Galactic Lightship Dreamflights 19DEC2015


You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (19 December 2015) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: MultidimensionaloceanAuroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.



  1. I had a dream the night before the date.
    I’m not sure if this was a ship visit or not, part of me feels like it may just have been a travel inside my own mind.

    I was in some small rural town with a family member. We parted and I went to a large building, it looked like the kind of hall that would host sports events or music performances. Outside the weather had a sort of mild autumn feel. There was wind but not cold, the grass was green and there was sunlight through the clouds, but most of the sky was grey. The landscape was open on one side, as if the town was looking out over a river or lake, but the distance to the water was too long and there were too much trees in between to see if this was really so. It may just have been a valley.

    Inside the building were a lot of people of different nationalities. Most of them looked more western than not, giving me the impression that those who where not american or european in appearance, had to be from the more westernized parts of the middle east or former sovjet states.

    I suddenly started to feel really tired, exhausted even, so I started looking for a place to lie down and sleep. Once I found a place in a niche at the far end of a large room, it turned out the room was hired before, and staff were mounting large loudspeakers on the other end of the room. I got up and started walking around in the building. It turned out to be huge on the inside, but it was only one floor. There were lots of large areas where people were sitting on the floor. Some had kids with them, and I found them loud and annoying. Trying to sleep there was impossible, and I had to get up and continue walking through the building.

    There were large areas of office complexes, with glass doors, and glass walls seperating smaller office spaces. Office furniture like desks, chairs and equipment was piled up and pushed into a huge mess everywhere. Some rooms were so full of things it was not possible to take one step into the rooms. The strip lights were just partially lit, and I started feeling I was far away into the building. I no longer saw any people and it was quiet. After a long walk when I was getting completely lost, I suddenly found a part of the office complex that was a dead end. This was good because I wanted to find a place where noone could come walking by and disturb. I was very relieved when I found that this area had a small resting space, like a staff room, with several beds, a little messy, but already made. The light were turned off and only a little light reached in here from the corridor outside, throught the glass walls. The sheets were dark blue and the quilts looked thick and warm. As I climbed into one of the beds I felt very relaxed, and at this moment I woke up.

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