more than
Anything…wishing for a miracle.”

“The details will become clear soon enough.” Varence
Said, standing there with a stern expression…his
Brow low, eyes so sharp…could he ever appear
Different. Was he afraid of anything? “Now tell me…
Write it for them…What is the current report?”

“Do you really need me to answer that?” I was
So tired of it. “You know the answer. You have
Seen it and heard it for years now…People are
Tired of waiting…why don’t you write one of these
Posts then…they want…”

“A miracle.” Varence said. “For someone, for me
To say here’s the moment of truth…here’s where
Your life is about to change.” He laughed.

“Really, Varence,” Ceres said as she sat
At the console shaking her head. “I swear
You are enjoying this far too much.”

“What is the meaning here?” Kieresta asked, then
She turned to the glowing image of the painting
On the screen…”I see it…and I feel something
There…But I fail to see your reasoning in
All of this, Apollo…Varence, whatever.”

“Trust me.” Varence only said.

“There’s a monumental request.” Ceres laughed.
“I would love to see something shake you…”

There was a rumble…then a hum…
A dull beeping sound…the hum the beep
The hum…

“What is that?” Varence asked.

Camlo studied the console before him as
Everyone’s eyes darted about. “There is a transport
Approaching, “Camlo said, he looked very
Unnerved, “It is coming in very fast.”

“What do you mean…there is a transport
Approaching?” Varence asked as he stepped
Behind him to study the readings.

“Who’s coming?” Ceres asked. “Is it the Postulate?
They couldn’t know…”

The great round room shook…

“It is coming in very fast, too fast…” Camlo said

Again, the room shook.

“Who is it?” Varence asked curiously.

“It’s at the outer edges of the system now,”
Camlo told them, “It’s too fast…Saturn…”

The room shook.

“Why is it coming so fast?” Ceres asked.

“Tell me who it is!” Varence ordered.

The room shook…

“Mars…” Camlo said, his eyes racing over readings.
“It’s slowing down now…slowing down…
The system is engaging, docking preparations…”
He was stunned at the speed of what his eyes
Were reading. “I have never seen this so fast
Before…I thought it impossible…How could they
Excel that barrier? That speed, that travel is
Lethal…” He froze, his face pale…

“What is it?” Varence ordered. “Tell us who
It is!”

“It’s your sister,” Camlo said with wide-eyed awe,

“What?!” Ceres exclaimed turning to her sister.

“I told her nothing,” Kierista said truly amazed,
“I informed the others…And those at the Temple,
The Paladium…”

“VIR’riel is with her.” Camlo stated in shock.

“What?!” Varence shouted…They all appeared to
Share the same shock…

“Transport is docking now,” Camlo said, “Dock
Secure…Locked…Merging…They are here…
Doors to transport are opening…”

Varence took a long breath of relief. “Well, it is
Only Rana.”

“I have not seen her in forever.” Ceres said
With relief and a smile.

“Nor I,” Kierista said similarly, “Not since
The Festivals years ago…AGES!”

“How could she know?” Ceres asked. “Why
Would she come like this now? She is so…”

“Fragile…Hesitant…Shy?” Varence laughed.

“Rana is one of your sisters? I asked.

“She is our youngest sister.” Ceres explained
Briefly. “She is the youngest of us all.”

The sound of doors opening somewhere sounded…
Then Varence smiled and seemed to skip with
Glee to the doorway of the room readying to
Greet her. “She is so sweet and tender…
The kindest little thing…Nothing at all
To worry about.”

“Who is VIR’riel?” I asked.

“He is one of the Ascended Masters of the Lion
Men…in the Temple,” Ceres said with respect,
Then curiously went on, “The Great Golden
Master of the Lion Men…Another one who rarely

“He is with her?” Kierista asked curiously too.

“As I said,” Varence laughed at them then
Smiled,” “Nothing to worry about. It’s only, Rana.
Sweet, innocent, lovely little Rana…You see, it’s
Like I said,” He told them proudly, “My plan…
It’s all coming together…absolutely

Everyone watched quietly…There was an
Odd feeling in the air…Camlo cowered…
Kierista studied the moment carefully…Ceres
Tilted her head to the side watching Varence
Stand before the doors eagerly…with such an
Expression of enthusiasm that the moment
Seemed too…perfect.

