Valiant: Knock Knock…The Bell Tolls…The Mission…The Memories…The Meeting…

*song* “The Living Years” by Mike and the Mechanics

The pen, the notebook…Onward…

Back and Forth they came across time…
From across the Stars…
Waiting, Watching…To seek out those
That would Dare to Stand to change the world…
So that they could change things,
Their world, all worlds…for the Universe…
A voice, and more…to join a chorus…
To move mountains…to move all things…
And challenge time…

The questions of Creation? The reasons of living?
We’re born, we live…we think, we feel…
The lucky love, we struggle, suffer…and die…
Concepts, questions…boundless…
Answers? Science to tame what can’t be tamed…
Faith to believe…

The truth? Physical…laws…
Natural…Supernatural…The Divine…

The Creator, absolute knowledge, peace
And wisdom are a blinding light that rule Heaven…
And Hell is everything else unto an abyss…

We are the inbetween…

Intrigued, I had their attention…
Ceres story had them moved, speechless…silent…
Then Vala, clear in the soft light, spoke first…
“I have the answer,” She said, the sparkle in
Her eyes flared wildly… “Ceres…In all the years,
I have misjudged you…You are greater, much
Greater than I knew…” Her eyes were glassy wet. “I
feel for you…your actions are inspiring…And I
Believe I now know…what to do…”

Rana then stood strong next, “I too must say
The same thing, Ceres…I do, I feel…But
Within me…my anger and purpose is stronger.”
Her eyes flared hot gold…she scared me, the look
On her face. “I won’t stay still much longer.”

“Thank you.” Ceres only said to them kindly…
She looked so sweet…her arms folded over her
Chest…Her expression…a million words.
“Some will understand, I hope.”

“Some? Will understand you hope?” Kierista
Gasped as she sat beside Evangella, who
Only quietly stared at the floor… “They are idiots
If they don’t…But then. For what I feel…
For what’s to come…the child within me…
The future has to change…For the
Generations to come…Who is but all safe?
Where? And for how long? We must
Make decisions today for tomorrow…We must.”

“Exactly,” Varence said, smiled…To each of
Them…then focused intently on me. “Do you
See why I challenge you now? You must
Keep going.”

“If you dare to raise some speech,” Rana
Said as she too folded her arms across
Her chest…only hers in anger. “I swear
I will smack you so hard…”

“Enough with the hitting, please.” Kierista

“Thank you.” Varence said to her…he touched
His face…I think his cheek was still sore. He
Smiled at me, my written words. “He needs to
Do this…They told him it was his job…Those
Out there would only shut him up so they
Could rattle out their proverbial nothings…
Repeated words they reshaped in their own
Phrases…so they could raise themselves
Above others…This one only ever wanted to hide.
Too bad. The time has come…The point has
Been made…The ones that need to speak…have
Also been quiet for too long.”

“I am stunned,” Ceres said wide-eyed, “I must
Agree with him.”

“Fine then,” Rana said fiercely. “Make your
Stand then…But I still have more than one
Position here.”

“I need to address this,” Vala said intently…
She was deep in thought…Something building
Within her; I was waiting for her to start
Humming again…

“No, I need to resume the lead.” Varence

“As what?” Rana snapped. “The Chronic
Riddler? The Menace of Reason? Guiding him,
Guiding us with your mysterious words…I do not
Think you have foreseen as much as you think.
You are no seer…You steal glimpses from his
Mind to be a guiding light.”

“Time is critical,” Vala went on, “the alignment
Must be perfect.”

“That is why I moved the ship…” Varence said.

“You moved the ship?” I asked.

Silence…They hesitated, eyed each other…
They were planning things in my absence…

“I had to,” Varence responded carefully.
“The ship’s position is the link to our world…
Brishan and the others…can only precisely
Target the Earth by the ship’s position.”

“Why? What are they planning to do?” I asked
Silence…”Tell me.”

“You must understand,’ Vala said sweetly,
With a grace of good and something wild…
“The Earth is not a toy…Nor is she trapped
By devices anymore…” She leaned towards
Me…tilting her head, her eyes…glaring…
“So…tell me…How is the weather? The

“It’s crazy,” I told her, “Everything is crazy.”

“And the people…” Val began to hum again.
“Are they as calm and peaceful and brilliant
As ever?” She waited for my response…I
Said nothing. “Typical…Predictable…And
Your leaders and their countries,” she
Began to stroll around me, in a circle
Around the chair as I wrote…”The plots and
Plans…The secrets…The schemes of betrayal
To protect themselves just in case…Just in
Case it does not go their way…As though
This has never happened before to
Anyone else ever? To and for any other

“Your point?” Kierista asked.

“The whales…” Vala hummed…”And still
After all this time people assume they are
The highest intelligence on the planet…
Why because they build and destroy things?
Even your scientists know there are
Millions of pieces of information in the
Whales’ song, in how they communicate…
They are smarter than you…Even your
Conquerors know this. Think about that.”

I had to pause to think…I was feeling
Overwhelmed. I knew they were waiting
For a response. “I absolutely agree.”

“So your plan then?” Ceres asked as
She moved beside her.

“I’m tired of listening,” Rana interrupted…
Her expression, her eyes…hot. She joined
Vala and Ceres in front of me. “There is
A tomb of a lost Lion Man…They want it.
This lost tomb of their brother…is on Earth…
And if it has been desecrated…They will not
Be happy. If they lie and try to cover it up…
Or hide it…It will be bloody…And the
Countries involved will disappear.”

“What?!” I asked.

“The Lion Men will have their justice, I assure
You.” Vala told her true. “But there is much
To be righted here…Listen carefully…With
These first words I in action take…By the
Pulse…The Sun the Stars the Moon…partake…
Invoked upon them…those that hold things
Still…For their brains to fry…inside out…
The Dark Hearts that rule and scheme in
Lies must be, shall be held still with thoughts
That can’t think, or eyes that blink…
The stupor of fools plague the leaders that
Lie and try their schemes once more…
By and by…without end…Fry the minds of
The overseers…bind them with their own tricks…
Since power and gold is all that concerns
Them…then let their vaults flow freely
Like the water let loose out of control…
Let money have no meaning…let the wealth
Flow freely until it has no meaning…or leaning…
So that truth becomes the greatest value
And wisdom the most meaning of all. This
Must come so that one age can end and the
New begin…”

Ceres eyed me heavily, concerned…”What is
Bothering you so much? That look…”

“Them…” I confessed. “I can’t stop thinking
Of them…the Others…The ghosts of the Great Hall.”

