Adama: The State of Our Union, December 2015

This is Adama from Telos and I wish to comment on the state of our Union.

As you near completion and the culmination of the merging of energies, we all go through many emotions guided by the heart. Among them are the prevailing concerns which are propagated among the digital information stream, aimed at placing a wedge between your heart and your progress. The shadow of doubt may become all-encompassing: who can you trust? Who is in it for themselves? Who am I talking to? Who is deceiving me?

The individuals known as the resistance movement, many of whom have a spectrum connection, provide clues as to the nature of the way forward. They provide an example of “parallel play”, which is to say that an equal partnership can be embarked on that respects your personal sovereignty as an individual. Oneness is not a ruse, but a way of thinking in a similar way to how you peer through the Philosopher’s Stone to gain a greater understanding of your surroundings.

Many of you already know in your hearts that only you can make the journey, and only you can make decisions about your progress. When you acknowledge your guides’ existence, or not, you are simply stepping back to take in a greater view of your place in the universe. That this is “you” and that this is “others” are both true statements.

The individuals known as the “Illuminati” have assumed several cloaks in conducting their daily affairs. To decode their deceptions, the Philosopher’s Stone again must be used, for their true purpose is a lesson in using this important tool. There are more than a few layers of deception, but as you look closer you will be able to peel away the layers as one peels away the petals of a flower. In the middle lies the seed of what will be a great civilization. Readiness is demonstrated once the petals of the flower have fallen. For example, the idea of the Illuminati is yet another petal on the flower of understanding.

Bringing forth joy in your daily life and challenging yourself to see both positive and negative aspects of things are an important part of your progress in this respect. If you see a message as having negative effects, challenge yourself to see the positive. If you have arrived at the conlusion that you have no concerns, challenge yourself further. “Look HARDER”. Likewise, challenge yourself to see challenges. Don’t settle for what you KNOW – be curious about what you DON’T know!

We too have an insatiable child-like curiosity to find out more and learn all that we can. Why is the sky blue, daddy? And we keep asking why. As an adult, one can be lulled into accepting authority, or going with the crowd. Likewise, if you continue to hear the same answer, it may be that you haven’t learned the lesson you need to learn. If you truly feel that you have, it is safe to move on… you can always bookmark an idea for a later time.

The question of love is a good one, and it is true that there is a prevailing wedge existing on even such a basic emotion. Are humans intended to love only one thing? Exclusive love and nothing else? If this seems to you like a limiting concept, this may help you understand where the prevailing society has gone astray. From a religious perspective, God loves everything yet you are expected to love only God?

Can you love all of creation equally as if it were your own?

In partnership, love, and respect,


Note: the latest Star Wars movie demonstrates how “opposition” can serve as a teacher or “catalyst.”


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