The Doors opened…

There, bathed in the golden light, stood this
Radiant, flawlessly beautiful woman…Tall, her
Hair was an auburn color held back in waves
And tresses and curls with highlights of glowing
Copper streaming throughout…She wore this
Velvet-like bronze-brown dress…that
Held her like a statue…Her eyes were as
Golden as the light around her…I could
See them clearly from across the room…But
Her expression was like stone…

Varence beamed with a joy that flowed
Too freely, “My sweet Rana…”

Before he could finish, before he could breathe,
She took one solid step forward and
Slapped him hard across the face, so hard he
Stumbled backwards and almost fell to the

He fought to regain his stance in a wild
State of shock…But before he could stand
Up straight…She took another solid step
Forward and slapped him even harder a
Second time across the face…so hard he
Fell backwards and lost his footing and fell
To his knee. “Why did you do that?”
He shouted.

She stood there nostrils flaring, tilting her
Head. Her lips richly full and pursed, she
Blinked once…her long lashes expressing all
The fire in the temper of her eyes…There was
Nothing weak about her…at all. “Do NOT
Call me your sweet anything.”

Ceres and Kierista jumped from their seats
Stunned. “Rana?” They said in unison.

Varence struggled to stand…but did so,
And found himself straightening his shirt,
Lifting his confidence from the floor. “Well
I am sorry if I greeted you incorrectly…”

Again, before he could finish his words
Rana took a solid step forward and
Slapped him even harder, this time with
Such force he tumbled backwards and
Fell fast and hard to the floor. Shaken
And confused he grabbed the pain in
His face and yelled, “Stop doing that!”

“Listen to me little man,” Rana told him,
Pointing at him ferociously, almost growling
The words, “Apollo, Oberon, or however you
Wish to indulge yourself with a name…Do NOT
Play word games with me. Do not speak of
Riddles, do not dance around ideas, plots
Or schemes…if you talk at all, say it
Straight and true. Do NOT waste my time…
I know all about you…who you are
And your play…Do NOT even think about
Trying that with me. Do you understand?
Do I make myself clear?”

Varence held himself on his knee on the floor,
Hesitant to move…He studied her fierce
Expression quickly. “What brought this of you?
I did not deserve…that!”

She walked slowly into the room, her hips
Swaying on long curvy legs atop these sharply
High-heeled shoes…her head dancing…her
Eyes, those long sharp lashes flashing, fluttering
Stabbing her eyes everywhere as she took in the
Room. “I’ll decide what you deserve,” she
Said, then stopped, spun fast and leaned over
Him, “Do not try tricks with me…little

“Rana!” Kierista exclaimed, questioning what
Everyone had just seen. “What has gotten into

“Kierista, Ceres…Hello.” Rana greeted them…
A little too carelessly. “It’s been a long time…

“Do you mind explaining this violent greeting
Of yours?” Varence asked, holding steadfast
To the floor.

Rana breathed hard, eyeing him sideways…
I swear her golden eyes glowed…”Explain?
Explain what? My arrival? My motives?
What for? I’m here…that’s all that matters.”

“And you strike me for…” Varence said
Angrily, though still refrained from moving,
“What purpose? To make a brutal impression?!”

“Ha!” She laughed. “Those are choice words for

“Again I say I tell you I did not deserve
That hello!” Varence shouted.

“You play word games,” Rana seemed to growl,
“You play everything, you chase theories you
Plot and then you roam…This is not a game.
The time is not your sole thing to play

“I never said it was!” He yelled.

“Let me put it to you this way then Truth
Tamer,” Rana declared as she looked down upon
Him, “ I am no little kitten your memories
Adore, I am a woman, not a little girl…
I am not some pathetic lost little female
Here to pet your ego…You will not hear me
Say, Oh how smart and special you are…
You are so talented, so brilliant…so handsome
And wonderful,” She said with a mocking
Girlish tone, “Oh please help and guide me,
I need you so…I am so meek and helpless…
I have so much to give but I am so lost
I need a man to guide me.” She slammed
Her feet to the ground. “You will not ever
Hear me stroke that boyhood of yours
Or anyone’s…only an idiotic little girl would
Patronize with such comments…and only
A desperate loathsome arrogant little
Boy would embrace such a girl. If you
Want to play word games little man, fine
Then, you will spend a lot of time on the
Floor. Because I do not need a man to
Complete me or be my pillar of support, or anything…
I can stand on my own two feet.”

