Valiant: Knock Knock…The Bell Tolls…The Signs…The Circle…The Sisters…

SONG: “Private Eyes” by Hall and Oates

There is a time for all things…
Open Eyes sees the signs
Minds can only be led, told so much…
Time has been torn, and thus
Unforgiving…But destiny will always
Have its way. You cannot fight this.

The circle stands to represent
A completion, and so by its nature
Has the power to change things…
Restore things…The challenge then
Is to find the balance to harness
This power…Something that has
Been destroyed, prevented…until now

The circle, by the trumpets call,
By the ringing and tolls of the bells
Will complete itself…

Like rings, and ripples through time
They cascade…circles…
The rings of power…
The bonds of friendship, love
And soulmates…and sisters…

The words cannot be translated more
To you. Find your answers where you
Need to…

“The clues have been put there
So many times.” Varence said nobly,
Standing tall…center…in front of me…
Stronger than ever. He pointed to the
Notebook, the words, “You have put the
Clues and signs there for years now…
By the light, of Valiant…with my words
Added…and Ceres,” he gestured towards
Her: “No more can be demanded of
Me or you.”

Ceres stepped beside him, smiling ever
Victoriously. “So finally…The Greater
Thinker breaks…”

“I have not broken,” he told her calmly. “The
Timing…I am merely tired of the
Repetition of things…And so, as voted by
The sisters here…I will play my role…
But Rana now will take the lead…”

At that, Rana stepped forward, smiling
Like a champion…Let me just say, warn
You…There have been no ropes or chains
Made that could hold that woman
Down…And the one who tries…The
Word stupid then must be redefined to
Describe them.
“Thank you!” she said gratefully to me.
“This is going to be fun.”

“Oh, I will still be here.” Varence assured,
His arms crossed, one hand of arm held
Up to his chin…his forefinger tracing his
Chin… “But now that all of the sisters
Are assembled…They must have the
Voice…and so one must speak for
Them…I will just offer suggested guidance
To the chorus.”

“All the sisters?” I asked…

At that…the eighth sister stepped forward
Then…She must have arrived while I
Was resting from the last meeting…
Again…here was another tall flawlessly
Beautiful woman…a deep golden, dark
Blond hair, with shimmering blue eyes
That sparkled like a tropical sea
Reflecting a clear blue sky with the
Sun at the brightest part of the day…
She was regal, calm, composed…and
Stood watching me write as if she was
Gently fascinated…wearing a pink
Dress…elegant…casual… “I’m Damara.”
She introduced herself.

“Hello.” I could only say…still wondering…
That counted only 8… “I thought there
Was 9 of you?”

They all quietly laughed…at some
Secret…Then Varence, his brow lowered,
Said slowly. “Oh there are…9…But
You see…Chantala has been here…
This whole time…Watching that is…
She will arrive…appropriately.”

“Chanta, Chantala, my sister,” Ceres
Told me kindly for them, “is Varence’s
Accomplice…that I spoke of last time?”

“Oh?” I said.

“Only in part,” Varence addressed, “I
Did gather these pieces myself, alone…
To a point…But you see…”

“Chanta,” Ceres eagerly explained,
“Is a voice to the council…an
Ambassador to the outside…”

“Ok?” I said…

“Chanta…” Varence went on, “was,
And has always been involved in
The project…” He was leading me…
“She has deep red hair…You know
Her from the Great Hall.”

“What?!” I knew exactly who he was
Talking about.

“Relax my friend.” Varence insisted.
“It’s all about to come clear…But,
Now…As I have said…Rana, will
Take the lead.”

She held her stance tall, unbreakable.
“And all those fun little game
Words of his guidance will now wash

“Be of kind mind.” Kierista insisted of
Her sister.

“I will be kind when they deserve it.”
Rana said. “I just have one question
To begin…Do I address them as
People? Humans that can control
Themselves and think? Or animals…
That scratch themselves…dwell on
Idle things…and can barely control
Their urges and emotions? Tell me
So I can begin.”

“She asks the impossible questions
First!” Ceres laughed. “Remember I
Showed you the scene of the monkeys
Eating with their feet earlier…Their
Dexterity surpasses limits of those that
Ask the same questions over and over…
Questions that have been answered
Over and over…”

“So, answer, tell me then.” Rana said.

