Valiant: Knock Knock…The Bell Tolls…Secret Lives…Valiant Thor…And a Conversation with the Dark Side…


There was a distinct tension in the air…

Camlo sat at the end chair, pale, his mouth
Open…he seemed in shock…Varence stood to
My left, a pillar of stone with the oddest expression
On his face as he watched her…She too looked
Like a pillar of stone, but her expression was one
Of very clear anger…her eyes like the hottest blue
Of a fires flame burned as she breathed hard…
It’s as though they were daring each other
To speak…

“And so here we are…” Varence began
Innocently enough.

Ceres held up her hand fast, “Before you utter
One further word…Hear this, I am drawing a line…
Right here…” She said pointing in front of her, “And
If ANYONE dares cross it, I swear from every
Corner of Heaven…they will regret it…No matter
Who or what…And if I hear the idiotic excuse
Of an accident…I will respond accidentally…
The same way.”

“Fair enough” Varence responded.

“Just to be clear,” She smiled falsely, her voice a
Frightening melody. She then turned like a
Whip to Camlo. “Camlo, please call my sister
At the capitol…and tell her to start the

He cowered in his seat, “But I’m not a …”

“Camlo, go NOW!” She roared.

He immediately followed her command, fleeing
From the room as though his life depended on it.

“May we continue?” Varence playfully asked.

“For now.” She answered with a ferocious glare.

The towering opposition growing between
Them was uncomfortable.” Just what is going
On here?” I asked them.

“Why Bill, I believe this is the true start
Of what you would call a…coup.” He said
Politely with a raised eyebrow.

“Truly” Ceres went on. “Though not quite as

Varence pondered her words, her face, before
Continuing. “Now Bill, tell me…how do you

“How do I feel?”

“Yes.” Varence said.

I paused for a moment. My mind raced…actually
Very clearly. “I feel…sharper…better yet
Worse in the same way.”

“I told you…” Ceres glared at him.

“But you do feel better,” Varence replied
Confidently. “Could you please elaborate a
Little more…please?”

I thought for a moment. The memory was
All too extremely clear. “His ghost is in my
Mind…it has been for years…I see that now.
I remember him…I remember them…all.
Why didn’t I give him my phone number? Maybe
If he had heard my voice…He was so scared,
So scared that I would think he was a
Freak, that I would think he was gay
Or something. I knew he wasn’t. I knew that.”

“Don’t do this to yourself.” She sincerely said.

“Why didn’t I give him my phone number?
Why? Because then it was too real? That everything
About it would force me to accept impossible
Things.” I swallowed, paused a moment
Then “You see…there is a time difference
Between where I live and in Ireland…He thought
Of me all day before he went home that
Night…Hello Bill, this is where I live…my
Street…my favorite place to eat…He ran and
Ran until he couldn’t think…went home…
Up the stairs to his apartment…Well, Bill
Here’s my door…went inside…drank and
Drank…cheers Bill…and then you know
What happened…”

Her eyes glazed over as she said “Don’t.”

“Let him say it.” Varence said.

“How am I supposed to feel? To forget? Not to
Care? Not to think?” I snapped. “You know I
Hate it when people say grow a thick skin or
Toughen up. Anything so they don’t have to
Think too much…He was scared to death. That
Creature took such sick delight in torturing him.
It would come and stare at him…deliberately
Building the fear in him until he had no control
…shaking…shaking so hard he couldn’t
Breathe…And then it…”

“They never did these things to our
Worlds,” Varence said with deep sympathy,
“They came, they conquered cold and fast.
There was no drawn out torture. What they
Do now, yes, it is beyond horror…and
The universe needs to know it.”

“And then in the morning…in the shower
He cried and cried and cried…It was over
Before it began…God I only hope he
Knew I cared…that someone did believe him…”

“He knew, Bill.” Varence said. “He knew. I
Told you, you did a good thing.”

“Did I?” I asked.

The silence was brutal then.
“You know I was wrong to call them
Monkeys,” Ceres said standing taller, “That is
Too kind for them. They are more like parasites…
Feeding off each other…Like
Some blood en-gorged ticks…I tell
You I am ready to start popping heads!”

“Try to understand this is a process,” Varence
Told her, “They want answers…”

“They want answers?!” Ceres screamed. “At
The expense of what? You violated his
Mind for what, to teach them a lesson? Send
Them a message none of them will grasp?”