“I can see that…thank you, Rana.”
Varence said, still holding to the floor.

“You are welcome…Apollo.” She said politely…
She then turned to Ceres and Kierista with
A smile that was more kind. “It
Has been a long time my sisters.”

There was an animal-like noise…then…
There he was…A giant entered the room…
He towered at least 9 feet tall, his shoulders
At least 3 feet wide…A magnificent
Golden-Bronze Lions face and head
With a flowing wavy mane…He wore a long
White robe that covered his massive muscled
Body with the exception of his beastly
Furry clawed hands…He simply stepped
In the room and completely blocked the
Doorway, then folded his arms across
His chest and eyed everyone
Silently…with large fierce sky-blue eyes
That had all the wisdom of thousands of
Years…the strength of millions…and the power
To paralyze your movements…He didn’t
Have to speak…his presence said it all.

“Everyone knows VIR’riel…” Rana waved
Before her eyes fell on me..then
Her expression returned to anger. “What is
That, that thing doing here?”

“Me?” I asked.

“What is this?” Rana demanded slowly
Walking towards me…

In seconds, Ceres was in front of me holding
Out her hand. “He is no
Thing, Rana. Hold your steps now.”

She slowed her pace, eyeing her sister
Almost sinisterly. “Why Ceres is this your
Pet? Are you keeping pets now? He is of
Earth, is he not?” Rana asked stopping in
Front of her sister.

“He is.” Ceres answered. “I named him

“Why is he writing? You named him after
Our brother?” Rana’s face turned to rage.
“Tell me you are joking! You are sickly
Mistaken! Has your time on Earth reduced
Your intelligence?”

“Watch your mouth sister,” Ceres told her, “Or
This reunion will turn ugly fast!”

“Oh it will be ugly.” Rana told her, “Because
I will claw his face off before I allow you
To grant that thing our brother’s name!”

Ceres laughed at her boldly. “I do not care
If you dared to roar in here like some
Thunder cat…Do not make claims you
Can not accomplish…Because I assure you…
In front of me you never will.”

“Oh really?” Rana spat.

“Yes, clearly.” Ceres stated.

I was terrified to move.

As their stand off grew fast and hot with
Each second…Kierista jumped to her feet to
Stand between them. “Sisters, please, I beg
You, stop. Do not do this to each other. Not
Now. Please.”

“Oh spare me the peaceful sibling plea, Kierista.”
Rana told her. “There is no argument to
Endorse what she has done!”

“Retract your claws, Rana,” Ceres told her,
“You have only just arrived…Do not judge
So fast…like some…child.”

Something came over me, I can’t explain
It…”You should listen to your sister
Kierista…” I told them firmly.

“Excuse me little thing,” Rana said, “What
Did you say?”

“I said,” I told her, told them, “that
You should listen to Kierista.”

“Why is that?” Rana asked angrily.

“Because she’s pregnant.”

They froze. Everyone froze. Their eyes shot
Fast amongst each other…doubting wondering
Wandering…”What did you say?” Rana asked.

Kierista stood there in shock and awe, her eyes
Bursting while they locked onto mine. “How could
You know that?”

Ceres carefully touched her sister’s arm, “Is he

“Is it true?” Rana asked…

“How did you know that?” Kierista could only
Ask…”I have not told anyone…”

Ceres’ eyes became glossy and wet, her anger
Fell to this overwhelming joy as her words
Cried, “You are pregnant…you are going to
Have a baby!”

Rana too did the same, her mouth hung wide,
She started to cry, “You are! Kierista you are
Going to have a little baby…a sweet little baby
Of mine.” She beamed, she glowed and smiled.
That’s wonderful!” Tears streamed down her face.

The three sisters all took each others hands
As they seemed to laugh at once, cry at once,
Then they laughed together…it was a sight
To see. “Yes, yes I am going to have a baby.”
Kierista confessed…and their smiles and
Laughter continued…suddenly all that anger
And confusion was gone…and they stood as three
Unbreakably together.