“Address them as humans please.”
Varence told her.

“He reaches for the stars!” Ceres told her
Sisters. “He aims for mercy…if only
I could do the same…and forget
What history I have seen.”

“Rana, might I suggest speak your
Mind as you will.” Vala told her.
“I certainly will.”

Rana liked that answer. “Fine then.”
She turned to her newly arrived sister.
“Bill…And the eyes and ears reading…
This is Damara…my sister…She has
A history with the medical sciences
On Tellus…”

“Think of her as a doctor.” Varence

“Oh? Well that’s interesting.” I said.

“Her point of arrival…last,” Ceres then
Said, “Is of course with purpose…All
Things timed with reason…”

“Your planning,” Damara said, “Not mine.”

“Medical sciences?” I asked. “A

“Well yes, if you need to say those words.”
Damara answered. “More of studies, as
Such things are not really required on

“A healer though?” I asked.

“Yes.” She nodded, looking to her sisters
Curiously. “There are concerns of this?”

“The Earth…” I tried to tell her… “Its
Just that there a lot of sick people where
I’m from.”

“Your world has no medical sciences?”
Damara asked.

Ceres laughed. “I would not prod that
Discussion…Damara, you will not like
What you find.”

“What’s the matter?” Damara asked.

“Could I ask your advice then?” I

“Certainly.” She answered kindly, if not

“Show her a 3rd dimensional view
Of the planet.” Rana ordered, upon
Which the view screen came up then
Transformed to a holographic projection
Of Earth in the center of the room…
In 3-D…hovering among them.
“Take a look.”

Damara studied the great image…
There were readings on panels that
Lit up around the room I could not
Understand; a language in symbols that
I didn’t know.

“Tell him what you see.” Ceres smiled.

“Don’t you want to hear my questions
First?” I asked.

Damara frowned. “I can see the problems
Already.” She walked around the
Sphere projection, glanced at the readings
On the walls. “This is the current
State of the planet?”

“Yes.” Ceres answered.

“What is it?” I asked. “You can see
Things from this view alone?”

“Yes, of course.” Damara said with
An intense expression. “The atmosphere
Is quite toxic…by that I mean of

“Sound?” I asked.

“All worlds have a, or should have,
A nature balance of energies.” She
Explained. “The natural order of things.
When that is disrupted, you will of
Course have problems…Primitive
Technology is the most poisonous
Culprit…Anything creating excessive
Disturbing sounds…to varying degrees…
But this world…has all manner of
Sound disruptions…From high to low
Frequency vibrations…pulse waves…
Sonic explosions…The level of noise is
Absurd…At these ranges and levels…
The immune systems of life forms would
Be compromised, thus allowing all manner
Of diseases to flourish…”

“I did not expect that answer…” I said.

“Tell me,” Damara said curiously, “Do
You often hear ringing in your ears?
Hums? Are you sensitive to sounds, noise?
Have you encountered disturbing sounds
Evoking a hostile reaction?”

“Yes.” I told her eagerly.

“All life is capable of restoring itself
In ideal circumstances.” She explained.
“This world is far from ideal.”

“Remember when we told you about
Sound being the most destructive force?”
Ceres asked.

I nodded, this was fascinating. “I
Thought you were going to offer some
Medicine-type solutions?”

“We heal with sound and light.” Damara
Calmly replied. “Depending on the
Need or situation…A proper resonance
Chamber…But for a planet…But
For this, the damage of such magnitude…”

“The sun has also been emitting hostile
Activity.” Ceres told her…leading her.

“Is that why these chemicals have
Been put into the atmosphere?” Damara
Asked. “To regenerate the damage, or
Rather attempt to repair the damage?”

“Yes.” Ceres said with a gross expression.

“The chemicals are only causing more
Damage to life forms?” Damara asked.
“Who instructed this manner of repair?”

“Who do you think?” Ceres told her.

“They are aware the planet can heal
Itself?” Damara asked.

“The population is nearly 10 billion.”
Ceres said. “That repair by nature would
Devastate the population of all life

Damara was shocked. “That number
Is insane! What is going on here?”

“The Empire.” Varence somewhat laughed.
“Near the conclusion, the culmination
Of a product…all side effects are but
Consequential…The variables are more
Important…Studying the effects become
Most important…The survival of species,
The fittest, the strongest…the weakest.”