“Ceres, there is so much disinformation,
Strategies of manipulation in their world that
Sorting out the details and truth becomes
Difficult.” He said.

“Ha!” She shouted. “They are impatiently wanting
More more more…no matter what the cost.”

“The right ones will and have been getting the
Messages!” He told her. “If you want it done
Simpler then…simply go and talk to them

“Oh you would love that, wouldn’t you,” She spat
Leaning ferociously at him, “For me to go
There while some little imp leers at me from
Behind his desk…Oh my pretty darling,
How can I persuade you…with one of
Their pathetic loathsome bags of tricks…to
Assist them, to take their side? They are
Parasites! I should have a bear pop their
Heads right off.”

“Oh now that’s understanding.” Varence laughed.
“Respond with rage…that’s a message.”

“Then you teach them…one by one…billions…”
She laughed back. “Explain the history they
Never knew…and the future they will never
Have…or should never have, rather. You can’t
Teach something to think when it doesn’t know how.”

“Please…” He begged.

“Tell me the names of your world leaders,”
Ceres said to me…her expression I could not
Describe, “There are some animals I should like
To have pay them a visit.”

My head was blasting. “Can I please say

They held their place, faces frozen. “Go ahead.”
Varence said while Ceres nodded.

“You can’t blame the leaders…or the military…
Or any specific group.” I told them carefully…
“You have to understand…it’s not that simple.”

“What?” Ceres asked in shock.

“Bill, I do know how it’s been…I have seen it.”
Varence said like a careless laugh.

“But you haven’t felt it.” I said. “You’re
Watchers…But for those being watched…it’s
Like some agonizing experiment.”

“That’s why I drew this line for you.” Ceres said.

“I know, but…” I fought to find the words. “Ever
Since I can remember…Everyone wants a
Piece of me…eating me alive…kind at first, then
In a flash they turn, take, want and want
More…through high school…college…my 20’s, 30’s…
And now…through it all, all these years…the
Nightmares…of strangers, yet not strangers
Crying out for help…Faces without names, I
Know them by their soul…”

“Like Colin…” Ceres said sadly.

“Yes.” I answered. “And the others too. After him
It just got worse. Vivid awful nightmares of
Their struggles, torture…their pain until they
Just couldn’t take it anymore…then they took their
Own lives.”

“Because of the Beast.” Varence said, his
Face expressing a sympathy I never saw before.

“Yes.” I said. “You see I researched it…We did.”

“We?” Ceres asked.

“Yes.” I replied. “When I was in high school I
Made this friend…in Study Hall, a time for
Homework. We grew closer…And discovered
We had similar, very similar paranormal
Experiences…by comparing experiences we
Discovered things…details most people never
Could. You see…her life had ghosts…mine
Had something else…the extra-terrestrial factor…
That’s how we learned…”

“What?” Varence asked.

“That this beast is NOT an apparition or succubus
Or incubus…it’s a physical thing. An actual…THING.”
I said shaking a bit. “Also to be careful,
Talking about it attracts its attention.”

They saw how nervous I was…this seemed to
Relieve their anger somehow as they both became

“Music haunts my mind,” I told them, “Like
The ghosts trapped inside my head…their
Memories…my memories. The music helps me
Focus…songs answer riddles.”

Varence was intrigued. “What is the song
In your head now?”

In a trance-like state of truth I said…”Carry
On Dancing…by Savage Garden…The Stars
And Planets taking shape…A stolen kiss
Has come too late…”

“Bill, I should like to tell you something,”
Varence said in the strangest tone, “Please?”

“OK.” I said, the song playing in my head.

“I have opened this…dialogue with you now
For a reason,” he said, “The timing…The
Concept is still mystery for you…And while
The readers wonder…Sincerely, right now, for
You right now…For all you’ve done…This
Time the gift I tell is for you.”

“Oh?” I asked. “For me? Boy hat’s new.”

“Ceres…” He nodded to her, slowly, quietly.

She swallowed and turned to face me in the
Gentlest way. “Bill, my eldest brother…
Was the first to step forward to sacrifice his
Life to save the rest of us…he did this without
Hesitation…that is why I called you
Valiant…For that was his name…I
Whispered the name in your ear…Because
That is how you reacted…after the Angel
Came to you…without hesitation…to save
The others.”

“But I couldn’t save them.” I told her.

“Still…” She nodded to Varence.

