Valiant: Knock knock…The Bell Tolls…The Medicine Men’s Dream…The Spirit Wolves…

*SONG* “America” by Neil Diamond

Now it just comes…
First one door opened…Then the next, then the next…
Then more and more and so on…
Unlocking…Memories that won’t stop.
A time capsule of unfolding riddles
To be given, granted, issued at the
Appropriate time…

Varence smiled, “I didn’t even have to
Say start writing,” he nodded with
Enthusiasm, “You see…now it just
Happens…its happening on its own now.
That’s good. That’s very good.”

“Oh joy,” I said, “What’s next? Will lasers
Start shooting out of my eyes…The light…
To become some nightmare turned
Wide awake, exploding glare or something?”

Again that mysterious smile of his…
“You never know…You just never know.”

“This is now for us,” Ceres then said moving
Beside him, her head held high…She seemed
Intensely fascinated, excited… “It’s never
Happened before…I told you from the start
That’s why I’m here…That’s how he
Brought us all here…Well, he and his

“What accomplice?” I asked…

Varence held up his finger to hold her back,
“Let’s not address that just yet. That will
Come soon enough.”

She rolled her eyes, beamed a smile to
Him, then me…She was always attempting
To slip clues to me; though I wasn’t always
Catching them. “Of course it will. The man of
Ages his timing is flawless.”

“Do we dare ask what your plan
Is ahead?” Rana asked sarcastically
Strolling about. “Are we allowed?”

Varence leaned in to me as I sat in
The captain’s chair…where they always
Brought me now… “Tell me…Put your ears
To the wall and tell me…What are they
Saying now? You know WHO I mean…”

I groaned. “They know…They know…
Others, yes some get it, some don’t…
Theories abound…The UFO community, of
Self proclaimed experts, are unaware however…
Exactly as you said…like you wanted.
They believe what they believe.”

“What is he talking about?” Rana asked.

Varence folded his arms with a sigh. “He
Refers to the groups that prospect on alien
Life…There are countless theories on Earth
About what or who exists in the stars…
The talk has been progressive for them
For over the last one hundred of their

“Why?” Rana asked.

Ceres squinted at him. “What have you
Been doing?”

He slighted a laugh. “You give me too
Much credit. They merely analyze what
Clues they are given…Fed…I had no part
In that…They are led to find clues…
Led to perceive discoveries…then make
Expected deductions.”

“How wonderful.” Ceres said, smiling to her
Sisters sarcastically. “No wonder they don’t
Believe in anything.”

Varence lowered his brow… “If you were fed
One hundred stories…wouldn’t you choose
The one you wanted to hear?”

Ceres was growing impatient with him.
“The clock, Varence…pity the reasons
Later…Ask him what you will now, please.
I would rather hear what he has to
Say than more of your rolling riddles of
Their logic.”

“Fine.” He groaned…Then it became very
Clear, Varence was growing impatient as
Well; something I had NEVER seen before.

“I know, I know, I get it,” I said fast,
“Another dream…Its time to rip
Open another memory from my head…”

“Besides…He clearly knows what they think
Already,” Rana said sarcastically as she
Stood with them, folded arms of protest…
“This is but a game of words for him…”

Varence breathed hard, his eyes focusing
Above… “May we begin?”

Vala then stood to join them…
“I’ve been waiting for this…” She
Said, breathing with delight… “The Medicine
Men…When they spoke to you…Please go on.”

“It was around the time I turned 13, “I
Told them with this pen and paper notebook,
That’s when the first one came…

The Medicine Men…believe it or not,
Yes, I was visited by them.
I kept my notes on them separate
Though, mostly because what they told
Me was so different from everything else…
And intensely fascinating.

The first Medicine Man, appeared like
Most of the visitors, sitting on my bed
When I awoke early in the morning, staring
At me…watching me sleep…

He was of about average height I guess, long
Black hair that was woven back with
Black feathers, a leather twine with beads and
Claws…His face was painted red, with
What appeared to be either a hand or
Paw print in black over his right eye…

He never spoke English, but I ALWAYS
Understood everything he said…The
Strangest thing is I, in return, spoke to him
In his language…I had no idea how or
What I or he was saying…Then later in
The day when I recalled the dream of
Him…I remembered it all in
English very clearly? I have no idea how
I did this…

I only knew he came to watch me…
He said he was, they were, watching me…
And waiting for the right time.
How all these visitors knew something
About me both intrigued me and irritated
Me at the same time!

