Valiant: Bell Tolls Completion

From Hobie on RMN:

Hi, Folks –

A Reader wrote to ask why there’s no Valiant post today. I e-mailed Valiant’s Mom to ask about it and to ask if the two are okay, and she wrote:


In the last post[, …] Rana and Ceres, and the sisters insisted [Valiant] rest up, and take some time off!

He has been with RMN for over 4 years now…writing non-stop….because it was necessary for him to get the messages out.

Now, The Bell Tolls series is done, as all the sisters are together, and the next mission will begin. Plans in the works already.

So Valiant is taking a much needed break, as he gears up for the next assignment! It will be a “Thunderous” return!

Perhaps next week…or the next. Depends on how rested he feels!

If you wish, you may share this with the readers, so they don’t worry!

Thank you again for your concern.


Galactic Lightship Dreamflights 2APR2016


Saint Sofia Monument, Sofia, Bulgaria

You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (2 April 2016) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.Youmay express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: MultidimensionaloceanAuroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Valiant: Knock Knock…The Bell Tolls…The Signs…The Circle…The Sisters…

SONG: “Private Eyes” by Hall and Oates

There is a time for all things…
Open Eyes sees the signs
Minds can only be led, told so much…
Time has been torn, and thus
Unforgiving…But destiny will always
Have its way. You cannot fight this.

The circle stands to represent
A completion, and so by its nature
Has the power to change things…
Restore things…The challenge then
Is to find the balance to harness
This power…Something that has
Been destroyed, prevented…until now

The circle, by the trumpets call,
By the ringing and tolls of the bells
Will complete itself…

Like rings, and ripples through time
They cascade…circles…
The rings of power…
The bonds of friendship, love
And soulmates…and sisters…

The words cannot be translated more
To you. Find your answers where you
Need to…

“The clues have been put there
So many times.” Varence said nobly,
Standing tall…center…in front of me…
Stronger than ever. He pointed to the
Notebook, the words, “You have put the
Clues and signs there for years now…
By the light, of Valiant…with my words
Added…and Ceres,” he gestured towards
Her: “No more can be demanded of
Me or you.”

Ceres stepped beside him, smiling ever
Victoriously. “So finally…The Greater
Thinker breaks…”

“I have not broken,” he told her calmly. “The
Timing…I am merely tired of the
Repetition of things…And so, as voted by
The sisters here…I will play my role…
But Rana now will take the lead…”

At that, Rana stepped forward, smiling
Like a champion…Let me just say, warn
You…There have been no ropes or chains
Made that could hold that woman
Down…And the one who tries…The
Word stupid then must be redefined to
Describe them.
“Thank you!” she said gratefully to me.
“This is going to be fun.”

“Oh, I will still be here.” Varence assured,
His arms crossed, one hand of arm held
Up to his chin…his forefinger tracing his
Chin… “But now that all of the sisters
Are assembled…They must have the
Voice…and so one must speak for
Them…I will just offer suggested guidance
To the chorus.”

“All the sisters?” I asked…

At that…the eighth sister stepped forward
Then…She must have arrived while I
Was resting from the last meeting…
Again…here was another tall flawlessly
Beautiful woman…a deep golden, dark
Blond hair, with shimmering blue eyes
That sparkled like a tropical sea
Reflecting a clear blue sky with the
Sun at the brightest part of the day…
She was regal, calm, composed…and
Stood watching me write as if she was
Gently fascinated…wearing a pink
Dress…elegant…casual… “I’m Damara.”
She introduced herself.

“Hello.” I could only say…still wondering…
That counted only 8… “I thought there
Was 9 of you?”

They all quietly laughed…at some
Secret…Then Varence, his brow lowered,
Said slowly. “Oh there are…9…But
You see…Chantala has been here…
This whole time…Watching that is…
She will arrive…appropriately.”

“Chanta, Chantala, my sister,” Ceres
Told me kindly for them, “is Varence’s
Accomplice…that I spoke of last time?”

“Oh?” I said.

“Only in part,” Varence addressed, “I
Did gather these pieces myself, alone…
To a point…But you see…”

“Chanta,” Ceres eagerly explained,
“Is a voice to the council…an
Ambassador to the outside…”

“Ok?” I said…

“Chanta…” Varence went on, “was,
And has always been involved in
The project…” He was leading me…
“She has deep red hair…You know
Her from the Great Hall.”

“What?!” I knew exactly who he was
Talking about.

“Relax my friend.” Varence insisted.
“It’s all about to come clear…But,
Now…As I have said…Rana, will
Take the lead.”

She held her stance tall, unbreakable.
“And all those fun little game
Words of his guidance will now wash

“Be of kind mind.” Kierista insisted of
Her sister.

“I will be kind when they deserve it.”
Rana said. “I just have one question
To begin…Do I address them as
People? Humans that can control
Themselves and think? Or animals…
That scratch themselves…dwell on
Idle things…and can barely control
Their urges and emotions? Tell me
So I can begin.”

“She asks the impossible questions
First!” Ceres laughed. “Remember I
Showed you the scene of the monkeys
Eating with their feet earlier…Their
Dexterity surpasses limits of those that
Ask the same questions over and over…
Questions that have been answered
Over and over…”

“So, answer, tell me then.” Rana said.

“Address them as humans please.”
Varence told her.

“He reaches for the stars!” Ceres told her
Sisters. “He aims for mercy…if only
I could do the same…and forget
What history I have seen.”

“Rana, might I suggest speak your
Mind as you will.” Vala told her.
“I certainly will.”

Rana liked that answer. “Fine then.”
She turned to her newly arrived sister.
“Bill…And the eyes and ears reading…
This is Damara…my sister…She has
A history with the medical sciences
On Tellus…”

“Think of her as a doctor.” Varence

“Oh? Well that’s interesting.” I said.

“Her point of arrival…last,” Ceres then
Said, “Is of course with purpose…All
Things timed with reason…”

“Your planning,” Damara said, “Not mine.”

“Medical sciences?” I asked. “A

“Well yes, if you need to say those words.”
Damara answered. “More of studies, as
Such things are not really required on

“A healer though?” I asked.

“Yes.” She nodded, looking to her sisters
Curiously. “There are concerns of this?”

“The Earth…” I tried to tell her… “Its
Just that there a lot of sick people where
I’m from.”

“Your world has no medical sciences?”
Damara asked.

Ceres laughed. “I would not prod that
Discussion…Damara, you will not like
What you find.”

“What’s the matter?” Damara asked.

“Could I ask your advice then?” I

“Certainly.” She answered kindly, if not

“Show her a 3rd dimensional view
Of the planet.” Rana ordered, upon
Which the view screen came up then
Transformed to a holographic projection
Of Earth in the center of the room…
In 3-D…hovering among them.
“Take a look.”

Damara studied the great image…
There were readings on panels that
Lit up around the room I could not
Understand; a language in symbols that
I didn’t know.

“Tell him what you see.” Ceres smiled.

“Don’t you want to hear my questions
First?” I asked.

Damara frowned. “I can see the problems
Already.” She walked around the
Sphere projection, glanced at the readings
On the walls. “This is the current
State of the planet?”

“Yes.” Ceres answered.

“What is it?” I asked. “You can see
Things from this view alone?”

“Yes, of course.” Damara said with
An intense expression. “The atmosphere
Is quite toxic…by that I mean of

“Sound?” I asked.

“All worlds have a, or should have,
A nature balance of energies.” She
Explained. “The natural order of things.
When that is disrupted, you will of
Course have problems…Primitive
Technology is the most poisonous
Culprit…Anything creating excessive
Disturbing sounds…to varying degrees…
But this world…has all manner of
Sound disruptions…From high to low
Frequency vibrations…pulse waves…
Sonic explosions…The level of noise is
Absurd…At these ranges and levels…
The immune systems of life forms would
Be compromised, thus allowing all manner
Of diseases to flourish…”

“I did not expect that answer…” I said.

“Tell me,” Damara said curiously, “Do
You often hear ringing in your ears?
Hums? Are you sensitive to sounds, noise?
Have you encountered disturbing sounds
Evoking a hostile reaction?”

“Yes.” I told her eagerly.

“All life is capable of restoring itself
In ideal circumstances.” She explained.
“This world is far from ideal.”

“Remember when we told you about
Sound being the most destructive force?”
Ceres asked.

I nodded, this was fascinating. “I
Thought you were going to offer some
Medicine-type solutions?”

“We heal with sound and light.” Damara
Calmly replied. “Depending on the
Need or situation…A proper resonance
Chamber…But for a planet…But
For this, the damage of such magnitude…”

“The sun has also been emitting hostile
Activity.” Ceres told her…leading her.

“Is that why these chemicals have
Been put into the atmosphere?” Damara
Asked. “To regenerate the damage, or
Rather attempt to repair the damage?”

“Yes.” Ceres said with a gross expression.

“The chemicals are only causing more
Damage to life forms?” Damara asked.
“Who instructed this manner of repair?”

“Who do you think?” Ceres told her.

“They are aware the planet can heal
Itself?” Damara asked.

“The population is nearly 10 billion.”
Ceres said. “That repair by nature would
Devastate the population of all life

Damara was shocked. “That number
Is insane! What is going on here?”

“The Empire.” Varence somewhat laughed.
“Near the conclusion, the culmination
Of a product…all side effects are but
Consequential…The variables are more
Important…Studying the effects become
Most important…The survival of species,
The fittest, the strongest…the weakest.”

“The most stupid.” Rana said.

“So you are saying that life becomes
Meaningless?” Damara asked. “They only
Care about the research, the effects
Rather than life itself? That’s monstrous!”

“They do not care about extinction.”
Ceres agreed. “They care about the product.
Of course they are monsters!”

“You’re telling me that noise? All manner
Of noise pollution is the true culprit of disease?”
I asked.

“Of course.” Damara said. “There are
Other factors of course…But I can
Tell you immediately…That anyone ill
Would and will be sensitive to sound.”

She made the most remarkable
Statement I had ever heard. “Can
You fix it though?”

“The planet wants to heal itself.” She
Told everyone… “You can clearly see it.
The storms…The weather patterns…
The geological activity…A pole shift…
Creating…an ice age I believe you
Would call it? It wants to silence
The disturbances being created on the

“Silence?” I said.

“Silence…” Damara said… “Silencing
The unnatural noise…to return to the
Natural order…Only harmonies could
Evoke a temperate solution…or avoid it…

“Songs answer riddles you know.” Ceres
Smiled at me.

“There must be alternative options?” I
Asked her. “Ways to heal, fix it?”

“It’s not our planet to fix.” Rana said

“There are many worlds currently
Under such duress.” Diana quickly
Pointed out. “And many suffer the
Same or worse…”

“They have been trying to fix things.”
Varence quietly said… “Attempting…”

“At relentless expense.” Ceres argued.

“Why this world?” Kierista had to ask.
“With all the worlds suffering right now…
Your insistence of Earth, Apollo?”

“Varence.” He corrected. “Because,” he said
Pointing to me, “of the Starseed…of
Our friend here…and the higher
Circumstances that have presented themselves.”

“Of course.” Kierista realized… “The circle…”

“Enough.” Rana stated holding out her
Hands flat for reason. “This could be
Argued several ways…Direct all interest
To the present…now.”

“I do not understand,” Damara questioned,
“You claim they have been trying to fix
This? Clearly it’s a mess.”

“You should see how they practice
Healing.” Ceres laughed. “You would be

“What do you mean?” Damara asked.
“The planet or its life forms.”

“They practice reckless use, or rather
Misuse of the mind…” Ceres said.

“Their mental powers are debatable,” Vala
Then laughed as she sat admiring
Her long polished nails. “Genuine worry there.”

“Please elaborate.” Damara said.

“They have to pay for medicine.” Varence
Informed her.

“You mean experiments…that don’t work.”
Ceres corrected.

“Pay?” Damara asked.

“But the most ridiculous sciences they
Have are of the mind.” Vala said sternly.
“They cause more damage with their
Mind dabbling…They fantasize
And call it meditating…Regressive
Brain washed therapies like something
They call hypnosis…remote healing…”
She laughed.

“What?” Damara said in disbelief. “Do
They have any idea how dangerous it
Is for anyone to play with the mind
Like that? Especially considering
The state of the planet?”

“They do not have these things where
You’re from?” I asked.

“Mental sciences are an extremely
Delicate respected science…” Damara

“For even the most advanced worlds.”
Vala said.

“And even the BEST healers cannot,
Should NOT do remote healing.”
Damara informed… “And with a
Planet like this, in its current
Condition? To send out psychic
Energy…would immediately be
Corrupted…it would be dragged
Through a waste land of etheric trash
Collecting it like a net! NO, the
Only way for healers to work is hands
On…in the room…no one should do
Otherwise. Who came up with this?
Some dark science practioner?”

“I can only imagine.” Ceres laughed
Looking to Varence.

“A delicate matter.” He instructed. “You
Risk them taking great offense, Damara.
Their egos will not want to hear you
Say this.”

“Look at the planet.” Damara said
Pointing to the 3-D image. “Look at
Those deafening readings. The sheer
Magnitude of noise is offensive. How
Can they not see it? And now you
Claim they have these barbaric
Practices? What else? Do they pedal
Drugs and deadly vaccinations also?”

No one said a thing to her words.

“Do they?” Damara asked.

“So offer them some advice then.”
Varence asked her. “Share your

“Healers must be in the presence of
The patient for one. ALWAYS. No
Exception.” Damara insisted. “Tell
Them to start practicing a healthier
State of mind…”

“I’m sure there are those who do this
Somewhere…” I told her.

“Not enough.” Damara said. She turned
To face me kindly, she did have a
Very gentle concerned nature. “Listen…
Look at the colors of the planet…
Visually it’s beautiful…And it cries
Out…The colors are a clue of what
Naturally works…”

“Pay attention to this closely.” Varence
Told me.