“Your Father’s name, last name…”Varence
Smiled intently, “Translates to…Fierce Chief,
Rather Fierce Chieftain or Commander…
But that is a surname, thus your name
Becomes Fierce Chief or Commander…Valiant.”

“So?” I asked.

“Which leaves you with this, your Mother’s
Maiden name as your last name. “Varence
Went on…slowly. “Which is why you have
Inherited these…gifts, from her side
Of the family.”


“Among our people,” Ceres said strongly,
Nobly, “Her name translates to…The Maker
Of, the Shaper of things…The one with the
Hammer…Among the Danalura…That
Name is known as Thor.”

“Thus…entirely…” Varence said, “Your
Name becomes…The Great Fierce
Chieftain or Commander, The Great Chief
Valiant Thor.”

“So what does that mean?” I asked.
“I’m no Chieftain or Leader. Who is Valiant Thor?”

“You wanted an Event among your world.”
Varence said. “Now you have it.”

“How is that an event?” I asked. “How
Is a name an event…I don’t understand.”

“It’s a legendary name.” Ceres explained
With a simple smile. “One our people have
Waited for…for a long time. And yours.”

“They’ll feel it inside them.” Varence said.
“That’s why they want a piece of you.”

“Oh come on, it’s a name.” I told them.
“Big Deal, no one will care if I say that.”

“Oh really?” Varence laughed. “Wait and see…
Watch what happens…Now please continue
With what you were going to say.”

I scowled, there was a stillness I could not
Explain in the room… “You say Valiant Thor
Like its something special…I’m not, I’m just me…
Plain Valiant.”

“Hardly plain,” Ceres said, “I assure you.”

“It’s a name that occurs once in an era,”
Varence explained, “There are others, each
Is special…unique.”

“That name means death to me.” I told them.

Their eyes nearly popped, they both
Seemed to exclaim in shock at the same time.

“Why would you say that?” Ceres asked.

“I’m trying to think of how to explain…”
I swear it felt harder and harder to explain
Things. I needed to word it perfectly, plainly…
As simple as possible. “We all live our lives
The best way we can…we learn who we are
By our unique opinions…perspectives…that
Challenge our personalities…by our
Environments…peers, families…it’s impossible
To explain. Why? Because most never learn
How to communicate…how to listen, learn
The right way. I’m saying this because
Everyone always acts like they either have
Te answer exactly right or not…and mostly
People just copy others answers this way.”

“I apologize if this seems like a speech.
I don’t intend it that way…We live in a
Physical world, but it’s so much more
Than that. Actually, if you ask me we live
In a supernatural world, and the physical
Is a 3-Dimensional obstacle, or struggle of
Senses…of nerves, fears, egos…And hopes and
Dreams are only things we hope to win.

“You see, I told you that you can’t blame
The government…people want to, because they
Always want to blame someone for everything.
It’s not that simple, it isn’t. I wish it was.

“Colin, and the others…will haunt me forever.
This creature…People have written me saying
They know what it is…because it happened to them…
They think it is a succubus or incubus, it isn’t.

“Remember I told you we spent years
Studying this…There are ghosts, spirits…yes, sure.
This is different…

“You go to bed…you go to sleep…It always
Happens at the same time…at 3 o’clock in
The middle of the night…disturbed, restless,
You wake up…maybe it’s a bad dream or
Nightmare…you go to the bathroom, get a drink
Or something…but something doesn’t feel right…
Like you’re being paranoid, being watched or
Something…you go back to bed, try to fall
Back to sleep…but can’t shake that feeling
Of being watched…that something is checking you out.
Something is.

“These creatures aren’t ghosts, they’re real…
They aren’t invisible apparitions, they’re
Chameleons…blending into the shadows…because
That is how they move…They are darkness incarnate,
The Dark Kind, so it’s easy for them to move
Through the shadows.

“Colin, how could I tell him what I knew?
The Creature…My friend and I knew…
I fought it…She did too…we researched,
Compared, studied stories…It angered and
Disgusted me…but I know now it secretly
Fascinated her…because she surrendered and
Gave herself to it.”

“What?” Ceres asked.

“Let him finish.” Varence said, intrigued.

“When…3 days before I turned 21 I was
Attacked by it…As I said, the
Scenario…in the middle of the night at 3 am…
It came at me through a dream…The sounds
Of a shovel dragging on concrete…of digging Earth…
Then it was there…It reached inside my chest,
Grabbed my heart and held it, and tried to
Kill me. Whispers, taunts…’I’ll kill you.’ Then
It was gone.