I only saw this Medicine Man through my
Teens…he was polite, patient, very curious…
And only said it was about getting to know
Me before he took me to meet the others…

It felt somewhat like being interviewed,
Examined…as if he were a lawyer
Preparing me to be judged?

When I was about sixteen…He appeared
One night very early through a dream and
Said he was taking me to be seen by
The others…something about it being time,
I was of age…It was their time with
Me and after this I would not see them

I should say here, this is about the time
I started dreaming about the Spirit Wolves…
These large mystical wolves that would
Appear to watch me…and protect me I think,
Silently unseen from a distance…

This Medicine Man was somehow akin to
These wolves, which were more than wolves…
I believe he had the gift to command or
Rather call them; a rare gift.

The Medicine Man then took me to
The local high school in the middle of
The night…in my pajamas…I was
Extremely nervous…He said this was
A very important event…That I should
NOT SPEAK AT ALL no matter what…to
Let him speak for me…and only listen
And watch carefully…to break this
Rule would be very bad, very.

I was taken to the assembly room…
Where about 20 to 30 Native
American men sat…waiting. He made
Me stand in front or them, him beside
Me…He introduced me to them…And
Then explained to me these were the
Great Chiefs, shamans and Medicine Men
Of the Algonquin tribes…They were to
Review my worth, my fate…This basically
Scared me to death.

They all wore animal skins, none spoke
English—they refused to…Many of them
Had faces painted white…The rest were
Either painted black or red…There was
A powerful, ancient feel about them…And
I should emphasize they all appeared with
Forceful, serious expressions…It was such
An intense experience that I sweated heavily.

I understand nothing of what they said…
The Medicine Man with me kept telling
Me to relax, he put his hand on my
Shoulder…And spoke for me passionately.
There was a lot of arguing. They were
Clearly unhappy, divided on any issue
Discussed…A few dismissed me totally…
While others embraced my presence with
A sort of vicious joy…it was beyond
To translate this is nearly impossible…
They spoke hard, fast…

I know they argued, “This is the one? This
Is him?”
They would yell, shake fists…
“He is not whole, he is incomplete,
We cannot judge this now!” others said.

They never gave names…

The Medicine Man with me insisted, “You
Only have this time with him, so see
What you will. If you cannot see
Then that is your foolish mistake.”

It went on and on this way.
I had no idea what they were talking
In the end the decision was a compromise
And they agreed to some plan to which
I was NEVER told…
Then they disappeared, and the Medicine
Man I was with took me home with
Great relief and a smile…
He told me, “That went well.”
I remember responding to him, “They were
So angry I thought they would kill me!”

“No,” he said, “They never agree ever,
They are too stubborn.”

I asked him, “Why did so many of them
Have their faces painted white? Were
They Medicine Men?”

He answered, “No, those were the chiefs.
They were painted white with respect
To the lands they had lost, their
Descendants, the legacy lost, stolen…”
Something about these men…Their
Spirits were here this way until the day
Of justice was served…They were like ghosts
Of the forests, never leaving the land…
A legacy was stolen, and they were
Angry about it…Something about history
Deliberately sabotaged…

I asked him what this was all about.
He said it didn’t matter…It was not a
Test of winning or failing…It was about
Them seeing me? To get the feeling of
Who I was? That it was important…
For their plan, and peace of mind.

After this I never saw them or this
Medicine Man again…through haunting
Words he shouted at this meeting…
That lingered in my mind, I was
Able to tell a friend…phrases, broken

She was a Blackfoot Indian who studied
The various dialects of Native American
Tribes…It was through her that I
Discovered I was not dreaming gibberish…
The Medicine Man spoke Cherokee,
And he said I had some kind of power?
Then he was gone, he left and said
I would not see him again…
But, he said the Spirit Wolves would
Be with me and the others chosen,
Until the day came.

Now I have periodically dreamt about
These large imposing wolves, most are
Jet black, some tawny with wild coats, but—
They came in all colors with glowing
Orange eyes…They were awesome! Magical!

