Valiant: Bell Tolls Completion

From Hobie on RMN:

Hi, Folks –

A Reader wrote to ask why there’s no Valiant post today. I e-mailed Valiant’s Mom to ask about it and to ask if the two are okay, and she wrote:


In the last post[, …] Rana and Ceres, and the sisters insisted [Valiant] rest up, and take some time off!

He has been with RMN for over 4 years now…writing non-stop….because it was necessary for him to get the messages out.

Now, The Bell Tolls series is done, as all the sisters are together, and the next mission will begin. Plans in the works already.

So Valiant is taking a much needed break, as he gears up for the next assignment! It will be a “Thunderous” return!

Perhaps next week…or the next. Depends on how rested he feels!

If you wish, you may share this with the readers, so they don’t worry!

Thank you again for your concern.




  1. To all my friends on the Spirit Train…..
    He is back….rested and with new purpose.

    I will forward the message to dreamwalker immediately…..
    remember…no more Knock Knock…
    now it is
    The Echo of Thunders…
    and it truly IS !!


  2. Sorry for being held by some series of stuffs which I’ve to look after first…I get hence somehow unplugged in various aspects.

    For the moment, I cannot but charge this picture with speaking of something(s) that even I myself still don’t really make out, but just feel so resonated for some known & unknown reasons…

    Luigi Bompard (1879- 1953) .La Rugiada, “Novissima” 1905

    For my ignorance of Latin, after looking for some dictionaries or concerned links, these are presented….

    My perspectives are undoubtedly different from Leibniz’s. This may be a very interesting subject to have more discussion with you, as this is one of what has haunted me and for which I’ve been searching for the answers. Sorry for that for the moment I cannot share these personal ideas from personal experience and observation.

    Besides, this video keeps being shown and reminding me of the “window” that is used to be marked in the Irish animation, Song of the Sea.

    Besides, last week, I was led to this series of OST. Though I cannot deny my bias against this genre of violent combat video game, as there might be quite important and precious messages to the ones who can recognize them, I seem to be pushed to share it here!” It’s worth indicating that it was shown to me when I typed the key-word, nine sisters last week.

    Something which might be relevant, i the whole last one week, I’m used to see the numbers, 7 or 9….

  3. Ok Brianna so the question of how to fix everything. I feel the problems of the world are mostly because of a total separation from source. For example you have one life, then you die, then you go to heaven for eternity. Well, eternity is a long time to wait… So we come back here from time to time. From an eternal being standpoint, this right here is the ultimate video game. So who’s to say that what we have now isn’t already perfect?

    In the short term, I think everything required for basic survival should be provided. Maybe this would be a guaranteed base income. Education should also be provided. Humanity could stand to changing the culture of material wealth to a culture of social wealth. Medicine should be provided, transportation. Technology could shift in a similar way to making things that last and reducing operating expenses.

    I think every home could generate more than enough power.

    Maybe the materials we produce would be free since the raw material was free to begin with. I am not a big fan of the current economic model. Phasing out the need for money requires a whole different way of thinking… Which would not be impossible…

    • well that reminds me of a friend who said… if u wanna get ride of money… u need a system where every human donates time… like 5 years of work but after that u can enjoy the world we build… its not meant as slavery… but if every human would at some point in his life donate 5 years of his freedom and helps society with its work force… we could all have a happy life… if u think about how few people are requiered in fabrics these days because all is automated…

      but the main problem would be to find a new energy source that can not be manipulated or corrupted… right now the misery that we have is that our energy needs are based on sources that come from nature that have to be dug out or drilled… that litteraly puts the power in very few hands…

      if u want the people to abandon the money idea u need to show them how free energy would transform their life… once u have free energy imagine what costs will just be gone from products u can buy in supermarket… if u think about it the energy cartel is pretty much every where…

      wanna change the world find a free energy source and go the whole 9yards until its to late for them to stop it… till it got viral… the kiss (keep it simple stupid) idea would be great… so every one can have a thing in the house…

      i bet that if that comes out the mind set will change… because all that would mean less time for work requiered since u dont have to pay for energy 😉

        • damn forgot the most important point… it must not and can not be done with outside funding… u would need a frodo kind of person that keeps the patent in its hands so it can not be bought off and put into a draw… like some one that builds it for “non profit” just enough money to pay for the materials and the working force to build it… and maybe a little bit more to keep the thing running… there can not be any stock market crap or what have u… where people can gamble… it has to be a gift to mankind… so no one can bastardize it as power monopole to keep everyone in chains

      • Yes agreed – this would be a great step in the right direction. I think this is precisely why the free energy devices have been actively suppressed for so long. “They” do not want that kind of change. To overcome this we need a device that anyone can build with very little money. It could be as large as a heat pump. Ideally, the power generation and heating/cooling could be part of the same system.

