Valiant: Knock Knock…The Bell Tolls…Secrets Of Earth and The Ancient Star Pilgrims…

*SONG* “We All Die Young” by Steel Dragon

“Tread softly…Listen…The Eyes and Ears…
The bell tolls…and the trumpets…command it…
There are reasons…
In the songs are clues…
Why? What? Who for?
A gathering comes…Foretold in Legends
From family secrets…To genetic memory…
To long secrets held by Indian Nations…
A magic book…A secret cave…
A medicine man will announce it…
Many will want to go…
They will insist some…whine and attest
Others will cry…while others will deny…
Just know this…And I say it only once…
This is meant for only the right ones…
For the wrong that go…WILL DIE.”
Varence said with a calm unforgiving tone…

“Now…From this point on when I speak…
If its riddles you hear…Oh well…
It had to be said and will be.”

“Finally!” Rana exclaimed with relief. “He
Says it! Now we move on…”

The sisters all sat around…as I wrote…
Only Varence and Rana stood…Then Ceres,
With a warm and kind smile said… “Now
You finish the story of the Elvar, Bill.”

“I would enjoy that.” Vala hummed.

Varence stood politely in front of me, leaning…
His expression imposing; I swear this guy
Loved taunting: He smiled, rolled his eyes, “Stop
Saying that, I’m not mean…I’m always
Appropriately considerate.”

“I should slap you,” Rana smiled, “But for
Some reason all I want to do is LAUGH.”

He took command then, enjoying every second
Of it. “You write like I think,” he said,
“I like that.”

“Because you told me to.” I said

“Anyway, now…” Varence went on, “As
The rest of the story goes…Listen carefully…
I told you the story already…but you had to
Wait…Think…My words, Ceres words…
Eyes to the mind…The story goes…Tell
It this time…Let it flow…
Everything you know is about to change…”

Backward…From their view on the ship…
The commander had done as the Lord Apollo
Instructed and ordered his ship to the Northeast
Lush green islands…of rolling hills,
And lochs…of ancient forests that still
Grew old timbers…For Earth, it was an age
Of ruddy chiefs and barbarians…For the Elvar
It was simply an accidental unintentional
Visit…and exploration…

The tall blond, bearded man stood before the
Mirror adjusting his dark blue uniform…
Fussing…procrastinating. He groaned at his
Reflection… “If answers could only come from
Mirrors…” he said to himself…

Then his loving wife, a fair skinned blond woman…
With long curly hair stepped up behind him…
Smiling to his reflection. “Then you would
Hear only wise answers…Because you are a wise
Man…You know the answers…Stop doubting

He shook his head. “Why are we here?” He
Turned to her. “You saw them…You saw them
Too, the specters…The spirits…The gods…
Whatever, whoever they were. Should I have
Been so foolish to have embraced his request
So fast?”

She nodded. “I saw them. It happened.”
Her voice was sincere, her eyes big blue and
Comforting. “El’Adan…They were here. I know.
Anyone would have done the same.”

“El’Lena,” he begged her, “Everyone keeps
Asking me why…I can not bring myself
To say the words…The Great Lord Apollo of
Earth. Earth? O’Pel of the Ministry would
Have me publicly chastised…O’Din and his
Mystics would revel in their myths and
Legends…There would be an uproar in the

“Say what you will when you feel it is right.”
She told him, gently grabbing his shoulders
To support him. “You are the Commander…
Forget them. They will find questions to
Anything…Let them talk…They will never
Be silent or satisfied…That is how things are.”

“We’ve been here a full cycle of the moon,” he
Told her as he moved to grab and put on
His blue dress coat; such formal attire…
Everywhere. “We have our fuel…The ship is
Fair to leave…I have no reason to tell them
For us to stay…For what? For a
Secret visitor Apollo to reappear?”

She smiled, lowered her brow…El’Lena looked
So sweet and strong…despite her delicate
Pink gown… “He asked for our help…
Obviously he knows you will make the
Right decisions without constant instructions.”

“A thousand questions I could ask…” The
Commander confessed…

“Then,” she suggested, “Give them something
To do…Busy hands have no time to doubt
With questions.”

He nodded with a victorious smile. “You are
A wise counsel. M’Jan would suffer insult
If he knew you gave such advice.”

She beamed, her smile so proud. “And if I
Were the commander, you would do the same…
We are two but one…” She hugged him tight.
“Now go…go to work…You’ll know exactly
What to do.”

He smiled, kissed her and then departed strongly
For the bridge. With each step his thoughts
Found reasons for the day ahead…
Stronger and more confident as he
Passed each crew member…each colonist
Along the way until he reached the
Main bridge…Then when he sat he was
Ready as commander; all doubts he put
Out of his mind…Though they were there
When he returned to his home quarters at

On the bridge…It was a large round room,
Found at the top of the ship…Every view
Had panels and seats…Lighted consoles
And view screens and keyboards with symbols,
Each with attentive workers in various shaded
Blue uniforms…
All bowed heads for the commander…
There was respect, pleasant smiles…
There was no small talk…
These were a focused people…calm, cool, collected…
ALWAYS…This was their nature without end.

Immediately his first officer M’Jan, a tall
Orange haired, fit middle-aged, handsome
Looking man came to the commander’s side…
Followed quickly by O’Tel, his second officer,
Another very fit, good-looking, tall, amber
Colored hair, young looking man stood to his other side…
Both had the same straight shoulder
Length hair; they all did…aside from
Some who wore theirs to their waist, it
Was custom. His officers were his eyes, ears
And arms…Always eager for orders.

“Sir,” M’Jan said politely. “What are the
Instructions for the say? Are we to make
Our departure and resume course for the
Other colonies?”

“All coordinates are ready,” O’Tel added.

“No.” The commander calmly told them, almost
Appearing bored as he held his coat’s lapel.
“Gather senior officers in the meeting
Room…I would like to address them…on
Something of my mind…I will await
Them there.” He left then for the said room.

Within minutes…An assembly of twenty
Of all the highest ranked officers had gathered
In the great meeting room…
Seated around a long, oval, darkly polished
Table…In a sparse, brightly lit ivory-gray
Room with no windows…only view screens
On the surrounding walls…that occasionally
Flashed images of the woods and
Horizons; it was a beautiful planet.

The commander waited for their full
Rested attention, then spoke. “Listen everyone,”
He said with a kind authority. “I realize
Our mission is to join the colonies…But I believe
We have purpose here. I believe we have
Come here by no accident…and I wish to
See why…There is life here.”

“Savages,” M’Ren said fast. The leading
Science officer, a tall, fair, golden haired
Woman of strong character. “Primitives…
The animals are more interesting…we have
Viewed countless variety.”

“I would like to study this variety.”
The commander told them.

“All of them?” M’Jan asked. “The
Animals, planets…its people?”

“Yes,” the commander said… “This
World is rich in abundant variety. Why?”

“You are interested in the inhabitants
As well?” M’Rond, chief medical officer
Asked. He was another tall, blond man; all
Were fit, all possessed attractive features.

“Yes.” The commander answered. He
Paused…studied their faces…They were
Content with this…No one protested, if
Anything they were intrigued. “In eight days
I will have us meet back here for reports.
Please, note anything that strikes you…
Anything at all…Thank you.”

The crew did as they were told…Very soon
All departments were consumed with
Collecting data…And it wasn’t long before
Many discoveries were made…time
And time again…until many were
Constantly gasping…Then the questions
Came…and theories were rising…

The commander relaxed contently as the days
Passed, his crew enthralled by the discoveries
Of this blue planet they were visiting…

O’Pel of the ministry didn’t bother him. It
Only gave him more time to praise the Heavens
And encourage prayer among the people; they
Were extremely spiritual…though humble
Manner could easily become impatient…

Then at last the 8th day came…That
Morning the commander was nervous…There
Still had come no 2nd visit from the Great
Apollo…And though the crew was busy with
His instructive studies of the planet, he could
Not avoid a fear growing within him…why
Were they here? A nagging feeling grew
Within him…instinct. Should they, would they
Come to regret coming to this planet Earth?

That morning…
The weather was clear and bright…
It was the season of spring…
But there was a terrible fear in the commander…

Upon entering the great meeting room on the
Bridge…El’Adan found the
Room eagerly full of restless, talkative officers…
All held study tablets full of data which
They discussed with wide words amongst
Each other…When the commander entered
They rose to stand to greet him…by their
Faces he could tell it was going to be an
Interesting discussion…Every one of them
Appeared eager to be first to engage his

“Greetings,” he smiled at them as he took his
Seat at the head of the table, “I see you
All have much to say…”

M’Jan looked back and forth between the
Brightly lit image of Earth filled the
Screen… “The planet we are on…” She pointed
In a circle… “This is no natural world.”

“How so?” the commander asked.

“Sir,” M’Ren responded, “We have all
Been comparing research…There is no
Nature here…not as we have ever known
It…Forgive my abrupt words…The information
Is overwhelming.”

