Valiant: Knock Knock…The Bell Tolls…Revelations…Mirror Mirror…

He sat there, tall, vigilant…watching me
With those pale supernatural eyes of his.

“They said, and I quote,” I told him,
“We are waiting for confirmation that
Subject is communicating with two…

He laughed, “Really? And the others?”

“They were all pretty much the same,” I told
Him. “Awaiting for confirmation of
Communication of subject with two…
Unclassifiable entities…two extraterrestrials…
…Subject hasn’t moved…no signals detected…
Awaiting confirmation…awaiting confirmation.”
I told him honestly, plainly. “The wording
Slightly different, but they all say the same thing.”

He shook his head smiling, he was always
Smiling. “Ah…so do they know you can
Hear them? Well if not…they do now.”

“Stupid monkeys.” Ceres said, sitting beside
Him very calmly adjusting the length of her hair
Over her shoulder. “Balls…”

He cocked his eyebrow at her. “What?”

“All those games you showed me. The Ball
Games…Their brains are in their balls…
That’s why they kick and throw them about…”

He leaned on his elbow. “Your words always
Have uncanny timing.”

“Do they?” She said without a care, as she
Sighed watching me write.

“And I am forced to ask,” Varence said
Still smiling, “How does this make you feel…
Being regarded as an entity…unclassifiable?”

“I should care what those regional desk
Monkeys think?” She answered, there was more
Effort to her calm breathing than her interest.

“Fair enough,” he said watching me write.
“I must admit it is disappointing…predictable…”

“Right over their heads,” Ceres told him, “I
Have said it countless times. Speak
Plainly. Your riddle-some words are wasting time.”

“Perhaps you are right…” He began to say watching
Me closely, studying my face. “What’s wrong my
Young friend?”

“Nothing.” I answered.

“No, what is it?” Ceres pushed further. “I see it
Too, you look so…drained.”

I paused for a moment, staring off into the
Resounding pulsing light of the crystal walls.
“I feel like a big stupid trusting idiot.”
I told them. “That’s all.”

“Ah, I see,” Varence nodded, “Our little
Talk. I warned you of this before. It
Is their nature. That’s why I told you to
Stop talking to them months ago…Troublemakers
Never change…they are…historically the same

“Do not do this to yourself please.” Ceres said
Kindly watching me. “Why do you think I
Call them monkeys?” She smiled almost…
A little wickedly. “That’s why I don’t tolerate
It…the scheming or bullying. Don’t think about
It anymore.”

She smiled. I sighed. “Easier said
Than done.”

Varence rolled his eyes at her hidden meaning.
“Moving onward,” he directed suddenly finding
His fingers pointing in the air. “The hour has
Finally come…The harsh realities come now…
The Pulse ends…Judgment Day.”

“Mirror Mirror,” Ceres said with melody,
“What do you tell me now? The reflection
In the mirror…is that me? Or the person
I pretend to be?”

Varence face lit up with fireworks of sheer joy.
“I did not think you had it in you! The
Riddles, the play! I do have an effect on you!”

She made this wild smile and said, “Mirror, Mirror,
Tell me True…All the things I’ve seen, All the things
I do…Show me, Show them, what’s really there…
It’s long over due.”

I swear Varence was going to fall off his seat,
His mouth hung wide, he stared at her in shock.

“Revelations,” she said, her eyes fixated
Magically on my writing, “No one ever saw
Or knew before…now see yourselves for
What you are…like it or not…live in light…
Or die and rot…Of course you could refuse to see
The truth…Either way your true colors shine.”

That did it. Varence fell to the floor.
He struggled to regain his seat. “I
Think I may need someone to slap me
Awake…” he sat firmly, then stared at her.
“Did you just say?”

“What?” She blinked, her eyes sparkled with
Innocence. “It was nothing. No
Time to waste. I only wanted to get things

“I am sensing a great shock coming.” He
Stated curiously, pausing again to study me
As I wrote the words. “Look at me.” He

I only lifted my eyes. “What?”