Varence stepped quietly to my side. “Well
Done, my friend.” He whispered to me. “Perfect
Timing…perfect…you watch…now they will
All come…”

“I don’t understand,” I whispered to him,
“They act like no baby has been born before?”

Varence smiled. “Where we are from…babies
Are rare…a rare precious gift. It’s not like
Your world…Maybe a handful are born each
Year on Tellus, if that, at all…And when they
Are…They are raised by the entire family with
The greatest care…For us, a human life, a
New life is a blessing…and that’s how they
Are raised…as if every child is a miracle…
For they truly are.”

Suddenly I began to see how very different
They were…There was much to learn.

“You!” Rana shouted as her eyes and
Ears caught Varence talking. She moved
Towards him wildly. “You conceited selfish
Plotting malicious trickster!” Before he could
React she was on him, slapping him once
Again hard across the face…he immediately
Cowered away. “How dare you bring my
Sister here to that savage world of
Devils and idiots!”

He held his hand out backing away from
Her. “Now Rana listen, it’s not like that!”

“I anything happens to her or her baby,”
Rana screamed, her eyes could kill, “I swear
You will spend an eternity crawling on the
Floor. I will rain hell on that planet…I
Swear I will show them what hell feels like!”

“Rana listen!” He yelled holding out his hand
As they circled me.

“As will I…” Ceres yelled then…as she
Joined Rana in pursuing him. “Did you know
About this Varence? Pray with every word
You speak!”

They caught him in front of me. He froze
Holding out his hands to both of them. “This
Is new to me I swear!”

“Liar, you bender of words! Loki you game
Player of lives!” Rana shouted. “I will
Call all the lions and tigers…”

“And I the bears!” Ceres roared.

“Oh my,” Kierista sighed touching her face,
“I am fine, it’s alright.”

“No it is not!” Rana shouted. “This is not
A game. You can not be in a place like this…
Your life…your baby’s life…”

“Varence this is too much.” Ceres declared.

“I am fine.” Kierista said, “Please.”

“It’s this one, isn’t it?” Rana pointed to me,
Then stepped up to study me. “What is so important
About him?”

“Wait,” Ceres reasoned, “Rana you should

“Yes, you must look, “Varence begged her. “Before
You judge anymore…All that I ask is that
You simply look into his eyes and see for
Yourself…our reasons will become clear.”

“See what?” Rana demanded.

Ceres fought the words, the moment, everything.
“Truly, Rana, please…you must. Then you
Tell us what you think and see.” She turned
To me kindly. “Bill, please, I ask you, let her
Look, let her see.”

“Alright.” I had no choice.

“I see no reason…” Rana bean to say…but
Did as they asked…Slowly she stepped in front of
Me looked into my eyes…Time stopped…I saw
The Gold in her eyes flare to life…Needles in
My mind…piercing through my thoughts,
My life, my past…to see the moment that
The Angel came…Once again I relived it…
And was transfixed…I couldn’t move…
But she saw and stepped back…Her
Mouth open wide, her expression glowing in
Some shock no word could describe…

“I see now.” Rana said quietly…suddenly
All of her composure was gone…”What is he?
He is not like them. He is not like us.
What is he?”

“What?” I asked. “What does she mean?”

“I told you.” Ceres said to her.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“Do not tell him.” Varence instructed. “He
Does not know…yet.”

“The Heavens touched him,” Rana said, her
Eyes on mine…humbly. “I apologize to you.
Please,” she said quietly, “Forgive me…It
Is good to meet you, an honor…Valiant.”

“What?” I asked completely confused.

“You see,” Varence said with a breath of relief,
“I told you.”

Rana nodded. “I understand now.”

The way she looked at me…that starstruck
Awe, scared me more than anything. “What
Are you talking about?!” I asked them.

“Let me see…” Kierista said as she moved forward
Next…”May I?” She asked me…I nodded, then
She looked. Again the same thing happened…
She stepped back…that expression I had seen so
Many times before…”After all this time…,”
Was all she said.