“Debates have consumed everyone for
Days…” M’Jan told him… “To be honest
Since day one.”

“Why?” the commander was puzzled.

“The ecosystems of this planet…” M’Ren
Explained… “There are so many…Too many.
We simply do not see this variety…not
Under these conditions so fast…These were

“Created?” the commander asked.

“Sir,” M’Jase, a tall red-haired woman
Interrupted; the leading geological officer,
“This planet has undergone quite a
Transformation…very quickly…”

“We believe…” M’Ren went on, “Some kind
Of cataclysm…of atomic causes.”

“The collapse of a civilization,” M’Jase
Continued, “with atomic power…Possibly more
Advanced than that…Either by accident or
Deliberate…We’re not sure…”

“Deliberate?” the commander scowled…

“The people of this planet…” M’Ren tried
To find the words…. “The primitive savages…They…”

The faces of the officers shared a confused
Expression…The words to say it…

It was then that M’Rond, the leading
Medical officer joined words…He was
Tall, blond and handsome; they were all this way.
“Sir, their DNA is NOT normal…not
What it should be…not under these
Conditions…and certainly not in these

“How so?” the commander asked.

“There is much to say.” M’Jan nodded.

“What are you trying to say?” The
Commander asked the officers.

“These people,” M’Rond said slowly, “There is
No other way to say it…They have been
Experimented on.”

“Simply say it,” M’Ren said fast. “This
World is one great laboratory.”

“What?” the commander looked about them
In shock…

“For example,” M’Ren turned to the screen
And pointed to the wide ocean far west;
The Pacific. “This ocean here…The tectonic
Plates beneath it are extremely
Unstable…This ring…was impacted
In a distant past by a powerful explosion…
Shattering its crystal network…creating
A massive instability in the crust…it would
Have triggered quakes…volcanic eruptions…
Tidal waves…an entire polar shift…
An entire shift of the surface of the

“An extinction event.” M’Jase added. “Not
To mention the impact craters of meteors,
Asteroids…something else, at various other
Positions of the planet…And all occurred in
A VERY close period of time.”

“Something else?” the commander asked…

They only stared at one another…

“There are remnants of structures, cities
In our scans…buried far beneath the
Surface…And not just in one place,
Several.” M’Ren said nervously.

“The depths of the remains,” M’Jase

Shook her head, “The magnitude of the
Force to do this…I can only imagine…”

“And the life forms!” M’Ren told him.
“There were GIANT beasts that roamed
The planet…All gone…And even they…
Were INSANELY enormous…The size…The
Sheer amount of resources required to sustain
Populations of their kind…is ridiculous…”

“And they were eradicated FAST.” M’Jase
Explained. “They rose fast, covered the world
Fast…” She shook her head… “The size and
Variety…it was as if…something pushed their
Genetics to the limits to grow, twist and turn
Every which way…and then GONE.”

“Extinctions do occur.” The commander said.

“To be replaced by drastically different
Species?” M’Ren asked. “So fast. No.”

“There was a Beastly Age of Monsters.” M’Jase
Explained… “There was an advanced
Civilization here…cities…many, many cities…”

“And they were human.” M’Ren said, hesitating.

“WERE human?” the commander asked

M’Rond stood then and went to the view screen.
All fell silent. He touched the screen and
The image of one of the local male natives
Appeared. He pointed. “This…is an example of
One of the current nearby natives…Notice
The features…Look past the animal skin
Garments…The grizzly beard…The worn features…
This is a…man…in part a human man.”

“In part?” The commander was confused.

“Sir,” M’Rond said carefully. “This…person, this
Thing…has been altered…His DNA is
Much like ours…but also has other factors
That ours do not…additives…modifiers…and
DNA that just should not be there.”

“What?” the commander asked.

“Sir,” M’Jase explained. “Something did
This to them. Something changed them. And
It was no accident. It was intentional.”

“And it is still happening.” M’Ren added.

The commander was speechless. A fear
Grew inside him…as he sensed what they
Were suggesting…would say…

M’Rond pointed to the subject on the screen, “We
Surmise that a fragment of the past
Civilization survived…a small number…Perhaps
An island…a cave underground…a ship…
And then by limited number…their genes
Were isolated…possibly some in-breeding occurred,
Causing cellular corruption, degeneration…
Corrosion…At which point foreign DNA
Was introduced…And by judging at the
Depth of fragments in the DNA…it
Was put there on purpose not by natural
Mating…thus causing new elements, new

“They became something else.” M’Jase said.

“Their hormone levels are insanely high,” M’Rond
Said, “Too high for this level of degeneration…
It would cause intense erratic emotions…
Incapable of being controlled…Without the
Ability to control these emotions it would lead to
Violent behavior…primitive behavior.”

“I don’t understand,” the commander said,
“You said foreign DNA? Primitives?”

“They have Sirian DNA,” M’Rond explained.
“Draconian DNA…in their base core…That
Could only be put there by science,
Not marriage…The compiled strands are
Causing these intense emotions…No humans
We know are like this…they don’t exist
But here…This level of emotional behavior
Would bring insanity…without control.”

“But,” M’Jase went on, “In a laboratory
Situation…with wide exposure to different
Results could be quite fascinating…in creating
A new form of human being…”

“Emotions…could, like this,” M’Rond told him,
“Prove to be a very useful source of fuel…
Food…and under the right conditions…
Vessels…to play with…fight with…or possibly
Even become a very powerful being.”

“Sir,” M’Jan told him solidly, “This is the
Signature work of the Dark Empire. The
Evidence is all over the planet. Its one of
Their slave planets. And the humans that
Once called it home…fell victim to them.”

The commander was stunned. He knew
This was near their region. And he
Recalled the Great Apollo’s words…
But this…

Just then an interruption came in over
The intercom. “Commander, we have
A situation in the infirmary. We request
Sir M’Rond and yourself there as
Soon as possible.”

The commander hesitated with concern, “Of
Course,” he answered and then rose to depart, “Please,”
He instructed for the science team, “Accompany us.”

The commander, M’Rond, M’Ren, M’Jase
And M’Jen then quickly left for the medical
Wing…continuing their discussion
Along the way…

“Please,” the commander instructed, “Tell
Me in short what you wish to say…You
Clearly have much to say…”

“Sir,” M’Jase said as they entered a lift to
Descend to the medical level. “This world,
This planet…isn’t just one giant
Laboratory…it is a zoo.”

“What?” the commander grimaced.

“A collection of life forms,” M’Ren explained,
“As diverse as the imagination can be…
From every known corner…From the birds, the
Insects, to the mammals…great horned and
Hooved animals…the reptilian species…wolves,

“Lions?” the commander asked, his jaw
Hung wide as the lift descended. “Lions and
Reptiles on the same planet?”

“Yes!” M’Ren exclaimed.

“And the plant life,” M’Jase added, “There
Are no words…Species and sub-species from
EVERY known world…The conifers alone…”

“But all planets can be lush with life,” the
Commander said, “We know our
Ancient ancestors seeded the stars with
Meteors rich in seed-life…”

“Not this way,” M’Jase insisted, “No meteor
Life capsule disperses life this way…THIS
Was deliberately made…IT WAS BROUGHT

“Sir,” M’Ren added as the lift came to a rest,
“There are some species identical to our home
World…WHY? HOW?”

They exited the lift and walked swiftly
To the infirmary…”They have a
Hominid species…clearly created by
Splicing Draconian and Sirian DNA…
A Simian type creature…That range in
Size to enormous bipedal beasts to
Very small tailed creatures that leap about
The trees…” M’Jase gasped.

“But,” M’Rond interrupted, “It is the humanoids…
I can not even begin to say…”

“Try!” the commander said impatiently,
The information was making him nervous.

“Sir,” M’Rond tried to be rational, “Their
Nature…their hormone levels…The way
They reproduced…it’s as if they are
Programmed to mate constantly…1,2,3,6
Offspring…At their current population…
In a thousand years, they will number in
The hundreds of millions…in two or
Three thousand years…they will number in
The billions…BILLIONS!”

“Can you imagine such a number for
A planet of such size?” M’Ren insisted.

“Now factor in the advancing aspect of
The modifying genes…” M’Jase continued
As they neared medical. “The consequences…
The chance aberrations, the mutations…
The minute prodigies…”

“A civilization will rise fast,” M’Ren
Explained, “And growing that fast it will
Spread into space.”

“They have all the characteristics of a
Harvest species,” M’Jase said fearfully,
“A farm of humans.”

“Dear God, what for?” the commander asked.

“FOOD!” M’Jase said harshly, her manner
Impatient. “FUEL! SLAVES! What could
You do with them? Anything! Everything!
And if they were trained…or possessed
Atomic power…”

“Dear God!” The commander shook his
Head. “I pray this is just a theory.”

“But the shocking theory to this is,” M’Jan
Then told him by his side as they came
To a stop outside of the medical center… “Is
That…We believe…They…This world…was
Settled by the lost colony of our ancient
Homeworld…The lost children…That
Fled Leahndar millions of years ago.”