“Before I continue,” I said to them, “Can
You tell me…What are they, these Spirit
Wolves, exactly?”

They looked among each other with
Playful intrigued expressions…Then Vala
Spoke, her voice was calm and
Enchanting without a hum this time…
“Ah, the Spirit Wolves…Now listen
To me…no matter what anyone tries
To tell you…The Spirit Wolves are
More than wolves, they are NOT wolves
As you know…
They are not of Earth, nor any one
World…They can walk between
Worlds…As the raven can fly and see
Into the void…So can the Spirit
Wolves walk between worlds…
Only they can, if they wish, walk in
The real world…Their hierarchy is
Beyond what you know…They come
From Sirius…The same as the Lion
Men…Only it’s different for them…
As the Lion Man stands over the lion…
The Spirit Wolves stands over the wolf men…
Their hierarchy is different…primal…
Sincere…raw, instinctive…There is no
Blithering tide of feelings to confuse
Them…There is only intense pure
Emotion…Loyalty and devotion without
Betrayal or hesitation. They are beyond
Animal or man…They are an
Embodiment of both wisdom and law…
A truly magical being…”

“To command the Spirit Wolf,” Vala said
With awe, “is no small gift…They MUST
Have the wolf high in their totem,
They must have the eyes, ears or cry
Of the wolf to do this…or they are but
Its pawn like anyone else…And, to be
Able to command, or rather CALL the
Spirit Wolf…now that is a power few
Ever have, ever.”

“What,” I said, “Are you trying to tell me
They are…alien wolves?”

Vala laughed, shook her head…Her
Manner drawing everyone’s attention…
She knew everything on these matters…
“Let me try to explain this again…
You must stop thinking in such small
Terms…That greatness only comes on two

“Look at the whales,” Ceres added
Joyfully. “Do they not prove they are more
Than animal? As do many living things.”

“Exactly.” Vala nodded. “The Spirit Wolves…
Now this is actually important to know…
The awesome races that came from that
Star system…As one might say, the lion or
Lion men are the kings of nature…
The Spirit Wolves are then the police of
Managing its physical laws
Under the Heavens…

“The Medicine Man who came to you…
He never told you his name?” Vala asked.

“No.” I answered. “None of them did. I
Was very curious about that.”

Vala nodded, again no hum…Her manner
Was like an instructor now… “There
Is great power in a name…It held no
Purpose when he appeared to you, for where
He is now…his name is different than
When he held a body…The meaning of
His visit was in what he showed you…

“Those chiefs, shamans, Medicine Men…
They remain in a state of protest as
They were robbed of a destiny…one
The Indian Nations of that continent
Were divided…Their destiny was to be
United…to find their unity…and one
Day become a powerful civilization…
But when the early explorers came…
They settled and conquered the land
Instead…Thus stealing their legacy…

“You know this by the demon that
Threatened you…The Jersey Devil that
Possessed the early colonists’ plan to
Divide and conquer a continent…under
The pretense of setting a so-called New

“The legacy of the Native Americans
Never came to fruition because the Dark
Kind destroyed it…That’s how they
Subjugate history…They did it before, they
Did it again with your world wars…”

“Now you’re just telling their lost history.”
Varence interrupted. “Speak only of his

Vala frowned at him, “May I continue?”
She rolled her eyes and went on regardless.
“You were confused by the visits of
These Medicine Men when you were

“Yes.” I said. “They were angry. It scared
Me. I never did anything to them. I respect
Them…Most of my family came to
American in the 1950’s…Escaping the
Chaos in Europe from World War II.”

“Listen,” Vala explained, “there is a
Significant element there…In all that
You are and will become…
This contact and connection you have
With these ancient chiefs and Native
Americans…They were trying to tell you
Something…Of how that legacy must be
Fulfilled…it’s ordained…It’s very relevant
To the end of the current system that
Effects the entire world.”

“How exactly?” I asked.