They know what I was thinking, they
Always did, they were always reading my
Mind…Vala spun, like a whip…impatient,
Then pointed seriously at the view screen…
“Your world,” she hummed then immediately
The screen displayed the Earth, “Is it the
Center of the universe?”

“No of course not,” I told her.

“Then tell them to stop acting like it.” Vala’s
Expression was playfully wild as her lips
Curved into a smile at me, “Things will
Change…Do you know how many worlds
Wait for change, like yours? And more,
Even farther advanced than yours?”

Varence stepped forward then, “As I have
Been trying to tell you…And I am not
Saying it again…There is no rescue…it
Does not work that way…For some yes,
They will come…You know this, they know
This…the rest…are but players in the
Big game…”

“Faith and inspiration make the changes,”
Ceres said, “Remember that. Please, we
Are not trying to upset you.”

“We do have a plan…Or rather I do…”
Vala hummed, “Once the rest of my sisters
Come…but a great deal depends on what
Happens now…The reactions will determine
The magnitude of events…We can not
Keep explaining this…”

Ceres held up her hand, then appealed
More calmly to me…”Bill, I know you
Understand…You do. You have to stop
Allowing the pressure of the others to affect you.
Block them out…”

“What were you going to say?” Varence
Then added…he did seem concerned.

I tried to form the words…My mind
Was a jumble of things…”I’m just tired.
But the memories…the meetings…the
Ghosts never go away…”

“Alright then,” Varence nodded, “then
Say it…that is the part of the story
That are the events now.”

“They knew?” I asked…”Your people,
Or whoever organized this…The assembly
Of people…in the Great Hall…They knew.”

“Knew?” Varence went on.

“They selected these people…for what
Purpose? To die?” I told him, them…”I
Can only remember so much at a time…
It feels like its all been planned…long
Before it happened…And they, like me,
Like you…are only waiting to see how it
Works out.”

“True,” Varence said. “But I had no
Hand in that plan or selection…none
Here did…In many ways we are but
Pawns too…pursuing the next part.”

“Your stories and ours,” Vala hummed,
“Don’t you see…They come together…
Just know that soon…your part will
Be more than just words…”

“What do you mean?”

“You will see.” Vala smiled.

“Now tell me, Friend,” Varence went on…
“What has that box inside your head been
Telling you now…?”

Without further hesitation…I told him, them…

“The 5…They were always in the back of
My mind…That’s why I wrote the book…
Just as you challenged me to. I could not
Live…I couldn’t think freely until I put it
Down on paper…To free my mind.”

“I want them back…The ones lost. I
Always believed I would meet them in
The waking world…as they did…but
They’re dead…And for whatever reason…
I am still here…There are 5 left…

“I know its final…whatever plan
They had is inevitable now…

“But the weird part is…The 5…
Didn’t become final until after 2012…
It’s like they…upstairs…whoever…
Knew that date was fake…misleading…

I remember…that August, last…or the
One before…time, it’s a mess in my head…
Time…its all mixed up inside me…
But I remember running…In a dream…
Being chased…running for my life…
Through woods and fields…
Being chased by these ships…
These giant intense eyes…
I couldn’t hide from them…
It’s like they were flushing me out…
To run…To move…

And there were war sounds…
Bombs in the distance…gunfire…
The sounds of jets…
Of thundering vehicles…
But nature was silent…

And I kept running from those eyes…
Terrified…breathing hard…
Everything echoed in the dream…
And then, running through the field
I came to a school…a place to hide…
So I ran to it…To the closest building…
To the gym…pushed the doors open…
Went in…The doors slammed shut…
Everything fell silent…
And I looked and there they were…
Like me, they had been chased…
The other four…

And this eerie, loud, reverberating voice
Said…”We have our final five.”

I felt confused, angry…pushed into it…
We studied each other…walked to the
Center of the gym…I had seen them
In dreams before…many times…

Now I know…Since writing
The Great Hall dream…
Who they were…
Before Kathy was there to remind us…
But she was gone now…
As were the others…

The details keep coming to me…
Jennifer…gone now…
She killed herself when she turned 30…
September 11th…right after…
She gave up…
Then John after that…felt it, but
Didn’t know it…Lost without her…
We began to crumble…

There they were…The other 4…
This was after Kathy died…
After 2012…They knew…They waited
For this…They still wait…

We were all in the same row…
Me, Jeff…Joe…Julie…Jacob…Jason…
Not their first names of course…

“You,” Julie said, panting…She
Had cut her hair…She had such
Beautiful long hair…”I know you…”
But I don’t know you. I can’t remember.”

“I was thinking the same thing.” Jacob

“Me too.” Joe agreed…Terrified in shock.
“You people haunt me.”

“Why am I here?” Jason asked…He
Was the youngest, looked the most
Scared…This boyish look about him.
Though he was in his 30’s…We were in
Pajamas…He had brown hair and blue eyes.
I barely recognized his unshaved face.
He was so confused. “I shouldn’t be

“I remember you.” I told them…”She
Gave me those memories…That gift of hers
To remember…I remember.”

“That girl,” Julie said curiously, “The
One who did all the talking…Who
Put us in that circle…”

“Yes,” I answered, “She had dark hair,
Blue eyes…She always explained
Everything…She’s dead now…Remember?
They’re all dead now…All the others
Are dead.”

“We’re the ones left.” Jacob said…
His face distant…he knew more than
He was telling…he knows more than
Any of us…even me, more than what
I’m writing…”The final five.”

“What’s this final five sh**?” Joe
Spat. “What’s going on? Why are you
People haunting me?”