Rana gestured then, “VIR’riel, you must see this.”
The great Lion Man stepped forward next…”Please,”
She asked me…so kindly…I nodded…I couldn’t

Then there he was…this magnificent huge
Lion Man, Gold and Great…silently staring into
Me with these amazing blue eyes that
Sparkled, spun, darted all around…the needles
In my mind…the light…in reflections I
Saw the images he pulled out of my mind
My memory in his eyes. Then he moved back
Carefully with a gentle growl…nodding,
Nodding at me to her…

“This is what you have been looking for.”
Rana said to him…

VIR’riel growled quietly as he stood there
Towering over all of them.

Rana beamed, her eyes blazing a joy for
Her teacher, her friend and King. “I am so
Happy for you…Finally.” She told VIR’riel, then
Turned to me. “Thank you for that.”

“Would someone please explain to me what
This is?” I asked.

No one spoke. No one moved. They only stared
At me…Finally, after what seemed like forever
Kierista very kindly and curiously tilted
Her head and asked me,” I just have to know…
Please tell me…How did you know I was

The sensation in the air scared me, it was
Too heavy…”The last time I saw you was when
I was 18.” I told her, I told them, “When I saw
You then…you were pregnant…very pregnant.
You told me things. Mostly you asked if I was
Alright. You always asked if I was
Alright, how I was feeling…Then you said you had
To go home to have your baby…that I wouldn’t
See you for a long time…Because to your people
Raising a child was important…But that one day…
I would see you again…you promised.”

They all nodded…with an understanding still a
Mystery to me. “Do you see now?” Varence told them…

“And…” I struggled to say.

“What?” Ceres asked. “Don’t be afraid, say it.”

“Well…” I said. “Something about…the Lion.
When I see the Lion…Follow him…That I
Will know what to do.”

I thought Rana’s eyes would fall out as
Her jaw shook…Just then there was a
Rumbling growl that resounded throughout
The room…everyone turned to watch as this
Great black panther, or jaguar…I couldn’t tell,
Strolled into the room…to rest beside Rana.
“Do not worry, this is my little baby…my

The cat was impressive, tame yet wild…
Something beyond magical about it.

“There truly is much going on here.” Kierista
Spoke for everyone. She held her stomach, her
Thoughts of what she carried clear…She
Turned to the screen…studied the painting…
Pondered it a moment…then her eyes fell
To her sister, to the cat beside her, then to
VIR’riel…”Rana…what brought you? How
Did you know to come here?”

Rana blinked, shook slightly as if it all
Suddenly hit her. Fireworks blasted inside
Her as she remembered her fiery intentions.
“I had to come…The revolution…”

“Revolution?” Ceres questioned.

Rana nodded to VIR’riel – who at that
Moment stepped aside from them to quietly study
The screen and painting. “The movement…
That we’ve waited for.”

“Yes, we know it began…” Varence said.

“Began?” Rana laughed. “Began? It
Happened…it’s over. Dorin is over. BR’riel
Now sits on the throne. BR’riel now rules

“What?!” Varence exclaimed. “So fast?
How could it….”

“You are done speaking, Apollo.” Rana
Said boldly as she gestured her hand
From left to right. “The time of the
Lion Men has come. The way of the
Watchers is over…Rules will change…”

“What does that mean?” Kierista asked.

“It means, Dear Sister,” Rana told her,
“That this ridiculous age over-analyzing…
Of the watching and exaggerated waiting
Is over…Tellus will be there, that hasn’t
Changed…only its purpose…The age of
Darkness swept in and blocked out the
Light…But light never ceases to burn…
The Dark Kind went too far…but the
Majestic races were not defeated…the great
Cats ran farther…they want their Power
Back…It’s not the Dark’s Game anymore…
Now it is a Game of Lions…”

“You’re talking about a War!” Varence
Shouted. “Of the prophecy…it was not
Supposed to go that far!”

Rana shook her head at him. “I said
You are done talking! Need I remind
Your face of my hand?
It’s no war if both sides aren’t equally
Matched…And they are NO match
Forces at all.”

“Rana, Please…” Ceres said trying to
Reason with her.

Rana held her stance strongly, then
Studied the screen with VIR’riel… “He likes
This work you’ve done,” she said to me. “Tell
Me…what can it do?”

”That depends,” I answered. “What do
You want with it?”

“Anything,” Rana said. “Everything.”