“This attitude of yours concerns me. “He leaned
Upon his elbows, his eyes intense. “Especially now.
What is it? What’s done this to you?”

“It’s nothing. Go on.” I said. “I’m writing.”

He stood over me. “It isn’t nothing. Tell me.
This timing is important. I need you Focused.”

“I said I’m fine.”

“You are not. You clearly are not.” Varence said,
His voice louder, bolder. “I keep telling you, stop
This worrying of what others think. You’re
Wasting energy.”

“It isn’t that, I’m fine. Go on.” I told him.

He invaded my mind, it felt like needles. “I see
It now. The games they play on you. That is
What steals your energy. It is deceitful…
But predictable…Typical of important timing. Put
It out of your mind and Focus.”

“I’m trying.” I told him.

“Don’t try. Do it.” He said.

Ceres jumped to her feet and stood beside him.
“Oh the mighty has spoken. Don’t growl orders at
Him like that.”

“This timing is critical” Varence told her. “I will
Not have the weakness now, it is important.”

She rolled her eyes and held her hands to her
Hips. “The authority and wisdom in your
Kindness is so compelling…what no riddles?”

“We need him focused.” He snapped.

“So what now,” she snapped back, “Is this
Your plan, your tactical inspiration? This
Overture of manliness – to suit your mysterious

He stood there in silence a moment…Studying
Her then me…His mindful thoughts revealed
By his eyes darting back and forth. “We need
To move this forward. Enough of this.” He
Turned then waved to me, to her, “Come, follow

There was an opening, a doorway in
The crystal wall. He walked into it, and
Lights came alive before him. First she
Followed him…Then I followed, cautiously.
This was huge and new. My mind came alive
Taking it in. We went down this tunneled
Hallway, Varence leading the way, until
We came into a large circular domed room.

The room…There wasn’t much to it…It
Was so big and round. There was a great
Long curved desk type table in the center
With three chairs spread perfectly apart. One
Captains-like throne seat behind it…and a
Giant round screen or window that
Surrounded it all, the entire room…

Everything lit up like sunlight as
We entered…Then I saw him, another
Man was sitting in the room, at the last seat
Of the desk-table. He appeared to be thirty-
Something, fit-looking, sharp features…blond,
Young looking, and yet strangely
Old at the same time. He was stunned, jumped to
His feet and exclaimed, “What is this?”

“Camlo,” Varence said calmly as he came to
A stop in the center of the room,
“This is Bill. Bill,” he said with a jolly smile,
“This is Camlo. Camlo is our resident…
Ah what’s the simplest word…Plant
Specialist, I believe you would call it.”

“He is of the Earth!” Camlo pointed at me
With what seemed terror. “You’re cavorting
With them now? What’s he doing writing?
Who gave this permission?” He shouted
Pointing at both of them. “The two of you
Are insurgents! Oberon, I will inform the
Postulate immediately!”

“I told you it’s Varence now.” He corrected
Camlo’s address strongly, as Ceres eyed him
Sarcastically; that name again.

“Postulate?” I asked.

“Our bosses.” Varence answered me.

“They regulate and monitor everything.” Ceres

“I don’t care,” Camlo said, “I should
Call them immediately!”

Before he could move, Varence pointed and
Shouted, “You will sit down, be silent.
You will watch, listen and learn and do
Nothing more than what I tell you to do.
Are we clear?”

“Lord Oberon has spoken.” Ceres teased.

He turned to her, “Please forgive it already.”
He then turned more humbly to me, “Bill,” he
Pointed to the Captain’s chair, “Please sit there
To write.”

I did as he instructed. Varence then waved his
Hand at the screen in front of us, that little
Device in his hand…And an image
Immediately filled the wall in front of us…of
A stadium…full of people…watching a

“Another Ball Game?” Ceres questioned. “This
Is your brilliant revelation?”

“Give me a moment.” Varence told her. “I
Just turned it on.

Camlo sat fixated on the screen, the oddest
Expression on his face. “What is that?”

“It’s one of their Ball Games.” Ceres told him.