“That is mystic nonsense!” M’Rond
Logically persisted. “Save that for O’Din
And his panel of shamans…Gods and
Goddesses of the old world…The tall
Beautiful people of our creation…Legends
Have no place here…And what would you
Say next…of specters to appear to guide us?”

The commander froze…his eyes trembled
As he recalled quietly the visit from
The Lord Apollo and his Ceres…He
Could not speak…

“Some believe it.” M’Jan said.

Just then, the attending subordinate
Physician rushed up to them, another tall
Blond man of clean-shaven skin…He raced
Up to senior medical officer M’Rond… “Sir,
Please follow me…”
He led them into the medical center until
They reached the large observational window…
To a room that held a young, blond
Girl unconscious, on a medical bed, as
Nurses rushed around the room attending
Diagnostics…the sight was…frightening
To them…to say the least.

“What is this?” the commander asked in
Confusion. “What happened to her?”

“Sirs,” the attendant explained carefully…
“This is the daughter of Chief O’Sans
Of flight deck…She was attacked last
Night…in her sleep…”

“Attacked?” M’Rond became angry. “By who?”

Their people did NOT do such things…at all,

“Not who,” the attendant answered. “WHAT.”

“Excuse me?” Doctor M’Rond inquired.

The attendant pointed to a nearby wall panel,
Then brought up an encrypted security
System…the ship automatically recorded
Any intruders the moment sensors
Detected non-Elvarian life forms.

They watched as the recorded video displayed a
Shadowy, gruesome creature emerge from
The shadows of her room…to assault the
Adolescent girl…The screaming, the entire
Act made them gasp in horror…

“What is that?” the commander shouted.

“Some kind of Draconian entity!” M’Jan
Said nervously, “The size, the eyes…The
Way it moves…chameleon type qualities…”

“How could it get in?” the commander
Asked. “Where did it come from!?”

“What happened to her?” M’Jase only

“The trauma of the assault,” the attendant
Explained…”It seemed to…feed off
Of her…fear…Then sexually assaulted
Her…Her psychological responses shut

“But she’s awake!” M’Rond noted.

“A trance, a conscious coma?” M’Ren asked.

The attendant further explained, “There
Are abrasions, slashes…bruises…fractures…
Bile…bacteria traces…saliva…semen…”

“Can you help her?” M’Ren asked, her voice

“I have to examine this extensively.” M’Rond
Said as he left them to enter her room.

“Where is the creature now?” M’Jan demanded.

The attendant only shook his head. “I do not
Know. Not on the ship.”

“I want full scans now.” The commander
Said. “I want a full scan of the ship.
I want to know how to keep this
Creature out, and anymore from coming in!”

“We need to know what it is.” M’Jase said.

“I want it out!” The commander demanded.
“I want a defense system established…
And I want it today!” He pointed hard
To his first officer. “GO NOW!”

“Yes sir.” M’Jan immediately left to
Begin the process of scans and shielding.

“Do we leave now?” M’Jase questioned…
“I can not imagine…”

The commander fought his thoughts…The
Data, the details…What his eyes and
Instinct told him…and then of the Lord
Apollo’s request… “Are we here by accident?
Can we help these people?”

“Should we?” M’Ren reasoned.

“They are being experimented on…” The
Commander appealed to their human
Nature… “Is that a just cause?”

“What do we do?” M’Ren asked.

“Could some sort of means be devised to help
Them?” The commander suggested… “Some
Sort of salvation to spare their genetic

“Some sort of retro virus?” M’Jase
Replied…”Something to halt the foreign
DNA’s rampant antics? Their emotions,
Their behavior is established…Such a
Thing would require a constant
Observation, maintenance?”

“Let alone intensive genetic encoding, re-coding!”
M’Ren said. “What, are we to do, start abducting
The natives? While they sleep, to experiment
And test them? Or abuse them like this

“No of course not,” the commander
Sighed, “That would be barbaric.
That would be as diabolic as those who
Did this to them.”

“I admire your consideration, Commander,”
M’Jase explained, “But I must remind
You of our own obligations…and safety. Are
We raise our expectations to saviors

“All I am saying is,” the commander
Simply and sincerely said, “Is that we
Are here for a reason…We need to
Consider everything going on…with them,
With us…That is the future there…”

Apart…Watching from their own view screen
And vessel…
Apollo held his chin as he sat in the
Captain’s chair… “Something has to
Happen now…”

“Are you proud of yourself now?” Ceres
Asked as she watched the screen.

“Have some hope please.” Apollo said.

Ceres groaned at the chances…
The hope of change…Promise?
Miracles? She sighed and turned to
Him, of his serious expression. “Will
You put some pants on please?!”

Returning to the perspective…Time’s record…
The commander sat in his chair, his private
Office contemplating…over and over…the history…
What he knew…and the crew did not…
This world…its inhabitants…the revealing details…
The attack on that poor girl…What to do?
Expectations…reason…fear…doubt…and the haunting
Visit of the mysterious…Apollo.

The bells to his office tolled…He granted entrance, the
Doors slid open and his first officer M’Jan
Entered… “Sir…” His first office told him he had news…
This became a daily routine…as the studies
Of the people and the planet continued…

The days became weeks…the weeks, months…
With M’Jan entering to sit in the chair before
His desk informing him of updates…

First the genetic results…M’Jan reported, “Our
Field teams have gathered constant samples
From the natives…”
He spoke of how stories spread among the natives
Around their campfires…of the FAIR FOLK
That lured young men deep into the woods to
Seduce them…
‘The lurid fantasies of imagination…” The
Commander would laugh…
His people would isolate young hunters, a female
Officer gently approaching them…tranquilizing
Them to take harmless blood samples for study…
But the lustful minds of the fantasy filled
Men always embellished the tales; haven’t they

M’Jan, and sometimes office M’Jase would
Inform the commander of the progress
With the experimental retro-virus…They
Had been able to isolate more ideal human
DNA to discourage the more aggressive
Sirian and Draconian DNA from corrupting
Their behavior…in time…over generations
Their situation should improve…

“They should display more human characteristics,”
M’Jase told him hopefully, “In time…
They will grow taller, fairer…hopefully control
Their emotions…become more artistic and less
Violent to maintain this…However the hormones
And sex drive were harder to manage…They
Were wonton breeders…” She told him. “However
Over time their life spans should improve
Over time gradually…The cellular
Degeneration from inbreeding and the intense
Stress of such high hormone levels drastically
Hurt their longevity.”

Still the studies continued. Eventually a
More progressive and successful virus was created
And the commander ordered it to be spread
Into the population as best possible…

Teams were dispersed in scout vessels to inoculate
Select natives in other regions of the planet…
Asia…Africa…The Americas…
Where further research could be done on
What happened in the planet’s history…

Folklore and fantasies spread of the STAR
PEOPLE…While they meagerly attempted to
Help the natives…

M’Jan informed the commander of lost
Ruins and monuments…The remnants of
A lion temple in North Africa…Ancient
Pyramid structures…
“And sir,” M’Jan told him with wonder, “Our
Science teams have also discovered other
Aspects in this system…Lost satellites eroding
In the orbits of other planets…Similar monuments
On the Great Red Planet…Pyramids…Monoliths…
In patterns of a mapped configuration…There must
Have been survivors that lived on outposts there…
That fled into space…We found encrypted warnings…
DARK ONES, THE SERPENT…but they were so

“Could any have survived?” The commander
Asked hopefully; his hands seemed forever
Glued, folded beneath his chin in thought.

“Sir, we just don’t know.” M’Jan would answer.
“We have found suspicious readings…of various
Deep underground caverns around the planet
Giving off…strange readings…”

“Underground?” the commander asked. “In
Hollows of the planet, lost survivors?”

“We can not be sure without exploring at those
Depths,” M’Jan said, “But honestly we
Don’t have the equipment or resources for such
Precise investigations geologically…with the
Science teams spread so thin on the genetics

The commander nodded…There was only so much
They could do after all…

Then…months later…The day came when
M’Jan entered his office with the heaviest
Expression…He fought to tell the commander…
“Sir, there is something I must tell you…
It’s about your daughter…”

The commander listened as M’Jan informed
Him of hidden activities of his daughter
El’Miren…of how she and a few of her
Friends had taken steeds out for riding months
Ago…encountered a gory battlefield of bodies and
Retrieved a dying native man…only to nurse
Him back to health…Secretly…El’Miren had
Cleaned him, shaved him, dressed him like
Their own and even begun teaching him their
People had begun to notice…talk…

“His name is Togarth,” M’Jan explained; “He’s
Become somewhat popular among the young people…
Being so…different…They play games of sport
Together…He’s even demonstrated some remarkable
Artistic skills…She’s truly civilized him…
She is a very lovely girl…” He explained…
El’Miren had long been promised to his
Own son M’Jon to unite their families…

“Somewhat of a Beauty and Beast story.”
M’Jan laughed.

The commander laughed. “Really?”