Something else inside me spoke to her. “I
Can not answer that.”

“You will.” Rana said confidently. “In time.”

“What are you planning?” Kierista asked.

Rana smiled. “I’m speaking to him now,
“I’m sorry,” she said pointing to me. “And
This is for him only…for them, for right now.
We’ll all talk the details out later.”

“I am responsible for bringing him here.”
Varence said strongly. “Don’t harm him.”

“Don’t be stupid, Little Man.” Rana ordered.
“I would never do that to him, not now, not
Ever…not after seeing THAT!”

“Then what, then?” Ceres asked.
“What are you saying?”

Rana took a breath then stepped in
Front of me. “This writing f yours…We are
Aware of what it is…VIR’riel has told me…
The Lion Men have visited your planet to judge
Its state…You told them this…You write
The words…A messenger…the fools and
Idiots still don’t get it, they never will…even
Though you’ve said it countless times. Say
It a hundred thousand more,” She laughed,
“They will; still scratch their heads…Those
Idiots think you brand yourself a
Savior? You offer help freely…and they
Conclude that insane deduction. How
Priceless…There are 5 of you now…You said
You address those in power in your writing.
The others are only allowed to share your
Response…Well, did they ever wonder
What the other 4 were doing while
You distracted them? I am so sorry
For you,” she told me, “You…Valiant you are…
You made yourself the target so the
Others could work…so the real Deliverer
Could prepare his work…So the others
Could do their divine deeds…But no one
Ever thought of that, did they? Not in
All this time?”

“Enough addressing Morons…No
More questions…Don’t attack the messenger
Idiots. The Real Deliverer has not revealed
Himself. Though you have shown your true
Colors well!”

“Now…For My address…Here it
Simply is…Little Men…Big Brother…
Rotten Scoundrels in your luxury towers
Built of blood and lies…

You put the Dog out but left the
Cat inside…haha…The Cat’s Eye…
You see the Magic of the Cat’s Eye is…
The Majestic Ascended Masters of the
Lion Men, like BR’riel, can see through
The eye of any cat…they share this infinite
Bond…That look in their eyes, you can
Not understand…They see it all and
Tell their masters everything…Secrets do tell.”

“Oh Great Leaders, Great Families…
The Puppeteers that pull the strings…Your
Lies…Your backstabbing, your greed…That
False Face you wear to the Public, to your
Own families…How clever you are…Out of
Touch, out of reach…Your black hearts
That bleed the Earth and torture your people…
The arrogant one who sits at his desk
Barking orders…watching everything…Those
Hateful things you do…your sick twisted
Minds…The cats see…They tell…
The one who kisses his wife and children
Good bye after breakfast…The Devil
That goes to work and entertains perhaps
A young boy to play with before lunch…
Quiver quiver…then perhaps some pretty
Young girl in your busy afternoon…

Then at times the Play becomes too Dark
And your playthings disappear…
And those dirty parties of yours…shame
Shame…the big names…the bad games…
The thirst that never ends.”

“Then of course your greed…Having
Money problems? Oh well, so sad too bad….
…Servers of SET…The cats out of the bag.
He’s on the loose, not to play…but to hunt…
If you know the cat…get out of the
Cities now…Don’t get in the way of the
Great Lion now.

“As for the rest…Time will tell…
The Dark Magic that you think you weave
So well…has fallen…they do not recognize
The Cabal…nor the Secret orders…
Hear it loud and clear…The Game
Of Lions is far bigger than you know…
You’ve already taken sides…plotted your
Betrayals to come…so many lies out there
You will scare yourselves…”

“The last thing I have to say is this…
Time’s up…Read the posts of the Past for
Clues Morons…It ended a long time ago…
What’s been happening lately is your true
Colors…You’ll never get it, poor things.
Anyway…just know this…Rana is
Here now…and for those Big Bad Bullies
…I have one word…RUN.”

That’s all for now.

My artwork: Catwoman and Rana




  1. “RUN” listen to that song by Awolnation. The whole time I was reading this, i though of that song and then you ended your post with that word, “RUN”!

  2. stand back, one of my most favorite songs ever and I listen to it every month..i just did a few days ago…. what made you choose that one? which lyrics? I always picture a whole story in my head everytime I listen to it…

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