“Color therapy?” Damara said. “We
Heal with sound and light…The
Colors of light…The light and sound
Must cascade in harmony with one
Another…this promotes the healing.
This is done in the resonance chambers…
But modestly it can be done by healers
In a closed room…
Your world is of blues and greens…
Aquamarine…The most nourishing colors…
Life forms…the blood is red? In
The color spectrum…the complimentary
Color of red is green…The nourishing
Green to heal the red, the life…
The blue, blues…are the calming tones,
From quiet to sleep…look at the
Planet…The white clouds…The swirls,
The patterns…The storms, the wind of
Which that moves nature…white light…
These are your healing colors…
Properly nursed with violet, or purples…
The red with the calming blue? Do
You understand?”

“I’m an artist,” I told her, “I see the

“Perfect.” Damara said. “Then you
Understand colors…What is yellow?
The sun? The sunrise…yellows, oranges,
Pinks…Dawn…Waking, energizing
Colors…Sunset…Oranges to reds and
Purples and the deep blue of night…
The twilight of sleep…Dream time…
The psychic mind…The healer of each
Ones’ inner spirit…Everyone has it
In them.”

“So you’re saying, healing is like an
Art form?” I asked.

“Everything is related, yes.” Damara
Said. “Then set to music…cascading
With colors, that is what heals…
Along with the correct intensity…
But absolute harmony…That’s what
Heals…Anything else is an attack…
A hostile form of healing
Which never lasts and has consequences.”

“But what about medicines?” I asked
Her. “Drugs, medications, herbs?”

“They only antagonize a reaction
Inside the body,” Damara explained,
“They literally stimulate the
Internal vessel to react…to heal
Itself…They do not heal alone…While
Yes this helps of course…Sound and
Light healing is essential for long
Term benefits…And even that, still,
Must be done in person.” She
Laughed. “Would you take medicine
Remotely? Then how can you heal
Remotely? Your world has serious
Comprehension problems.”

“Heavens to admit that!” Ceres laughed…
“Dare they write a book of revelations
On the end of the world! Of a beast
With many heads…of an age
Of many plagues…The metaphors
Of diabolic thinking…reasons…

“Minds will shatter across the
Universe they know.” Varence laughed.
“Tread carefully…They will fight
You by how they know things…”

“Because they really no not want
Change!” Rana insisted.

“Common sense!” Damara pleaded
Kindly, desperately. “I am not asking
For punishment or calling names…
I am only asking eyes and minds
To open to heal a suffering wound!”

“You should see what they look like.”
Ceres told her.

“Why?” Damara asked.

“Are you judging by appearances then?”
I asked worried.

Ceres turned kindly. “I am not saying
We look and say…ugly…NO…
We judge more by behavior…Physically
Life on Earth is fascinating to look at.”

“But bear in mind,” Ceres explained
Quite firmly. “We are not lead by our

“But you do argue.” I said. “And you
Slapped Varence several times.”

“Not with hate, never hate.” Rana
Said. “I hope you do realize the

“I’m trying.” I said.

“The point, my friend,” Varence stepped
Forward, “Is the nature of what is
Happening here now…How we have
Come together here…see what I have
Shown you…The sisters…Their bond,
In differences and knowledge after
So long coming together…Compare their
Long absent separation to the current
Union…to your world…The attitudes…
The loss…The differences and separation
To what must come together…and to
What it can accomplish…Miracles
Are at your fingertips…if you can
Just get past those walls to come

“And then imagine worlds likewise
Coming together.” Ceres added.

“The power in that.” Vala added
Staring at the planet hologram…
Then pointing. “If that can but
Begin with the bright spark here…The
Ripple effect, the rings of harmony
Will resound throughout the
Universe to all worlds…And with
Hope overcome the Empire…And thus
Save our universe from being
Destroyed…That is the goal…”

Kierista nodded. “Considering what
Is at risk…we have to try.”

“Where to begin though?” Venus replied,
A humble concern on her face.

“This whole manner of words has to
Change.” Rana said, her eyes pointing
To the notebook…

“You prefer a different approach then?”
Varence asked.

“Of course.” Rana answered him, as they
All began to stand in a circle around
The hologram of Earth. “I would suggest
We take time to consider this…”

“Allow me to show you something first.”
He said withdrawing the small pocket
Device…then dismissing the hologram
To retrieve a 2 dimensional active screen
Before them…
The sisters gathered, as did V’Riel, the
Great lion man from the shadows…

“What games now?” Ceres teased him…
Her eyes rolled as the screen displayed
An image…of a sports game… “By
The stars…not this again?”

“What is this?” Rana tilted her head
As they all began making strange
Faces…Even the ever silent Camlo
Joined them eagerly.

“One of their ball games.” Ceres said
With distaste.

“Ball games?” Evangella seemed
Confused, intrigued?

“It’s called baseball.” Varence told them,
Crossing his arms, holding his chin…As
The screen displayed a player with
Uniform and bat taking position…

“What is he doing?” Venus asked.

“Watch.” Varence told them.

“What is the purpose of this?” Ceres

“Watch.” Varence only insisted.

The player hit the ball that was
Directed at him by the pitcher…
Then the ball soared…and the
Game began…

“This…is a game to them?” Rana
Scowled, squinting her eyes. “To strike
A ball and chase it?”

“It’s somewhat…entertaining.” Venus

Rana rolled her eyes. “That’s it? I
Would rather see him take the stick and
Chase those in the field with it to
Strike them…to see who gets hit the
Most…or avoid getting hit…That
Would be entertaining.”

“Rana that’s horrible! Brutal!” Kierista said.

“I don’t see any point here.” Rana
Said. “Especially considering the state
Of the planet…That arena is full of
Spectators…and their world is a mess?
I don’t see suffering.”

Varence smiled. “It’s a sport.” He then
Changed the screen to a television show…
One I recognized…A popular dancing
Show. “Another one of their programs.”
He told them as he looked about
Their faces.

“Oh that’s wonderful. Skillfull.” Kierista
Said with excitement. “Dancing, yes?”

“That seems more of a sport.” Venus
Agreed. “Athletically challenging…

The show progressed into a critique
By judges which left the sisters

“They evaluate the performance?” Damara
Asked. “Why?”

“It’s a competition.” Varence informed
Them…He then changed the
Screen to yet another sport
Game… “This is called soccer.”

“Do they chase a lot of balls for sport?”
Rana asked. “This is very strange.”

Varence smiled…then changed the
Screen to another sport… “This is
Called basketball.”

“They are quite serious about these
Ball games.” Kierista exclaimed. “The
Spectators never seem absent.”

He then changed the screen to another
Show, a popular singing competition…
He said nothing but only waited for their

“Another evaluation?” Rana said slightly
Laughing. “Competition seems very important
To them.”

Varence had made his point fast…
Smiled victoriously…then began showing
Them other programs…dramas…films…

“The flashing of the screen disturbs
My eyes.” Damara said. “Are they being
Vaccinated through their eyes?”

Varence turned to her sharply, a broader
Smile… “You are quite a fast thinker.”
He said to her with praise. Most of
Them seemed confused or bored with
Programs otherwise… “Please look at
This now.” He showed them images
From the internet…various screens
And websites…blogs…

“Intense flashing…” Damara said. “Doesn’t
It hurt their eyes?”

“I never look at it.” Ceres declared.

“What do you see Damara?” Varence
Asked her.

“I see an elaborate mind game…”
She answered. “Patterns and symbols
Designed to direct the eyes…hold
Them…and impress the mind.”

“Mesmerizing somewhat…Wouldn’t you
Say?” Varence asked.

“If you wanted to trap someone’s
Attention for hours.” Damara squinted,
Avoided looking at the screen. “It is

“That is the point you are making
Then?” Ceres said to him. “Of these

“Finally.” He only said, resolving their

“Enough of this.” Rana ordered. “I’ve
Seen enough. Please display the prior
Image of Earth again.”

He did as she requested…without
Fighting it at all. The 4 dimensional
View of the planet reappeared, and
Once again they all stood around it…
They seemed far more fascinated by
This image…and the readings on the

“The things he showed you on the screen,”
I asked, “They didn’t appeal to you
At all?”

“I find it hard to see entertainment
Here when the planet is in this state.”
Rana said. “Time could be better spent.”

“Finally, words of greater meaning.”
Ceres said.

There was a period of silence as they
Studied the image of Earth, the
Moving cloud formations…the readings
On the walls…in depth statistics of
Which I could not read…

“May I ask,” Varence asked, “Have
You made a plan then?”

They were quietly of unified thoughts
Somehow…A telepathic communication?
The verbal words appeared only to be
Formerly meant for me to write.

Rana watched me carefully. “I do.”
She met her sisters’ eyes with some
Wildness, tamed only by her leading
Position. “Vala…What do you see?”

Vala stood positioned, staring upon the
Pacific ocean…eyeing all manners of it,
Particularly the west coast of America.
She then strolled around the planet…
Eyeing specific things… “The planet is
Alive in its targeting of very certain
Areas…It has been doing this
Continuously. Yes, I see the targets.”

“Will it work?” Rana asked her.

Vala pursed her lips. “Oh of course…
They cannot see it clearly…They
Are still attempting to control it.

“Can you tell me what you are
Talking about?” I asked.

“You would not understand it this way
No matter how many words were used.”
Varence strangely explained. “Just
Write the words heard, my friend, nothing

“The time of details is over.” Rana
Told me.

“The planet has been telling you where
To look for some time.” Vala said to me.
“My spells only advance it.”

“What is going to happen?” I asked.
“You obviously are telling me something.”

Rana was amused, but was kind with me.
“I know they want more from you…But
I ask that you only say, write, what
We give…it’s more than enough.”

Ceres was concerned. “I…we just want
To see you at rest for a while…”

“Your next plans begin soon.” Varence
Told me. “As I’ve said before.”

Rana stood strong. “We’re here for you.
We always will be.”

“What are you saying?” I asked.

“The Bell Tolls are concluding.” Rana
Told me… “They served their purpose.
Your job is only changing…not ending.”

Rana looked to Vala, who joined her side.
“It began with the light and lines of
A box opening to spill forth words
And verses to reach the right minds.” Rana
Told me… “Then, as we’ve discussed…
It was not enough…so it became, or
Rather grew into stories to tell…
Because they were not listening…”

“They remember better through stories.”
Varence nodded. “Who is he? Who is she?
The bold words…” He laughed. “The
Arrogance of beings…speculating if we

“To help them?” Damara asked.

“Oh but they would love to talk to
You, Damara,” Rana said with her
Eyes forged low, “Say that you are
More than imagination first…There
Will be a time for it. Still…but for now,
It, this way ends.”

“To transform again,” Ceres explained,
“But ONE more time…You are, my…our…
Valiant…know that…ALWAYS.”

“You are going to rest for a while,” Rana
Instructed… “The Bells have tolled…
And played their part…When and
Will the next be then…A time for
Thunder…and roars…Know this…
I came, as have we all for a reason…
And when I want something to
End…it will.” She smiled wickedly,
Then nodded for Vala to continue…

Vala turned to me, her hum and siren’s
Song rising… “They’ve been chosen…
Waiting…And now the parts to play…
By way of night and day…As
You were, have…and will still…
Doors to open, the other four…The
Five alive…by the breath…candles will
Light in minds alive and grow to flames
Guided by the stars…
Something might happen tonight…
Wrong to right…
Something born of both sides…
The fires of feeling, the light of hope
And songs of love…
To marry, bridge, the Dark Secret
Soul hidden, suppressed…
To forge the warriors that no maker
Can match…
The Dark Side have shaped their
Own defeat this way…
There is no ascension…
There is but blood and flesh
And the will to rise above waste,
Wasted time, forsaken dreams,
Oppression…And of feeling lost…
The stars align…The comets come…
The fireballs…The eagles fall…
The ravens fly…And the lions’ roar…
And the Spirit Wolves run…To gather
The pack…The rainbow tribe…
Remember your sign…AIR…
The Age of Air…
The winds will roll and rise…The tide comes…

For now…next, comes the Sounds of Thunders
And the Roars…



Galactic Lightship Dreamflights 26MAR2016

You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (26 March 2016) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.Youmay express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: MultidimensionaloceanAuroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

A note from Brianna

Monday 21st was a pretty good example of the song Manic Monday for a lot of us.  In the evening I felt as if into the spin cycle of the washing machine.

I woke up today with the feeling of running away. And that is highly atypical.  So, stuff is in the air, absolutely.  And, as I write this, news keep “falling” like a tornado… airport bombing, subway bombing…  They are really going for it.  Triggering the scare effect. The fight of flee.

Most of you may have read my comments. I fight back. I don’t do “flee”…

Well, this time I’m going to ask something very unusual, coming from my classic activist…thing.

Do not engage !!!

Keep an eye on evolving “news” if you feel compelled to, yes. But at this time do not engage.

Aim higher. Observe, and keep your balance. It seems they are hurling a bunch of events at us.

Heck, I would not be that surprised if the sky turned green. Or pink (I’d rather pink, thank you).

Also, and this may sound annoying, I know, but…  This week is filled with “galactic” events. That  some of us usually celebrate with various rituals.  The 23d is a powerful full moon, and so on.

What I do put out here is : please, this time, go neutral. No rituals. No invoking, no drawing, nothing.

No using the various symbols some of us use.  What I feel is they are really hacking these right now. Trying to harness the energy we could create with rituals.  For their use.  My personal feeling is that by remaining absolutely NEUTRAL this period we will deprive them of this added “power” they are betting on.

Let them starve energetically !

Crystals, incense, essential oils, of course.  Whatever makes you feels good. We sure need the added comfort.  But no “rituals”. Keep it basic.  Passive resistance Gandhi style if you will 

The only symbol that feels “clean” is the infinity symbol.

Or use Bill’s artwork. Pure energy and more. This is all we need to get ourselves thru this time.