“Football.” Varence explained briefly as he began
To point, “Now pay attention – “

“Why are dressed like that?” Camlo asked.
“Like warriors? Why are they attacking each
Other over a ball?”

“It’s a game.” Varence told him. “Now”

“That’s a game? “Camlo was scowling in confusion

“It’s not important now.” Varence insisted.

Ceres smiled in glee, “No, tell him, Varence.”

“Can we move on, please.” He replied.

“The Ball is a treasure!” Camlo explained, “It’s
Endowed with gifts of wisdom and miracles!
That’s why they fight for it!”

Ceres laughed. “Oh yes, precisely.”

“Enough!” Varence to the screen with
The device and the image changed…we watched
As a grisly scene came into focus…awful
Things…blood, gore…a city in ruins…I
Recognized the hordes of deformed made-up
Monsters roaming the streets and cringed.

“Oh Dear God!” Ceres exclaimed.

Camlo screamed, then it became this
Wailing shriek as he started to cry. He
Grabbed his face like a child; I had never seen
Such a reaction. “What, what is that?”

Varence lowered his brow at the screen.
“It’s one of their entertainment productions.
They call it, The Living Dead…Zombies.”

“That’s terrible, it’s absolutely insane!” Ceres
Exclaimed. “How could they enjoy this?
What’s wrong with them?”

Camlo continued on this deafening crying. “Please
Stop. Stop it please.” He was truly terrified. He
Cowered in his chair looking away shrieking,

Ceres clawed at her brow, her expression a
Mixture of rage and disgust. “I can not believe
This.” She pinched her eyes shut at Camlo’s
Shrieking. “Are you quite happy now? You’ve
Destroyed his mind entirely,” she said angrily
To Varence, “if not all his dignity as well.”

“Look at it.” Varence demanded, studying the
Screen, “See it.”

Camlo only continued to scream.

Ceres folded her arms in front of her, “Oh
Please, Camlo, please try to control yourself.
It isn’t real. It’s their version of theatre.”

He only screamed more, cried and curled into
A ball, hiding in his seat like a child.

“Look!” Varence shouted at it.

“What?” Ceres said, fighting it…then she
Froze, her eyes widened at the screen, “Oh!
The Plague! The Stories of the Plague from
The old Delta System!”

“What?” I asked.

“There was a plague like this – “ Ceres began.

“Yes!” Varence exclaimed.

“Long ago,” Ceres went on, “At least they
Called it the Delta System…or is it Vega now?
Anyway, yes there was a plague like this…
It consumed an entire Star System.”

“You mean it’s real?” I asked them.

“The Dark Kind created it with their sciences,”
Varence explained, his eyes fixated angrily at
The screen, “It was an experiment gne
Wrong…or out of control rather.”

“What happened?” I asked.

“The only way to contain it was to sterilize
The entire star system.” Ceres answered.
“And the surrounding star systems…it took

“It was merciless…” Varence said turning
To Ceres, urging her to see. “But effective.”

Ceres met his eyes, her mouth ajar. “You’re

“What?” I asked.

She turned to me fast. “Can’t you see it?
Your world cries for help…You are broadcasting
These images into space for all to see…
They are judging you by this. Not
Everyone, if anyone, will see it as false
Theatrics…they will not see it as entertainment…
They will see it as real and
No one will come here.”

“Exactly!” Varence said. “They are using
This media of yours not only to control your world
But send a message to those in space.”

“How long has this been going on?” Ceres
Asked him, intrigued.

“Since their media began of this,” Varence
Responded, “But this,” he pointed, “This horror
More so recently than ever before.”

“To incite some sort of…mind control,” Ceres
Said, “of the population…inhibit outside
Intervention at the same time…A new concept.
It is interesting…yet revolting.”

“But not everyone watches these horror
Movies,” I tried to reason with them.
“Everyone watches different – “

“Bill – “ Varence laughed and shook his head
Then looked at me, “Try to understand. Your
World has…nearly 10 billion people on it…”

“Dear Heavens!” Ceres exclaimed. “That
Number is out of control for a planet
This size!”