“Don’t you remember?” I asked…as we
Relaxed…Then suddenly the sweat and panting
Were gone in the dream…”That dream
About the Great Hall? Years ago…being
Brought to that garden…to that place…
All those people?”

“Yes,” Jacob said, his voice deep…He was tall…
This Native American I knew as a brother…
“It wasn’t a dream, I remember…”

“You people haunt me,” Joe said…he
Had this disturbed panic look; he had barely
Aged…this giant. “I keep trying to forget
You…I can’t.”

“I shouldn’t be here,” Jason said in panic
Looking around, “This isn’t real…it’s in the

“What?” Julie asked…She scowled at him…
She had barely aged; everyone had barely
Aged? “I don’t know what this is—“

“You know,” Jacob told her, his voice
Firm…he was calm, cool, very collected…in
Control…The leader. “We all know what this
Is. Just accept it…” He looked all around,
Eyeing…listening…”They’re doing this…
They’re watching us right now…listening…
Whatever this is…We don’t have long.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Joe
Demanded…He towered over all of us, he
Had to be, 6 foot eight inches, or 6 foot ten inches…

“Stop fighting it,” Jacob insisted, somewhat
Angrily. “You’re wasting time…We need to
Figure this out…fast.”

Joe frowned…He turned to me, he was on my
Left…”You,” he pointed to me, “You I remember,
I remember yeah.”

“You changed your hair,” Julie agreed, “But
I remember you too…Jeff? Bill?”

“Yeah,” Jacob agreed, “You always change
Your hair…You look so different…That’s
The job they gave you…isn’t it?”

“Yes,” I could only agree, I did not know why.

“So why are we here?” Jacob said in

“What this final five crap?” Joe added…

“They planned this…” Julie went on as
The conversation continued in a circle…”They
Let everyone die…to plan this…”

“You’re all figments of my imagination!” Jason
Kept insisting…”It’s in the computer…
You’re trying to confuse me…”

“What is he talking about?” Julie asked…

“The guy is nuts,” Joe said with a grunt,
“He’s whacked in the head. I ain’t in
Any computer.”

Jacob studied him…Everything was
Happening fast…”He’s talking about the
Matrix…that movie…He thinks that’s
What this is!”

“Oh please,” Julie groaned. “You’re kidding.”

“Yes, you are, you’re all in the computer!”
Jason insisted. “You’re trying to make me
Believe so I’ll tell.”

“Tell what” I asked…

“I’m telling you,” Joe said leaning towards
Me, “He’s whacked in the head, look at
Him…he’s out of his mind. I had an aunt
Like that…I know.”

“Jason what are you talking about?” Jacob
Tried reasoning with him.

“Don’t call me that!” He shouted. “My
Name’s not Jason! That’s my middle name!”

“Ok ok,” Jacob said, “Relax, ok?
Just listen to us please.”

“No, you’re trying to play games with my head,”
He only insisted, “You’re in the computer.”

“Stop saying that, would you,” Julie told
Him…She was a force to reckon with for
Sure. “We are not in the computer! Can’t
You remember us?”

He looked stressed out, strained to the
Brink of breaking…his eyes wild, like
He hadn’t been sleeping…”You,” he said
To me sadly, “I remember you…I thought…
I thought you were going to come for me…”

“You did?” I was confused.

“Bill…go with it, he’s responding to you,”
Jacob told me; kind of ordered me…”Talk
To him…”

“What are you talking about?” I asked
Him as kindly as I could. “We’re here…
I’m right here, it’s ok…Talk to me.”

He looked ready to cry. “I can’t…”

“Yes you can, come on,” I said, “Talk to me.”

“I thought you would find me.” He
Slowly answered; he was going to cry any
Second. “I waited…”

“Jason…Tony, is that your name?
What’s wrong Tony?” I asked.

“Man, you are good at that,” Joe said
As he playfully slapped my shoulder, “That’s
How I remember you.”

“Tell me, tell us,” I said, “What’s wrong?”

“The computer…It’s in the computer,”
Jason, Tony, only insisted, “It’s there…”

“He did something.” Jacob eyed me, then
Everyone…He took a deep breath, but
Thought fast…I have to say he looked so
Cool with his long black hair and intense
Expression…even if he was wearing a dirty
Old T-shirt and a pair of sweat-pant shorts.
“Let’s think this out…Fast…We don’t have
Much time…”

“What do you mean , Tonto?” Joe asked…

Jacob ignored his sarcasm and went on,
His expression so intense, “You…” He
Pointed at me…”You’re the artist…And
Write…You write stuff…”

“I remember that!” Julie exclaimed…
“Yes, I remember!”

“You…” Jacob pointed to Joe then…”You’re
The football player.”

“Was the football player.” Joe corrected. “Been
Having health problems…stomach
Problems…I had to quit for now.”

“You’re having stomach problems?” I asked
Him then. “Me too!”

“Really?” Joe was amazed.

“Me too…” Jacob admitted, also stunned.

“Me too.” Julie confessed.

We all turned to Jason last…waiting…before
He finally confessed…”Me too…me too. Why
Didn’t you come for me? I waited.”

“Jason calm down.” Jacob said plainly.

“I told you it’s not Jason! Stop calling
Me by my middle name!”

“You’re Hollywood!” Joe said to Julie then…
“Man I remember you! Penthouse, or was it
Playboy? I’ve seen you on TV too!”

She rolled her eyes…Strange how she was the
Only girl. “You’re sick.”

“We’re here, we’ll figure this out.” Jacob
Told him…

“No time…” He weakly said… “The
Computers…It’s in the computers…Have
To shut it down…Have to stop it.”

“Who?” Joe asked him…

“They designed it…The company…The
Project…It’s a secret.” He admitted to us
Crying…”To change the world.”

“You work for somebody who is going
To do this?” Jacob asked…

“He works with computers,” Julie said
Reading him…”Some kind of computer virus.”

“What, like some kind of Doomsday
Program or something?” Jacob asked…

My jaw dropped…”You have to stop it, you
Can’t let them do that!”

“What kind of virus?” Julie asked.

“To shut down everything,” he told her,

“This is nuts!” Joe yelled.