M’Jan hesitated…”But sir,” he was afraid to
Say more, “You need to look into the matter
Yourself…as soon as possible…and if I may

“Oh?” He was intrigued.
There was a very serious look on M’Jan’s face…
At that the commander sensed there was a
Problem…He immediately summoned his
Daughter to his office to question her…

His beautiful, young, golden-haired daughter came
To her father’s office carefully. She sat before her
Noble and protective father wearily…
“I hear you have been busy with one of the
Natives in your company?” He told her what
M’Jan had said…but only received short
Secretive answers…
“Father you don’t understand,” El’Miren
Desperately explained to him; as though it
Were direly important. “He can learn. He’s
Not some primitive animal. I’ve taught him
Our language…He’s learned to read…I’ve
Given him books…The ministry explained to
Him about God, of our religious history…
And he started praying…He prays now!
And he cares…I showed him how to care
For the animals…And then he showed us
The animals in his woods…The rabbits, the
Squirrels, the deer…He saved a baby bird
From a fallen nest…He showed some of us
The trails his people travel to hunt…The
Land…how they scout, his people, and watch
The weather, prepare for the seasons…He told
Us how his people fight to survive…The local
Tribes fight for hunting lands…He told us about
Their spiritual beliefs…They believe in a Creator
Too! Togarth even drew my picture.”

“Togarth?” Her father repeated; he spoke
Now as both her loving father and commander
As well. “You speak of him very passionately.”

“I’ve come to care about him,” she tried
To tell him with all her heart, “He’s not
Stupid or reckless. He can learn, he cares…
It’s just no one ever showed him how…
His people know different ways…”

He studied her face…She was speaking
Sincerely, but… “Do you have something to
Tell me?” A knot grew in his stomach.

“I’m pregnant.” She told him quietly.

His eyes exploded…His mind boiled quickly,
Thoughts raced, reason fled…While fear
And anger took over. “What?”

“We’ve been together…as a couple,” she said
“I was hoping you would understand and—“

“STOP!” He shouted. “Do you have any idea
WHAT he is! What this planet is?” Her father
And the commander merged into a blind
Enraged tyrant. “Come with me.” He led her
Down to the medical center where the
Science teams had been working on
The retro-virus…and showed her everything
He had instructed them to do over the
Past several months…

He showed her the scans, the data…The
Manipulated DNA details in the pictures, words
And endless pages of information. “This is
WHAT your Togarth is. He is the product
Of a world transformed by the Dark Empire.
His world is a laboratory of species of vast
Variety…His people have been degenerated,
Malformed and reshaped into a human
Aberration! He is a THING! Not a man!”

She began to cry…Her feeling crashed inside
With wars of reason against love…reality
Piercing hope with the logistics of science…
The Togarth she loved…was suddenly a
Subject torn apart by science…All she could
Do was cry…and shake…and cry…

“How pregnant are you?” He demanded.

“Nearly to full term,” she told him
With a shaky voice as she held her large
Stomach; which had been carefully hidden
With a large, flowing dress and robe.

The commander summoned M’Jan and
O’Tel with a thundering insistence. He left
No moment of doubt. Upon their arrival, his
Words were sharp and ruthless. “I want
This Togarth off my ship NOW.” He glared
At them. “NOW. DO IT!”

El’Miren cried desperately. “Father, please…”

He grabbed his daughter by the arm firmly
And pulled her into the medical center.
“M’Rond!” He shouted, ORDERED. “Come
To me NOW!”

The physician appeared curiously at once.

“Listen to me,” the commander said
In s voice they did not know, “My daughter,
Is in a situation…Follow my instructions
Without a word…She is with child…by
No natural means…Force it from her now
And free her of this burden…She is in
No frame of mind to see clearly.”

“Father NO!” she screamed.

M’Rond was shocked. “SIR PLEASE.”

“DO AS I SAY.” The commander instructed.

“Sir, what?” M’Rond asked. “Why?”

“It’s one of theirs.” He said. “She was with
One of the natives…NOW DO AS I SAY…TELL

She was too hysterical to protest…overwhelmed
By everything he had said…Then it happened so
Fast…The doctor sedated her and induced
Labor…A successful birth came…And with
M’Rond’s stealth and wise care the baby
Lived…While the commander then took
His daughter…and locked her in her
Quarters under guard with no visitors…
The commander ordered an immediate
Meeting of all science officers…He then
Had the fullest intention to leave the planet
Right then…
When M’Rond inquired about the baby…
The commander ordered him to get IT
Off the ship right away…to leave it with the
Natives…NO OBJECTIONS…and no one
Fought him…they had never seen him so

Then…minutes later the staff had assembled
For the meeting…M’Ren, M’Jase…O’Sara,
M’Jan, M’Rond…O’Tel…even O’Pel
Of the ministry was there…
The commander began his address with,
“I believe the time has come for us to leave
This world and resume our course to the

Just then…as faces about the great table
Queried in doubt confusion…
Magical guests appeared…

As they watched, suddenly to the right of
The commander two figures shimmered
From light into solid form…
A tall, fair-skinned, chiseled man
Draped in robes and the most flawlessly
Beautiful sunny-haired woman in a
Red dress and of ferocious expression
Stood like titans…

The room went silent…There were gasps…
Eyes bulged…No one blinked…
The commander froze…slowly turned to
Face them…

“You,” the woman said pointing to the
Commander… “You call yourselves an
Advanced race…Forgive me…I have never
Had the graces of being in the audience
Of a superior race…” Her icy eyes of fire…
Her voice paralyzed them all…
“Yet you commit the greatest crime…
By act of Rage and Pride…because
Your precious daughter lay with what you
Call an animal? HA! You are superior…
Superior in acts of stupidity!
This grand position you make for
Yourselves…Pilgrims of the stars…
Consider better values…
Ah,” she said by shock of their faces…
“I see he hasn’t told you of what he did…
Of his daughter’s baby with the local
Savage…The inhuman experiment Togarth…”

She allowed a moment for fear and
Thoughts to grow…

“THIS, a message I send to ALL above
And beyond that consider themselves
Higher Beings…Life is not something
You toy with…Especially a child’s life…
No advanced race pardons themselves
Beyond others…
They teach others…
So that others can learn and also follow.
And grow with less pain than they suffer…
That is how it should be…
Now I tell you this…
Teach them of this world…
Your knowledge…So they too can grow.
And you make sure that baby has a
GOOD life…for he is of your blood…
And you have that responsibility now…
If you fail to do this…
I will make sure that you NEVER
Leave this world EVER…”

She smiled viciously…”DARE ME…
Challenge the commander…
Just know we’re watching…”
Then they were gone…

The audience fell to awe, heavy eyes on
The commander…Who then confessed
What he knew of WHO they were…

In fear, at once they commenced to
Follow commandments…They tried to
Find the baby…But apparently
The local tribe of Togarth’s people…
Had also been visited by the specters…
In fear they hid the baby with
Another tribe and refused to reveal
His whereabouts for they did not
Trust the Elvar then…

The trickery of the Elves were born
Then…tales of hope and deception…
The fair and the magical…
Legends were born…

But, the Elvar did attempt to
Rectify what the commander had
Done by sharing knowledge and
Teachings…To protect the baby they
Thus had to help aid ALL the locals…
They did attempt to scan for the
Infant with their sciences…but
They could not find him…

Months passed…progress was made…
As Togarth had learned…so did his
People…And a civilized nature grew…
But, despite the breakthroughs…
A broken hearted El’Miren
Held to her room…lost and
Confused…A shell of what she was…

Alarms sounded one day…The commander
Was informed…They had lost contact
With the other colonies…They had fallen
Under attacks…The Dark Empire had
Descended in a great round ship…
Then communications fell silent…
Panic spread across the ship…
They had to leave…to return home
To the Seven Sisters to tell them…

In the desperate confusion and race
To leave…M’Jon…son of M’Jan
El’Miren’s promised once future husband,
A handsome golden-haired youth…
Sought out his best friend…
He knew what had happened…
But was forbidden to see her. So he went
To her…worried, afraid for her
More than himself…

He sat with his broken best friend,
“I’ve missed you. You’ve been through
So much.”

She could barely look at him. “You must
Hate me.”

“Hate you?” He shook his head. “Of
Course not. You’re like my sister, my best
Friend more than anything…I know your

“After what I’ve done?” El’Miren asked.

“What?” M’Jon asked…calmly, his voice
And manner soothing. “Look at me…Please?”

She did as he asked, meekly in shame…

“Do you know me at all?” M’Jon said kindly.
“Please. I’m your friend, listen to me…
Don’t torture yourself anymore…
I won’t have it.”

“What?” She was confused.

“Your father, our parents,” M’Jon
Said shaking his head, “There is a time
To listen and not to…They don’t know
Everything…They don’t. At times like
This we have to see…We have to be better
Than our parents…They get to a certain
Age and see blindly…Now you listen to

She started to cry, but looked into his eyes
Which were kind and strong; she had
Never noticed it before…

“These things you did…”M’Jon said, “Do
You think he is an animal?”