      • well who says ur not living a movie plot right now that is a fantasy in another timeline ^^ hahaha sorry i know its a mind fuck lol

        but yeah the timeline thing gets realy confusing

  4. uh before i forget i read yesterday a short article that one found out that dogs/wolfs and other predators have a sense to notice magnetic fields… and if u think about it this way… they can see the aura/magnetic field of living things… that literally means they can see prey that isnt 100% fitt or healthy… now… think about why some predators attack some people and the other people not…

    and who of our friends mentioned the other day that wolfs are natures police ? wouldnt it make so much sense that they would hunt the sick and the ill so the healthy animals can survive ? like keeping the dna good

    • Yes, of course read them…as always. Being a non-native English speaker, I rely on the lyrics so much. Exactly just like what you are saying, “goosebumps.” Quite interestingly, in CN, we rather call it “chicken”bumps !

      The pictures shown in the video are also…that incredibly in syn !!!

      Thank you !!!

      Here, just coming in this melody….maybe it’s charging me with sharing it for reminding of / calling some sister ?!

  5. Thanks Lida and Bill…I have known the role I am to play since 2009, but just haven’t known how to even begin. So I guess that makes you, VALIANT…our “Commander in Chief”, or maybe rather our Chief? 😉 What a mine field this has all been, so much of our ancestors teachings lost and so much deception and betrayal out there.

    You are so awesome tribe! Great videos and Pics!

    I found out that the band First Aid Kit, are from Sweden and that they took their name because they “wanted to make people feel better.” I swear they must have been Native Americans in their past lives.

  6. Thanks Lida & Bill for this thoughtful message for reassuring us. You do deserve a nice rest. Pls take care anyhow. May the pictures below warm your hearts up !

      • How sweet you are….thank you so so so much, my angel !!! I….m still hiding for working on the unfinished draft”s!” God…time glids by too fast that I cannot keep up with at all…

        Nando, I need your blessing….

        • Hi Feilla! Don’t despair… I give you my blessing! 🙂 wish you a fine week. It’s starting to get cold here in the southern hemisphere… and just last week I was wearing only shorts and tshirt… too bad, because I like warm weather

  7. Thanks everyone!!!
    Don’t worry…he will be back, and it will be HUGE!!!
    And yes, the Thunder will be Roaring!!

    Lots of things in the works already….

  8. Time to rest…? Or time to roar?
    The Bell Toll series were a brief insight to varying aspects of the mind and psyche, to the connections inner and outer, micro and macro, as above as below, the different cosmic sources we connect to and through.

    I like how big brother and secret agent man outside influences merged to inside reflections.

    I Look forward to what comes next… After youre rested.

    • oh yeah cars….

      since yesterday and today i got the itch/urge to drive a car at night… no destination… just drive… the way is the goal…. no future no past… just the moment… to get lost in the moment

      thank god i dont have a car ^^ hehe

      but if…

      mmmm getting a nice playlist ready…. and than getting into a beauty like this… not a single part original… but yet to keep it looking as if its made for the road and original…

      than let this track play… while the car is stuck and glued to the road as if it runs on tracks 😉

      thank god dreaming isnt forbidden yet 😉

      im normally not for material things… but hey its just a dream =)

      • i dont know why but the sounds the car makes have some some thing strangely arousing and calming to me at the same time… hahaha i hope that didnt come out wrong lol

            • You are that good, my brother. Pls trust me and yourself !!! I think that calling is quite significant right now. It might be worth trying connecting with that yourself, even your beloved partner, that flying vehicle with “consciousness” even “identity,” disregarding all the present “material condition / frames.” I might be insane…but when I’m not insane ?!

              • Big huggggggggggsssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!! no you are not at all lol…

                if u could see me right now… lol

                well lets say i posted the cat right NOW !!!!

  9. Thank you so much Bill. 4 years, non-stop…Rest. Walk on the tender spring grass.
    Thank you Lida. All the writing, all the mails, all you say and all you don’t say but feel so deeply.
    Now… us 🙂 I have an… “indecent proposal” for all of us 🙂
    At this point… what is your “dream”, what is your wish
    What is your vision. What can you let go of. What do you want to “travel with” from now on ?
    How do you want to change… all this mess
    Go !

    • In my opinion nothing needs to be “fixed”, what we have here and now is just lies and balderdash!