“Listen to me, Tony,” I said calmly
“You have to stop it. That’s not the way.”

“Maybe it is though…” Jacob said to me…
“Listen…We…They did this for a
Reason…Picked us…for some reason…
To do something…special…”

“Not that!” Julie insisted. “Not that!”

“Bill, I thought you were supposed to
Get the ball rolling?” Jacob asked…then
Froze and said. “I have no idea why
I said that.”

“Because you’re f**k*d in the head
With some Mother Alien Mojo crap,
That’s why!” Joe laughed.

“I did…I was…I am…” I answered…

“How exactly?” Julie asked.

It felt like a trance…”I write posts for
The internet…I post them each Thursday.

“What?” Julie was shocked.

“No kidding.” Joe added.

“How?” Jacob asked…

“When Kathy died…” I told him…flat,
Calmly…”Something inside me snapped…
I stopped painting…and turned to

“Who told you to do that?” Julie demanded.

“The voice…” I told her, them…

“Oh, the light,” Jacob went on, “That’s
Right, the light the angel put in your
Head…It spoke?”

“No,” I said in a voice beyond my own,
“Another voice…someone else…I don’t
Know yet…Well, and the little old
Asian man.”

“Little old Asian man?” Jacob asked.

“Yeah, the Ascended Master.” I
Told them. “Didn’t he come to you?”

“No…” They all said together.

“He said I had to…He showed me this
Thing with lottery numbers…He summoned
Me to his house in a dream…spoke to
Me…said I had a job to do, stop wasting
Time and do it…So when Kathy died…
I wrote these posts for the internet.”

“Do you have any idea what those
Nutjobs out there in the world will do
To you?” Julie asked angrily. “They will
Kill you for it! You just put a huge target
On your back.”

“It was either that,” I said angrily,
“Or they were going to kill you…And the
Whole thing starts over…Someone had to
Do something!”

“No no,” Jacob held out his hand, “It’s
Perfect…Think about it…”

“What did you write about?” Julie asked.

“Not yet now.” I answered; this was long

“Did you write about the deaths?” Julie
Went on…”Jennifer?”

“You know I could never write about that!”
I scowled. “I couldn’t do that!”

“No, it’s perfect…Everyone listen,” Jacob
Said…”There’s no time…They’re coming…
We’ll wake soon…” Jacob ordered…
He pointed to me hard. “Bill, you keep
At it for as long as you can, ok?
Ignore everyone in your way. Wait
For the call…Read the signs…You’re
Connected to it…we all are…Wait
For the call…The Bell…” Jacob paused…
“The Bell Tolls…I don’t know why I
Say that…but you will…The Bell Tolls.”
He pointed to each of us…”We agree…
No one speaks until the end…let
Them pull us together. Don’t tell
Anyone else the details…The Bell
Tolls…We’re waking up…Can you feel it?
Wait for the call. Wait for it.”

The meeting ended…
The mission continued…
With twists and turns…in words online…
Obstacles…by persons possessed to interfere.
Events to come…
The Pulse…The Plan…

Now Vala’s voice…”There will come a
Time…The Gathering…” She was humming
“The selections were long made…”

Evangella…quietly, secretively…spoke
Then mysteriously… “The children voted
For this…on all worlds. For what they’ve
Seen…The vote then was measured
For a cleansing.” She was sad. “A
Cleansing will come.”

“And so the purpose will be fulfilled…”
Vala hummed her siren’s song..,. “The
Rest of our sisters will come, I will bring

“But the ship has moved,” Ceres said, “The

Vala laughed. “I will bring them.” She
Laughed and sang…”Destiny shall have
It’s way…The fools will play out their
Parts…So that the right pieces can
Come together. Does anyone understand
At all what a puzzle is?”

“Bill,” Varence smiled mysteriously…
“A million pieces may build a bridge…
For then only 1, 2 or 3 to cross it.
That’s how things are made…Look at
Your history…Listen to me. Please.”

“No clues here,” Vala hummed…
“They are and will only be sent to
The ones the Heaven’s choose…They
Can whine all they want…It
Was decided long ago…Now finish this.”

“Before you go,” Ceres smiled…”I should
Like to offer you this…I would like to
Tell you the story next time…Of how
The Tuatha came to Earth…”

Varence laughed. “Oh she could not
Resist that! Go now…Rest…You can
Stop writing now.”

Tick Tock.

my artwork: Alignment





  1. I can’t stop thinking about this article – which i cross referenced & found another one with more details & other missing pieces. Her accuracy rate is 85%+ ,not that it matters. For i feel in my heart & soul it’s true.
    I don’t want to think about it, what coULd be… is so unfathomable to me.. i cry to creator “WHY ??? WHY is this to be?” An alternate time line? Or things that are Real to come?
    I’ve heard this before many times about the ‘last american president’ so….that worries me.
    Anyone else get feelings or heard from other sources about these? I’m curious.

    • yeah she has an interesting track record…

      u might wanna listen to some dolores cannon on youtube she has a thing where she has a conversation with nostradamus… anyhow future isnt set in stone (fortunate for us =) ) se it as a warning still time to change stuff 😉

      oh and u might wanna check out the guys from the farsight institute

      they explained it as well with remote viewing way to much info as to put it into a post here

      but basicly these events are like a warning becon that can be changed (i realy do hope so)

    • Big Hugs, David. Seems to be a pattern with us, more “isolated”, and often not so in touch with family 🙂 I keep reading this from a lot of us.
      We have each others. All spread out across this planet 🙂 Lots of us.
      As per various predictions.. Like Stef says, the future is not set in stone. WE are making it as we go now. WE. No more feeling belittled and powerless 🙂
      Check the new post 🙂 Rebellion can be a good thing 🙂 Creative rebellion.