“It involves the Spirit Wolves.” Vala said
Respectfully. “The ancient tribes of America
In their quest for unity, by their ties
With nature sought help with this by
Calling for a teacher…The Spirit Wolf…

“Consider this…For all the eyes and ears
Out there must listen…A slave world…
Ruled by fear and oppression…Strictly
Held by THE HERD mentality…
Herding…Running with the herd…
The herd mentality is one of survival,
By camouflage, blending in…Flight…
Never straying from the group…For strays,
Those who are different…are cast out…
Left behind…hunted…This maintains the
Constant, the consistency of the herd…
Mainstream thought…The collective…
Behaving…And thus directing the herd’s
Behavior any which way the shepherd
Or slaver desires…

“Now…there is a herd unity, and then there
Is PACK unity…pack unity is VERY different.
Consider the wolf…The Spirit Wolf…
The pack…survival by unity…
Survival of the pack…The hunt…The eyes
And ears to protect the pack…The males
And females work together…The family…
The offspring are protected by the entire
Pack…It is a formidable unity…”

One essential and highly respected by
The Native Americans…”

“What about the Lone Wolf?” I asked.
“And rival packs?”

Vala shook her head. “The Spirit Wolves
Are beyond that…That’s why they are
An advanced being…They represent the
Unity of all packs…Of packs coming
Together…The wolf comes in many colors…
Black, grey, red, silver, tawny…white…
A rainbow pack…to mirror a rainbow
Tribe…That is the greatest lesson of the
Spirit Wolf…for those who wish to
Learn from its teachings.”

“But different cultures view the wolf differently.”
I said. “Some see it, or saw it as a monster…
That became werewolf legends…and

“No, that is small minded of the animal wolf.”
Vala said strongly. “That is not the way
Of the Spirit Wolf…The Spirit Wolf
Is a spiritual being, like I said, the police
Of nature…They would kill such an
Evil reflection…The Spirit Wolf is noble,
Wise…stop thinking in terms of Earth…

“There are worlds that worship the Spirit
Wolf…There are mystics so strongly attuned
To it that they respect it above all
Others…Your people think too small…
Afraid of things they cannot understand.
Forget werewolves or shapeshifters…The
Spirit Wolf is NOT that at all…”

“I’m understanding that now.” I nodded.

“Good.” Vala smiled. “Because they are a
Powerful being deserving respect. If they
Came to teach the Native Americans
Do not take that lightly. That is very

“And hear me when I say this,” Vala
Intensely addressed these written words,
“The Spirit Wolf is a force unlike any
Other…Pit them against another
Supernatural being…And you will have
One surprising fight…Albeit but brief,
Nothing matches the pack, nothing…
Mothman? Ha, they would tear such a
Thing to pieces…

“If Nibiru should come…Or the Annunaki
Or one of their hybrid creatures rise…
Against the Spirit Wolf? Spirit Wolves?
That would be likened to a bloodbath…
And pity the witch who dare to control them!”
Vala laughed. “The power of the pack
Grants them immunity to magic…

“And if the Spirit Wolf marks you as a
Pack member…” Vala then hummed a
Laugh. “Oh my! The consequences…I can
Only imagine…Many have an affinity
With wolves…But Spirit Wolves…That’s a
Different game entirely.”

“I know, I’ve seen them.” I told her, them.
“They appeared at times of crisis…In
Nightmares they chased monsters away…
They have attacked friends of mine…
Which scared them to come to my house…
They said for some reason they thought
Wolves would attack them.”

Vala held her jaw wide a moment, surprised.
“They protected you?”

“At times when I saw them, yes.” I said.
“And in their wake…sometimes they left
A gift.”

“A gift?” Vala was intrigued.

“A puppy.” It felt like a sudden revelation.
“Yes. Most of the times after the Spirit
Wolves had come to me…A new puppy
Had come into my life…I know this
Because after we would get a new puppy
I would dream of a wolf coming
To…acknowledge, or appraise the puppy,
Then leave.”

“If the Spirit Wolf has come to you
DO NOT take that lightly…” Vala
Said carefully. “Because they are here,
They have come to Earth with purpose
Not just as the great police of nature…
But also as teachers for the rainbow tribe…”

That was fascinating to hear. “How?”

“America…” Vala said mysteriously…
“It is, or has been considered a melting
Pot, has it not?”

“Yes.” I answered.

“The wolf cries,” Vala said, “To call to
Its pack…Don’t you see? Everyone…Well,
Within each race, there are those who
Possess their own special magic…power…
Combining to the whole to form a
Completion…To complete the pack…
The Native Americans…Shamans…
Medicine Men…The chiefs…were, whether
They knew it or not…Calling out
Not only to the great teachers they
Needed, the Spirit Wolves…but also
Calling out to their missing pack
Members to complete their pack,
Of the rainbow tribe…to complete the
Powers they were missing.”