“The most stupid.” Rana said.

“So you are saying that life becomes
Meaningless?” Damara asked. “They only
Care about the research, the effects
Rather than life itself? That’s monstrous!”

“They do not care about extinction.”
Ceres agreed. “They care about the product.
Of course they are monsters!”

“You’re telling me that noise? All manner
Of noise pollution is the true culprit of disease?”
I asked.

“Of course.” Damara said. “There are
Other factors of course…But I can
Tell you immediately…That anyone ill
Would and will be sensitive to sound.”

She made the most remarkable
Statement I had ever heard. “Can
You fix it though?”

“The planet wants to heal itself.” She
Told everyone… “You can clearly see it.
The storms…The weather patterns…
The geological activity…A pole shift…
Creating…an ice age I believe you
Would call it? It wants to silence
The disturbances being created on the

“Silence?” I said.

“Silence…” Damara said… “Silencing
The unnatural noise…to return to the
Natural order…Only harmonies could
Evoke a temperate solution…or avoid it…

“Songs answer riddles you know.” Ceres
Smiled at me.

“There must be alternative options?” I
Asked her. “Ways to heal, fix it?”

“It’s not our planet to fix.” Rana said

“There are many worlds currently
Under such duress.” Diana quickly
Pointed out. “And many suffer the
Same or worse…”

“They have been trying to fix things.”
Varence quietly said… “Attempting…”

“At relentless expense.” Ceres argued.

“Why this world?” Kierista had to ask.
“With all the worlds suffering right now…
Your insistence of Earth, Apollo?”

“Varence.” He corrected. “Because,” he said
Pointing to me, “of the Starseed…of
Our friend here…and the higher
Circumstances that have presented themselves.”

“Of course.” Kierista realized… “The circle…”

“Enough.” Rana stated holding out her
Hands flat for reason. “This could be
Argued several ways…Direct all interest
To the present…now.”

“I do not understand,” Damara questioned,
“You claim they have been trying to fix
This? Clearly it’s a mess.”

“You should see how they practice
Healing.” Ceres laughed. “You would be

“What do you mean?” Damara asked.
“The planet or its life forms.”

“They practice reckless use, or rather
Misuse of the mind…” Ceres said.

“Their mental powers are debatable,” Vala
Then laughed as she sat admiring
Her long polished nails. “Genuine worry there.”

“Please elaborate.” Damara said.

“They have to pay for medicine.” Varence
Informed her.

“You mean experiments…that don’t work.”
Ceres corrected.

“Pay?” Damara asked.

“But the most ridiculous sciences they
Have are of the mind.” Vala said sternly.
“They cause more damage with their
Mind dabbling…They fantasize
And call it meditating…Regressive
Brain washed therapies like something
They call hypnosis…remote healing…”
She laughed.

“What?” Damara said in disbelief. “Do
They have any idea how dangerous it
Is for anyone to play with the mind
Like that? Especially considering
The state of the planet?”

“They do not have these things where
You’re from?” I asked.

“Mental sciences are an extremely
Delicate respected science…” Damara

“For even the most advanced worlds.”
Vala said.

“And even the BEST healers cannot,
Should NOT do remote healing.”
Damara informed… “And with a
Planet like this, in its current
Condition? To send out psychic
Energy…would immediately be
Corrupted…it would be dragged
Through a waste land of etheric trash
Collecting it like a net! NO, the
Only way for healers to work is hands
On…in the room…no one should do
Otherwise. Who came up with this?
Some dark science practioner?”

“I can only imagine.” Ceres laughed
Looking to Varence.

“A delicate matter.” He instructed. “You
Risk them taking great offense, Damara.
Their egos will not want to hear you
Say this.”

“Look at the planet.” Damara said
Pointing to the 3-D image. “Look at
Those deafening readings. The sheer
Magnitude of noise is offensive. How
Can they not see it? And now you
Claim they have these barbaric
Practices? What else? Do they pedal
Drugs and deadly vaccinations also?”

No one said a thing to her words.

“Do they?” Damara asked.

“So offer them some advice then.”
Varence asked her. “Share your

“Healers must be in the presence of
The patient for one. ALWAYS. No
Exception.” Damara insisted. “Tell
Them to start practicing a healthier
State of mind…”

“I’m sure there are those who do this
Somewhere…” I told her.