And keep close to each other.  Comment, talk, share, and vent if needed 

Rainbow Bridge


“All the world’s a stage”


The original Unset of the Show was One
But with no Set the Show could not be shown
So the Formless Form, to see who it might be
Formed an Idea called Reality
Dissolved its unity into two
The Projection Room and the Angel/Man you
The freedom of the sands of Time was formed into bricks
And this ordering of freedom was named Politics


Angels are mermen who swim in the See
But dwell for a season in the Sardine Factory
In the Sardine Factory they all become Preachers
And everyone has their uniform, even the art teachers
At the door of the Projection Room some aspect of your Mother
Dressed up as an usherette is bound to stop you, brother
To see that you’re not taking any matches through
And everyone is Man/Angel/Mother/Politician/Me/You


As the One/Not One became two, don’t forget
That three and four were needed to complete the Set
Nothing motivates like a puzzle unsolved
So three possible forms of Politics were evolved
The Politics of East/West, Experience and Ecstasy
And each Sardine was held by the four Chains of the See
The four major suits in the Game That Binds
Substance, Space, Power … and Time

(Rainbow Bridge is the game and the place where we play it
Though those who sense this transience may seldom dare to say it)


So the Sardine can be Man the Seer
And sit in the stalls with a can of beer
Or the Politician and Moral Defector
And sit in a Cabinet and run the Projector
He can be Mother and remain on the ground
Ushering all the others around
Or escape into Angelic Space and See
– If not he is inevitably all the other three


The Politics of East/West race the projector hour by hour
And try to hold the trumps of Time to make a bid in Power
The Politics of Experience hold the film at one small frame
Know Now and Here is Nowhere and it’s (really) all the same
The Politics of Ecstasy require you bring a match
And set light to the held frame – celluloid burns like thatch
Wave Politics goodbye, let the Freedom of Angels float
Smuggle in a match and don’t forget to register to vote …

…..With acknowledgements to R. D. Laing (The Politics of Experience), Timothy Leary
…..(The Politics of Ecstasy) and Robin Williamson (U), himself owing something to
…..L Ron Hubbard’s MEST.

Valiant: Knock Knock…The Bell Tolls…Legacies…of the Star Pilgrims…1

*SONG* “Diamond Sun” by Glass Tiger

Everything is moving…The directions to be
Seen depending on where you are?
Who you are…
From corners…To questions…
The game has changed…because the winner
Was decided a long time ago.

“I love it!” Varence laughed out loud. “And
They thought me cryptic, a riddler?” He pointed
To the notebook. “The lines and light spin, the
Box opens and pours forth words they won’t
Understand until events have been spent and
Minds torn apart. Perfect!”

“Try to contain yourself.” Ceres responded with
Her graceful wit. “They have to see it first.”

“I swear if you have to explain one more
Thing,” Rana said shaking her head, “Bind
Them to chairs and desks…show them
The bold things happening right now…and
Still you will hear responses that they see

Varence stood tall, calm, his arms folded as he
Eyed Rana playfully; silently his patience was
Becoming like hers. “A point made time and
Time again.”

“I’m sick of it.” Rana snapped as she
Strolled, or rather stomped right up to stand
Inches from Varence’s face. “That’s all we ever hear…
The tide of voices…Where’s my part? How
Special am I in this? I should like to
Roll a great rock over that glass house
And then point to the broken pieces of the
Aftermath to say…THERE YOU ARE…Why?
Because you were so preoccupied with
Yourself ‘waiting’…you never saw it coming!”

“A prudent idea.” Varence only said. “Somewhat

“Jest later.” Rana told him. “Now listen
To me, you tall vegetable of reason…I could
Care less about the dark kinds’ pet monkeys…
Talk to him…Help him as you will…Because
I am done waiting for them to put together
A puzzle, to entertain them this way…Lay their
Opinions at me…I don’t care…Now help him.”

Ceres nodded. “I agree…Your plot of timing
Is growing thin. Stop doing this to him. Give
Him some reward at least.”

“I grow tired of explaining things myself.” Varence
Told them all. “Believe it.”

I was at a loss of words at this myself…
Writing it? Revealed clues…but was aggravating
As well.

“Bill…” Varence said, his tone more forceful…
“I apologize to you…I would like it a bit easier
For you…I realize everyone wants to hear their
Sole purpose…So I will take the step to
Make it very clear…Yes I aim to reach the
Minds out there…But it is NOT to rescue
Them on this ship or any other…it is for
Their minds and nature and their influence
On the future…That is it. This is invaluable…”

“Some of us will walk out there,” Rana added,
“But we will NOT announce it…or declare it, or say
When or where…We are not the geniuses of Earth,
Praise Heaven.”

“Enough.” Ceres said. “Just tell him. Give him
An easy course for a change will you.”

Varence nodded kindly. “I will…Alright…To
And for the purpose of our friend here…Plain
And simple…This is about The Legacies…
For what should have been, has not happened
And now must…”

“And it is happening.” Vala suddenly interrupted,

“So now I will tell you of a few little
Stories of history…That has not been told
And will,” Varence rolled his eyes, “Before
Rana finds some great rocks to flatten
The impulsive minds to your world with.”

Rana growled. “Just say it before I slap you!”

“Do you remember when we told you the
Story of the Elvar’s visit?” He asked. “Of
How they studied the inhabitants of Earth
And concluded they were tampered with

“The Lord Apollo sought to deliver salvation
To a forsaken world by breaking laws…
Of virtue, as well as logic.” Ceres quipped.

Varence grimaced but continued. “During
That time…There were some events that
Transpired…unseen by Ceres…by the scout
Teams…that trekked the planet…I will tell
You of one now, for the first time…I would
Like to keep these separate…Though they do
Serve purpose to the WHOLE…But only
In the sense of over the passing of time…” He
Scowled, temperamental… “And before words or
Ideas fall on me of intentions or juvenile
Reasons…I will answer foremost…You can NOT
Act to save such a traumatized thing in one
Blow, by one event…Save the world?
I will have them be SILENT…LEARN…
LISTEN…or at this moment go out on their
Own and save a world by all they possess
This moment…Could they do it? No? Then

“Time must have certain things unfold on
Their own…without pushing…Some roles
Must be played over time…sad but true…
The brave learn this way…

“It was on one said day, on the Elvar
Ship during its time on Earth…That
A collection of science personnel were in the
Ship’s arboretum…tending their crop plants…
When the leading science officer M’Jase
Entered…to assemble teams of their people
To go out onto the planet…to conduct…
Medical research…”

M’Rogan was a tall, broad shouldered,
Red haired young science officer…He was
Unlike most of his people in that he was
Intensely driven…He was eager to explore
Space, leave his home aboard a colony ship…
Because he wanted to do something different
With his life…He was tired of the quiet,
Collected life of his Homeworld and wanted
To be a part of making a better one elsewhere.
So it was, one day, as he tended the plants
In the arboretum…that he found himself
Complaining to his fellow crew… “I did not
Think a colony ship would yield such
Compelling duties of fertilizing fruit trees or
Tending stock animals…” He said as he carelessly
Monitored readings of his scanner. “The joys
Of being a science officer!”

M’Rena, a feisty red head fellow crew science
Officer stood beside him checking the fruits
Of a date-like tree to see how ripe they were. She
Laughed at his sarcasm… “Now you know this
Is important work…we have to eat.”

M’Rogan paused, sighed and turned to her. “Are we
Not on some strange new world filled with life?
How long have we been here?…And they will only
Allow senior officers out to explore it…Rumors
Fly of what waits below…Why not let us see
For ourselves?”

“You know the rules on such matters,” M’Rena told
Him sarcastically… “Non-interference on worlds
With bipedal life…Tampering with life is forbidden…
For we do not know the Creator’s intentions
For each world.”

“Well,” he told her firmly. “It seems to me the
Creator has us cross paths for A REASON…
Only leaders fear consequences since they are
The ones who play so much with lives.”
Just then they noticed a commotion…

The senior science officers M’Jase had entered the
Arboretum with a few assistants…Everyone had
Frozen upon her entrance…as she stood with
Data tablets pointing to various crew…

“What is she doing here?” M’Rena asked…
“She never comes to the arboretum…”

“Attention,” M’Jase addressed everyone loudly
With authority and urgency. “The commander
Has ordered a secret mission…We are reviewing
Candidates for scout teams for a very sensitive
Task to be completed on the planet…”
Everyone quickly gathered around her…nearly
50 of the workers clustered so fast their
Eagerness surprised her; M’Rogan and M’Rena
In the immediate front, of course.

“We will need teams for approximately 12 shuttles,”
One of the male blond assistants informed them.
“We are advised to keep the teams as compact as
Possible…6 per shuttle.”

“This is a time sensitive mission.” M’Jase
Explained. “You are all familiar with the laws
Of intervention on primitive worlds. You are
Forbidden to encourage anything. You will
Have strict orders to follow…And you are not
To discuss the details with anyone but your
Team members…”

M’Rogan was the first to volunteer…
M’Rena, the second…followed by a dozen
Others…M’Jase selected candidates at once…
Teams were assembled in a private briefing
Room shortly after…

The extensive details of the mission were
Abbreviated…The commander did NOT want
To alarm the crew with knowledge of their ship
Being on a planet occupied by the Empire…
Nor of the discoveries of a fallen civilization
And the natives genetic tampering…

This was done very fast…M’Jase, and the
Leading medical officer M’Rond simply told
The teams they were inoculating the population
With a retro virus that would help them…Why?
The reason for breaking laws was distorted…
They were told they were simply aiding
The locals immune systems…from the
Possible threat of exposure of dangerous
Micro-organisms brought by the Elvar ship
When they landed on their world; a lie.

So this is how it began…
The shuttle teams…
One was to go west to North America…the
Populations there were sparse and scattered…
The natives lived a migrant way of life with the
Seasons and following herd animals for hunting…
Shuttles were dispersed according to populations, and
At that time North America was rather quiet
Of natives compared to other lands…

As little as possible was told…still the teams were
Dispatched quickly…Still, these were science
Teams…And regardless of race, what age or
Background…All scientists were at their core the
Same…no matter what they were told, they secretly
Questioned everything…

The North American team was selected as
All others…One pilot, a communications specialist,
And four science officers with versatile
Skills which included all medical training…

The shuttle crew…
O’Sans, a blond young man, very new and
Naïve…with essentials skills and little experience;
In other words everything he did was by the law.
O’Tala, a blond woman of the Danu…with
Science training…skilled with talents of the
Mind; a.k.a…a telepath…who could read minds
And thus interact with foreigners and their
M’Kay, a young dark red haired man…with
Basic science training…A by the book cadet.
El’Lora, a young orangey haired woman
From the house of El. A science officer, her
House and name thus meant she was very
Skilled in all things…another telepath, psychic
Gifts were a trademark of the Danu.
M’Rena, a dark red haired woman of fiery
Disposition…A science officers, of Ruatha descent;
Ruatha, the reds and notable royal line were
Known for their intensity…and skill in all

And finally…
M’Rogan, the dark red haired science
Officer, well skilled in all manners of medicine
And science…Another of the Ruatha line…
He was strong willed, determined…Hopeful,
A risk taker; eager for adventure…
And thus, eager to break tradition…

Their shuttle departed with the rising of
The sun…All of them were excited…An adventure!
A mysterious world! With no senior officers
On board to hover over their shoulders…Unlike
The other shuttle teams…it was a crew
Destined to find a compromising situation…

On the shuttle…
M’Rena struggled with her medical scanner…
She had to reprogram it for scanning and
Studying humanoid life forms; it had only
Been used so far in the arboretum. “Why
Couldn’t they have given us new scanners?
My device is not cooperating.”

“At least you are not responsible for these.”
M’Rogan gestured to the tubules of
Anti-virus in his med-kit. “There is something
Strange about these formulas.”

“What do you mean?” M’Rena asked him.
They were the only two talking…Everyone else
Was quietly immersed in their own inner
World of the adventure at hand; a mistake of
Course. They should have talked more.

“It’s just strange.” M’Rogan told her. “There
Should be other elements here.” He said as he
Examined them with his scanner. “If I didn’t
Know better than to question our superiors…
I would conclude these were genetically oriented
Viruses, not bacterial…”

“Why would that be?” She asked him.

“I don’t know…it makes no sense.” He said.
Something was very wrong. He knew it, but
Said nothing more.

“The shuttle met the continent smoothly. There
Was erratic stormy weather, but that
Wasn’t a problem…A band of natives was
Easily found right away…In a region we
Know as the Hudson River…The team
Descended under cover at twilight upon the
Natives…Following strict protocol…and
Inoculated the clan of thirty without a

This went on for days…They would scan for
Primitive people…study them during the day…
Stun them into early sleep at dusk…
Then vaccinate two thirds of the tribe
As they slept…The young, fit and most
Active only…as ordered…

The entire time M’Rogan was secretly making
Additional studies of his own…Of the people,
Of the virus they were injecting into the
Locals…something was very wrong…

On the 8th night of their mission M’Rogan
Gathered M’Rena and O’Tala for a private discussion;
They were the eldest of the team. He was intent
On sharing his findings…
“I have something to tell you, show you.”
He said urgently whispering to these women
Outside of the shuttle as they stood in its
Soft light under the dark…

“What is it?” M’Rena asked curiously.

“Have you noticed anything strange about
The inhabitants of this planet as we’ve
Been vaccinating them?” He asked
Encouraging their speculation.

“Aside from them being so dark of skin
And so small?” M’Rena asked, shaking
Her head. “No.”

“Nothing at all?” He insisted.

O’Tala hesitated, but agreed. “I have. I have
Been sensing the same thing. For primitive minds…
They all display the strange patterns…”

“That would be?” He asked.

“They are intensely hormonal.” O’Tala
Explained… “But in a very complex fashion…
Fantasies, daydreams…Very complicated
Emotions…The men are driven to relieve their
Hormones…so they can think…And then they
Are quite philosophical for primitives…And
The women…”

“Yes?” M’Rogan was fascinated…

“The women,” O’Tala said with wonder, “It is
As if they are driven, possessed, to get
Pregnant…At a very early age…They fantasize
Endlessly…Adoring ideals of the genders…
Thus antagonizing the attention of the men…
I have NEVER encountered such a degree of
Fantasizing…I was taught primitive minds were
Far simpler…Fantasies are characteristics
Of the aspiring mind…not animals…These
Dreams they have suggest an increasing urge
To produce better…not sustain what they have.
They literally dream themselves into a higher
State…a higher path…it’s quite remarkable

“You seem as if you admire them?” M’Rena
Asked her, almost shocked.