“No,” she shook her head.

“Do you think, do you FEEL he is
Some sort of experiment?” M’Jon asked.


“You had this secret affair,” M’Jon
Said, “You never looked so alive as when
You were with him…I saw you together…
I was never jealous…I admired it.”

“You did?” she asked.

He nodded true. “Now I’m asking you…
As your friend…Don’t be afraid…Forget
What everyone is saying…Forget the rules…
Do you care about him?”

She wiped her face. “Yes.”

“Do you love him?” M’Jon asked.

“Yes.” She confessed for the first time out loud.

“So let’s go get him.” M’Jon said taking
Her hand. “The ship is leaving…We’ll
Figure something out.”

“But our baby,” she cried.

“We will figure it out.” M’Jon told her.
“Trust me…We will…We’ll come
Back…somehow…We’ll find him.”

She laughed and cried and smiled.
“How did you get to be like this?”

“I am the Great M’Jon,” he smiled,
“This is what it took for you to see?” He
Laughed. “Now come on…Let’s go get him
And take him with us…This is what
True friends do you know.”

And so M’Jon took El’Miren to get
Togarth…They brought him back to the
Ship and they took him with them…
M’Jon adopted him as a brother into the
House of M…and they worked it out…

And when they can…They…Their
Descendants come back…to look for
Their lost star seed…and they visit…
But they do come…and will continue
To come until that magic moment comes…

“Now,” Varence smiled… “You need
To rest with writing…A few more
Things to tell of course…But that’s
Enough for now…

An interesting time ahead…
And timing…ball games…
The stars…
Hollywood…The X’s…
All those little details adding up…
With the right story
At the right time…
That’s magic…”

Vala hummed, “And there is magic
To come…”

My Artwork: Earth Angel, Star Princess





  1. ok some one of u did some magic i know that ^^ =)

    because i bought an apple ring (some backed stuff with apples) and guess what it had cinnamon in it… and that backer normally doesnt do that… i mean realy never ever…

    than i just got home eating breakfast and getting ready… and old friend dropped by and gave me some money for a little star wars toy i had for ages and he wanted to drop by and get it for almost 2 years now… and guess what that saved my day… (i realy needed that money)

    lol i know this sounds so pessimistic but two good things in a day wow

    anyhow thanks for that 😉

        • oh and the best thing… i just came back from shopping for a birthday present for my mom… and it turned out that they just sold the thing i was looking for but the nice part is since they sold the last thing the other day they ordered new and well its a better version and a bit cheaper now ^^

          normaly its the other way around with me ^^

          but lets say we all had a part in it 😉

          • oh and i heared the other day something about training ur mind… i heard one should take a bowl fill it with water and put a tiny little drop of oil in it… so the training is to move the little drop of oil… but watch out that u dont breath on it so u dont cheat

            oh and u might wanna take match or a toothpick to get the smallest amount of oil as a drop…

            let me know if u tried it and if it works… an easier thing might be a candle to either let the flame dance or be still…

            • Well said Terraseed, keep the waves going ! Yes Stefman, saying we all did/do this is a great way of putting it. We all have powers. we all can “do” things. Now imagine what can happen when we use this together 🙂
              Well, you just saw, didn’t you 😉

  2. I’m overwhelmed by this series of conversation and am so willing to giving you my super resonated response.

    Like you, I feel so drained today. Dear Stefman, thank you for these awesome sharing. The videos you gave….I many not watch them until in some days. However, I’m so afraid…to get disconnected from this thread, then, owing to my amnesia, I will quite possibly no longer be able to recall what I’m planning to share or to say now.

    Thank you, Brianna…yes, you do have some kind of incredible magical power to bind the broken, to consolidate the weak, all just thanks to that super loving and strong heart, literal royal heart !!! You are making the very point, it’s you the ones who are healing me, because of your TRUST, from the sense of being abandoned & excluded. Coming from a remote region, walking this long and weary path of reincarnation, how much I appreciate this reunion, beyond the cultural frame of nationality, languages, geographical distance, etc, with you whom I really cannot imagine when was our last time being connected last lifetime.

    Dear Terraseed, pls trust yourself, how much you are cherished by those family and how awesome you are, you could/can hence have this great experience, saw them, sense them this way. Besides, you just made a very point here, this matrix has been so manipulated, distorted, even quarantined, as the darkness has being trying hard interrupting our connection, no matter in vertical or horizontal way. That’s why it’s worth more for us getting together here, with the trusting and trusted ones, to make a bigger picture with puzzles of us, the ones who would like to trust each other.

    All my life, I’ve been regarded as someone eccentric, less capable to survive in this kind of competitive reality, I’ve been thinking to get out of it all the times.

    Today, a young sister, born in 90’s just shared her ideas inspired by this animation :

    I said…I had known it but have been reluctant to watch it, as my prejudice told me…these are all that I’ve known and I don’t want to touch those pain and regret again. This young sister, Glass-Blue just inquired, what are you afraid of? If you are really OK, being healed, sane, you will only feel resonated, being touched by it and appreciate more your being able here, along with this spiritual family, owning all what you want….just like what this story is telling you.

    I shall to to the dream land earlier today…so…just spare you a nice evening here…Thank you, my super sweet and awesome angels !!!

    • Feila this was a beautiful animation, thank you for your kind words. I hope you feel better soon darling. These times are hard on our bodies and minds. I will be sending you healing energy. I will try to trust myself more you guys are a great support. I am in awe of all that is been happening in this threads. Just amazing beautiful joy of soul reconection my friends. Hugs

    • hm im getting forgetful as well more often than i actually like to…

      i hope ur getting better feilla… is there anything we can do ? have u tried some natural stuff boost your health? i hear the asian medicine can do some wonders…

    • hi there its me again… did u write me 3 emails ? feb the 10th ? and one on feb the 11th ?

      just wanna make sure since the mails are pretty big kb wise…

      i have to be care full because years ago i got attacked and lost a few pcs than… that was the time when i frame by frame searched hundreds of hours on a daily basis the footage from 2 satellites observing the sun i think it was lasco and soho… anyway now and than i got realy nice snapshots of stuff out there… i was in email exchange with some one back than… and than my pcs started to die one after another…

      anyhow im realy careful these days because money wise im on a string here for now

      anyway its realy strange the sender is feilla but i cant remember giving any one here my mail address

      • My sweet brother, it’s I who sent you. Pls take a look. We the ones on board are inevitably being targeted more. I’m sending my blessings to you, hoping this energy can help overcome those malevolently affecting waves. You know what I mean ! Pls connect with the pyramid which may help neutralize the negative energy, too !!! Me, when I’m under that attacks, I ask also AA Mikael’s intervention !

        It might be worth sharing my experience. When reading, I’m so sure, the magnetic field can even affect our comprehension of the messages, words, figurative motives, etc. This grid does affect our mind, without saying some other supplementary targeting waves, without saying there are innumerable channeling msg which are inevitably being distorted in the course, even implanted some mind-control codes. I don’t mean “all,” but we just have to be highly cautious and selective.

        That kind of caution is definitely necessary !!! I send you my best wishes and blessings !

  3. To all that comment and read this articles, I would like to share with you an experience I had in a lovely sunny day in june 2012 and ask if any of you had any similar experiencies as since I read this post as been playing in my mind more than ever its actually bothering me to be shared with you and discussed.
    So as I mentioned on a lovely sunny day at the begining of june 2012, as I go around the house cleaning and tidying I sensed this intense wave of energy coming and the weather changed completly and flashing tunder and rain apeared in seconds, as this happen I look outside as I like a good storm next thing I know a electric magnetic feeling goes trough my body wich makes me look back to see whos or what is behind me. It is with alot of surprise that I come to find my kitchen full of these people with blue/gray uniforms, mainly humans but there were other beings too. It was an hologram as I could see the ship surroundings around them, they came to greet me and say that time as come and my training and remembering had officially started. They said that they where at my service and from then on nothing would be able to harm me anymore as this was said they disappeared and so did the storm. I was left crying and confused and still cant make sense of it. But this post gave me the courage to share this. Sorry for the long story and thank you all for making me feel safe enough to share with you.

    • i havent experienced some thing like this at all and wow must have been an amazingly shocking thing at the same time =)

      now u know some path has been prepared for u =) so let ur inner light shine be the one ur supposed to be… be like water never backing down grind the obstacle down like a river does over time with the hardest rocks… be like water life giving loving and at the same time be the other side of water that can crush if its needed… be like water 😉

      • oh most important think about how water flows… sometimes it goes the way of the least resistance… but on the other hand it has also a mind of its own and flows where it pleases… and if u see it from another angle it might just flows where its supposed to flow 😉 like a path that was there in the first place =)

        • Thank you steffan, it does feel like that sometimes. I’ve tried to ignore it, forget it happened and then more things and expiriences happened and still happen. I’ve learned to accept it, it is what it is. But at the moment these overflow of energy is making me share it, i’ve been asked to do so i just feel a bit scared and overwelmed. I guess i was hoping you guys had it too so would be easier to explain and tell the story. But it seems that it will be my duty to do so. Its time to be brave and spell it all out for once. I will find the words soon im sure. Thank you for all you help and understanding. ☆♡☆

          • Hi terra, here’s my experience:


            Back then I thought as you did, that everyone had this experience. But it turned out that this was not the case. Then years later, I learned that there are others who have had similar experiences. And here we are! 🙂

            Don’t be scared – these people you met are indeed our family. I think I can speak for others here in saying that we are behind you 100%!