“That’s why I was compelled to the
Song, America!” I told her. “Ah, I see now!
And Jacob’s totem high is the eyes, ears
And voice of the wolf!”

“Then it is essential to wake him up.” Vala
Instructed. “As it is for all of those of
Affinity with the Spirit Wolves TO LISTEN
To their teaching.”

“And that explains why the last Medicine
Man came to me 10 years ago with
Their request.” I nodded. Yes, it made
Sense now.

“There is another who came to you?” Vala asked.

“Yes,” I told her. “After the angel, the
Only one since…He was different though,
Modern…He was about 60. He wore blue jeans, a checkered
Shirt and a bandana on his head. He
Was tall, very strong spoken…and he had
A younger man with him, maybe 30, he
Said he was Dream Walker? He told me
They were Navajo.”

“Please go on.” Vala said.

“Well, it was about 10 years ago…” I said
Recalling the dream… “There was a Pow Wow…
There were these men in full costume performing
A dance, it was so cool to see. I stood there
Watching this with these two men…But
They didn’t seem very happy. Something
Important was going on. They had a white
Buffalo there…I just thought it was
Amazing to watch…

“But the Medicine Man was very disappointed,
He kept asking me what I thought about
It. I told him I thought it was cool. But
He was irritated, he said they kept wasting
Time…Too much talking, not enough
Listening, no one listens enough. That
One thinks they’re right, then that one does
And no one listens. They’re coming together
But they’re not coming together. They
Don’t see what’s happening…Just like
Before…just like hundreds of years ago.”

I asked him what he wanted to do about
It. He thought for a while, discussed it with
His friend there…Then they both asked me,
“I…We need you to do something…My
People need this…Please…I would like you
To design a weapon for my people.”

“A weapon?” I asked.

“Using your artwork,” he explained, “What
You’re working on right now. A weapon they
Can use.”

“You want me to use my artwork to design
A weapon?” I asked. “I don’t know if I’m
Allowed to do that…”

He laughed and said, “You’re doing it already.
This is what it’s for. You’ve been asking what
It is the angel did to you, gave to you…This
Is part of it…It’s what you’re studying
On the internet, isn’t it?”

“But for defense, protection,” I said, “I’ve
Never created an offensive attack type of

“But that’s alright,” he said, “That’s good.
Be creative…I’m not talking about a knife
Or sword…These are for more powerful weapons
With the mind…”

“What did you have in mind?” I asked.

“Vision…” he said, seriously…a very mystical
Look in his eye… “My people need vision…
An eagle soars with the sun…it sees far and
Wide…They need vision…They’re not seeing
What they should be seeing.”

“How do I do this though?” I asked…

“You will think of something. I know you
Will.” He smiled. “And when a Medicine Man
Comes into your life…give him this weapon
Of vision…he will know what to do with it.”

“They need to come together.” The Dream Walker
Friend said. “And they’re not…not enough…
They need to listen to each other more.”

“Well I can understand that.” I told them.
“No one listens, they hear but they don’t listen…
No one knows how to communicate…or I mean,
Very few do…”

“I understand exactly.” The Medicine Man
Nodded. “It’s true, they don’t. You listen very

“I spent most of my life scared,” I told him,
“When you’re scared like that you learn to
Listen…You learn to listen very carefully to
Avoid trouble…Scared people are sensitive that way.
That’s why my family called me ‘Rabbit
Ears.’ I had very sensitive hearing from
Being scared all the time. And no one
Noticed…They were too busy talking…People
Who talk all the time miss a lot…So you
See, my Indian name would probably be
Rabbit Ears.” I laughed.

They both laughed with me. “You seem better now.”

“That was part of the gift with the angel I will
Always be grateful for,” I explained, “He
Greatly eased a lot of that fear…When you
Have something that big happen…it changes you.
Your perspective changes on everything.”

“I envy that gift.” He said kindly. “So will
You do this for me, what I asked?”

I watched the Pow Wow…looked at him…
How could I say no, I have huge admiration
For Native Americans… “Of course I will.”