I got real sick, for 3 weeks I was terrified.
I thought death had come for me. Then I got
A phone call from my friend…She said she had
To call me to talk…She’d been scared for weeks…

“Then she told me something had attacked
Her 3 weeks before…that same night I
Was attacked…it tried to kill her, said it would
Be back…that this was a warning…she was
In California, she was n the Navy, on base
When it happened, and I at home in New
Jersey. How? Why? The same time…the same
Shadow creature…That was no coincidence…

“And then it changed, her attacks became
Visits…it talked to her, made her offers…
Promises…She always fought it though.

“It never touched us after that, only talked,
Taunted, made offers. Finally, one Easter, when
It came to me, it was different…my late 20’s…
It introduced itself quite clearly…it told
Me its name…it said it had been here for
A very long time…And said if I try to stop it
That it would kill me…everyone I cared about.”

“It told you its name?” Varence
Was intrigued.

“Yes, very clearly.” I answered. “It tried
To make me a deal. I never took it. It made
Offers, I said, no thanks. It said if I ever
Changed my mind to call it…otherwise
Leave it alone…and it would leave me alone.
What changed? I told my friend, she was
Confused, and I think a little annoyed…her
Creature never did that…That’s how we knew
There were more of these things…probably many
More…all over…Still, why would
It do that to me? Tell me its name, make
An offer I had never heard of that.”

“Nor I.” Varence said intensely.

“I’ve never heard it either.” Ceres added.

“All that I can think is,” Varence said
Wide-eyed. “That it wanted you very badly.”

“All I know is…they have territories,” I
Said, “That the one that came to me is very
Old…that it, with its minions, controls the
Entire Eastern side of this country…The original 13 colonies,
New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, etc…the DC area…
these things are puppetmasters…That’s how they work…
But if I say too much, it said very
Clearly…It will kill me. Either I
Leave it alone, take its deal…or it will
Kill me.”

“These are scenarios unfamiliar to me,” Ceres
Said, “Truly they have evolved their tactics
Then…For in my time they only conquered…
This is different…”

“Evil has evolved this way…” Varence said.
“Please continue.” He told me.

“Medicine Men had to come to me in dreams
Throughout the years…years before the Valiant Posts…
They kept asking me to design a weapon with the
Artwork to fight the Darkness…” I told them, I
Struggled with every word though. “I didn’t understand
How artwork could do this, but I tried…Then I
Realized that’s what kept the creature attacks away.
The lines and light. The paintings. The artwork
Were evolving this way…to fight it. You see before
I always did the Patrick Swayze trick to keep it
Out of my head…”

“What is a Patrick Swayze?” Ceres asked.

“The last attack I suffered, I had watched a
Movie the night before, GHOST…in the movie an
Actor Patrick Swayze kept this medium awake all
Night by nagging her with singing all night long
Until she listened to him…So to keep it out of
My head I sang or babbled endlessly never allowing
It the time to speak, hypnotize me with its voice or
Words…annoying it so bad that it would leave.
But I didn’t need to do that after the Angel and
The paintings.”

“When I realized what the artwork could do
I got excited. I figured that I had finally found
A way for us to fight these things…to help people…
I thought it was a huge breakthrough…

“What?” Varence asked…but he must have

“My friend…she came to visit me one June…
She was different…something was wrong…you
See while I was busy for years, after Colin, fighting
To find a way to expand my artwork to fight
The creatures…My friend was changing…

“Her life changed radically…She became
Very successful with her work in the government…
Lots of money…She changed her looks…surgeries…
Cosmetic stuff…A fancy house, gated community…
She had 3 cars, her husband 2…success
Just flooded her.”

“Anyway, one June…This was the year
Before Valiant Posts…She visited me…
We always sat and talked for hours, swapping stories,
Memories, smoking cigarettes…Fun talks…Time would
Fly…but this time was different…She was
Different…She was oddly happy with this
Constant secret giggle…

“I finally asked her what was with this
Giggling…She said nothing…”

“So,” I asked, “How’s your creature friend?
You haven’t mentioned him lately.”

She was hiding something, fought to explain
With words…anything…”Good. Things are OK.”

“OK?” I was confused.

“Yeah, I’m happy.” She said.

“What does that mean?” I asked. “Have
You seen him recently?”

“Sure.” She said, giggling…her giggling
Was really annoying.

“Sure? What does that mean, what’s
Going on?” I asked.