O’Tala paused briefly looking about the night scenery…
At the fauna, the scents in the air… “I could

“What?” M’Rogan pushed her to speak it.

“We are taught that primitives have simple minds.”
O’Tala explained. “In our education only a few
Worlds, species, have ever been encountered as
Such…Yet to be here…on this world…among
The natives…a world much like our own…
And it’s people…too much like our own…”

M’Rogan nodded. “Yes, I see it too…”

“What are you saying?” M’Rena asked.

“They are human…” M’Rogan said it first…

“But altered somehow…” O’Tala continued.
“For primitives their emotions are so complex!”

M’Rogan held out his medical tablet…
A virtual intelligence data board much like
Our computers; only far superior. “I have
To show you something.” He brought up
A screen of his selected notes… “Look at

M’Rena and O’Tala immediately studied his
Data… “These are human DNA strands…
Human?” M’Rena questioned, shocked.

“What are those obscure abnormalities,” O’Tala
Pointed… “Those shouldn’t be there…”

“When I was younger,” M’Rogan explained,
“I had the advantage of reviewing genetic
Samples of various alien races of my science
Advisor’s records…specimens taken from
Historical records…as well as recent specimens
From crashed vessels in our system…”

“And?” M’Rena asked.

“These are Sirian DNA sequences,” he said
Carefully, quietly…nervously… “Fused
Into all areas of their base core…”

“What?!” M’Rena said, her jaw dropped.

“And there’s more,” he told them, “I found
Reptilian sequential strands…As well as a
Form of blended sequences…with multiple
Elements of various races…as though someone
Took a virtual recipe of races…selected very
Specific strands to blend into base pairs…

“You’re saying these people were…” M’Rena
Fought to declare the possibility, “Created?”

O’Tala tilted her head, careful to sense if
The others were listening. “That’s utterly
Diabolic…But it would explain the
Natives intense emotions…The intense
Desire to mate…like animals…The aggressiveness
Of the males…combined with this amazing
Imagination they have.”

“Why would anyone do this?” M’Rena asked.

M’Rogan held up his finger. “The Empire…
I heard stories on the ship of the vast
Diversity of the ecosystems of this planet…
Unlike anything ever seen before!”

“The Empire created this planet?” M’Rena
Said curiously…

“They do not do that…” O’Tala said
Fearfully… “They conquer worlds…Absorb
Them…No one ever really knows what
Becomes of them…”

M’Rogan nodded… “Say it. You are thinking it.”

“This planet…” O’Tala said, letting her senses
Speak the words. “There was a civilization
Enslaved…Gone…Some must have fled…
The others…that survived…” She swallowed
Nervously… “They were altered…”

M’Rogan bravely went on for her. “They
Were rebuilt…I am thinking they were
Degenerated…inbred to mutable genes…with
New DNA spliced into their make-up…Then
Their hormones were escalated…To breed
As much as possible to produce offspring…
Offspring that would, over time, stabilize all
Of these genetic material…into one new
Form…of meta human.”

They were horrified. “To what end?” M’Rena

“Their emotions are unlike anything I have
Encountered.” O’Tala said. “Properly harnessed…
The fuel…with instinct…combined with any
Form of psychic power would create a being of
Significant power…Possibly one day…God-like

“But the factors involved…” M’Rena concluded.
“The mutations would be, could be endless…
Even monstrous…There would be creature-like

“How do we know there aren’t such things?”
M’Rogan told them.

“What are we vaccinating them for then?”
M’Rena asked.

M’Rogan held out a vial of the viruses they
Were using. “This…is not an immune system
Stimulant like we were told. THIS…is
A genetic virus designed by our esteemed
Officer M’Rond to suppress all DNA
Strands that carry non-human information.”

“Halting their evolution?” M’Rena asked.

“Their violent behavior is far too strong
In their nature,” O’Tala told them…
“The aggressiveness, the fighting…if it were
To continue to grow with their numbers…It
Would render them a monstrous warrior race!”

“We have to do this.” M’Rogan nodded. “Or
One day…They will become a force unlike we
Could imagine…Do not tell the others about this…
Let us keep this to ourselves…and anything
Significant that we find…”

Disturbed, the three of them withdrew
To the shuttle…to an settling night’s sleep…as
Their mission continued…

Across the continent they went…And with
Each tribe they encountered…The evidence only
Mounted…More clans, more tribes…each
Displaying the hostility…the intense emotions…
The overwhelming mating urges…

It was not uncommon to find women baring
5 or 6 children from an early age…
But the ferocious environment took its toll on
The population…The animals proved to be quite
A collection, and experiments also…And then
There was the warring nature of the people…
Overall the average life span of the natives
Ranged from 40 to 50 years…less than half
Made it to this age, this half all that
Were born fell victim to chance…Only the
Strong survived…Only the bear bred endlessly…
It was a primal experiment of survival…
The subjects of interest survived…The weak
And undesirable always fell…

But the most disturbing thing M’Rogan discovered
Was that the natives were enduring VERY fast…
Within a few thousand years…The inhabitants of
The planet would become unlike any race in the
Universe…The possibilities were limitless…Even
With the vaccinations they were given…The
Natives were destined to become something NEW.

The travels of the team quickly brought
Them to the southwest of the continent…
They simply followed the migrant tribes
South…along a grassy plain beside a marvelous
Mountain chain…To a land of diverse deserts,
Forested hills…lush meadows…and waterways
Rich with game animals…

The season was mid-fall…The leaves of
The deciduous trees were changing color…
The temperatures were falling…And there was
An enrichment to the air…

O’Sans, the young pilot, alongside M’Rogan’s
Instruction had them following a small
Band of natives for two days…

They were on unusually interesting tribe…
Adorned with deer and wolf skins…Unlike others
They had encountered…This family-tribe was
More timid…elusive of other groups, they
Avoided fighting…hid frequently…And
Appeared rather quiet compared to others…

O’Sans set the shuttle down in a lush greenery
Area of hills below the ancient Rocky
Mountains…to a place that would one day
Be the Four Corners…

The clan they followed was taking shelter
In a series of caves…hiding from other
Warring tribes…seeking only the simple
Care of their survival…The team was
Especially taken with them…Noting their
Gentler behavior…They studied them

M’Rena and O’Tala were in the field
That day…distantly monitoring the young
Women of the tribe as they foraged for berries
And nutritious vegetation…They were, however,
Quite obvious themselves in glittering light blue
Metallic uniforms no matter how carefully
They hid in the underbrush.

A very small, red skinned teenage girl had
Caught their interest…They followed her alongside
A stream…as she gathered wild berries and
Immersed herself in daydreams under the sun
Of a crush she had on a young man of the tribe…
Taken with thoughts of young love…and dreams
Of children…O’Tala told M’Rena every thought
That went through the girl’s mind…They were
So distracted…They hadn’t noticed the band
Of young men…warriors of a local tribe that
Were stalking the Indian women…and this
Girl…until it was too late…

O’Tala sensed them… “There are twenty young
Men in the woods!” She told her
Friend and team member in a desperate
Whisper… “These monsters were out hunting
Animals…then saw these young girls and
Their minds turned hormonal…”

M’Rena became nervous and alerted the
Rest of the team at the shuttle…

O’Tala saw the three young men rising
From the bushes behind the young girl as
She knelt to drink from the stream…Their
Faces were painted black…Their hair was
Tethered back in stained leather straps and
Dark feathers…They were shirtless…adorned
With strange necklaces of claws…Desperate
And brave…She sought to reveal herself to
Frighten them…attempting to stun some reason
To the violent act about to play…

“Please,” O’Tala called out, “Listen to me…”

The young girl, clothed in deerskin and bone-beads
Screamed…The sight of the strange tall
Curly haired blond woman in the sky colored suit
Was unlike anything she knew!

The young warriors stood tall in the shade
And froze at the sight of O’Tala…They
Could not explain to their minds what their
Eyes saw!

“Please just…remain calm…” O’Tala pleaded.

Then M’Rena emerged, “What are you doing?”
She begged her blond friend. “Stay from

The young girl screamed wildly…which only
Disturbed the young man nearest her…His
Mind was too possessed with lust…He lunged
To beat her to silence her deafening cries…
Which alerted all the other nearby women of
Her tribe…as well as ALL of the stalking

The young man then grabbed her, tossed the
Girl over his shoulder and ran for the cover
Of the bushes and denser tree cover…
While the other two warriors set their eyes
On the fair, blond O’Tala…and the mysterious
Looking, exotic red-haired M’Rena…
Overtaken by primal urges they found
Nerve to approach them hungrily…These
Women…unlike any they ever saw or knew…

“What are you doing?” M’Rena said with
Disgust, noting their black painted sinister

O’Tala was appalled. “They want to mate
With us! They want to take us!” She said,
Reading their thoughts. “STOP!” She commanded
To them…They ignored her…and continued
Their approach…
Just then the other young warriors began to
Appear…First one…Then two…Then six…
A terrified scream suddenly
Filled the air…The young girl they had seen
Was being assaulted…

M’Rena grew angry…She held out her medical
Scanner…brandishing it like a weapon
To intimidate them…
The warriors only briefly paused…
Stood her ground…

O’Tala sensed the others… “The team is
Approaching…Can you hold them off until
They arrived?”

“With what weapons?” M’Rena snapped…
She felt trapped…frustrated…But held her
One of the warriors let out a shrieking cry…
Declaring his intentions…to scare the
Women…M’Rena bit her teeth hard…Her
Blood hot…Without looking she carelessly
Pressed buttons on her scanner thinking to
Stun them…Then maximized the beam strength
And began firing…

Her first shot hit the nearest warrior…who shrieked…
He immediately went silent when the yellow
Ray struck him, then fell to the ground…
Then on and on she aimed at all the others…
There was shock and confusion on their faces…
As one by one they fell…until all sixteen lay
Motionless in the grass, in the stream…in
The woods around them…

There was an eerie silence…
“What did you do to them?” O’Tala asked.

“I stunned them…” M’Rena shook…

O’Tala went to check the nearest man on
The ground…She scanned him with her device…
“His entire nervous system is shattered…Every
Nerve has been destroyed.”

M’Rena was wide-eyed in shock… “But I…”

Then suddenly a whirling sound…And
From the blindness of the woods an arrow
Pierced the scene, the quiet shock…To strike
O’Tala threw the back…piercing bone, flesh…
Her heart…Blood spat from her mouth…Then she
Fell to the ground…

“O’Tala!” M’Rena screamed and then rushed to her.
She feverishly turned her over as she rested her
Friend upon her knee…only to watch the
Life fade from her face…M’Rena’s face grew
Pale…She was numb…She had never seen
Death before…

Just then, the young warrior with the bow
Emerged from the woods across the stream…his
Arrow aimed upon her…Shaking, he froze, ready
To release his flying arrow…Her eyes locked with
His…a strained silence…He shook, she lowered
Her brow…then quickly aimed her medical scanner
At him and fired the yellow death ray…
A few seconds…Then he too fell paralyzed to
The ground…

Then the others of her team arrived…too late…
M’Rogan with the young M’Kay at his side
Quickly knelt with her…El’Lora and O’Sans
Soon behind them.

“What happened?” M’Rogan asked first…

M’Rena couldn’t speak…the sight of death held
Her voice…The scene quickly described itself…
El’Lora, another telepath, read the traumatic event…
“They attacked you?” Her eyes traced the
Area, her mind every body on the ground…
“They’re all dead!”

“You used your medical scanner?” M’Rogan
Snatched it from her hands. “This is no weapon!”
He noted its settings… “This would shred every
Nerve in a body! You killed them?!”

They were horrified. “So many of them!” M’Kay

“O’Tala?” El’Lora asked…She focused her intuitive
Senses…like radar to feel for life… “She’s dead!”

“I didn’t know what to do…” M’Rena mumbled…
“We were following a group of young women…
Along the water…One in particular, she was so
Small…When those savages appeared…and—“

“What?” M’Rogan fought to remain focused.

“The young girl,” M’Rena said with hollow breath…
“She screamed…One of the men carried her off…”

“Find her!” M’Rogan ordered as he gently
Laid O’Tala’s body to the ground…Each of
Them fought to remain calm…They had never
Been prepared for this…

M’Kay and El’Lora quietly and quickly scanned
The area…The remaining young warriors had fled…
But they did find the young Indian girl in
The bushes nearby…unconscious, brutally beaten and
Ravaged…They retrieved her, and with M’Rogan
And M’Rena took her and O’Tala’s body back
To the shuttle…

Safely shut inside their vessel…They laid
O’Tala to rest under a blanket on her shelf-like bed…
They then gathered around the examination table
In the center of the large one-room saucer shaped craft…
Where M’Rogan rested the native girl…

The girl had been sexually assaulted and beaten…
They had never seen such abuse…
“You should NOT have gotten so close.” M’Rogan
Grumbled, breaking the silence as he studied
The girl…

“We were not expecting an attack!” M’Rena

“You killed those natives.” M’Rogan said in disbelief…
“How are we to explain this?”

M’Rena became angry. “For what they were
About to do? They should have been castrated!
I’m not proud of what happened…But I had to
Defend us…”

“We should return to the main ship at once,” O’Sans
Suggested. “This is wrong…”

“Surely we’ve covered enough territory.” M’Kay
Agreed. “Report in at least…”

“And the girl?” El’Lora asked with concern…

“No one says anything!” M’Rogan commanded…

“What?” M’Rena questioned. “This mission has lost
Cohesion…What do you want us to do?” She
Studied his manner, his lead…something was off…
He was hiding something… “What are you not

The team waited on M’Rogan’s words…he was
The eldest, the leader…His word in the field was law…
But his behavior betrayed him now… “The girl is
Pregnant…but not from this attack…She is at
Least a few weeks with a growing embryo…” They
Watched as he assembled medical tools…equipment
And performed an abortion…

“What are you doing?” M’Rena was horrified.

Without their consent…Ignoring their faces and
Comments…He then withdrew specimens from
The girl’s ovaries…and fertilized them with a
Prepared inoculation…Then implanted the fertilized
Embryo into the girl’s juvenile womb, re-impregnating
Her… “What I have been doing for the past week…
Imparting an improved seed.”