            • Hi dreamwalker and thank you for sharing, i had the same visit to that same ship you described when i was a child around 1991. So did my dad in 1969. Thank you for your support i have so much more to share now that i feel confortable to tell you all i just am a bad writer lol i will try to write soon though. I used to see ships like that regulary until i was 15. Wich was after 9/11. Until 2009 when my awakening started properly and it all became even more regular and intense building up to that first formal visit when i was 25 in 2012. And i am 100% supporting you all its not a day i dont think abot you all.

            • Hey Troy, I’ve read more of your posts and your expiriences are indeed very similar to mine. I feel full of joy that I finally found you guys. Been a long time coming. But nothing good comes easy hein? Hugs

    • Never be sorry for long shares, it’s so nice to see the trust building here, to talk about things we sometimes just keep to ourselves.
      How do you feel about it ? Do you feel trust or not ? Towards them. Do you feel you trust them ?

      • Yes brianna I do, it was like seeing a long lost family after eons, I had more contact after but normally is brutally interrupted by MIBs. So I never get the full messages. They have said it has been very difficult to reach and find me as other forces have been trying their best to stop these encounters, as i’ve had encounters with both sides I can tell the diffrence. Just feel a bit surprised as I thought it was happening to all of us that are sensible to this subject. Thank you for your support and kind words.

      • Hi Brianna, this is a great question. There are many “thems” out there, and they are all different, and just like us. Personally I have a higher level of trust of the “good them” than I do of humans. There is a lot of dis-info “out there” designed to create fear and mistrust. It is basically doing what terraseed experienced – with the intent of preventing those connections in subtle ways. Mind control! Channeling is bad! Don’t do it or you will be taken over by dark forces!!! Sorry… that’s true to a point… but as we develop our skills we learn to “feel” the energy of those we connect with. Just as we do here. I think this is called “raising your vibration”, so higher vibration is more compatible with high vibration, lower vibration is more compatible with lower vibration. (vibration = overall color/light) In theory, as we raise this we become less susceptible to negative influences. You can “feel” the “beats” of the interference patterns, created when 2 vibrations clash (imagine an instrument slightly out of tune). Valiant’s paintings are crafted with these vibrations in various ways. At a more practical level, trust for humans is based on previous actions. So there are many tools we have that can help build our own trust levels. The first step is often the hardest! ❤

        • Also, I tend to include folks here in the “galactic family” category 🙂

          I really believe that overall humanity has improved – but I know that there’s still humans out there who mess with others “because they can” and they enjoy playing whatever game they’re playing. Personally I am so done with that. Time to create a better world where everyone can feel safe. ❤

  4. A brother that I mentioned just shared this video with me….it might be worth sharing with you too…Whatever the lyrics is, I enjoy much flying along the movement of these motion pictures :

    • ok im doing quick some stuff at home (i stayed home in bead this morning and didnt do anything at all hehe) and than im showing u a pic i found years ago… also i have to find the words to write about it ^^

        • well it is lazy for me i took a brake today and stayed in bead…. mmm warm and cozy while it stormed and rained today outside…

      • well ok what sprung back into my mind as u mentioned a prince… first of all i dont mean anything evil with it… its how u see things… for me it is a strangeness that it looks like as those 2 pictures tell a story here what it is i dont know yet or if its real…

        but i remember one day when i was a child and played with another child that lived back than in the same house only in a different flat… i remember that we had build a ramp for toy cars or something else that involved a ramp… and next thing is i have the name of my tongue “obama” i still have no idea why it felt than as it does today like a precursor almost like a sign to watch out for because some thing is to happen… or was it a sign to be on the right way i dont know… or maybe a warning… the more i focus and concentrate about it the more it feels like made up like a fantasy u buy into… (havent been trained in those things… so it could be just a trick my mind is playing on me)

        well u guys tell me is it just a coincidence or is there some hidden truth to it ? well so cloning has been a thing i guess 😉

        • Yiikes !
          Do you know which pharaoh they suggest he looks like ? From the statue it could be Akhenathon.
          That being said, my personal take is about like this : “they” pulled Obama out of their sleeve to make some of the people feel good. Like wow, look, now a real change is coming.
          And what has happenned in the past 8 years ? More wars, more invasions, an economic crash, another on the way now, bankers immunity …
          Wow at the fact you slipped his name as a kid !
          Oh, since we’re talking Earth politricks, the russian patriarch is having a historical meeting with le pope these days. curious to what they will say )))))

          • well many people dislike putin… but when u think of all the propaganda… no wonder… i wouldnt say putin is the nicest guy… but from what i can see hes not acting of lower intentions but rather having old values… i heard for example that putin is giving a way land for people to live on it and supply them selfs to get along…

            anyhow have u payed attention on what our so called servant of god is saying and doing lately ? for me hes no man of god…
            just pay attention what these “chosen” people are saying… wasnt there a saying “by the fruits u shall judge them” ?

            • I agree with that, in my understanding they all bitting their sharp claws because Putin wants to do the disclusure and put it out in the open, but thee rulers are stopping him he is the one being threatened.

              • exactly he can trow the status quo over… if he wanted to… think about how they can manifest power in the “normal every day world” how they keep us addicted to the ways and dependent…

                anyway terraseed u reminded me of this trailer nice and beautiful words chosen in it as well

                  • =)

                    well since im making a lazy day today… and planing to watch this episode tonight… id like to share it with u.. u maybe know the show… but who cares one of my favorite ones… i like the idea of freedom the captain is painting in the first 2min and 30 sec…
                    and as the theme says “u cant take the sky from me” 😉

                    • Nice ive never seen it before but it looks good i will watch it. And the quote you can not take the sky from me is very fitting with what ive been experienceing. I keep on going no matter what or how long it takes i will get there. Hugs

          • Hi Brianna, you’re correct – Obama = Akhenaten, who as pharoah (and dad to Tutankhamun) had a similar ideological struggle with the priesthood. The similarities are likely due to the fact that Obama and Akhenaten are the same person. We tend to look the same from lifetime to lifetime. Akhenaten channeled an entity called “Aten” who was the spirit-energy of the sun. Introducing this to the prevailing priesthood was a challenge, because it was a different belief system from the prevailing one, which included Osiris, Horus, etc. In order to shift things back, the priesthood had Tutankhamen assassinated. Obama’s version of it is the Republican party, also known as the Party of No. If they don’t get their way 100%, they say no to everything. Unfortunately there is no middle ground. It’s a different “religion” but I imagine it’s exactly the same “template”. 🙂

        • Dear Stefman, you are just like a super creative boy, can just find the interesting stuff to attract the attention…

          As to similar looking of the different lifetimes, this video is giving a definite impressive example…

          Here, a secret to you guys…our Dreamwalker just shares some this kind of photos, on his blog…

  5. Some monkey magic to overcome whatever darkness we may still perceive —

    Happy New Year PinChu ❤

    When you mentioned home… This is something Adama mentioned yesterday. Feeling homesick for "galactic family…" and his suggestion was that we are here to make this "home". All of it. Imagine going to any place on the planet and feeling that we are truly home.

    Thanks to all of you for making this place "home" (-_-)

    Thank you also, PinChu, for sharing that exhibit – how they managed to raise those statues from the ocean floor is an engineering marvel in its own right!

    • Yes…however adorable the monkeys are, we must transmute ourselves into a more wise state, out of this illusionary matrix, see through the trickery veils. We must realize what are in fact the “balls” that the dark ones have designed, orchestrated, destined for “distracting” and “separating” us !!!

      • oh tell me about it…

        my country is turning into a freaking and im sorry for picking exactly these words into a freaking nuthouse…

        there is all most not a single soul left here that has common sense every one is biased as fuck…

        i cant find words to describe it its just a disconnected feeling

        i was so angry earlier that i could not go to sleep not with the anger inside of me…

        i mean these days what good does it do to anyone if u have a conversation with any one and have to tip toe around because some ones feelings might get hurt…

        im sorry im ranting again but isnt it wrong to adjust language because people might be offended ? i mean its the purest from of thought to speak ones mind ? and if one wants and honest answer does one or does one not has to live with blunt truth ?

        im sick and tired of tip toeing around with words…

          • Stefman, it’s the same here. Most people are turning fooking nuts. Circus !
            throwing flag colored pigs on mosque grounds … Circus !!!
            It’s “those” times, and we know it. Some brains are frying ! So, yes, when we read about it, we go “yay”…. When it actually happens…we go “oh shit, shit, shit” :)))))

            The tricky part is to navigate thru it without the anger it triggers. When you need to vent, do it here, do it with like-minded people. Learn to swear in different languages 😀 Shit, Merde, Cacat, Make fun of all this. It’s surface crap, designed by the “dark” ones, and we know it. Take a long step back, and look at this from a higher place. How does it look now ? Crazy and irrational, all of it !