  2. It’s so amazing to see everyone come together through these posts.
    I’ve been reading many many years but never posted much.
    Because of these (a recent one) I pretty much quit listening to channeled msgs unless it really calls to me But i’m not as avid as i was – using it for meditation & higher practice.
    i’m glad we’re banding together & conversing. I feel so alone sometimes. Consumed by anger over petty things. And i move on. Watch a show of super heroes.. dream to be them.. do good with amazing power. At times i cry & it moves me. Touches something deep within.
    Stay warm & safe. Thank you all for ….just be-ing. =)

    • Keep on keeping in touch, DavidBear ! I was very silent too, and I have been following these posts since 2013.
      Now is a time for getting the Tribes back together, supporting each other, talking.
      Sharing the good, the ugly. Being open, and having each other’s backs !
      Love and hugs. Keep writing. 🙂

      • yes david please come here and talk with us more often =)

        i enjoy every single post any one does here =)

        its lately the thing that makes a shitty day good again to look in here and see all ur faces =) well for me it is ^^

        so please lets keep the comment section active 😉

    • Dear David, you are the one who have warmed up our hearts. As the very resonance, kindness, nice words that you have given have been comforting me so, here, I anyhow can no longer hide in that shell from expressing my high appreciation. Here, I want to say…I’ve read you, sensing your love & light, being warmed, healed by you. If I can, I want you know that you are not alone. HUGS, my super adorable brother !!!

      • Thank you Feilla, Stefman, briannapurejoy & anyone else… i’m humbled. I can’t do very much but i do what i can to bring Hope Joy Love & inspiration to anyone i meet. I know i’m not alone…. i guess we all have times where we feel alone or wANt to be alone. It’s that humanity in us that longs for another’s company- even if just in silence.
        Read me? i’d like to know more!!! …lol =) i could only hope for such talents!.
        As for brother, my own family will not call me such… to them i’m just a grown ‘mistake’. So far removed from family & far from the few friends i have that i wonder what it iS to have a purpose. Not even a pointless meaningless job to give me …anything.
        But Thank you… My Stars in the darkness, each a glimmer of Hope & Love that still exists in these turbulent times. May warmth be even more warm & laughter be more exuberant than ever!!
        I’m just glad you’re out there & you do whatever makes you happy. =)

        • David… rest assured you have a great purpose. Imagine how Tesla felt when they ripped down the wardenclyffe tower. This is one of the greatest scientists on the planet and they treated him like CRAP. Today, the planet has benefited so much from his work. So… I can’t tell you what your purpose is… but this analogy may give you some ideas… we really have no idea what kind of foundations we’re laying for the future…

          I hope your family can chill out and see you for the awesome guy that you are. Sometimes families tend to act like jerks, when they’re just hiding their true feelings. ❤

  3. i had a ” WAIT WHAT !!!???!!!” moment this morning… it might been because the absence of coffee this morning… but some one looked at me with a straight face this morning and wanted to convince me this morning that the latest migrant crisis is normal but the grime was a false flag and it has been orchestrated by nazis…

    and that came from a person who always said bullshit when people had actual evidence of false flags…

    i mean come on!!! for years u could throw tones of evidence at people and they called bullshit… and now they come out of the woodwork and adapt the idea as if they just discovered the possibility…

    it kinda freaks me out because that felt like a parallel universe…

    i was like

    • Hahaha, I know what you mean ! People are waking up, which still surprises us 😀 If it’s someone you know well, try to avoid the “I TOLD YOU SO” attitude 😉
      Don’t freak out, it will happen a lot. More WHAAAT?? moments for us 😀
      Sometimes I feel like falling out of the chair when I see on the news something that they never talked about before … And, yes, I do watch a bit of news, I need to know what the “games” are.
      How are you ? Heads up, lots happening.
      Hugs from frozen Romania 🙂

      • From RMN, I think James sums it up pretty good –

        Received via email – Lymerick

        Hang In There, Big Shifts

        I have been observing consciousness shifts as of late on a grand scale. There has also been a lot of movement on the ground with the White Hats. It is like the Titanic is sinking, the rats are jumping ship and saving their own skin by testifying, giving depositions that will be the foundation for the dark hearts demise. The hidden and nefarious deeds of the past are surfacing for all to see. The arrests will escalate all the way to the top. The collective pulse is saying how did this happen. How did this get so dark, so corrupt? Many are saying I no longer want to participate in this world. There are those who are really feeling the collective consciousness and being overwhelmed by it. The collective consciousness is going through a major shift. Everything is coming up to be dealt with and those who are sensitive are finding it overwhelming. The trick is to catch yourself and say, “Not Mine”. We also have to let go of all that which no longer serves us, humanity or the earth. Know there is a grander force pushing everything up to the surface and into the light.

        Use what ever clearing techniques you have to clean up the personal and collective energies. Get out in Nature, take a walk with your shoes off and recalibrate with the Earth. There are Angelic Guides, Ascended Masters, Spiritually and Technologically advanced Off Worlders here to help in this process. The prophecies are being fulfilled. The beast is dying, consuming itself. No rock is being left unturned and all the iniquities are being shouted from the rooftops. There is no more hiding. No more shoving everything under the rug, no more denial. Tyranny is coming to a close. The ignorant, self serving separation game is coming to an end. It is no longer frequency specific to the evolution of Earth. Where will you be in this process? Which side of the fence, the prophecy line are you on? Are you in service to humanity and the earth? Do you serve the beast? These are questions that will have to be answered with brutal honesty and impeccable integrity. Lies and denials will not fair well in this process. It is a process that no man can stop, the forces are far beyond the grasp of the dark hearts who have in ignorance and arrogance overlooked an immutable law called Action/Reacion, “Karma”. Nothing has gone unseen.

        Drop into the heart, clear yourself, get out of the mind and feel what is best for you. God is a feeling. The soul sits next to the heart, it is the connector to Source. Make your decisions from there. Get out of the monkey mind, the collective chaos.

        Be well,
        James Gilliland

  4. Here is something that “Feilla” created that you guys might like to see.

    Here is what she says about her creation:

    The cube made with the Bill’s pictures of / about grids that I made with cardboard (rather oats box). When making it, I put a tourmaline inside it.

    • that looks nice and i bet the crstallish thing is kind of an sucker punch ? u know for the evil ones…

      oh and i dont wanna be a dick or sound like one… but i flinch every time some one says created or creation… u know its hard for us to create anything at all… we can transform stuff into new stuff… but creation is reserved for some one else…

      im so sorry =/ i hope u dont get me wrong =(

      but to create some thing u have to create ur own space outside of this space we are in right now… than u have to create all the things in the space… and than u can say u created some thing… does that make sense ?