“You know how I’ve always had this wild
Side,” she said, “since I was a kid…The
Spirit board…ghost hunters…the creature…”

“Ah huh…” I said, not liking where it was going.

“It always scared me, but intrigued me
At the same time.” She said.

A bad feeling inside me grew. “OK…”

“And you know it always makes me these
Offers…” She said…smoking slowly…

I saw her fancy shoes, the heels…the designer
Clothes, that pretentious hair style…her face…
The look in her eye…”If you tell me…”

“We made love last night.’ She said.

“What?!” I was surprised I could speak.

“The night before, it was wonderful.”
She smiled.

“Excuse me?” I was frozen.

“Oh, Bill, come on. Relax.”

“Relax?” I said. “Did you hear yourself?”

“I figured it was bound to happen sooner
Or later.” She told me, her chin up…I swear
All I saw were nostrils, it was like looking
At a different person.

“Have you lost your mind?” I was getting
Angry. “Are you saying…”

“Bill, it’s OK.” She giggled.

“No. No it’s NOT!” I snapped, seriously. “It’s

“Bill, he owns us.” She said, her head stuck
Up so high…

“Who owns us? What are you talking about?”
I felt like the whole world flipped.

“Satan, he owns us.” She told me. “You
Should know that. Accept it.”

“No he doesn’t!” I had to refrain from
Literally screaming. “Where the hell did you
Get that from, your stupid creature?”

“Bill, it’s in the Bible.” She said.

“It is not!”

“Go and get your Bible, I will show you. It’s
Right there.’ She said laughing, smiling.
“God gave us to Satan. Satan has dominion
Over the Earth. God does not want us anymore.”

“That’s Bullsh**!” I shouted. “That
Thing is screwing with your head.”

“Get the Bible, I will show you. Do it.” She said.

“What are you reading, the Satanic verses?
That is not what the Bible means!”

“It’s time. I know it is.” She said.

“Like Hell it is.” I was furious. “You are
Feeding that thing. You surrendered to it.”

“He owns all of us, face it.” She laughed.

“He does not. He does not own me at all.”

“He does too. Face it. And you watch
What happens.” She laughed.

“So you’re telling me that because you have
Money, and I’m poor, that you’re right, is
That it?” I told her. “You think everyone
That goes to church, everyone, everywhere
Goes to worship the Devil?”

“Basically…yes.” She said.

“That’s insane. That’s that thing talking.
And you know it.”

“Oh come on, Bill, just accept it.” She laughed.

“No. That’s a lie, I don’t care what you
Say. You gave yourself to that thing. That’s
His philosophy, not mine.” I told her.
“And I will tell you one thing, we are
Clearly not on the same side. I cannot
Believe after all this time you did this.”

“I’m fine.”

“You’ve lost your mind.” I told her.

“I feel good.”

“How many of these things are there? How
Many work for the government?” I asked angrily.

“Oh don’t be ridiculous.” She laughed. “The
Government isn’t full of them. They’re all
Just normal dumb little people doing their
Jobs…They go to work like anybody, some
Drink, they party on the weekends…They
Cheat on their wives or husbands…There’s no
Conspiracy government. It’s not like that.”

“Oh I see, there’s just a few, a
Handful then,” I said angrily, “Scattered
In the right places…hidden, pulling the
Strings…controlling everything.”

“Do you really think they’re stupid enough
To be out in the open?” She laughed. “Think
About it…they’re not like us though.”

“Us?” I could not believe my ears.

“You and me, we’re different. That’s why
We get offers.” She laughed. “You know
What I mean…”

“I don’t think I want to hear your opinion
Anymore. After everything that’s happened,
That I’ve worked for…those things are
Killing people!”

“They couldn’t handle it.” She laughed.
“All I know is if I had your skills I
Wouldn’t waste them anymore.”

“They couldn’t handle it? That’s how you
See it?” I was boiling. “I’ll tell you this…
I have a boss, he does not like yours. We
Are not on the same side. That’s what I
Know. You know what this has meant to
Me and you just throw it away…Don’t
Come crying to me anymore when you’re
Scared and confused. You made your choice.
I don’t know who I’m talking to and
I can’t look at you anymore.”

“…that was that…she left that
Night…came to say goodbye the next day…
And had NO memory of the talk we had…
How surprising. We stopped talking…Or rather
I ignored her and she could not understand
Why. And to this day I can not believe
That happened…Why is this happening?”