“Regardless,” Varence insisted, “Even if there
Is a race willing to…come rescue your
World…they will analyze the big picture
From afar…They will not assess such
A number individually…10 billion? That
Would take forever!”

Ceres nodded. “They will judge the majority,
And only if you are lucky…spare a few
Outstanding individuals, if any at all.”

“Foremost,” Varence explained, “If they
Think for a moment that this…Living
Dead plague is real…they will sterilize
The planet without hesitating.”

“Ruthless!” Ceres said.

“But,” Varence waved his arm at the screen
To change the image…then suddenly it
Was a great star map, “Your solar system…”

“Is it over?” Camlo whimpered.

The screen then lit up with dots of bright
Green and red across the entire map, hordes
Of them. “And these.” Varence pointed
At the dots, “These are the ships of races
Positioned around the Earth and the system.”

“So many of them!” Ceres said in shock. “How
Many are there?”

“Approximately 165 different races of
3-dimensional or corporeal form, with an
Additional 50 of inter-dimensional form as well!”
Varence told her. “They have been growing
In number over the last 100 Earth years.”

“Why so many of them?” Ceres asked.

“They are aware of the Planet’s changes, what
These changes bring.” He said studying the
Screen. “All have various agendas.”

“Why would they tolerate each other in this
Number?” Ceres asked. “Even the Council…
There is no alliance that exists in this number.”

He pointed for me, for her, “Do you see the
Red dots most closely surrounding the Earth,
The Moon…Mars?” He tilted his head at me.
“These, these are the Draconians allied ships…
Vessels masquerading as other races…all forms…
While the green are the true outside alien
Races…Do you see how the green are all
Positioned farthest away from the Earth?”

“Masquerading races?” Ceres questioned.

Varence nodded. “These are the ships
That have made various pacts with the
Earth’s…Leaders. They have been fooling
The planet, its countries, into believing
This is a Federation that will help the Earth.”

“To manipulate them?” Ceres asked.

“Fooling them,” Varence explained, “While at
The same time…acting as a barricade to
Keep the good allied forces out.”

“They have never done this before.” Ceres
Was truly bewildered.” Why would they
Do this to this planet?”

A pause. I hadn’t realized they were
Now both suddenly staring at me; Camlo
Was still quietly cowering. I looked up
Waiting to write their words. “What?”

“Your mind is not here again.” Varence
Said. “At this prime moment.”

“I’m writing. I’m listening.”

“But you aren’t here.” Varence said. “Look,”
He pointed, “look at that map. Have you
Heard what I’ve told you of this?”

“The numbers, the races.” I answered. “I get it.”

“This is important!” He insisted. “Focus!”

“I know.”

“What have they done to you?” He was angry.

“I’m just tired.”

“Do you realize this about you, your people?”
He went on.” That’s why so many ships are
Here…The Pulse…The Plan…The collapse,
The fall of the Dark Kind, The Great Liberation
And New World to come!”

“More promises? More potential and time spent
Struggling and waiting?” I said. “It won’t end.”
“True, it won’t be easy.” Varence said
In frustration.” But do you see how far
You’ve come? No one has ever gone farther,
This is beyond expectation…”

“If it works.” I snapped. “If! Always IF.”

He blinked madly. “If?”

“Please,” Ceres said studying me, “Look
For it, do not surrender now.”

Varence’s face became like stone. “I realize
You are few now. It’s taken a toll, losing
So many. That’s why I’ve looked for others.”

“For hope.” Ceres added.

“There is a charming art teacher who
Reads your articles…12 of her students
Will become great leaders in the future.
Her unique inspiration upon these
Children will shape them immensely.
She has 2 of them now…”

“You inspire each other.” Ceres added.

“Among your readers, there is a young
Musician…His music is young and
Changing…Properly directed his talent
Will become a star…when he finds the
Correct inspiration…”

“Whales…” Ceres smiled.

“When he sets his talent of musical notes
And lyrics in harmony with whale song he
Will achieve what no one has, something
Entirely new…and will excite generations
To come.” Varence said. “Limitless…
He will sense the revelation immediately
At this.”