“Where did you get the specimen?” M’Rena
Dared ask…Then her instincts gave her the
Elusive answer as their eyes locked. “You used
Your own DNA to be the father! You have
Been impregnating the young native women
With your own DNA?! How could you do that?”

“What is going on?” M’Kay asked fearfully.

“This is not part of the mission!” O’Sans

M’Rogan then retold the facts he had shared with
O’Tala and M’Rena earlier…Of the data they
Had uncovered on the natives’ genetic history
And abnormalities…and then shared what he
And O’Tala had secretly been doing since…

“We determined,” M’Rogan explained,
“That the best possible way to stabilize their,
The natives’ genes, was to instill a more stable host
DNA…Many of the women we have been vaccinating
Were pregnant…we simply adjusted the

“Adjusted?” M’Rena said angrily. “You tampered,
You experimented on them! You have altered them!
How many times have you done this?”

“Approximately 12 pregnancies.” M’Rogan

“Dear Heaven!” M’Rena was appalled.

“Male children.” M’Rogan specified. “Using me, and
O’Tala’s DNA…This will prevent inbreeding…
Diversify quickly into tribal groups…They will be
Able to sire more stabilized offspring. They were
Too aggressive…”

M’Rena folded her arms. “The children will be alien
To their people…if they survive such an environment!”

“They will become peaceful, intuitive…More human…”
He told her, he told them… “It will help them!”

“You had no right to do this!” M’Rena ordered.

Suddenly, by manner or their argument, the young
Native girl on the table began to stir… “She is
Waking up!” El’Lora told them. “Sedate her!”

The girl suddenly burst awake…shaking, crying,
Screaming…They held her down as M’Rogan
Prepared a sedative while the telepathic
El’Lora tried to ease her mind… “Don’t be
Afraid, we’re friends…”

The girl cried and mumbled words in her native
“She is asking what we are,” El’Lora told them,
“She is confused but she is AWARE…She
Thinks we are forest…spirits…She’s afraid…
But she does know we are here to help…She is
Remarkably perceptive for someone so young…
And primitive.”

“Maybe we don’t need to sedate her.” M’Rena
Asked. “See if you can find out more about her,
Of what she knows…about herself, her people…
This world…anything.”

They watched and listened carefully as El’Lora
Communicated with her…As the conversation
Progressed…the details came… “Her people are of
The Wolf tribe, they follow the Wolf teacher,”
El’Lora told them… “They are of the plains…
To the North of here…from the lands of the
Great river…They come this way each
Year when the leaves change…”

They noted how quickly the girl calmed
Down in their presence… “Her tribe
Follows spirit wisdom…The teachings of nature.”
El’Lora said, fascinated… “They are taking
Shelter in the dry caves in the hills not
Far from here.”

El’Lora became involved in the psychic
Communication with the girl…a silent
But soothing exchange that completely
Won the girl’s trust.

“What is she telling you?” M’Rogan insisted.

El’Lora hesitated to share the strange details…
“Her father is Chief Howling Wolf…A wise
Man unlike others…She wants to know if
We would go meet with him…She says a Spirit
Wolf has been teaching him, guiding him…
That her father is very wise…She
Speaks of the Great Spirit Creator,
Father of All Things, who made the
Land, seas and people and animals…
I am sensing a powerful spirituality
Within her, her people.”

“We have not encountered that before?”
M’Rena asked.

“No, we haven’t?” M’Rogan asked.

El’Lora froze… “She says…” Her voice quivered.
“Spirit Wolf told her father, her people…
That one day Star People would come…To tell
Them secrets of their world…That they would
Be granted great wisdom among others…

“What?” M’Rena dared to pursue…

“Something about her father…the chief…”
El’Lora was shocked… “About the future
Of many worlds that hang in the balance…
The fate of the stars…would depend on
This world one day?”

They looked at each other nervously…
“Tell her we would like to meet with her
Father, this chief…” M’Rogan calmly
Urged… “As soon as she feels able.”

Soon thereafter, the young girl…named Rabbit
In The Grass…led the team to the caves in
The hills that she described where her tribe
Took shelter…it was a dry, rocky area…
Somewhat sparse of greenery…set with
Conifers, dry brush…beautiful in its own

The mysterious strangers with their silvery-
Light blue uniforms and red hair intrigued the
People as they were greeted with gasps, awestruck
Grins and complete respect…

It appeared like a clandestined meeting…
As if pre-written…They were guided into a
Large cave…where young people stood and sat
Making crude paintings on the walls…
Stories of their travels…of animals and
Hunting…their history…

The chief greeted the Travelers with immediate
Gratitude and respect, as if he had been
Waiting for them…Rabbit In The Grass
Introduced her father…Howling Wolf said, “Greetings
To you…please sit with us…”

El’Lora communicated and translated with
Both verbal and psychic words between them…
M’Rogan stood the leader, with M’Rena
By his side…Their rich red hair filled the
Tribe with fanatic awe…

As said by M’Rogan, “Tell them we
Are friends…”

The chief asked what land, what tribe
They were from…They tried to explain they
Were from another world…That they were
Of the Dannon, the Danalura…the Danu…
But the translation was complete, so they
Simplified it to be known as the tribe of Dan…

“Spirit Wolf foretold your coming.” The
Chief explained… “He said you were our
Lost brothers and sisters…”

At this, the young cave painters began
Rendering the meeting onto the walls…
With child-like simple lines and colors…
It was basic…simple…rudimentary
Skilled hands…They had no knowledge
Of symbolism…They painted as they knew how,
With no mysterious intent…

M’Rena explained about the attack by
The stream on them by the young warriors…
The chief explained they were a hostile
Warring group call the Black Paw…(who
Would in history fall out of record…M’Rena’s
Attack was a fatal blow that way…)…He apologized
For their loss…

The chief explained how his entire life had
Led him on this quest…To travel this way
Along the mountains waiting to encounter…
The Star People…

Confused, but enamored by the mysticism…
The team had little clue what to say…
What could be told or shared?
The natives wanted to know…
The team was forbidden to tell…

El’Lora explained they were explorers…
And been travelling his land…to help the
People…That his daughter would give
Birth to a special child, a boy…who would
Do great things for his people…That in
Other tribes. There would be born some
With greatness in them…to watch for them…

As the tribe listened with wonder, and
The cave painters rendered the exchange
On the cave walls…The chief then made
His revelation…as told to him by the
Spirit Wolves that spoke to him…
El’Lora translated accordingly…

“One day our people will work together…
Will come together…A tribe of many colors…
From this world and the stars…to save
The fate of this world and all others…
To save all the stars…
From a darkness that was growing…
A darkness seeded in all the land…
Corrupting space…He said, that the
Great Spirit had a plan…for everyone…
Not to fear the path, only those that
Would hold them from it…
Some things have to happen first…
To open eyes to see…
No one knows everything…
But together they would see everything.”

The exchange, the meeting was magical…
Resting both sides from the troubles they had
Faced…And suddenly each side found answers
To questions…Greater Powers were at work…
Greater eyes and ears that did, in fact, reveal
Themselves…when proper respect and attention
Was given…

When the ego surrenders…and the ears
Truly open…confusion does disappear…

M’Rogan told El’Lora to tell the chief
One day they would be back…
When both sides were ready…
They would share all they knew and
More…and see a deliverance from the
Darkness to a brighter future.

M’Rogan imprinted a mark upon the wall…
Totems were made…visions beheld…
No dates were given…Only the
Knowledge that the day would come…
Perhaps retelling the story is a start…

They parted way…The natives holding
To their tale of the magical meeting…and
Promised future…
And the team concluded their mission
And returned to the mother ship…swearing
An oath of silence about what happened…
They knew fate would have its way…its day…
It always does…

“And so that was one story.” Varence said…
“One shuttle’s adventure…Do you see?”

Ceres nodded… “The ones who claimed to
Know so much had a startling encounter…
Imagine that.”

“So this meeting, this promise foretold,” I
Said, “Is attributed to the Spirit Wolf?”

“No,” Varence kindly corrected, “What I’m
Saying is that there was more involved than
Meets the eye…The lesser hand was guided…
The wiser forged a road…A mystical
Messenger imparted a message…And destinies
Intertwined…All things are connected…
Before the Elvar ever came…A future
Is to behold…like it or not…”

“Those that fight it only make it worse…
For themselves.” Rana said.

“Don’t they always.” Varence replied.

There are more secret caves…

My artwork: Sun Diamond



Galactic Lightship Dreamflights 19MAR2016



You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (19 March 2016) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: MultidimensionaloceanAuroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Valiant: Knock knock…The Bell Tolls…The Medicine Men’s Dream…The Spirit Wolves…

*SONG* “America” by Neil Diamond

Now it just comes…
First one door opened…Then the next, then the next…
Then more and more and so on…
Unlocking…Memories that won’t stop.
A time capsule of unfolding riddles
To be given, granted, issued at the
Appropriate time…

Varence smiled, “I didn’t even have to
Say start writing,” he nodded with
Enthusiasm, “You see…now it just
Happens…its happening on its own now.
That’s good. That’s very good.”

“Oh joy,” I said, “What’s next? Will lasers
Start shooting out of my eyes…The light…
To become some nightmare turned
Wide awake, exploding glare or something?”

Again that mysterious smile of his…
“You never know…You just never know.”

“This is now for us,” Ceres then said moving
Beside him, her head held high…She seemed
Intensely fascinated, excited… “It’s never
Happened before…I told you from the start
That’s why I’m here…That’s how he
Brought us all here…Well, he and his

“What accomplice?” I asked…

Varence held up his finger to hold her back,
“Let’s not address that just yet. That will
Come soon enough.”

She rolled her eyes, beamed a smile to
Him, then me…She was always attempting
To slip clues to me; though I wasn’t always
Catching them. “Of course it will. The man of
Ages his timing is flawless.”

“Do we dare ask what your plan
Is ahead?” Rana asked sarcastically
Strolling about. “Are we allowed?”

Varence leaned in to me as I sat in
The captain’s chair…where they always
Brought me now… “Tell me…Put your ears
To the wall and tell me…What are they
Saying now? You know WHO I mean…”

I groaned. “They know…They know…
Others, yes some get it, some don’t…
Theories abound…The UFO community, of
Self proclaimed experts, are unaware however…
Exactly as you said…like you wanted.
They believe what they believe.”

“What is he talking about?” Rana asked.

Varence folded his arms with a sigh. “He
Refers to the groups that prospect on alien
Life…There are countless theories on Earth
About what or who exists in the stars…
The talk has been progressive for them
For over the last one hundred of their

“Why?” Rana asked.

Ceres squinted at him. “What have you
Been doing?”

He slighted a laugh. “You give me too
Much credit. They merely analyze what
Clues they are given…Fed…I had no part
In that…They are led to find clues…
Led to perceive discoveries…then make
Expected deductions.”

“How wonderful.” Ceres said, smiling to her
Sisters sarcastically. “No wonder they don’t
Believe in anything.”

Varence lowered his brow… “If you were fed
One hundred stories…wouldn’t you choose
The one you wanted to hear?”

Ceres was growing impatient with him.
“The clock, Varence…pity the reasons
Later…Ask him what you will now, please.
I would rather hear what he has to
Say than more of your rolling riddles of
Their logic.”

“Fine.” He groaned…Then it became very
Clear, Varence was growing impatient as
Well; something I had NEVER seen before.

“I know, I know, I get it,” I said fast,
“Another dream…Its time to rip
Open another memory from my head…”

“Besides…He clearly knows what they think
Already,” Rana said sarcastically as she
Stood with them, folded arms of protest…
“This is but a game of words for him…”

Varence breathed hard, his eyes focusing
Above… “May we begin?”

Vala then stood to join them…
“I’ve been waiting for this…” She
Said, breathing with delight… “The Medicine
Men…When they spoke to you…Please go on.”

“It was around the time I turned 13, “I
Told them with this pen and paper notebook,
That’s when the first one came…

The Medicine Men…believe it or not,
Yes, I was visited by them.
I kept my notes on them separate
Though, mostly because what they told
Me was so different from everything else…
And intensely fascinating.

The first Medicine Man, appeared like
Most of the visitors, sitting on my bed
When I awoke early in the morning, staring
At me…watching me sleep…

He was of about average height I guess, long
Black hair that was woven back with
Black feathers, a leather twine with beads and
Claws…His face was painted red, with
What appeared to be either a hand or
Paw print in black over his right eye…

He never spoke English, but I ALWAYS
Understood everything he said…The
Strangest thing is I, in return, spoke to him
In his language…I had no idea how or
What I or he was saying…Then later in
The day when I recalled the dream of
Him…I remembered it all in
English very clearly? I have no idea how
I did this…

I only knew he came to watch me…
He said he was, they were, watching me…
And waiting for the right time.
How all these visitors knew something
About me both intrigued me and irritated
Me at the same time!

I only saw this Medicine Man through my
Teens…he was polite, patient, very curious…
And only said it was about getting to know
Me before he took me to meet the others…

It felt somewhat like being interviewed,
Examined…as if he were a lawyer
Preparing me to be judged?

When I was about sixteen…He appeared
One night very early through a dream and
Said he was taking me to be seen by
The others…something about it being time,
I was of age…It was their time with
Me and after this I would not see them

I should say here, this is about the time
I started dreaming about the Spirit Wolves…
These large mystical wolves that would
Appear to watch me…and protect me I think,
Silently unseen from a distance…

This Medicine Man was somehow akin to
These wolves, which were more than wolves…
I believe he had the gift to command or
Rather call them; a rare gift.

The Medicine Man then took me to
The local high school in the middle of
The night…in my pajamas…I was
Extremely nervous…He said this was
A very important event…That I should
NOT SPEAK AT ALL no matter what…to
Let him speak for me…and only listen
And watch carefully…to break this
Rule would be very bad, very.

I was taken to the assembly room…
Where about 20 to 30 Native
American men sat…waiting. He made
Me stand in front or them, him beside
Me…He introduced me to them…And
Then explained to me these were the
Great Chiefs, shamans and Medicine Men
Of the Algonquin tribes…They were to
Review my worth, my fate…This basically
Scared me to death.