      OPEN THE GATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Yet I’m the one who dreamt our basic dream
      In the Old World while still a serf of kings,
      Who dreamt a dream so strong, so brave, so true,
      That even yet its mighty daring sings
      In every brick and stone, in every furrow turned
      That’s made America the land it has become.
      O, I’m the man who sailed those early seas
      In search of what I meant to be my home—
      For I’m the one who left dark Ireland’s shore,
      And Poland’s plain, and England’s grassy lea,
      And torn from Black Africa’s strand I came
      To build a “homeland of the free.”

      The free?

      Who said the free? Not me?
      Surely not me? The millions on relief today?
      The millions shot down when we strike?
      The millions who have nothing for our pay?
      For all the dreams we’ve dreamed
      And all the songs we’ve sung
      And all the hopes we’ve held
      And all the flags we’ve hung,
      The millions who have nothing for our pay—
      Except the dream that’s almost dead today.

      -from “Let America Be America Again” by Langston Hughes

      • this vid sprung into my mind when i read the lyrics =)

        fun fact did u know that germany doesnt even have a constitution ? i remember two guys protesting in berlin years ago about the fact that we dont have one… those two got snatched away pretty fast from the loving police that was concerned of the safety…
        but than why would germany wants to have a constitution when we have a basic/ground law (grundgesetz)… but u see here is the detail… law can be changed as seen to fit… but a constitution well that is some thing meant to last and not to be changed…. also the perverted view to see people in germany as persons and not as humans… how cruel so human rights are for humans and since germans are viewed in front of the law as persons… do they have rights at all ???

        anyway what im trying to say is those of u from the united states… dont u dare and let them take this from u… u folks have all this guaranteed… over here its a whole other story…

        • Too late! 😦 I agree a constitution can be important if it’s actually upheld and laws aren’t made that go around it. The “libertarian” movement is company-backed with the intent of getting rid of the constitution in favor of “sovereignty”, well that’s a double edged sword because then there’s even less rights, the “pro” side are things like common law grand juries (libertarians/corporations also tried to take these over)

          US Government is a corporation, same as any other government
          it’s unconstitutional for a corporation to act as a government (yet it does!)
          subsidiaries of the Vatican as per universal commercial code
          fictional entities created by greedy people, and the same “US persons” definition exists here… which actually covers everyone including non-citizens, so is immigration a sham?

          Jurisdiction of this corporation “includes the district of columbia, guam, and us virgin islands” notice how the rest of the states aren’t mentioned?

          And anyways how does any one person defend or represent themselves against the “bar” by themselves? In which case it just turns into a kangaroo court

          Just insert any country name into that poem… written some time ago, yet still very relevant today

          zeitgeist film is worth watching if you haven’t seen it, it’s an overview of some of these things

          cross ref. the lion’s roar video 🙂

          • yeah i remember that movie… did see it actually the other day reposted somewhere think it was the addendum version… but its been ages ^^ oh speaking of this i think i can remember the movie kymatica that had also nice clues… but im always careful because… the best lies have up to 95% truth in it…

            anyway ur right as always hehe… but the whole topic is realy depressing me… when one understands the whole construct they put on us… im thinking so often these concepts seam so alien to the human kind…

            i spoke the other day with a good friend about contracts and so on… i tried to make the point i see the concept of a contract as magic… if u think about the paper is physical the letters on it describe a mental thing that isnt physical… and the contract will be signed from both parties to come to an agreement that is sealing the deal and the contract is a point in time and space that is physically and mentally evidence of the agreement… and than my friend said… think about the past they “sealed” a deal with a hand shake… and the seals are soooo important in magic…

            anyway im sorry my thoughts go round and round the last week… pure chaos =/

            anyway it is depressing me so mutch that we are viewed and interacted with as if we are livestock… also that friend quoted once a person cant remember who it was… “as long as we have slaughterhouses we will have wars and battlefields” and if u think about it if we would finally go back to the ways of the past living with nature in balance we will become sane again and become a whole new healthy and respectful view of everything…

            • on second thought go and watch the movie kymatica if u havent watched it yet… but please go into observer mode watching it… because i dont know the grade to how accurate the information is…

              • Stefman, out of chaos comes a new balance, and you know it 🙂 Those “laws” and rules are alien to us… because they are of alien origin.
                Fantastic new post. I just read it. Here we go, may I say 🙂
                Take care of yourself. Rest when you can. Very strong… energies right now. We need to know when to retreat in our nests to rest, contemplate. Oh… and eat some too 🙂 ❤

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