Ceres came closer to me smiling. “You
Are not alone. There will be more.”
“When you need to realign senses…listen,
Listen to the whales. That is how I found
Peace…when I struggled with the bears…
I heard the whales singing…with their
Songs of sincere joy and laughter…
That simple, pure song they sing like no
Other creature.” She told me her eyes
Aglow with passion, “They know only
True emotions. Honest sincerity. Together
They laugh and play, their unity is
Unbreakable, loyalty is born to them from
Their very start…they play like children
At any age…their wisdom is profound
As they grow…And when they ache, they
Ache together…” She said solemnly. “That’s
Why when one suffers they all do…and
Together they beach themselves…Knowing
Death will come…for one, then for all.
Because they always want to be together.
Life…love…joy…and death together.”

“That’s beautiful.” I said. “If…”

“If?” Ceres said curiously.

“If they don’t steal them away.” I said.

“Who?” She asked.

“Those ships.” I told her. “In a dream
I saw them watching them. It was
Like they were going to take them or

“What?” she demanded, her eyes exploded.

“Don’t!” Varence held out his hand to me
In panic, urging me not to tell her.

“Don’t what?” She snapped at him.

“About the whales?” I asked.

“Bill, please!” He stepped forward.
“Perhaps we should stop now. Take a
Break. Stop writing.”

“No!” Ceres shouted, her eyes firing between
Us as she stood there like a Titan. “No,
Don’t stop writing. You finish this.”

“No no no don’t go there.” He insisted.

“They want to take the whales?” She
Demanded. She turned to me. “Tell me.”

“Bill, don’t…” Varence began to say.

“But…” I started to say.

“No that’s enough for now!” He shouted
Standing between us. “That’s enough
For now.”

“Varence move.” Ceres ordered. “Step aside.”

“I will not see you cross that line.” He

She tilted her head at him, her mouth
Ajar. Then she lowered her brow and
Said, “Do not tell me what to do!”


“Varence, move aside, and shut up.”

“What?” He was shocked at her anger,
As it grew and grew so fast.

“I said move aside, and shut up.”
Ceres told him.

He swallowed and did as she requested.

“You knew about this? They wanted the
Whales?” She said firmly.

“I knew of the possibility.” He confessed.

She breathed hard and fast. “No. Never!”

“Ceres…Please.” He begged.

“Oh. I’m in this now.” She said biting
Her teeth together.

“We can not cross that line, not that
Way…” he tried to reason, “If they
Try to take them…”

“Like Hell they are!” She shouted.

“Ceres don’t!” He insisted.

“You are insurgents!” Camlo screamed.
“You will create chaos they will never

“What?” I asked.
“Use this gift in your head…reach out
And see…tell me…Will they do it?”
She asked.

My mind went wild…as if beyond control
To her request, I had no control and before
I knew it, I said, “Yes.”

“NEVER!” Ceres shouted. “Not ever!”

Varence jumped to his feet to stand
Between us once more…”Please…”

“I won’t let it happen, “Ceres shouted,
A tear in her eye, her rage exploding,
“I won’t let it happen to them!”

Varence turned to me in desperation,
Breathing hard…”I need you to do
Something for me. It is important.”


“I need you to tell then,” he said, “I
know it makes no sense to you right
Now…But I need you to tell them…
Tell them how the others, how the others
Of your group died.”

“I can’t do that.”

“You MUST.” He insisted.

My heart was racing. “I can’t.
Please don’t ask me to do that.”

“You have to.” He begged, his eyes
Flashing between me and her, her rage.

Ceres stepped up to me, her face,
Her expression indescribable…
“Let the words stop now…and
Let the music begin…” Her eye flared
With rage.

That’s all for now.





  1. Holy cow… i’m like.. “What can wE do?” that’s so crazy not only to think that others’ would think our ‘Tv’ is real but that 163+ races are waiting & watching.. I felt insignificant before.. wow. I had an idea but when you look at the Dark Ones resources.. ugh umm hm. I’ve very interested in how this will play out.

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