They all wore animal skins, none spoke
English—they refused to…Many of them
Had faces painted white…The rest were
Either painted black or red…There was
A powerful, ancient feel about them…And
I should emphasize they all appeared with
Forceful, serious expressions…It was such
An intense experience that I sweated heavily.

I understand nothing of what they said…
The Medicine Man with me kept telling
Me to relax, he put his hand on my
Shoulder…And spoke for me passionately.
There was a lot of arguing. They were
Clearly unhappy, divided on any issue
Discussed…A few dismissed me totally…
While others embraced my presence with
A sort of vicious joy…it was beyond
To translate this is nearly impossible…
They spoke hard, fast…

I know they argued, “This is the one? This
Is him?”
They would yell, shake fists…
“He is not whole, he is incomplete,
We cannot judge this now!” others said.

They never gave names…

The Medicine Man with me insisted, “You
Only have this time with him, so see
What you will. If you cannot see
Then that is your foolish mistake.”

It went on and on this way.
I had no idea what they were talking
In the end the decision was a compromise
And they agreed to some plan to which
I was NEVER told…
Then they disappeared, and the Medicine
Man I was with took me home with
Great relief and a smile…
He told me, “That went well.”
I remember responding to him, “They were
So angry I thought they would kill me!”

“No,” he said, “They never agree ever,
They are too stubborn.”

I asked him, “Why did so many of them
Have their faces painted white? Were
They Medicine Men?”

He answered, “No, those were the chiefs.
They were painted white with respect
To the lands they had lost, their
Descendants, the legacy lost, stolen…”
Something about these men…Their
Spirits were here this way until the day
Of justice was served…They were like ghosts
Of the forests, never leaving the land…
A legacy was stolen, and they were
Angry about it…Something about history
Deliberately sabotaged…

I asked him what this was all about.
He said it didn’t matter…It was not a
Test of winning or failing…It was about
Them seeing me? To get the feeling of
Who I was? That it was important…
For their plan, and peace of mind.

After this I never saw them or this
Medicine Man again…through haunting
Words he shouted at this meeting…
That lingered in my mind, I was
Able to tell a friend…phrases, broken

She was a Blackfoot Indian who studied
The various dialects of Native American
Tribes…It was through her that I
Discovered I was not dreaming gibberish…
The Medicine Man spoke Cherokee,
And he said I had some kind of power?
Then he was gone, he left and said
I would not see him again…
But, he said the Spirit Wolves would
Be with me and the others chosen,
Until the day came.

Now I have periodically dreamt about
These large imposing wolves, most are
Jet black, some tawny with wild coats, but—
They came in all colors with glowing
Orange eyes…They were awesome! Magical!

“Before I continue,” I said to them, “Can
You tell me…What are they, these Spirit
Wolves, exactly?”

They looked among each other with
Playful intrigued expressions…Then Vala
Spoke, her voice was calm and
Enchanting without a hum this time…
“Ah, the Spirit Wolves…Now listen
To me…no matter what anyone tries
To tell you…The Spirit Wolves are
More than wolves, they are NOT wolves
As you know…
They are not of Earth, nor any one
World…They can walk between
Worlds…As the raven can fly and see
Into the void…So can the Spirit
Wolves walk between worlds…
Only they can, if they wish, walk in
The real world…Their hierarchy is
Beyond what you know…They come
From Sirius…The same as the Lion
Men…Only it’s different for them…
As the Lion Man stands over the lion…
The Spirit Wolves stands over the wolf men…
Their hierarchy is different…primal…
Sincere…raw, instinctive…There is no
Blithering tide of feelings to confuse
Them…There is only intense pure
Emotion…Loyalty and devotion without
Betrayal or hesitation. They are beyond
Animal or man…They are an
Embodiment of both wisdom and law…
A truly magical being…”

“To command the Spirit Wolf,” Vala said
With awe, “is no small gift…They MUST
Have the wolf high in their totem,
They must have the eyes, ears or cry
Of the wolf to do this…or they are but
Its pawn like anyone else…And, to be
Able to command, or rather CALL the
Spirit Wolf…now that is a power few
Ever have, ever.”

“What,” I said, “Are you trying to tell me
They are…alien wolves?”

Vala laughed, shook her head…Her
Manner drawing everyone’s attention…
She knew everything on these matters…
“Let me try to explain this again…
You must stop thinking in such small
Terms…That greatness only comes on two

“Look at the whales,” Ceres added
Joyfully. “Do they not prove they are more
Than animal? As do many living things.”

“Exactly.” Vala nodded. “The Spirit Wolves…
Now this is actually important to know…
The awesome races that came from that
Star system…As one might say, the lion or
Lion men are the kings of nature…
The Spirit Wolves are then the police of
Managing its physical laws
Under the Heavens…

“The Medicine Man who came to you…
He never told you his name?” Vala asked.

“No.” I answered. “None of them did. I
Was very curious about that.”

Vala nodded, again no hum…Her manner
Was like an instructor now… “There
Is great power in a name…It held no
Purpose when he appeared to you, for where
He is now…his name is different than
When he held a body…The meaning of
His visit was in what he showed you…

“Those chiefs, shamans, Medicine Men…
They remain in a state of protest as
They were robbed of a destiny…one
The Indian Nations of that continent
Were divided…Their destiny was to be
United…to find their unity…and one
Day become a powerful civilization…
But when the early explorers came…
They settled and conquered the land
Instead…Thus stealing their legacy…

“You know this by the demon that
Threatened you…The Jersey Devil that
Possessed the early colonists’ plan to
Divide and conquer a continent…under
The pretense of setting a so-called New

“The legacy of the Native Americans
Never came to fruition because the Dark
Kind destroyed it…That’s how they
Subjugate history…They did it before, they
Did it again with your world wars…”

“Now you’re just telling their lost history.”
Varence interrupted. “Speak only of his

Vala frowned at him, “May I continue?”
She rolled her eyes and went on regardless.
“You were confused by the visits of
These Medicine Men when you were

“Yes.” I said. “They were angry. It scared
Me. I never did anything to them. I respect
Them…Most of my family came to
American in the 1950’s…Escaping the
Chaos in Europe from World War II.”

“Listen,” Vala explained, “there is a
Significant element there…In all that
You are and will become…
This contact and connection you have
With these ancient chiefs and Native
Americans…They were trying to tell you
Something…Of how that legacy must be
Fulfilled…it’s ordained…It’s very relevant
To the end of the current system that
Effects the entire world.”

“How exactly?” I asked.

“It involves the Spirit Wolves.” Vala said
Respectfully. “The ancient tribes of America
In their quest for unity, by their ties
With nature sought help with this by
Calling for a teacher…The Spirit Wolf…

“Consider this…For all the eyes and ears
Out there must listen…A slave world…
Ruled by fear and oppression…Strictly
Held by THE HERD mentality…
Herding…Running with the herd…
The herd mentality is one of survival,
By camouflage, blending in…Flight…
Never straying from the group…For strays,
Those who are different…are cast out…
Left behind…hunted…This maintains the
Constant, the consistency of the herd…
Mainstream thought…The collective…
Behaving…And thus directing the herd’s
Behavior any which way the shepherd
Or slaver desires…

“Now…there is a herd unity, and then there
Is PACK unity…pack unity is VERY different.
Consider the wolf…The Spirit Wolf…
The pack…survival by unity…
Survival of the pack…The hunt…The eyes
And ears to protect the pack…The males
And females work together…The family…
The offspring are protected by the entire
Pack…It is a formidable unity…”

One essential and highly respected by
The Native Americans…”

“What about the Lone Wolf?” I asked.
“And rival packs?”

Vala shook her head. “The Spirit Wolves
Are beyond that…That’s why they are
An advanced being…They represent the
Unity of all packs…Of packs coming
Together…The wolf comes in many colors…
Black, grey, red, silver, tawny…white…
A rainbow pack…to mirror a rainbow
Tribe…That is the greatest lesson of the
Spirit Wolf…for those who wish to
Learn from its teachings.”

“But different cultures view the wolf differently.”
I said. “Some see it, or saw it as a monster…
That became werewolf legends…and

“No, that is small minded of the animal wolf.”
Vala said strongly. “That is not the way
Of the Spirit Wolf…The Spirit Wolf
Is a spiritual being, like I said, the police
Of nature…They would kill such an
Evil reflection…The Spirit Wolf is noble,
Wise…stop thinking in terms of Earth…

“There are worlds that worship the Spirit
Wolf…There are mystics so strongly attuned
To it that they respect it above all
Others…Your people think too small…
Afraid of things they cannot understand.
Forget werewolves or shapeshifters…The
Spirit Wolf is NOT that at all…”

“I’m understanding that now.” I nodded.

“Good.” Vala smiled. “Because they are a
Powerful being deserving respect. If they
Came to teach the Native Americans
Do not take that lightly. That is very

“And hear me when I say this,” Vala
Intensely addressed these written words,
“The Spirit Wolf is a force unlike any
Other…Pit them against another
Supernatural being…And you will have
One surprising fight…Albeit but brief,
Nothing matches the pack, nothing…
Mothman? Ha, they would tear such a
Thing to pieces…

“If Nibiru should come…Or the Annunaki
Or one of their hybrid creatures rise…
Against the Spirit Wolf? Spirit Wolves?
That would be likened to a bloodbath…
And pity the witch who dare to control them!”
Vala laughed. “The power of the pack
Grants them immunity to magic…

“And if the Spirit Wolf marks you as a
Pack member…” Vala then hummed a
Laugh. “Oh my! The consequences…I can
Only imagine…Many have an affinity
With wolves…But Spirit Wolves…That’s a
Different game entirely.”

“I know, I’ve seen them.” I told her, them.
“They appeared at times of crisis…In
Nightmares they chased monsters away…
They have attacked friends of mine…
Which scared them to come to my house…
They said for some reason they thought
Wolves would attack them.”

Vala held her jaw wide a moment, surprised.
“They protected you?”

“At times when I saw them, yes.” I said.
“And in their wake…sometimes they left
A gift.”

“A gift?” Vala was intrigued.

“A puppy.” It felt like a sudden revelation.
“Yes. Most of the times after the Spirit
Wolves had come to me…A new puppy
Had come into my life…I know this
Because after we would get a new puppy
I would dream of a wolf coming
To…acknowledge, or appraise the puppy,
Then leave.”

“If the Spirit Wolf has come to you
DO NOT take that lightly…” Vala
Said carefully. “Because they are here,
They have come to Earth with purpose
Not just as the great police of nature…
But also as teachers for the rainbow tribe…”

That was fascinating to hear. “How?”

“America…” Vala said mysteriously…
“It is, or has been considered a melting
Pot, has it not?”

“Yes.” I answered.

“The wolf cries,” Vala said, “To call to
Its pack…Don’t you see? Everyone…Well,
Within each race, there are those who
Possess their own special magic…power…
Combining to the whole to form a
Completion…To complete the pack…
The Native Americans…Shamans…
Medicine Men…The chiefs…were, whether
They knew it or not…Calling out
Not only to the great teachers they
Needed, the Spirit Wolves…but also
Calling out to their missing pack
Members to complete their pack,
Of the rainbow tribe…to complete the
Powers they were missing.”

“That’s why I was compelled to the
Song, America!” I told her. “Ah, I see now!
And Jacob’s totem high is the eyes, ears
And voice of the wolf!”

“Then it is essential to wake him up.” Vala
Instructed. “As it is for all of those of
Affinity with the Spirit Wolves TO LISTEN
To their teaching.”

“And that explains why the last Medicine
Man came to me 10 years ago with
Their request.” I nodded. Yes, it made
Sense now.

“There is another who came to you?” Vala asked.

“Yes,” I told her. “After the angel, the
Only one since…He was different though,
Modern…He was about 60. He wore blue jeans, a checkered
Shirt and a bandana on his head. He
Was tall, very strong spoken…and he had
A younger man with him, maybe 30, he
Said he was Dream Walker? He told me
They were Navajo.”

“Please go on.” Vala said.

“Well, it was about 10 years ago…” I said
Recalling the dream… “There was a Pow Wow…
There were these men in full costume performing
A dance, it was so cool to see. I stood there
Watching this with these two men…But
They didn’t seem very happy. Something
Important was going on. They had a white
Buffalo there…I just thought it was
Amazing to watch…

“But the Medicine Man was very disappointed,
He kept asking me what I thought about
It. I told him I thought it was cool. But
He was irritated, he said they kept wasting
Time…Too much talking, not enough
Listening, no one listens enough. That
One thinks they’re right, then that one does
And no one listens. They’re coming together
But they’re not coming together. They
Don’t see what’s happening…Just like
Before…just like hundreds of years ago.”

I asked him what he wanted to do about
It. He thought for a while, discussed it with
His friend there…Then they both asked me,
“I…We need you to do something…My
People need this…Please…I would like you
To design a weapon for my people.”

“A weapon?” I asked.

“Using your artwork,” he explained, “What
You’re working on right now. A weapon they
Can use.”

“You want me to use my artwork to design
A weapon?” I asked. “I don’t know if I’m
Allowed to do that…”

He laughed and said, “You’re doing it already.
This is what it’s for. You’ve been asking what
It is the angel did to you, gave to you…This
Is part of it…It’s what you’re studying
On the internet, isn’t it?”

“But for defense, protection,” I said, “I’ve
Never created an offensive attack type of

“But that’s alright,” he said, “That’s good.
Be creative…I’m not talking about a knife
Or sword…These are for more powerful weapons
With the mind…”

“What did you have in mind?” I asked.

“Vision…” he said, seriously…a very mystical
Look in his eye… “My people need vision…
An eagle soars with the sun…it sees far and
Wide…They need vision…They’re not seeing
What they should be seeing.”

“How do I do this though?” I asked…

“You will think of something. I know you
Will.” He smiled. “And when a Medicine Man
Comes into your life…give him this weapon
Of vision…he will know what to do with it.”

“They need to come together.” The Dream Walker
Friend said. “And they’re not…not enough…
They need to listen to each other more.”

