Valiant: Bell Tolls Completion

From Hobie on RMN:

Hi, Folks –

A Reader wrote to ask why there’s no Valiant post today. I e-mailed Valiant’s Mom to ask about it and to ask if the two are okay, and she wrote:


In the last post[, …] Rana and Ceres, and the sisters insisted [Valiant] rest up, and take some time off!

He has been with RMN for over 4 years now…writing non-stop….because it was necessary for him to get the messages out.

Now, The Bell Tolls series is done, as all the sisters are together, and the next mission will begin. Plans in the works already.

So Valiant is taking a much needed break, as he gears up for the next assignment! It will be a “Thunderous” return!

Perhaps next week…or the next. Depends on how rested he feels!

If you wish, you may share this with the readers, so they don’t worry!

Thank you again for your concern.