“Because Bill, my friend,” Varence said
“You are the Great Chief Valiant Thor…And
These are the Diaries of how you become
Valiant Thor.”

Ceres looked pale, “I’m afraid to agree
With him…but I must say I believe
He is right.”

“I am no leader,” I told him, I begged
“I don’t want this insanity…it’s awful…”

“You do not have a choice,” Varence said.

At that moment Camlo came running
Into the room. He came to a crashing stop
Desperate, out of breath…”She’s coming.”

“Who is?” Ceres asked.

“Your sister.” Camlo said in panic.

“She’s coming here?!” Ceres was in shock.
“She never…”

“Ah how interesting,” Varence smiled,
“How un-surprising, how masterful!”

“What’s happening?” I asked.

“What’s happening is, Bill,” Varence said
Smiling widely, “The fair Kierista comes.
And now things get interesting…What
Is it you said last time?” He gestured to
Ceres. “Let the music play…”

That’s all for now.




  1. There is more when i hear my internal voice( i mean thinking of something) sometimes i hear some strange noises in my room like knoking in my table ,clasor and the monitor of my computer…. i can tell you more , but believing in this kind of thing for someone else is hard….

    • “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” – Helen Keller

      Hi Mihai, don’t believe… just record it from a scientific standpoint. Keeping a log of dates, times and what happened (or what you experience) is one way to approach it. There is no requirement to believe anything. Just try to record it accurately, and let others make up their minds as to what to believe.

  2. is this true or fiction or some kind o stories ..? But i know for sure that this thing with someone saying something and the next day they dont remember is insanity.. because it happend to me many times kind of scary thing….

    • Hi Mihai – there are many layers to our so-called reality. If you watch the news, this is a fairly abstract (false?) version of our reality. There’s daily life, work, etc., that’s another version / layer. You might think of these posts as a play with actors, similar to Shakespeare. In his plays there were references to real events. One could argue that our lives are the same way – we take on a body and play a role, then when we die we take on another in the next incarnation. So as Rich says, it depends on your perspective. But “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. 🙂

      This comes to a question I’ve had about the dark beings. There’s many folks who would need proof – a body, for example – or some way of detecting them. Until then, for them this will remain in the realm of fiction. For me, I’ve had my own confirmations, so I take these posts seriously. The information needs to get out, so we can deal with it once and for all. Ideally there would be time for further resarch and study. Volumes correlating facts and historical records. I imagine this kind of thing would keep some of us busy for quite awhile…

  3. He has to loose his Fear of Death…Embrace it…the Lord of the Underworld…He visited me as the Reaper…and I didn’t fear him…I knew it was my friend J.S.U….and He was my friend…He is VERY kind…and good…He has a hard job to witness the remains of so many bodies, but it is good that he comes to take their souls away from that trauma…this does NOT mean I condone violence…only that His job is necessary.

    • rich….not the Valiant Thor everyone thought, though. “The Stranger in the Pentagon” one. NO…he was a Venusian, or so he said. No one knows for sure ‘who’ he was.
      But I do know who ‘this’ one is.
      He’s my son…I am Lida, Bill/Valiants Mom. I can assure you, this revelation is pretty new to him too!!!

      I will give him your comment and direct him, to this link!!!
      Nice to see his posts getting around.
      Thanks for reading them everyone.

      • Lida – wow! Thanks so much for commenting – Much love to you and your son, you must be so proud. 🙂 Im over here in the UK and wanted you to know how much of a difference these posts have made – on a personal level some of the ”coincidences” have been astonishing and have REALLY helped me to understand certain aspects of my/our journey that I was having trouble with at times. It’s a brave and noble thing your son is doing and Im so very grateful – some of the coincidences have been been almost indescribable!
        please pass on my love and heartfelt thanks to Bill – I sense good things in the future….wow just wow.

        Robin – thanks for your Info – friend dreamt of me last night and I was the grim reaper…she’s also seen a few ghostly faces first question was did it look human, turns out it did although she could not make out facial features! .and ‘dreaming’ the classic falling/spinning black void thing – sounds like she may be on the start of her own 11:11 experiences

        Mihai – its a good question you ask. I think I asked Dreamwalker the same thing…But I believe you should take the latest posts as both fiction and non fiction ( depending on the reader lol) some the content seemed to refer to my fears and hopes…

      • Hi Lida – thanks for stopping by. Lots of support here for Bill’s work – and to you too. Recently some pretty mind-blowing posts! I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes.

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