“Not enough.” Damara said. She turned
To face me kindly, she did have a
Very gentle concerned nature. “Listen…
Look at the colors of the planet…
Visually it’s beautiful…And it cries
Out…The colors are a clue of what
Naturally works…”

“Pay attention to this closely.” Varence
Told me.

“Color therapy?” Damara said. “We
Heal with sound and light…The
Colors of light…The light and sound
Must cascade in harmony with one
Another…this promotes the healing.
This is done in the resonance chambers…
But modestly it can be done by healers
In a closed room…
Your world is of blues and greens…
Aquamarine…The most nourishing colors…
Life forms…the blood is red? In
The color spectrum…the complimentary
Color of red is green…The nourishing
Green to heal the red, the life…
The blue, blues…are the calming tones,
From quiet to sleep…look at the
Planet…The white clouds…The swirls,
The patterns…The storms, the wind of
Which that moves nature…white light…
These are your healing colors…
Properly nursed with violet, or purples…
The red with the calming blue? Do
You understand?”

“I’m an artist,” I told her, “I see the

“Perfect.” Damara said. “Then you
Understand colors…What is yellow?
The sun? The sunrise…yellows, oranges,
Pinks…Dawn…Waking, energizing
Colors…Sunset…Oranges to reds and
Purples and the deep blue of night…
The twilight of sleep…Dream time…
The psychic mind…The healer of each
Ones’ inner spirit…Everyone has it
In them.”

“So you’re saying, healing is like an
Art form?” I asked.

“Everything is related, yes.” Damara
Said. “Then set to music…cascading
With colors, that is what heals…
Along with the correct intensity…
But absolute harmony…That’s what
Heals…Anything else is an attack…
A hostile form of healing
Which never lasts and has consequences.”

“But what about medicines?” I asked
Her. “Drugs, medications, herbs?”

“They only antagonize a reaction
Inside the body,” Damara explained,
“They literally stimulate the
Internal vessel to react…to heal
Itself…They do not heal alone…While
Yes this helps of course…Sound and
Light healing is essential for long
Term benefits…And even that, still,
Must be done in person.” She
Laughed. “Would you take medicine
Remotely? Then how can you heal
Remotely? Your world has serious
Comprehension problems.”

“Heavens to admit that!” Ceres laughed…
“Dare they write a book of revelations
On the end of the world! Of a beast
With many heads…of an age
Of many plagues…The metaphors
Of diabolic thinking…reasons…

“Minds will shatter across the
Universe they know.” Varence laughed.
“Tread carefully…They will fight
You by how they know things…”

“Because they really no not want
Change!” Rana insisted.

“Common sense!” Damara pleaded
Kindly, desperately. “I am not asking
For punishment or calling names…
I am only asking eyes and minds
To open to heal a suffering wound!”

“You should see what they look like.”
Ceres told her.

“Why?” Damara asked.

“Are you judging by appearances then?”
I asked worried.

Ceres turned kindly. “I am not saying
We look and say…ugly…NO…
We judge more by behavior…Physically
Life on Earth is fascinating to look at.”

“But bear in mind,” Ceres explained
Quite firmly. “We are not lead by our

“But you do argue.” I said. “And you
Slapped Varence several times.”

“Not with hate, never hate.” Rana
Said. “I hope you do realize the

“I’m trying.” I said.

“The point, my friend,” Varence stepped
Forward, “Is the nature of what is
Happening here now…How we have
Come together here…see what I have
Shown you…The sisters…Their bond,
In differences and knowledge after
So long coming together…Compare their
Long absent separation to the current
Union…to your world…The attitudes…
The loss…The differences and separation
To what must come together…and to
What it can accomplish…Miracles
Are at your fingertips…if you can
Just get past those walls to come

“And then imagine worlds likewise
Coming together.” Ceres added.

“The power in that.” Vala added
Staring at the planet hologram…
Then pointing. “If that can but
Begin with the bright spark here…The
Ripple effect, the rings of harmony
Will resound throughout the
Universe to all worlds…And with
Hope overcome the Empire…And thus
Save our universe from being
Destroyed…That is the goal…”

Kierista nodded. “Considering what
Is at risk…we have to try.”