            I won’t tell you to “be Love”, I will tell you to be neutral. Observe, do not engage. Our fight is not this one.
            Our fight is against the CAUSE of this, not the effects. If you feel to march for Peace, do it, of course. Physical activity does feel good. But remember we are here for the cause of this. Other people are being active against the effects, and some do it very well. Encourage them 🙂
            Big Hugs your way. Breathe. You’re not alone !

            • Cannot describe my moods when reading these !!! “Our fight is against the CAUSE of this, not the effects.” I cannot be resonated more with this. Though it’s so difficult to meet the ones who can really comprehend or make out this, I’m so happy to have you holding the torch here, being the very pioneer !!! HUGS!!!

              • im not angry at the people they most of the time dont even know it better… but its rather the way how happy they are to sell out to give up what they are just for a little slice of the illusions… they are all so happy to buy into -_-

                what makes me realy mad is the way how they are bastardising language how they are corrupting the essences of the original words and the intent… for example its one of my favorite examples in german is a a word that means job but not realy its more of a original meaning that is sort of a higher calling like ur doing what u are supposed to do because u have been blessed with the skills…

                anyway that word is “beruf” = job but “beruf” is related to “berufung” with is sort of a higher calling if u dig down at the root of the word…
                and now imagine what that crippeling does to language if u replace the german word with just the word job… see where im going here ?

                or a better example… if u would use real magic (not what any one has here) like some one that mastered the arts of chi energy…
                there are two ways u can use it i think… there is the way to command matter (i dont like that way at all) and there is a way to ask the matter and it rather does what u asked for out of a free will…

                now imagine how important it is what approach u choose… for me its two completely different schools of thought… the first one goes a darker path while the other rather goes a path of respect and free will…

                anyway boiled down im so sad to see the butchering of speech and freedom of speech… after all its the way for us to communicate and to think and to describe and to view reality…

                and it makes me angry because they are robbing future generations of the tools to communicate as complex as language was intended to…

            • Excellent advice. Staying neutral is what I’ve been focused on. I’m accepting that the MIND (finite) is struggling, wanting to know the answers (that are already KNOWN – infinite) and it just can’t. So just BE. Of course, that at times is much easier to type and say than to experience. If we keep reminding ourselves and each other that it’s truly a trick of the nasty neighbors, of the mind that says “Oh these people!”, “Oh this situation!”, “if only…”

              I only say this because this is something I of course, along with I’m sure, all of you are experiencing! It’s truly not REAL. It’s another’s made-up, controlled reality and the more plugged into that reality people are, the more they will seem foreign and the more we will feel different from, but it’s important to remember that ultimately it is not real. Compassion —- for at some point we were there. See how easily it can still be for us to get angry/frustrated/sad even though we know/acknowledge what’s going on at a deeper lever. Those that do not see this YET are caught in such a current that…I am not in a fight against because that pulls you into it. Swim parallel to them live and BE… some will notice and wonder what the secret is. Some won’t. That is just where we are.

              Just BE ❤

  6. Just at the very beginning of this New Year, here coming in my ears the very familiar songs…

    Again…I’m too socked to be trembling…I ask myself if g..g..l is so powerful, as it detects all my acts, or if there is some other divine guardian or tutorial ones who are leading and making this…

    I thought I could finally submit what’s to share…a tough work in fact. However, it seems that it’s in fact not finished…

    I keep seeing the term “ Egyptian Prince;” but something you don’t know….I just went to see the exhibition on “Moses,” the literal “prince-prophet” who leads to find the way to “go home”…

    • Since we are deepening the subject, thanks to Feilla’s patience and research, here are some songs that have been “with me” since I discovered them in the late 90’s.
      The album is called “Songs of the Victorious City”, by Jaz Coleman and Ann Dudley.
      All the songs are great (in my opinion), here is a sample 🙂

        • I don’t know why my comments are used to displaced in the wrong place…My dear Princess, what a beyond-mundane, rather Dreamy…Elven Beauty you have !!! Also I want to thank to Stefman’s description of his hair…You don’t know how amazing, fantastic this is to me…as people in the region where I came from are rather of hair whose colors vary in much less distinct ways. The color which your…not only hair, but also eyes manifest /reflect would just vary not only at different age, but also in different seasons. Yes…to me, that’s just the very “fairy” or “elven” color/feature?!!!

  7. Wow, dear Stefan, you gentlemen here are all so incredibly erudite…and just can always find the very “precious treasures” !!! Honestly, what I had mentioned, thinking of writing more to share here are in fact the ideas invoked by this exhibition. Yes, it has haunted me since I went to see it. It’s my bad habit to be used to hesitate…how much I know and understand Pisces’ hesitation, though I’m in fact of Capricorn…half-goat, half-fish… !!!

    Honestly, before listening to some discussions about the series of Indiana Jones, I had never thought to watch the last one episode, as…in reality, it’s really impossible for an authentic archaeologist to seize so many “domains” at the same time, so are the academical historians. But the world need all kinds, some who can dig into the more depth, whereas some who can integrate a more vast horizontal plans. Now, I regret so for that this film is still unavailable to me.

    So returning back to the subject of this exhibition on Osiris… Stefan, how amazing that you just realize the very “key point” of their preservation under the sea and the technique to make them. As to the answers of your super professional questions /problematics, this site may be somehow useful :

    In terms to the remotely ancient ones, I know in light workers circles, there are lots of diverse opinions. Honestly, I personally don’t really think the professional archaeologists are necessarily stubborn. The point is if the curious ones can sufficiently find the very materials, the very righteous ones (I mean, rather than that kind of politician-scholars). Of course, we have no way to expect all the ones who can see this reality like us, but there are really the ones who are relatively open mind….

    Just like this subject of “Osiris,” in this wiki compilation, we can tell how the various “diverse gods” and “versions” of myths just get integrated gradually the remnant prehistorical deeds…It’ even much better written than the catalogue in my hand.

    I personally am so impressed by this exhibition, however, according to my colleague who is of this speciality, he is very disappointed for numerous errors and high fee ticket of this far unsuited quality. I read almost the whole catalogue….honestly, pity that it’s really not professionally written at all. If I had never gone to see this exhibition in person, I definitely would have no way to make out what they are saying.

    Here comes my questions about the database or rather knowledge bank (though this is really not a positive term to me), the professional training, skills and attitude of writing. Something I cannot take is that the truth is the knowledge is in fact still seriously “locked” in some caskets, monoplized by some entities that I don’t want to name here. We all know these ones are definitely not the “scholars.” As to school training…here, though I thought to omit this part, but still put it here, which I wrote on 02.02…

    So warm…these nice conversations and sharings. Dear Stefan, your guts, passion, magnanimity just charge me with the power that…so do all that from my spiritual papa! I just thought I’m so insufficient to speak in this circumstances. Honestly, I appreciate and respect Tsarion quite much, but still could not keep up all from him, as he is so knowledgeable and each of his speech takes quite time and concentration to listen to (My awesome brother, you absolutely read this txlxpathically, just as I indicated). So these reminding, sharing are just so precious to me. Not only so….it’s quite obvious that there are much more synchronicity happening among us. Thanks to this kind of sharing, we can gather more and more puzzles to know more, not only about ourselves individually, but also collectively. There are other things of my side which are worth sharing with you, the ones, to let you know how moved I’ve been when reading you or getting your sharing. I shall try not to “name” the ones, for preventing the beloved ones from being more targeted.

    Being a historian, I may take advantage of this chance to share some of my sense on this studying path, particularly from a point of view of an Far Eastern origin.

    Here, I would like to defend somehow for the ones in graduate studying. At least, in my circles of human science, there is none who throws his/herself here for social status (there are of course these kind of guys in this world, however, at least, I didn’t meet anyone like this in my surroundings…however, we indeed just saw the numerous scandals of plagiary which are just revealed), without saying a higher income. None !!! It’s just an interest, curiosity, passion to explore further in those text materials and material relics and then pass this knowledge, these methods. We write for leaving the footprints, helping the new generations to have something to trace, to know more about their ancestors. In other words, the historian views vary certainly along the flow of time.

    I can never forget what my adviser / teacher of my home island just said…what we are doing is just like a detective. The difference between historians and the actual detective/police is that the data, materials we can rely on are of a more remote era. What we are trained in school is how to find, treat and analyze these materials. So vast and detailed reading are indispensable and the “methods” and “disciplines” are necessary… so when writing, we have to weed out lots of insufficient data first. But without reading much, it’s much less possible to have a better sense to do a relative objective selection.