      • but anyway i realy like the thing…

        i like it ^^ i bet some orgone stuff might work as well realy nice with it…

      • Hey Stefman – well in this case she actually created it with her hands out of cardboard 😀

        But I get your meaning… the idea of creation is talked about by various folks, including Dolores Cannon. She has a lot of videos about this stuff. The idea that everything you “see” in your physical environment is something your brain is responsible for. Every person in a grocery store is something your brain created. Then when you leave the store, all that stuff no longer exists. Every building you see, every car, etc. Dolores Cannon is interesting because she is reporting her research through hypnosis therapy of others. She is not making any of this stuff up herself – she’s just an observer.

        “Matter” is really just another form of energy…

        “One of the biggest lessons you’ve come to Earth to learn is how to manipulate energy”.

        So part of the “Game of Separation” is to convince you that you are powerless to change anything… when really, it’s all you!

        I have to admit I’m still wrapping my head around this myself. 🙂

    • Nice ! I was dreaming of fluffy fleece blankets with Bill’s work on them. Sleeping under Shield of Tranquility, for instance. Fleece for the winter, linnen-feeling cotton for the summer. That would be grand 🙂

      • i fell in love with the shield right away ^^ but on the other hand its hard to fall not in love with any of bills pictures =)

  5. oh and speaking of music…

    and that nice… but i warn ya there is one track that scared the shit out of me it was awful i could not listen… to painful

    • Hi Germany 🙂 Minus 17 here right now (that is 1 degree F). Yiiikes.
      Keep sharing. All of us, I mean it.
      What we see, what we feel. Keep sharing. Communicate, share, support each other !
      Now… the music… that song… Taking down the queen 🙂 Yes, yes, yes 🙂
      And Iwhales.. guess what I was listening to sunday 🙂 Not this link, others… whales.

      Keep sharing !
      Brianna (from Ice country right now)

      • Dragonfly 🙂 Of course.
        Funny… The unicorns, Phoenix etc, I got on my finger (family ring) and have for the longest time. But the dragonfly 🙂 Came to me in 2014. Still looking for a dragonfly pendant, it’s the only thing I will wear around my neck 🙂 I’ll find it.
        I downloaded this song. Thanks Stef 🙂

  6. oh and speaking of music… seams to be realy a thing when and to get born… but i kinda like that song very much these days…

    i know its still not pure music but yeah i like the song u know… helps me to remember who we truly are…

    btw i think i have an clue why u guys liked that one picture so much ^^

    • oh if u listen… do it without the video… just the sound…

      the videos realy freak me out… ruining the music for me

      without the vid this is for me a cool story about a cat 😉

    • 🙂 I don’t like the cold. I can appreciate the beauty of snow, but if possible only by choice 😀 I like hot, and to walk around barefoot. And not all packed up like an onion in many clothes 😀
      Nice wall with Bill’s artwork !

    • Hi stefman, I’m not sure that there’s a “wrong” way to do it – I liked some of the visual connections you made with the artwork.

      I can’t remember if I mentioned this already, but here’s another idea that was developed into something discrete and wearable… it sometimes seems silly to those who don’t understand the seriousness of this issue. But to me, results are what matters.

  7. January 17, mid-morning. Hello from the Great White 🙂
    Huge blizzard here. Roads closed, trains stuck., trees falling. Wind gusting to 50 Mph or more.
    Cannot see the difference between the sidewalk and the street, all is white. And billowing.
    Will go out for 5 mns, to feel it. Yes, only my eyes wiil be out, the rest totally covered 😀
    As this part of the world is covered in big white silence, I feel turmoil around.
    Everyone OK ? Keep in touch 🙂
    Love and …snowflakes.

    • sounds like i would love it there in the snow…

      lol i dont know why but i enjoy the colder time of the year =)

  8. Mechee – So glad you are through the worst.

    I humbly quote ”Hardship often prepares ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny” (CS Lewis)

    The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe anyone?

    Thanks again to team and Bill.

    • Thank you so much, Rich. I laugh a lot more. I actually get 5 straight hours of sleep…. 5-6 FULL HOURS!!!!!!. Im so thankful and grateful. Its not something I can talk to anyone about, I’ve tried, and they look at me like I’m insane. I’ve found very little information that discusses the “3:00 a.m.thing”, and when I did, it never matched what has been happening to me. I tried believing it was sleep paralysis, but why 3:00 a.m. everytime? The experiences seemed to happen more frequently during certain times of the year…..I made it through the holidays event free this year!!! Wohooo. 🙂

      • that are great news!!! im happy ur doing better now =)
        i dont know if u know this mechee when ever u r dreaming dont be fooled its ur dream what means u are the “master” of the dream… the dream is ur “creation” (hate to use the word creation and creating with humans since we can not create… we can transform or build stuff but creating is left for some one else hehe)

        anyhow… ur dream means u can do what ever u please in ur dream and if some one is annoying u change it… turn it into some thing else 😉

        i know it sounds funny but it isnt 😉 when ur in a dream u can turn on ur personal creator mode inside it 😉 i think its great news =)

    • Narnia… wow, never read it, nor watched the movies, but I just read the summary…. A kingdom frozen in winter, a great Lion King, a white stag… 4 children.
      Letting this sink in 🙂
      Mechee, if you read this, let me say I know a lot of people who have the “3am wake up” thing. From many parts of the world, and yes, 3am all.
      Talking about “our” things help. Share, never hesitate to share 🙂

  9. Valient, I want to thank you for your paintings. I made them into a very large grid, 4 months ago. I made a frame from repurposed wood and hung it across the room from my bed. I was being tormented by something that woke me up at 3:00 a.m. for years and years.

    As time went on it became stronger, until one day this past June….. i couldnt handle it anymore and knew i was in danger. I began researching relentlessly, begging for guidance, when I finally found your posts, your paintings and how to use them for protection.