“Where to begin though?” Venus replied,
A humble concern on her face.

“This whole manner of words has to
Change.” Rana said, her eyes pointing
To the notebook…

“You prefer a different approach then?”
Varence asked.

“Of course.” Rana answered him, as they
All began to stand in a circle around
The hologram of Earth. “I would suggest
We take time to consider this…”

“Allow me to show you something first.”
He said withdrawing the small pocket
Device…then dismissing the hologram
To retrieve a 2 dimensional active screen
Before them…
The sisters gathered, as did V’Riel, the
Great lion man from the shadows…

“What games now?” Ceres teased him…
Her eyes rolled as the screen displayed
An image…of a sports game… “By
The stars…not this again?”

“What is this?” Rana tilted her head
As they all began making strange
Faces…Even the ever silent Camlo
Joined them eagerly.

“One of their ball games.” Ceres said
With distaste.

“Ball games?” Evangella seemed
Confused, intrigued?

“It’s called baseball.” Varence told them,
Crossing his arms, holding his chin…As
The screen displayed a player with
Uniform and bat taking position…

“What is he doing?” Venus asked.

“Watch.” Varence told them.

“What is the purpose of this?” Ceres

“Watch.” Varence only insisted.

The player hit the ball that was
Directed at him by the pitcher…
Then the ball soared…and the
Game began…

“This…is a game to them?” Rana
Scowled, squinting her eyes. “To strike
A ball and chase it?”

“It’s somewhat…entertaining.” Venus

Rana rolled her eyes. “That’s it? I
Would rather see him take the stick and
Chase those in the field with it to
Strike them…to see who gets hit the
Most…or avoid getting hit…That
Would be entertaining.”

“Rana that’s horrible! Brutal!” Kierista said.

“I don’t see any point here.” Rana
Said. “Especially considering the state
Of the planet…That arena is full of
Spectators…and their world is a mess?
I don’t see suffering.”

Varence smiled. “It’s a sport.” He then
Changed the screen to a television show…
One I recognized…A popular dancing
Show. “Another one of their programs.”
He told them as he looked about
Their faces.

“Oh that’s wonderful. Skillfull.” Kierista
Said with excitement. “Dancing, yes?”

“That seems more of a sport.” Venus
Agreed. “Athletically challenging…

The show progressed into a critique
By judges which left the sisters

“They evaluate the performance?” Damara
Asked. “Why?”

“It’s a competition.” Varence informed
Them…He then changed the
Screen to yet another sport
Game… “This is called soccer.”

“Do they chase a lot of balls for sport?”
Rana asked. “This is very strange.”

Varence smiled…then changed the
Screen to another sport… “This is
Called basketball.”

“They are quite serious about these
Ball games.” Kierista exclaimed. “The
Spectators never seem absent.”

He then changed the screen to another
Show, a popular singing competition…
He said nothing but only waited for their

“Another evaluation?” Rana said slightly
Laughing. “Competition seems very important
To them.”

Varence had made his point fast…
Smiled victoriously…then began showing
Them other programs…dramas…films…

“The flashing of the screen disturbs
My eyes.” Damara said. “Are they being
Vaccinated through their eyes?”

Varence turned to her sharply, a broader
Smile… “You are quite a fast thinker.”
He said to her with praise. Most of
Them seemed confused or bored with
Programs otherwise… “Please look at
This now.” He showed them images
From the internet…various screens
And websites…blogs…

“Intense flashing…” Damara said. “Doesn’t
It hurt their eyes?”

“I never look at it.” Ceres declared.

“What do you see Damara?” Varence
Asked her.

“I see an elaborate mind game…”
She answered. “Patterns and symbols
Designed to direct the eyes…hold
Them…and impress the mind.”

“Mesmerizing somewhat…Wouldn’t you
Say?” Varence asked.

“If you wanted to trap someone’s
Attention for hours.” Damara squinted,
Avoided looking at the screen. “It is

“That is the point you are making
Then?” Ceres said to him. “Of these

“Finally.” He only said, resolving their

“Enough of this.” Rana ordered. “I’ve
Seen enough. Please display the prior
Image of Earth again.”