“Well I can understand that.” I told them.
“No one listens, they hear but they don’t listen…
No one knows how to communicate…or I mean,
Very few do…”

“I understand exactly.” The Medicine Man
Nodded. “It’s true, they don’t. You listen very

“I spent most of my life scared,” I told him,
“When you’re scared like that you learn to
Listen…You learn to listen very carefully to
Avoid trouble…Scared people are sensitive that way.
That’s why my family called me ‘Rabbit
Ears.’ I had very sensitive hearing from
Being scared all the time. And no one
Noticed…They were too busy talking…People
Who talk all the time miss a lot…So you
See, my Indian name would probably be
Rabbit Ears.” I laughed.

They both laughed with me. “You seem better now.”

“That was part of the gift with the angel I will
Always be grateful for,” I explained, “He
Greatly eased a lot of that fear…When you
Have something that big happen…it changes you.
Your perspective changes on everything.”

“I envy that gift.” He said kindly. “So will
You do this for me, what I asked?”

I watched the Pow Wow…looked at him…
How could I say no, I have huge admiration
For Native Americans… “Of course I will.”

“Thank you.” He smiled…then the dream
Faded and I woke up…
And yes…A Medicine Man has come
Into my life…like he said…and I gave
Him what I said I would…
We’ll see what happens…

“So do you feel what he wants will
Happen, this Navajo Medicine Man?” Varence

“I’ve learned not to question too much.” I
Answered…smiling, knowing fully well how
Varence danced around questions… “He
Believed…and he used words that held

Varence grimaced at me…That turned lip,
His protest at my descriptions… “But what
Do you sense of this matter with your
Experiences with these Medicine Men?”

“They were the first to appear to me when
I was younger,” I said, “I think its
Important that I do what I can to help
To play my role in the great Rainbow
Tribe…my role in the pack…”

“What did they say to you,” Vala asked,
Tilting her head curiously at me, “These
Medicine Men…The assembly of chiefs, that
Cherokee Man? You said you don’t
Remember…I know you do…”

Of course there was no hiding anything
From them! I groaned. “They said I
Had some special power…That’s why they
Had to meet me then…Because they would
Not be allowed later…Their protest was
Because I was so young…They wanted to
See me at ‘full power,’ not incomplete as
I was a teenager.”

“Was that the beginning then of your path?”
Vala asked.

“It was a sign.” I said. “I thought you
Knew everything…But then there were those
Strange…mysterious visits…encounters…
And nightmares every Easter…Then
The Spirit Wolves came…Everything just
Snowballed from there.”

“Still the Medicine Men and the Spirit
Wolves were a powerful influence to you?”
Vala asked.

“The Spirit Wolves always bear a powerful
Impression.” Varence said respectfully.

“Absolutely.” I said.

“Ah, the Spirit Wolves.” Vala hummed. “Wait
Until you get the response after they read
About them…Just remember what I told
You…No matter what people claim to tell you,
The Spirit Wolves are NOT of Earth…it’s
Beyond Earth…They are celestial, they’re
Everywhere…And just because someone
Sees a wolf in a dream or vision doesn’t
Mean it’s a Spirit wolf…They rarely
Travel alone…

“Oh, and by chance if there
Were some scheme to catch a Spirit Wolf…
That would be a…recklessly stupid thing
To do…For they will protect their own…
And they can will, take physical form
And they can and will kill.”

“You don’t think they would actually try
To catch one, do you?”

“Regarding the great geniuses of Earth?”
Rana snapped loudly, “Dare we dream
Cosmic forces haven’t erected monuments
To their stupidity for all the stars to see!
But then, of course, you have the moon…
And all their little off world brittle
Built arrogant escape bases…The sheer
Concept of mental dysfunction may have
To be redefined by their deeds if…”

“Rana!” Varence nearly shouted to cease
Her words. “Please. Timing…Truths for
Another day.”

“Pardon me,” Rana said amused, “My
Allowances for words are restricted…
Stupidity must be granted time for
Mourning…The age of reason pray to
Come soon! Read faster!”

Ceres burst with laughter. “Dreams!”

Varence gestured to Vala, “Please…Conclude
This before Rana rants on the architecture
Of their society some more.”

Vala smiled, stepped up to me and
Nodded… “Remain steadfast and true,” she
Fought to laugh at Rana but continued,
“Hold to your course…The Spirit Wolves…
Tell them…Your country may have the
Bald Eagle as its symbol…And granted
Raptors, birds of prey are the esteemed
Vessel of strength and vision…stealth…
Their purpose has wide skill currently
And still to come…
But when it comes to America…The Great
Indian Nations and the legacy they deserve,
Of the Rainbow Tribe…And the need
And time of unity to come…The true totem
Is the Spirit Wolf…The Spirit Wolves…
And must be heeded…

“Sight to see of the world…Vision…
Embrace the past…
As with the Bear…of the Mother…
Something born of both sides…
The twilight…becomes dawn…
The strength of the Good Spirit
To marry the dark inner warrior hidden…
Balanced by the wisdom and teachings
Of the Spirit Wolves…The pack…
Become your Higher Self…
Rise and wake Jacob…seek out your
Circle of 5…
Divining Rod of Light…Guide the Spirit
To the Path of Completion…
Rise to the cry of the wolf…
No more doubts…The chosen will see the road clear.
The light is coming.”

my artwork: The Wolves


Galactic Lightship Dreamflights 12MAR2016


Emily Carr, “Kispiax Village”

You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (12 March 2016) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: MultidimensionaloceanAuroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Valiant: Knock Knock…The Bell Tolls…The Visitor…Time Travelers…

*SONG* “Candle on the Water” by Helen Reddy

The pen to the paper…
Glowing burning eyes flashing
Through fluttering eyelashes…her eyes…
Through the dark, through the dawn…
Measureless countless hours,
They’re always there…waiting…

But they were immediate this time,
No greetings or how are yous…each time
I approached them now they were eager…

But her…her eyes first before all others,
The intensity… “The month that greets
As a lion and fades as a lamb shall
Show no mercy this time,” Vala hummed,
“The Earth has rolled slowly bound by
The trap of some quantum singularity
For too long now…too long…
The power of the mind to break the cycle…
The forces of nature to break the bars of
The cage that held her for too long…
The corners I called began this…

And now the penance…
Reckon with me to break the spell?
Dare to scheme another gambit of time
Discord? The little minds of men, the
Juvenile blood magic of slave witch’s to
Brew some lame attempt to collar challenge?
You have not learned what’s out there…”

OK…Vala’s tone was clearly not happy…
Just what exactly have you been doing?

“Bend to me,” Vala hummed, her face clear
Now…The piercing eyes, the slanted brow; yes
She was mad… “Oh…The fun begins…Now,
I call the elements…The elements of Earth…
The fire of her heart, her core…The waters,
The ice, the mist, the rain…The rivers,
The seas…The Earth itself…her rocks,
Her sand, her dust…from her mighty
Mountains to the lands that ride upon
The surface, her crust…And the wind…
The mighty untamable wind…The air to
Breathe…The breeze that rolls, to the
Mighty spinning, twirling walls…The air
That blasts…That nothing can catch…
I call the elements…Hear me…Bend to

And now little masters…your first lesson…
Bid upon my words…my demonstration…
Greater kindness…greater fortune…to the people…
For seasons shall know no reasons…
Spring? Summer? Ice…The storms
Will teach you now…nowhere to hide…
Below the ground? HA! Wherever
The treacherous hide the storms will find them…
For if not by wind, ice or snow…then by
Storm of ground…
Rattle, roll and crack the ground of the wicked…
Until you beg to undo what you’ve done…
The greatest shake you’ve ever known
Will find your protest…
Scheme against me…and fall where
You stand…your minds will fry…
Continue these games of yours…
And you will die…The strongest, the
Greatest names first…one by one…
The gift to spare you?
Tales of truth…Reveal the truth of deeds…
The first to stand will suffer least…
The darkness will not shield you now…
For the first time in history…Demons
Shall fall still, blind, quiet into a deep
Long 1,000 year sleep…”
Vala smiled long and wild…
“Walk softly now…the rules have changed.
Bend to me little masters of men, the
Mortal world…spoiled by coils of treacherous
Serpent’s grasp…
Of mice…like men…How does the reptile
Know mice? It consumes them…alive…
Bend to me…The dark minds fry…Fried and
Twisted by their lies…nowhere to run…nowhere
To hide…Cabal…Vile Draconian, the secret
Serpents that hide…and lie…Now…why?
I have had enough…The hour glass
Of prophetic promise has showered its
Last particle of sand…Time is up…
Bend to me…
For I have come…to, and will break you.”

I saw Varence just standing there…
He said nothing, he was only held in some
Trance-like state mesmerized by Vala’s words…
It was clear this was her way…

They were planning something, had planned
Something…and now it was coming to pass…

“Don’t fret on Varence’s words,” Vala
Hummed and smiled… “He will speak when
He is meant to…For now it’s time for
A little something different.”

“We’ve waited long enough.” Rana said…
Her grin was wild, like the look in her
Golden eyes…as she and Vala stood side by
Side…before me…taking the lead…
“Vala has such a way with words…”
Rana seemed to purr as she stood there
Her eyes dancing this way and that,
Her arms slightly crossed…with the
Fingers of her right hand playing with
The long auburn curls that fell down
Her shoulders… “But I prefer a different
Approach…The right words do weave a spell
Of the mind…”

“Paint the picture…in words, or by lead of
Pencil, ink or paint to paper canvas…
For the mind, the inner light of the reader…”
Vala explained beaming with joy… “And
Low and behold…The Ether Realms flash
With lightning psychic thunder nothing can
Match…Of course it must be done the right
Way to burst the quantum bubble…”

“Or turn the formidable…Gilded steel
Goliath empire of the dark kind…to glass…”
Rana laughed… “Then shatter it to pieces
By the unseen…underestimated…cat hiding
In the grass.”
They laughed together…These two were dangerous

The other sisters just watched, listened…
Kierista was cautious…Evangella curious…
Diana laughed…Venus was amused…
Then Ceres moved to join them…

“I still wonder if they will understand,
I’ve seen enough to doubt.” Ceres replied
As she too played with her hair.

“I will break them.” Vala said angrily, no
Hum… “They can’t see past their greed…
They’ve fermented a slave world to support
This…They have a world obsessed with
Money and material pleasures…that serves to
Only fortify the unending pursuit
Of more money and wealth…Set them free…
So that greater things can be found.”

“I see the point in having us together,” Rana
Said…then noting Varence’s intentions…
He was still quiet though… “I never found
This fueled chemistry before as I do now…
There is a magic in bringing the right
People together…A completion that one
Cannot find alone…”

“Ah, but you forget the eyes and ears
That find these words.” Ceres said pointing
To the notebook… “They, this world still
Has limited vision…They see soul mates
In such small views…bound by
Misconceptions…by their upbringing…
They think a soul mate is only found in a
Lover…Another word thrown around
Carelessly…You should have bound or
Restrained their hormones entirely…then
Watch the mess ensue.”

“One thing at a time.” Vala hummed. “One
Thing at a time…”

“I would have blood for blood lost,” Rana
Growled through gritted teeth… “For the
Innocent…Ah, if only there were some
Way…As the Lion Men would teach their
Rebel youths…Hordes of angry young
Men…The scourge of chaos…They
Revel in disciplining such hordes…As I
Would…” Rana stared wickedly at the
Notebook… “Can you imagine if some
Dark plot were planned by such
Impetus greedy little minds by
Puppeteering hordes of angry young
Men…spreading them abroad to instill
Fear and chaos…What a feast for lions…
Easy targets…Now if the world had
Half a brain they would tame that
Plan before someone got hurt…Lest the
Ones who planned it fall first.”

“They’re not stupid.” Vala hummed.
“Such a filthy stupid plan would
Make me very angry…For I would
Raise the wind and sea…in storms without
End…Nature would grow very angry.”

“Oh well…They’re not that stupid…” Rana
Said… “But that would be a warning
From eyes above…”

“Too bad,” Vala hummed… “That would
Be too easy.”

“What would you do if such a thing
Were…theoretically a chance?” Rana

Vala thought for a moment. “I would ponder
Something fun…Since they were played
As puppets I would have play with
The strings…Of both the puppet and the

Ceres was playfully curious… “And that
Would be?”

“Something ridiculous,” Vala hummed,
“Something just…warranting the
Stupidity…” She hummed her siren’s
Melody… “Chance this plot of
Wicked hordes? Then cast upon them
Unending witless, brainless, relentless
Lack of coordination…Let the puppets
Find it impossible to think, walk, plot
Or stand or scheme…Cut the strings and
Let them fumble in every cause…lost
Again and again until they become like
Children…needing to learn to walk
And talk again…Bend to me, forever
Break to me…And the same to their
Masters…Bend to me…Break to me…
Scheme to raise the slightest thing
Against me…and fall hard to the
Ground…Embrace the ground…and let
The Earth teach furious lessons…”

There was a pause of reflection…
They looked to me for a comment.

“I have no idea what to say.” I said
To them…They were clearly up to
Something big…I turned to Varence…
He had said nothing and I was
Actually concerned… “Can you say

“This is their moment.” Varence respected
It…plain face, a brief quiet smile. “The
Time for things…Who am I to stand
In their way?”

“Are you ill?” Ceres laughed at him…
“You? Stand in the way? There are
Countless riddles there…”

Vala smiled… “He is not will…” she
Hummed… “He knows when to speak…
Which reminds me…if…if there was
Also some darkly conceived plot…or even
Accidental cursed effect…of illness to
Strike and suffer across the land then
I would disrupt that with one simple
Wish…from the heart, this simple sure
To break the curse of disease and
Sickness…LAUGH…Smile and laugh…
And with that each time let the inner
Light of each spirit cast its own spell
Of invincible antidote…with cured vitality,
Rigor and youth.”

Rana nodded to Vala’s words. “Truly
Challenge every plot, of course. And I
Like that one…so simple…smile…laugh…
A free cure for one and all…Then
Let them find hope and joy in all things
Again and again…For laughter is
The best medicine.”