    During these 3:00 a.m. experiences, sometimes, I couldn’t move at all, held down, while my husband slept uneffected. Sometimes, (extremely rare) I could fight hard enough to belt out a blood curdling scream, launching my husband (married for 25 years) out of bed, running before he hit the floor.

    During these past 4 months, I haven’t been held down once. I still wake up at 3:00 a.m. from time to time, but not like before. I have to take anxiety medicine to help me get past the fear of sleep because I still panic a little every night. The mere thought of going to bed and going to sleep sends my adrenaline and survival instincts through the roof. I’m getting better everyday and I’m now sleeping 5-6 full hours a night. For the first time in my life….I’m 46.

    I know have 4 diffent grids throughtout my house. Id love to send you pictures. Theyre beautiful. Thank you so very much for your gift, the paintings, the grids. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Mechee

    • Valient, Without sounding weird, is there other ways to follow you or be in contact? Facebook? Email? Blogs? I’m not on electronic devices very much, but when I am, I its with limited purpose and intent. Thank you, Mechee

      • Hi Mechee – Bill’s Mom Lida has been dropping by here recently. She records his messages and posts them, and reads comments to Bill (Valiant). I understand he isn’t online very often.

        Regarding your trials / sleep issues, I’m very happy to hear that you are making progress. You’ve come to the right place – I feel the more we can bring this into the light, the less of a threat / problem it will be.

        Incidentally some sleep paralysis is the result of astral travel. You wake up before your body does. This has been my experience – I’ve actually “fallen” into my body a few times (whoops!).

        • Thank you dreamwalker, Astral travel sounds fun!! I recently bought my first crystals. Im wearing one at night that seems to amplify my dreams…more vivid and i actually remember them.

          My experiences also happened when I was awake. The hair would stand up on my neck, shadows would move and I always sensed something was watching me, the clock would say, “3:00 a.m.

          One time, we were going to watch a movie around 8:00 p.m.(this incedent was completely different than 3:00 a.m.). Out of nowhere, something made us lay face down in the middle of my living room floor. My husband fell sound asleep as I lay there next to him paralyzed, staring at him, trying to will him awake with my thoughts. Then I heard a message in my head, “It’s ok, don’t be scared, we’re almost done.” My husband got up like, without skipping a beat, popped in the movie….I thought I was going crazy.

          There are many ways I’m attacked, but the times, at night, when I was sleeping, were the worst…..terrifying and sinister.

    • Oh YEY ! More music, what a great idea 🙂 Between 2012 and recently I had stopped listening to music. The post with Pat Benatar’s song triggered all the music back (thank you Bill for that ! Lida, if you have the patience to read all this, give him a biggie hug, merci).
      The weather suddenly turned dreary, after this morning’s pink wink. Wind alerts, and a “feeling” of not going out at all…sumtin’s up.
      Last evening a friend Skyped me, he moved in a totally remote place up the Carpathian mountains. Says he sees a lot of crafts coming and going. I’m overdue to go up there too 🙂 All the snow is …well, don’t like it.
      Romans and their “doings” came up rather recently for me too. I’m deeply into the whole Middle East past, and at some point les Romans stick their big nose there as well 🙂
      Ding Ding 🙂

  10. Keep your faith and belief close to your heart Milda – I often feel the same and often send out my concerns when feeling like this. It’s amazing how often I receive the reassurances I feel I need when I do this.

    I have tended to go to one extreme or the other – I’m either super high or super low and I’ve learnt that discipline on thought processes is really important – not dwelling on negative thought processes is essential for me. Balance is a must and the importance of grounding has really become apparent these last few weeks.

    Other than meditation, another method I use is focusing my energy into a creative process or hobbie – for me I write music, and it REALLY helps when I feel frustrated and flat.

    By the way Romans has been very evident this week although I’m unable to pinpoint a meaning that resonates at this time. Ahh the mysteries and the magic

    • Yes, thank you! I feel the exact same where some days it’s like LIFE! YES, Let’s do this!!! and then days like yesterday. I need to ground more again. Sometimes I get paranoid that since so much of “new age” talks of it I start to think it’s some sort of “trap” and I quit doing it. I definitely feel good and balanced when I’m using markers, creating art. Do you record your music? I love love love singing and have wanted to write but words and me lately…bleh lol

  11. Good morning from the East, where dawn just broke, and the sky is pink right now. It reflects on the old worn-out buildings, pink. Love it, and it’s a new thing.
    Winter dawns were never this pink before.
    In November 2014, we had 31 consecutive days of gayness. The Lid on the sky. Horrible. Dreary. But now dawn is pink. Just like our present … dreary days, yes. Magic ? YES. It’s here to be used.
    Here we are… facing a biggie. A fundamental question, if you will…
    Are we ready to fight only if we “feel we are somehow chosen” ? Or are we ready to fight, period ?
    Are we ready to have faith that WE now can change the future ? The outcome ?
    Everything is fluid. Nothing is set in stone, nothing is ordered by the finger pointing of a vengeful god. That’s Abrahamic stuff fed onto us for millenia. Chastising, always. “sinners”. Born to suffer …marked with guilt so we obey.
    Are you ready to break those chains ? Shatter these walls ?
    Break also the chains of expectations. Believe in yourselves. See beyond, See beyond personal grief, personal issues.
    WE is a mighty power. The biggest truth they are doing their best to stifle. Their brains are already half fried, look at the stupid things they say.
    Oh, this has me smiling widely… last night I had this visual of “money”, a DELUGE of money going all over, filling everyone, everywhere. Until it was completely meaningless.
    Heads UP 🙂 Look at the pink sky. Feel it, tell others.