He did as she requested…without
Fighting it at all. The 4 dimensional
View of the planet reappeared, and
Once again they all stood around it…
They seemed far more fascinated by
This image…and the readings on the

“The things he showed you on the screen,”
I asked, “They didn’t appeal to you
At all?”

“I find it hard to see entertainment
Here when the planet is in this state.”
Rana said. “Time could be better spent.”

“Finally, words of greater meaning.”
Ceres said.

There was a period of silence as they
Studied the image of Earth, the
Moving cloud formations…the readings
On the walls…in depth statistics of
Which I could not read…

“May I ask,” Varence asked, “Have
You made a plan then?”

They were quietly of unified thoughts
Somehow…A telepathic communication?
The verbal words appeared only to be
Formerly meant for me to write.

Rana watched me carefully. “I do.”
She met her sisters’ eyes with some
Wildness, tamed only by her leading
Position. “Vala…What do you see?”

Vala stood positioned, staring upon the
Pacific ocean…eyeing all manners of it,
Particularly the west coast of America.
She then strolled around the planet…
Eyeing specific things… “The planet is
Alive in its targeting of very certain
Areas…It has been doing this
Continuously. Yes, I see the targets.”

“Will it work?” Rana asked her.

Vala pursed her lips. “Oh of course…
They cannot see it clearly…They
Are still attempting to control it.

“Can you tell me what you are
Talking about?” I asked.

“You would not understand it this way
No matter how many words were used.”
Varence strangely explained. “Just
Write the words heard, my friend, nothing

“The time of details is over.” Rana
Told me.

“The planet has been telling you where
To look for some time.” Vala said to me.
“My spells only advance it.”

“What is going to happen?” I asked.
“You obviously are telling me something.”

Rana was amused, but was kind with me.
“I know they want more from you…But
I ask that you only say, write, what
We give…it’s more than enough.”

Ceres was concerned. “I…we just want
To see you at rest for a while…”

“Your next plans begin soon.” Varence
Told me. “As I’ve said before.”

Rana stood strong. “We’re here for you.
We always will be.”

“What are you saying?” I asked.

“The Bell Tolls are concluding.” Rana
Told me… “They served their purpose.
Your job is only changing…not ending.”

Rana looked to Vala, who joined her side.
“It began with the light and lines of
A box opening to spill forth words
And verses to reach the right minds.” Rana
Told me… “Then, as we’ve discussed…
It was not enough…so it became, or
Rather grew into stories to tell…
Because they were not listening…”

“They remember better through stories.”
Varence nodded. “Who is he? Who is she?
The bold words…” He laughed. “The
Arrogance of beings…speculating if we

“To help them?” Damara asked.

“Oh but they would love to talk to
You, Damara,” Rana said with her
Eyes forged low, “Say that you are
More than imagination first…There
Will be a time for it. Still…but for now,
It, this way ends.”

“To transform again,” Ceres explained,
“But ONE more time…You are, my…our…
Valiant…know that…ALWAYS.”

“You are going to rest for a while,” Rana
Instructed… “The Bells have tolled…
And played their part…When and
Will the next be then…A time for
Thunder…and roars…Know this…
I came, as have we all for a reason…
And when I want something to
End…it will.” She smiled wickedly,
Then nodded for Vala to continue…

Vala turned to me, her hum and siren’s
Song rising… “They’ve been chosen…
Waiting…And now the parts to play…
By way of night and day…As
You were, have…and will still…
Doors to open, the other four…The
Five alive…by the breath…candles will
Light in minds alive and grow to flames
Guided by the stars…
Something might happen tonight…
Wrong to right…
Something born of both sides…
The fires of feeling, the light of hope
And songs of love…
To marry, bridge, the Dark Secret
Soul hidden, suppressed…
To forge the warriors that no maker
Can match…
The Dark Side have shaped their
Own defeat this way…
There is no ascension…
There is but blood and flesh
And the will to rise above waste,
Wasted time, forsaken dreams,
Oppression…And of feeling lost…
The stars align…The comets come…
The fireballs…The eagles fall…
The ravens fly…And the lions’ roar…
And the Spirit Wolves run…To gather
The pack…The rainbow tribe…
Remember your sign…AIR…
The Age of Air…
The winds will roll and rise…The tide comes…

For now…next, comes the Sounds of Thunders
And the Roars…