    What that once could be regarded as “authority’s point of view” might quite possibly just merely be agreed by the majority in some period of time. The tendency is…each version or point of view’s value is more and more concerned. Then we try to make out why this version was generated, by whom, owing to which kind of motivation, in which kind of social, religious, economical, political, psychological circumstances, limit, bias etc.

    Besides, it’s our duty to trace “the ultimate source,” to make out how the various“versions” were generated…so getting that it’s who says what & when just matter so much, how, why it’s interpreted by the ones and mutated in the course! It’s definitely not something that simple that we can distinguish merely between black and white, right or wrong. That’s why the science of “Anthropology” was generated, to investigate the various point of views and senses. In other words, even “lies,” “fakes”, etc are all very interesting subjects to study !

    As Milda, this is also my personal very sense…the more I read, the more I’m aware that there are more that don’t know yet. “Staying fluid, no rigidity in belief or otherwise seems to be the best course of action.” I appreciate you who are so generous and willing to share here, and can just put aside that concern of disagreement of others. Stefan, I’m really so amazed by your erudition, passion and guts, just like my spiritual papa.

    It’s of course worth knowing more opinions, informations. However, as time inevitably is some kind of frame, we cannot but select the stuffs to do or read. Here, what I want to address is I’m so happy to be able to follow your concern and discovery, as you the ones are whom I’m concerned with. It’s you who are helping me enlarge my view and comprehension of life…

    Here, it’s worth sharing…though before coming to Europe, I had already learned that European higher education took place for hundreds of years in “Chrisitan cathedral or monastic schools (scholae monasticae),” in which monks and nuns taught classes. I didn’t really realize even could not imagine how deep these roots has been taken until the last two years. In other words, the very “knowledge” and “methods” are indeed inherited from this system which has never been dead. To me…an Asian origin apprentice, it’s a totally different cultural and historical circumstance and context. Though we have our own traditional education system, now this kind of western type just replaced it. Besides, it’s the very truth that owing to the series of wars, either foreign aggressions or civil wars, even in late 19th century, lots of material and non-materials treasure were just gone. All the so-called “sciences” are rather imported goods. There are hence lots of undertakings which are new and rather learned from the western semi-sphere.

    OK…now, today on Feb. 7th, I continue to say…as this is not that kind of scholarly writing…and I thank you for allowing / tolerating me to write as chat…without organizing…

    This exhibition makes the concerned Egyptology somehow a little bit easier, as all the “locations”, “time-period”, “gods” are well defined. I hence had chance to know how to begin with a “point,” then a “line,” further to a certain pieces of “plan.”

    Stefan, as to the reason for which that stele could be so well preserved, it’s because it just fell with the very incised face downwards, buried into the sand, maybe thanks to some divine intervention?!

    I’ve been asked myself…why this Osiris matters so much and has haunted me so…maybe….all just again have to do with “water” !!!

    Here, though I don’t count on much this citation….still picked one from this catalogue (Eng. version), p.14

    In Egypt,
    Osiris is the Nile
    uniting with Isis the earth,
    and Seth is the sea into which the Nile
    rushes, disperses, and vanishes (Plutarch, Isis and Osiris, 32).

    Quite interesting…in our CN tradition, we on the contrary regard “women” as made of “water!”

    I may speak too much today, for sparing you all a break, just share one of my favorite manga, a girls’ manga, Daughter of the Nile (, my best teenage companion, in which Nile is the very media which brings her, the protagonist, Carol, passing between modern and ancient era in Egypt or the knot of the three continents. Along with this thread, in my personal sense, this (water, or Osiris) maybe is to help us to connect with our individual & collective past, even future.,r:21,s:0,i:151

    Then…it may be worth reminding, too…
    Mozart’s Flute was also made in some circumstances which have to do with this concerned Cult of Osiris….

    May you all have a nice CN New Year, and weekend !!!

    • before i forget i have not had the time yet to write yet… because i need to find words about a pic about an egypt royal… i promise ill do first thing in the moring

  8. happy new year than =)

    wow u two have found realy interesting videos =)

    well its amazing what sculpture art they had back than… what is also very interesting if u think about the “official” story back than they shouldnt have had the tools and means to make so nice sculptures… with all the nice tech we have today its still hard to make stuff like that…

    for me this here is realy interesting look at how perfect they carved into those huge “tablets”

    if u think about how old they are and still in good shape… what i find even more amazing is that if u would just mess up at some point the whole thing is out of shape and u have to start all over again… but look at the carvings it self they look like they where made by a machine also the polishing has been nearly perfect ^^

    when i see that stuff i always wonder if there is some where a dump for the statures and sculptures that had flaws or got damaged in the process…

    also this is a niche thing

    ok ok its gold and its kinda a soft metal easy to work with… but remember there had been old copper roles (dead seas scrolls) found also very thin rolled out…

    and if u think about it u need special techniques for that stuff i might be wrong about it but i think some of the rolling out had to be done with heat… and they dont look like as if they where hammered thin

    oh and before i forget that remember the terrorists had destroyed so many artefacts and tempels and what not… oh and not to forget the iraq museums that got looted right away when they invaded the country… looks like some one is trying to destroy history
    and make history his-story (pun intended)

  9. I’ve tought about this song all day after reading this post so I am sharing with everyone. It is a portuguese song in my mother language, i found a live version with subtitles so you all can enjoy. 😉

    • When listening to it, I’m so shocked…this is in fact one of my favorite songs. I cannot forget how crazy I was for looking for that CD album after listening to it the first time. However, I didn’t try to make out the lyrics until now…and have no way to hold my tears.

      I’ve been thinking of my promise to Stefan…however, this time, the various healthy issues just….I should anyhow take this advantage to say a little bit about….Stefan is of Pisces, that’s why so tender just as water, and all Stefan’s sharings seem just have to do with water. I in fact am brought to take more adventure / exploration in the myth of Osiris. How can I cut the stories into short? The very concerned cult on Nile also has to do with boat / barque….

      I don’t know if it’s coincidence, just keep seeing this teal color….if this is bringing me the strength to revival….

      My dear ones….I really cannot thank you all enough….

      • oh water is one cool thing ^^

        i heard once some where some people suspect water to be the akashic records if thats true i dont know… but if u look at some experiments with water u understand that its intelligent some how it can reflect emotions and intentions…

        as cliff high said it once… he also noticed that there is some sort of war ongoing not only about the water but also rather against it…

        • War on water… you are SO right about this one, Stefman !!! Two fold war, one by polluting like mad, and the other by trying to buy and “privatize” all the fresh water resourses.
          Some of it is already backfiring, like fracking which is going bust… horrible thing, fracking. One of our biggest wars in Romania in 2013. We were lucky to be able to hold our ground (literally occupying a village in the Moldova province) when they built the first rig. They sent the military police, with weapons and humvees…. Put the whole region under martial law ! It was crazy, we were screaming at the world “look at us, and help” … of course mainstream media… well…
          My point is : we can. We CAN get together and fight back on these abominations.
          Activism works ! I saw a group come alive here. I’ve seen them grow, and become very involved. When I stepped back they were fully active and autonomous 🙂
          Oh, another formidable side of activism : it wakes people up to the bigger picture !! Not all, but some then go beyond what they do, and open up.
          Great !

      • well the only promise i will call u on is to get well again 😉

        and on that im going to drink a glass of wine tonight =) (well maybe two… hehe)

      • Oh my, exposition sur Osiris ? Wow. If you can, go, go, go !
        Christian Jaq has a great series of books called “Les Mysteres d’Osiris”. i devoured them 🙂 This had led me to Sechat (who is depicted wearing seven stars over her head… of course).
        Lots of clues in those books, and so, SO many more over there 🙂

      • you are very welcome stefman – there are lots of “relevant” and “timely” themes there. 🙂 I actually had a really hard time finishing the series because it just got too dark for me – fortunately the movies are lighter.

      • P.S. you guys win, I’ll start watching Hobbit :)))))) I found it on line. 3 movies, ei ? Have I got the right ones ? Made in 2012, 2013 etc ?
        Uha, also found a link to episode 1 of the new X files, and I was hunting for that one 🙂 Hope they’ll post the next ones.
        Hugs all over 🙂

        • Just think Brianna, you are watching them now with the benefit of Valiant’s posts. 🙂

          I’ve always felt these connections, ever since archaeology class at university – at one time there are several different kinds of hominids all at the same time – a diversity of different species – then they eventually converge to modern humans.

          I was wondering if the Elvar “genetic correction” was what resulted in modern humans, or if homo sapiens had already developed by that time. There is evidence in Haifa that Neanderthals and modern humans lived together and cared for each other.

          Also, I was wondering if this is the virus we know as the “common flu”. It seems sometimes the flu results in elevated awareness.

          Just some “food for thought” 🙂

          • You bet !!! I should have watched all these movies years ago, yet something “stopped” me. Hmmm…
            Flu ? You might be on to somethng here !!! No more “regular flu” for me since…I think 2012. But… episodes of a few hours of “flu like” symptoms. Yup !
            I think everyone knowes these. You feel “flu-ish” for a while, then it all goes away.
            DIng Ding !!!

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