    Thank you Bill, thank you Lida. I love you so much 🙂

    • indeed !!!

      arent the smallest and the most common things that give away how awesome and magical this place is ?

      u know a long time ago i ran into another guy in the middle of the night that had to walk the same direction as i had to and he didnt know the way… so i walked with him a bit and showed him where he had to go… after a while we started talking and it turned out he was a muslim and he was pretty disgusted with me when i told him i was a born christian but the older i got the less i could subscribe to any religion… i told him that i do believe in god but not the same way others do… because my god is the pure good and love unconditionally… and he was all over my case… and he said how can u believe in god if ur not praying or going into any holy places…
      well i said why would i go to prayer only because im forced because the religion said so… i said my god knows me and he knows how thank full i am because when i see a flower or anything nice i know its his creation in some way… and i see the magic inside the thing there for he knows how happy i am when my heart jumps for joy because of beeing lucky to experience all…. oh my god knows…

      and he started to go on and on… after a while i asked him… didnt u guys say ur god is the the lord of this world… and isnt it a bit strange that this allmighty beein created everything there is in all plains of existence…. dont u think that it is odd that he demands u to pray so many times a day… while all u do is sending focused energy…. dont u think it is just odd ?
      and didnt the creator created us in his image ? dont u see the problem here ?

      well enough me ranting here… before i step on to many toes

      anyway what im trying to say i already forgot hehe ^^ i hope it made a bit sense what i said 😉

      remember people ur mind can shape the world 😉 take back the power to shape the things to come

      • Hello Germany 🙂
        well said. I have similar conversatons very often too 🙂 Started when I was a kid, maybe 9… my poor mother called 3 popes on me (christian orthodox, the ones with long beards et all). A whole big deal about first “confession” something.
        It was funny, actually. Told them I spoke with god, and no, no,NO, I have nothing to “confess” to them.
        Crazy how some of us cling to organized religion, when it is so evident how much it hurt people across centuries. The very first patriarchal and hierarhical control system. The Romans really fine-tuned it too, still going on today. These guys were absolute barbarians with good road systems !
        In Judea they hunted the wildlife to extinction, little know fact, as everyone is more focused on the Abrahamic religion aspect of that place (the general area).
        If they only knew what is really underneath down there…
        Anyway, ranting…ranting 😀
        Hugs to you, Germany (I hope you don’t mind me calling you that)
        And hugs to everyone reading (ye patient ones 😀 )

        • Bravo Brianna – I would have loved to have seen the look on their faces when you told them you talked directly to God hehe

          They can show themselves out, their “services” are no longer required… (-_-)

          • Oh yes, they can !!! High time too. So much damage.
            Seems to be an on-going theme for me, challenging this. But I have to say (retroactively) it seemed more fun as an “angelic” face blonde-blue eyed kid of 8 or 9 😀
            You want to follow Jesus’ footsteps ? Good… hang out with outcasts, hug a whore and flog a banker !
            Voila 🙂

        • Yes, my mom is very worried about me because I tell her I don’t pray to a man in the sky who wants to be worshiped and feared. I’m happy she’s not tried to exorcise me lol

    • Yes!! For so long I’ve felt I was “chosen” and when my Hogwarts letter didn’t come I was like I have been saying for the past year I am a chain breaker (I thought it only meant with the pain and trauma passed down through lineage) and last night I proclaimed I would “shatter” what attempts to block out the light. =D

      • Way to go MildaLove !!! YES. Shatter and scatter ! And turning anguish into anger (as long as it’s used to fuel your strong will) is fine 🙂 Happens to me too, and I even stomp my foot occasionally.
        And you’re not alone, anxiety feelings have been high lately. Lots of collective trauma on this planet. So, sometimes “waves” just come, that are not even ours personally. But the mind really finds something to latch on fast.
        If you’re interested, I can give you a link (or you can find it maybe) to Laura Walker’s Oracle Report. She does a great job at explaining the daily “energetics”. It helps 🙂
        Oh, and I love this ribbon of energy being weaved here ❤
        Hugs to you Milda ! Soothing and comforting hugs 🙂 ❤

  12. I was just in bed thinking about this post and remembering a dream I had from last night…I don’t remember all the details but a part of it I was agreeing to meet up later with a large, black man..we had to split up because of a murder. Later when we found each other I was wearing his football jersey that was orange and blue. I don’t know what this means, if anything….but it just hit me hard.

  13. I’ve been reading these posts for a long time now. Usually I feel hopeful in some small way, but today is different. The whole day I have felt “what is the point of life, why am I even here?” (not that I ever had that answer) I really can’t find the words to describe, other than it feels like my heart is an egg that’s been cracked open.. I feel like inside I am crying but the outside is only numb. I’m tired of the game, I’m tired of lacking ideas of what I can even do.. I still feel this glimmer of faith that there is a purpose, but it’s so small. I don’t mean this for any kind of reaction…only expressing in some way.

    • well its hard to find the words that could help… so excuse me for beeing blunt here for a sec… the feeling u feel is a good sign it means that u are not already dead inside like some many of the people around of us 😉 so dong give up keep on hanging in there…

      i dont know what u are supose to do in the here and now… but i can ashure u that u will know it when u know it when the time is right… and the time will come =)

      i know its hard to find rest or some thing that lets u forget the outside for a while but u have to find some thing where u can rest ur mind for a while… like playing a game or building something like a hobby u know… just keep ur mind busy for a while so ur unconsciousness can work out the details 😉

      i hope u could help ya just a little 😉 ur not lonely and if u feel left alone…. remember alone kinda means all-one 😉 so enjoy the times when u r all one 😉 search ur soul find answers they will always come when the time is right =)

      oh and check in here i know it does good if u talk to like minded people =) so keep ur head up we are all together in this !!!

      • Thank you =) After a deep cry and some sleep I feel less like that today. I know I tell myself this is part of something, these feelings aren’t for nothing. I won’t be defeated by the little voices that pop in and put pictures of suicide. Not for this girl! It’s like a switch flipped right before falling asleep, from sadness rose a deep anger that said I will shatter the blockades to the light. I felt it in my whole body and after that I easily relaxed to sleep! I am happy I shared my feelings here. It’s hard to hold in and every one around you thinks you’re losing it because of days like yesterday. I know there are those that really know! It’s not about bipolar or depression it’s about knowing(kind-of) the story that is unfolding.

  14. “They designed it…The company…”

    I believe they call themselves the Offices of JANUS a.k.a. JANUS Company. How many readers here are familiar with the prophecies of Merlyn?

    My only question now being…Who is the Son of the Evening?

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