“Thank you.” He smiled…then the dream
Faded and I woke up…
And yes…A Medicine Man has come
Into my life…like he said…and I gave
Him what I said I would…
We’ll see what happens…

“So do you feel what he wants will
Happen, this Navajo Medicine Man?” Varence

“I’ve learned not to question too much.” I
Answered…smiling, knowing fully well how
Varence danced around questions… “He
Believed…and he used words that held

Varence grimaced at me…That turned lip,
His protest at my descriptions… “But what
Do you sense of this matter with your
Experiences with these Medicine Men?”

“They were the first to appear to me when
I was younger,” I said, “I think its
Important that I do what I can to help
To play my role in the great Rainbow
Tribe…my role in the pack…”

“What did they say to you,” Vala asked,
Tilting her head curiously at me, “These
Medicine Men…The assembly of chiefs, that
Cherokee Man? You said you don’t
Remember…I know you do…”

Of course there was no hiding anything
From them! I groaned. “They said I
Had some special power…That’s why they
Had to meet me then…Because they would
Not be allowed later…Their protest was
Because I was so young…They wanted to
See me at ‘full power,’ not incomplete as
I was a teenager.”

“Was that the beginning then of your path?”
Vala asked.

“It was a sign.” I said. “I thought you
Knew everything…But then there were those
Strange…mysterious visits…encounters…
And nightmares every Easter…Then
The Spirit Wolves came…Everything just
Snowballed from there.”

“Still the Medicine Men and the Spirit
Wolves were a powerful influence to you?”
Vala asked.

“The Spirit Wolves always bear a powerful
Impression.” Varence said respectfully.

“Absolutely.” I said.

“Ah, the Spirit Wolves.” Vala hummed. “Wait
Until you get the response after they read
About them…Just remember what I told
You…No matter what people claim to tell you,
The Spirit Wolves are NOT of Earth…it’s
Beyond Earth…They are celestial, they’re
Everywhere…And just because someone
Sees a wolf in a dream or vision doesn’t
Mean it’s a Spirit wolf…They rarely
Travel alone…

“Oh, and by chance if there
Were some scheme to catch a Spirit Wolf…
That would be a…recklessly stupid thing
To do…For they will protect their own…
And they can will, take physical form
And they can and will kill.”

“You don’t think they would actually try
To catch one, do you?”

“Regarding the great geniuses of Earth?”
Rana snapped loudly, “Dare we dream
Cosmic forces haven’t erected monuments
To their stupidity for all the stars to see!
But then, of course, you have the moon…
And all their little off world brittle
Built arrogant escape bases…The sheer
Concept of mental dysfunction may have
To be redefined by their deeds if…”

“Rana!” Varence nearly shouted to cease
Her words. “Please. Timing…Truths for
Another day.”

“Pardon me,” Rana said amused, “My
Allowances for words are restricted…
Stupidity must be granted time for
Mourning…The age of reason pray to
Come soon! Read faster!”

Ceres burst with laughter. “Dreams!”

Varence gestured to Vala, “Please…Conclude
This before Rana rants on the architecture
Of their society some more.”

Vala smiled, stepped up to me and
Nodded… “Remain steadfast and true,” she
Fought to laugh at Rana but continued,
“Hold to your course…The Spirit Wolves…
Tell them…Your country may have the
Bald Eagle as its symbol…And granted
Raptors, birds of prey are the esteemed
Vessel of strength and vision…stealth…
Their purpose has wide skill currently
And still to come…
But when it comes to America…The Great
Indian Nations and the legacy they deserve,
Of the Rainbow Tribe…And the need
And time of unity to come…The true totem
Is the Spirit Wolf…The Spirit Wolves…
And must be heeded…

“Sight to see of the world…Vision…
Embrace the past…
As with the Bear…of the Mother…
Something born of both sides…
The twilight…becomes dawn…
The strength of the Good Spirit
To marry the dark inner warrior hidden…
Balanced by the wisdom and teachings
Of the Spirit Wolves…The pack…
Become your Higher Self…
Rise and wake Jacob…seek out your
Circle of 5…
Divining Rod of Light…Guide the Spirit
To the Path of Completion…
Rise to the cry of the wolf…
No more doubts…The chosen will see the road clear.
The light is coming.”

my artwork: The Wolves