“Enchanting wisdom of the ages.” Varence
Then nodded too. “The best things are always
Free…To believe in them…We just
Need to help that faith to believe…”

“Again you talk of miracles.” Ceres said
Shaking her head…

“In all that you have heard so far,”
Varence pleaded with her…to them…
“Can you not see the magic in the words?
You feel things…They feel things…
The eyes…so many eyes…windows to
Souls and dreams, the treasures! The
Ears…so many ears! To have them
Hear…listen…reason, then dream and
Decide…souls come alive this way…
They don’t grow standing still…And they
Can’t fight when hope is gone…or
When dreams are chained to
Laws or taxed by fear.”

“A slave world…” Ceres told him
Firmly… “Ask how many believe in
Their dreams…go on…Ask him…”

Varence moved forward, past them to
Stand kindly close, then knelt before
Me…looked into my eyes…as a friend.
“I’m not trying to torture you…by
Asking you to share these dreams you’ve
Had…because they were more than dreams…”

“No,” I said, I told him… “They were
Nightmares…Only a few were magical…
Beyond real…And only a few happened
When I was wide awake, not asleep at

“Do you see now why I ask you to
Write certain things at certain times?”
Varence asked.

I felt it coming…Again, here it was…
He was going to ask me again to tell
Another one!

“I swear it feels more like writing
A diary rather than anything else.”

“Trust me…” Varence only said.

“That is the trickiest phrase in all of
History!” I told him.

Rana laughed loud. “I like him more
And more!”

Varence gave a playful grimace… “Please

“Alright.” I agreed, I could only think of
The little old Asian man, the Master, and
Smile…The job…The promise…

“Remember when I asked you about the date?”
Varence asked.

“Yes.” I replied.

“Have you found anything…interesting since?”

He asked…The sisters giving curious ears.

“Yes.” I could only say…He knew what
I was thinking…What had always
Haunted my mind… “Clues everywhere…
Irregularities…since 2009…since the
Crystal skull appeared, hovering over my
Bed that night I went to bed in
May of 2009…”

“Go with that…” Varence instructed,
Kneeling down, resting his folded arms
Upon one knee… “Put it to paper…
Let your mind free…”

If I could only make sense of every
Strange event…But the others could fill
In the blanks…of my group I mean…
“The skull downloaded…copied everything
In my head…to preserve it, protect it…
Then it said await activation…await
Sometimes it felt like time goes backwards…
And endless loop, reciting the past…maybe
To cope with past wounds…a broken
Future…The time loop…Time manipulation…

My life has been consumed by time
Twists…Oddities involving time no one could
Explain…And when I asked for advice
On this, either I got blank faces or was
Told I think too much…

The biggest problem with the world is that
When someone does not understand
Something…They call you crazy, or say
You think too much…or have an
Overactive imagination…
Deductions of the simple minded!
Deductions of the slave herd mentality…
So as not to rock the boat…

What else could I share?
The visitor…
Or rather…visitors…

The beautiful blond woman, this sister
Kierista…who would appear at key points
In my life to warn me…or reassure
Me that everything would be alright no
Matter what happened…
How could she know…unless she was
From the future? Travelling in time!”

“But what did you wonder most?” Varence
Asked…as Kierista leaned closer with
Great interest to her part…

“What future was she from…What
Was the connection to me, why?” I asked.

“You limit your thinking…” Varence said
Mysteriously… “To thinking it’s just
About Earth. Yes, time travel is a very
Complicated subject…But factor in the
Universe…other worlds…And the variables
Become endless.”

I phased into the memories…recalling
Her visits…every few years… “The most
Striking was when I was about 7 or 8…
That’s when the premonitions became
The most intense…It was like whenever
She came it triggered a lot of premonitions
Almost as if…I was exposed to a time
Travel device and the result caused a
Psychic reaction…

I didn’t just have a déjà vu…I dreamt
In vivid detail about things before they
I would do homework assignments
Before they were assigned…I knew people
Before they came into my life…
But it wasn’t consistent…These things
Happened around her visits…

One of her visits was especially…interesting…
I dreamt…or possibly dreamt…rather real…
I awoke in e bed, but it wasn’t my bed
Or room…It was a very sterile hazy
Room…full of glass shelves, shiny surfaces…
Objects on the shelves I couldn’t begin to
Describe…There was a transparent-like
Wall by a door…Where she stood talking
To someone…I recognized her, but I could
Only see her back…She was talking
To a man, they were whispering…
Little did they know my family nick-name
For me as a child was rabbit ears…
I had super-sensitive hearing…

But I remember…The haunting
Conversation…All I could see of him was
The shadow of him cast on the wall…he
Did not want to be seen…They were arguing…
“I don’t like this,” she said to him.

“You don’t have a choice,” he whispered,
“You have to do this.” He was strict.
“Now get in there and talk to him.”

“He is so young, so small.” She was angry,
But whispered. “I can’t do this. It’s awful!
How can we allow this? We can spare him
From all of this is we just take him. For…
Such things to go through! How cam you
Ask that of anyone? Let alone a child!”

“Everyone plays a part with their life,”
He whispered, “Young or old…Child or
Adult. The roles we play determine the
Nature of things. You cannot stop this.
Now he plays his part. Now go in there
And reassure him no matter what you
Have to say!”

She fought him, “How can you expect me
To say that to a child knowing what
Exists, what’s to come? Could you do that?
NO! What those children went through,
Go through…is disgusting!”

“You have no say here,” he insisted in a
Harsh whisper, “Keep your opinions and
Play your part. You are not here to

“We should take those children,” she
Argued, “some place safe…before they
Remember anything…If the day comes
When they remember what happened to

They paused…
“He’s awake,” the man whispered, “He
Is listening to everything we say. Now
Go in there. Say nothing about this!”

She came in the room…sat on the
Bed…looked at me so tenderly…I
Remember she looked like she would burst
Into tears…
“Who are you?” I asked. “Where am I?”

“You’re going to be fine.” She only said.
She did cry a little, brief tears she
Fought with. “No matter what happens
You are going to be alright. I’m here to
Tell you that.”

She scared me to death… “Why? What do
You mean? What’s coming? What’s going
To happen?”

She just kept telling me, “You’re going
To be fine.” Not to worry, not to think
About it…Just to keep going…keep going…
Believe that it will make sense one day…
Smiling…Tearful smiles…Her
Reassurance was like a peaceful warning…
I would ask questions she never answered…
She only said she was there to help…
To give hope…Then she would disappear…

Yet always, every single time, there was
An intense sense that she wanted to
Take me away and hide me away from
What was happening…to me, to others…
And from things to come…

And I buried the memories…because
You see…each time she came…there
Were flashes…of memories broken, stolen
Or blocked inside my mind of something
Awful…some awful plan that was there…
Some secret going on…and also a hidden
Project that she was apart of to change
Things…Not her fault…Like a duality of plans…

I was too young…It made no sense…
The flashes…
The flashes…of the past…
Premonitions of things to come…
It scared me to death…

She, her visits, were a warning…
But she was also a beacon of hope…
A lighthouse in a storm of darkness…
Real darkness…beyond words…
That’s why I picked the song
Candle on the Water…That’s who she
Was…for all of us…

The flashes…I’ve had them since I
Can remember…I’ve never told anyone
About them until here now with the pen
And paper…
Terrifying…A trickster…Taunting
Children at night…From the shadows in
The corner…The monster in the closet…
In the night shadows…wherever you can’t
See…beneath the bed…behind the blind
Corner…Its sinister voice…lies and
Schemes to play with your head…
Children in cages…crying…
These…dark creature things…
Patrolling aisles of cages…children
In cages…These things studying every
Single cage, every child…
Burning their eyes into you…The
Terror was so overwhelming you blocked
It out…

They were studying the children…
Looking for something…An experiment?
For what? They were desperate to find
It…To find the child, the children with
It…Some fought, some screamed…
There was no choice…you were a
Subject…And they tested your limits…
Rushed you to a maximum fear…Terror…
The weak disappeared…Those that
Passed the test of interest were
Returned to their beds…as if nothing
Happened…It was a dream, a nightmare…
And during the day life went on…

Those awful flashes! I can only half
Remember…So few survived…
Missing persons…Missing children…

This woman…Kierista…The candle on
The water…Her people…knew about
This…And planned alongside it, against it…
The Great Hall, The Assembly…
The Chosen…These were people selected
From the dark kind’s experiment…
All of them…children from the cages…

Abductees, trainees, mind-slaves, body-laves,
Initiates of the collective…
The Great Hall Assembly was a gamble…
This experiment is HUGE!
My God…What is going on?”

“That…is why we are here.” Varence said
Quietly. “Why I gathered them here.
For the chance…to change everything…”

To put all the pieces still scared me to
Death. The government has no clue about
This, nor any secret agency…only partially
…until here now…

That’s why they go along with it…
How can they fight something bigger,
Beyond their understanding?
They can’t…No one can fight the
But then no one can fight Heaven either…

“And so I gathered the sisters,” Varence
Explained, “To reason this…No one mind
Can grasp this…Even now these words,
Readers will scratch their heads…The
Sisters here…The goddess wisdom in their
Unity, their family ties…and likewise in
Their independent knowledge and experience
Is needed here…” Varence focused intensely,
Those supernatural pearly eyes of his…
“Please continue writing…I know you
Don’t understand…But like the Ascended
Master told you…This…is how the
Answers come.”

The God Project…An experiment of the
Ages…From one world to another…
The scheme of the empire to conquer
All things under Heaven…And egotistically
Then Heaven as well…
But you can’t conquer Heaven…
To find those, create or breed those
That could create a bridge to Heaven…

But…As with the gift of the Angel…
Heaven knows this…And of course
Prepared well for it…For when the
Bridge was made…The day of reckoning…

The questions constant from all
What is Heaven? What is the Angel?
I told you…The unbreakable oath to
The angel with the crown…

The questions from the people…who only
Care, or see, one thing…The slave world
Mentality…Give us the money! Save us!
When will the aliens finally come and
Save us?

The world powers know that answer…

So you want to know…
I’ve been trying; they’ve been trying to
Help open the mind with inspiration…
Unlock the mind, free the mind…
More than written words…Between
The lines…The feelings…

The constant visitors…To see the light…
The visitor…The Blue Man…
Who came and sat beside me in some
Dreamscape created coffee shop to
Talk to me casually…As if that worked…
The Blue Man, tall, broad-shouldered…
The features beyond description…The purplish
Veins in his skin…The chartreuse-like
Tint to his eyes…That odd bulging
Forehead…The synthesizer-heavy tone to
His echoing voice as we talked…
“Hello,” he said, “How are you?”

All I could say was, “You’re blue!?
You’re a blue man talking to me! Don’t
Play mind games like this is normal.
You’re an alien…You have something to
Say, just day it. Don’t play time with
Small talk.”

He laughed. “Fine then…I like you…”

“Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard that before.” I

He just stared at me with those eyes…
No words to describe it. “So ask me.”

“You know what people want to know,”
I said, so tired, “They ask all the time.”

He nodded, smiled. “They’re not ready.
They want to be saved. They do not know
What that means. They do not know

I just shook my head. “How am I
Supposed to tell them that. No one wants
To hear it, no one wants to hear that.”

“I have no other offer.” He said…
Pleasantly…no regret…

“I was afraid of that.” I said.

He made me offers…I dismissed them…
I was really tired of their offers…It
Got so aggravating I was afraid to go
To sleep…

The Visitor…
Years ago…I had this very close friend,
I thought the world of…Before Thanksgiving
His mom passed away, she dropped to
The ground right in front of him from a
Severe aneurism…
It devastated him…

A few months later, a woman came to me
In a dream and introduced herself as his
Mother…She demonstrated behavior only
He would know…and when I told him,
He confirmed this…stunned, because
He did not believe in these things…
In the dream…she thanked me…
Asked me to watch over him no
Matter what…Then showed me maps
Of the future United States…
Oh joy! Oh fun! The dreams never ended…

And then…she led me out of the room
Onto what appeared to be the rooftop
Of a skyscraper…Full of people wearing
These thick big black sunglasses all
Gathered along the railing…staring off
At the horizon…
It was near dusk…twilight…
Then the light began to…reverse?
And the entire crowd began to chant…
The light is coming…
The light is coming…
The light is coming…

What is this light? Another sun?
Nibiru? A cosmic visitor? A quantum
Singularity to burst the bubble?
Your guess is as good as mine.

“The possibilities…” Varence said…
“Hmmm…But then it could just be
A fragment of a star…More comets
Being thrown at the Earth.”

“Thrown?” I asked. “On purpose?”

“Surely you didn’t think all these
Meteors being seen were random?”
Ceres asked. “No, they are being
Sent, tossed your way quite deliberately.”

“Why?” I asked.

“To finish what was started…” Ceres
Told, explained kindly… “The empire
Violates time…Other powers from other
Universes will target anything they
See as a threat as the deadline grows near.”

I was so tired of this…

“Listen,” Vala said, “And I want to
Say this clearly…You’ve done enough…
More than you know are impressed…
And for those who do not understand…
Equally…Those could care less…
And the little ideas that get tossed
About we find very hysterical.”

“I wish I did.” I told them.

Varence held his knee as he remained
Kneeling in front of me. “Listen to her this
Time…right now…There are things to
Come for you…good things…And if there
Were any sense in those in power listening
They would take these stories and VERY
Kindly share them with the world…
Fiction…Non-fiction…It is the BEST advice
To give to those who would have trouble
Listening. Few will understand its true…
But the magic in the words is there…”

“Now,” Vala hummed, “Remember…
Remember in kind…The answers they
Seek…They already have them…For
You and yours I would and will have peace…
But…And heed these words…
I will say what they cannot…
For those arrogant enough to recklessly,
Purposely pursue this current system…
It shall fail…
Bend to me…The empire is a
Sandcastle…and the tide is coming in…
A great frothing, writhing tide…
They should not have built such
Castles of sand on the shores against
Such a great sea…
These are the lessons to be learned…
Of Heaven…of the forces of nature…
Of the elements…
Of water…
The sandcastles against the sea…
The waters of intuition…
They asked the questions…
Now they get the answers they refuse to hear.”



Galactic Lightship Dreamflights 5MAR2016


You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (5  March 2016) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: MultidimensionaloceanAuroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.